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Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Hits Alpha

A new Game Update from EA announces a new milestone for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, saying the action/adventure sequel is now officially in the alpha phase. Here's where things go from here now that it can be played from beginning to end:
Of course, the game is not finished by any means, but Alpha is one of the most important game development milestones for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we can now turn our sights toward bringing the visual fidelity to its final form and iterating on gameplay features. The big question now is, “Where do we focus our efforts?” To answer that, we solicit feedback from a number of sources, including our Community Council members who each have unique perspectives and experiences, our quality verification team, and extensive internal playtesting. Gathering feedback from multiple sources gives us the greatest insight on where we need to spend more time improving the experience.

Additionally, we can now evaluate the game's pacing, how relationships evolve over time, and the player’s progression, as well as narrative cohesion—essentially how the story comes together. We can take the story we’ve written and see if we’re expressing it well through the characters, dialogue, cinematics, and ultimately, the player’s journey. Now that we have the ability to do a complete playthrough, we can iterate and polish on the things that matter most to our fans.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Pre-Season Unlocks Detailed

This post briefs players on what to expect when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II launches on Friday. This discusses everything preorder customers and other purchasers can unlock in the few weeks before Season One gets underway. Here's a bit:
At launch, Modern Warfare II will include the complete Weapon Mastery structure, built around the new Weapon Platform feature that you may have experienced during the Open Beta, as well as a separate Special Ops Kit Tier system. You can also unlock 18 base Operators, as well as complete Daily and Career Challenges.

Basically, these next 20 days aren’t just about ranking up a player level — it is about taking advantage of the access to multiple progression systems, which could help you get ahead of your rivals come Season 01.

Gotham Knights Patch and Plans

A series of tweets announce a new patch is now available for Gotham Knights and outlines plans to further update the just-released action game. There are Patch Notes for the new version. These don't mention it, but this reportedly removes the game's Denuvo DRM. Here's more:
This Patch is meant to address general fixes such as players experiencing keyboard input issues, co-op matchmaking via invites, and stability as it relates to game crashes throughout the title.

For our console players, the next Patch is planned for the end of the week, with more specific information to come soon. Similar to PC, this Patch will address a mix of needed fixes that have popped up since launch.

We are aware that players on both PC and console have been experiencing performance challenges.

The team is hard at work on a larger Patch to improve performance overall and give you the best possible experience. For console users, we are specifically aiming to address challenges with framerate stability.

Top New Steam Games for September

An update from Valve takes a look back at September, analyzing the bestselling new games on Steam for September. As usual this includes the chance to make these sell even better, as there's a Sale Page where you can pick up any of the featured games. Here's word:
With the Steam Scream Fest underway, Steam is currently haunted with ghastly updates and spooky characters of all kinds. If that's all a bit too frightening, we're happy to showcase September's Top Releases, which provided a wholesome amount games with cozy, colorful and cute themes. After a successful journey through Early Access, Temtem made its 1.0 debut with an abundance of colorful characters and comfy fun for everyone. Filling the Early Access void, Slime Rancher 2 arrived five years after Monomi Park introduced fans to this revolutionarily cute slime-wrangling universe. Check out the full cast of cozy content on this month's Top Releases.

Moon Runner Officially Released

Moon Runner is out of Early Access and is now officially available on Steam, offering a free-to-play survival/action game for Windows. This post has the patch notes for version 1.0. Here's a trailer and a quick rundown:
You are a Moon Runner - a special unit dispatched by Astral Cortex Industries and tasked with finding the monoliths on this moon. Pick up items scattered across the surface and use them to traverse and survive this lunar landscape.

Gameplay and features:

  • Survival, traversal and action gameplay.
  • Moody and atmospheric lunar setting.
  • A spherical level design with map system, inventory, side objectives and a score entry in a global leaderboard.

Continue here to read the full story.

UE5 The Witcher Remake Announced

A tweet from CD PROJEKT RED announces a collaboration with Fool's Theory to create a remake of the original version of The Witcher using Unreal Engine 5. Word is this is still in the early stages, but this page has first details. Turns out this is the project (projekt?) that was recently teased with the codename Project Canis Majoris. Here's more:
We are thrilled to announce that The Witcher Remake is being worked on! That's right, the game that started it all is being rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5.

The game is currently in the early stages of development at the Polish studio Fool’s Theory, where veteran Witcher series staff are involved. We, as CD PROJEKT RED, are providing full creative supervision.

The Witcher Remake is what you might know by the codename “Canis Majoris”. It’s still early and we want to ensure that the game is created with the utmost care and attention to detail, therefore, while we’re excited to share the news with you, we want to ask you for patience as it will be a while until we start talking about this project in detail.

Get The Witcher for Free revels in The Witcher 15th Anniversary and the above news about its upcoming remake. In the meantime, it is offering the original game for free (or more accurately, its Enhanced Edition). Chances are most gamers who want this have already made good on one of the many previous giveaways of the classic RPG, but for everyone else, here's another chance:
The project, previously referred to by the codename "Canis Majoris" during the studio’s Strategy Update earlier in October, will be a modern reimagining of the first part of The Witcher Trilogy. It will be built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5 technology, and will use the toolset CDPR is creating for the new Witcher saga. The project is currently in the early stages of development at Fool’s Theory — a game development studio specializing in role-playing games. The team employs numerous veteran developers who previously worked on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. In addition, CD PROJEKT RED is providing full creative supervision. You can find the original announcement HERE.

It is impossible to express how excited we are hearing that news! But then again, incredible titles deserve incredible anniversary gifts! We would also like to pitch our part to this and remind you that you can claim The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for FREE!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in February

Publisher KOEI TECMO and developer Team NINJA announce March 3, 2023 is the worldwide release date for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The dark fantasy action/RPG was announced as coming to PC and consoles early next year, so this makes good on that promise. In addition to its release on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, this will also be available day one through Xbox Game Pass on console and PC. The news also reveals plans for a Deluxe Edition and preorder bonuses:
KOEI TECMO America also announced that in addition to the standard version of the game, a special Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Digital Deluxe Edition will be available at the same time, which includes a Season Pass that features three DLC packs. These packs are highlighted by new generals, new demons, new scenarios, new stages, new weapon types, and more. The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes a digital artbook and a digital mini soundtrack. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will also be rewarded with the Season Pass/DDX bonus: “Qinglong Armor”.

In addition, KOEI TECMO America revealed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s early purchase bonus. Purchase the physical or digital game by March 16 to receive special “Baihu Armor”. Those who pre-order the game digitally will also receive both the early purchase bonus along with the pre-order bonus: “Zhuque Armor”.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Co-op Update Friday

An update is coming on Friday for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, adding a Chapter II to SHOWDOWN, the co-op campaign in the action/adventure. Word is: "SHOWDOWN: Chapter II promises a wealth of challenging content for warriors to experience, introducing new playable heroes, fierce new enemies to defeat, and advanced gameplay systems." A quick look at what to expect can be found in the very short SHOWDOWN: Chapter II Teaser Trailer. Here's more:
In trios, hone your melee skills across three new stages, designed for intense bouts of cooperative play:

  • Brave the Desert Tribulations saga and cleave through enemy hordes to reach this zone’s punishing mini-boss, the Stone Monster.
  • Push back against the tides of evil in Immovable as you and your fellow warriors build and fight in this tower defence-inspired level.
  • Throw down against Omni’s sinister second incarnation, Omnius·Rock, when you face the Toppled Mountains finale.

SHOWDOWN: Chapter II will also expand the number of playable heroes available in this mode. Fan favourites Matari the stealthy assassin, and Temulch the juggernaut will join Kurumi, Tarka, Valda, and Viper.

Continue here to read the full story.

Out of the Blue

I got a pleasant surprise from Xfinity today. My ISP sent me a note saying my download speed is now 400 Mbps. This is the second free 100 Mbps bump I've received, so my original 200 Mbps connection is now doubled. Pretty Comcastic. Of course this isn't generally noticeable, or I would have opted for a higher download tier in the first place. It doesn't really affect gaming, and I don't have a lot of huge files to download. But I've been online since the information superhighway was more of a dirt path. So for someone who once considered a 2,400 baud modem state-of-the-art, it's hard not to get inappropriately excited about a bump in internet speed.

Speedy Round-up
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