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Friday, Sep 23, 2022

Prodeus Officially Launches

Prodeus is now out of Early Access and officially available on* and Steam, ready to put a little boomer in your shooter. This is for Windows, and for some reason the Steam edition also lists macOS support, but the version does not. The Release Date Trailer shows off the game's throwback aesthetic and intense action. Here's word:
Prodeus is a first-person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques and technology. Experience the quality you’d expect from a modern AAA game, designed with retro aesthetics and gameplay that invoke the tech-imposed limits of older hardware.

The game features a hand-crafted campaign from industry FPS veterans, co-op and competitive multiplayer play drawing on classic modes*, a fully integrated level editor, and a built-in community map browser for instantaneous action with nearly limitless levels to play.
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Atari Mania Next Month

Atari announces an October 13th release date for Atari Mania, the game based on various Atari games through the years. This is a slight delay, since this was planned for the summer. A new trailer accompanies the news with a brand new look at gameplay. Here's word:
Atari Mania is a past-meets-present romp through Atari’s gaming history, with a few updated twists. As the Caretaker of the Atari Vault, it’s up to the player to mend and defend corrupted Atari titles, restoring order to the classic games and avoiding the wrath of the dastardly “dead pixels.”

Serving as more than just a trip down memory lane, Atari Mania brings a fresh new take to a trove of gaming classics. Not only are the games reimagined and mashed together, but some familiar Atari faces make an appearance as well! However, the corruption has turned friend to foe, and it’s the job of the Caretaker to return both them and their games to their original forms.
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Op Ed

  • - Leaks and hacks are not the same as investigative reporting.
    "Yet even if the leaks themselves were not of lasting consequence, the fact that they happened at all may have consequences of their own – making life harder for developers, making publishers suspicious of sharing early access to information with smaller media outlets, and ultimately making working relationships across the industry that bit more difficult.

    Breaching those confidences, whether they be NDAs or network security, isn’t pro-consumer, it’s certainly not pro-developer, and it’s not justified by any public interest defence; the people at the heart of this week’s controversies did things that damage everyone involved for their own personal benefit."

Evening Safety Dance

GTA6 Leaker Possibly Arrested

BBC News reports a 17 year-old from Oxfordshire has been arrested in a "police hacking investigation." This includes no details, but a series of tweets by journalist Matthew Keys says the arrested teen is a suspect in the recent leak of gameplay footage from Grand Theft Auto 6. Here's the latest:
UPDATE: Arrest of 17-year-old by police in the United Kingdom over hack of Rockstar and possibly Uber was done in concert with an investigation conducted by the FBI, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

UPDATE: Police expected to give more details on arrest of 17-year-old Rockstar Games hacker later today, possible statement coming from the FBI later this morning/afternoon.

Madden NFL 23 "Pack Strike"

Polygon reports that a "Pack Strike" has been declared by a faction of Madden NFL 23 players, including influential streamers, over the loot boxes in Ultimate Team Mode in the tackle football simulation. The game sells bundles of points that run as high a USD$149.99, and one could hope the objection would be based on that alone. But the conflict here is simply the feeling that loot boxes are not offering enough bang for the buck. So the strike is an effort to prompt EA SPORTS to make the odds on these packs more favorable to those who engage in this form of gambling:
Thousands of Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team players have declared a “Pack Strike” on social media. The game’s biggest influencers say they’re forgoing buying premium currency for the game’s microtransaction mode until changes are made to the odds on drawing desirable items from Ultimate Team’s loot boxes, as well as Madden’s gameplay overall.

The hashtag #PACKSTRIKE got going on Tuesday with the following tweet from Madden influencer Zirksee. They say Madden Ultimate Team gamblers aren’t getting reasonable value out of the game’s more expensive bundles, or by “re-rolling” cards, where players toss the less desirable items they draw and try to get a better card.

FLASHOUT 3 Races Out

FLASHOUT 3 is now available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on* and Steam. This features a 10% launch discount on each store, while also offers a free copy of FLASHOUT 2 as a bonus. This supports VR and Steam Deck, and console editions are promised later this year. Developer/publisher Jujubee also says there's a playable demo on Steam. It's not there as of this writing, but may well show up eventually. FLASHOUT 3 brings a couple of genres together, as it features elements of zero-G racing as well as a bullet hell third-person shooter. These elements are shown off in this Dark Moon: Circuit Gameplay Trailer and this Splashy Resort: Circuit Gameplay Trailer. Here are some flashy details:
Where high speed meets high stakes. Where unforgiving combat, loud electronic music and addictive boosts of adrenaline mix up to separate winners from losers. Where gravitation is nothing more than an empty word. This is where the world of FLASHOUT 3 will take you and your ride to the absolute limits!

FLASHOUT 3 offers you ultra-fast ships, loops, jumps and sudden razor-sharp turns! Test your skills on the most impressive sci-fi racing tracks and try not to fall behind! But if it happens, don't sweat! Unleash the power of rockets, guns, bombs and mines to help you level down your competition!
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KAKU: Ancient Seal Announced

Chinese developer BINGOBELL announces KAKU: Ancient Seal, an open-world action/adventure coming to PC and PlayStation next year. This fantasy-themed game will put the player on "a mysterious continent full of strange creatures, ancient ruins, and unique tribes." Here's the World Premiere Trailer with a look, and the game's Steam Listing is online. Here are some details:
KAKU: Ancient Seal puts players in the role of a young primitive child, Kaku, who’s tasked with going on a journey across a sprawling continent. Accompanied by your pet pig, you’ll have to brave the four elemental regions - Flaming Mountain, Dragon Bone Desert, Misty Swamp, and Windy Snow Field - and conquer their lords if you’re to fulfill your destiny. Most importantly, you’ll have to find food, since your pig pal isn’t for eating.

It will take guts, whits, and skill to unearth the mysteries that lie deep within the ancient ruins of this land. Gather your own weapons, from wood, stone, and metal swords and shields to slingshots and other ranged weaponry. Gain access to multiple costumes and acquire new abilities by defeating bosses and completing quests. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends along the way!
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DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms Released

DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms is now available for PC and consoles, with the Windows edition offered through Steam. This is an action/adventure based on How to Train Your Dragon, the Dreamworks TV and film franchise (also known as "Stranger Dragons" to little friends of ours). Check out the Launch Trailer for a look, and read on for more:
Set 1,300 years after the events of How to Train Your Dragon, fans can play as the courageous Night Light, Thunder, and friends Plowhorn, Feathers, and Wu & Wei, as they join together to unleash their unique, upgradeable abilities and defeat gigantic dragon bosses as they soar across the realm to discover what has disrupted the peaceful realms of dragons.

The action doesn't stop there as experienced players can put themselves to the ultimate test in 'Challenge Mode' where levels can be replayed with increased difficulty modifiers. While swooping and diving around the fantastical realms, players will also be accompanied by the distinctive music of acclaimed composer, Chris Whiter, who has created the orchestral score for the game.
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Slime Rancher 2 Sells 100K in Six Hours

A tweet from Nick Popovich expresses amazement that the launch of Early Access for Slime Rancher 2 surpassed his pipe dream for the first 24 hours of sales in a quarter of that time:
I had a pipe dream in my head that we could sell 100k copies of Slime Rancher 2 in the first 24 hrs if the stars aligned. And we did that in less than 6 hrs. No idea where this crazy train is headed but so grateful to have a chance to ride it. Thank you all so very much. 🚂✨

On Sale

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Out of the Blue

Happy fall to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, as the Autumn Equinox took place at 1:03 UTC today (Friday), which was 9:03 PM last night according to local Eastern Daylight Time. It's definitely been cooler around here, and the last few days have been punctuated by heavy rain, which both reinforce the change in seasons. We're very grateful that the summer was not nearly as brutal around here as it was in a lot of places. It was definitely a bit hot and dry, but that's nothing compared to the droughts, floods, and infernos many suffered. Here's hoping for a relatively calm close to the hurricane season. And happy spring to those down under!

Seasonal Round-up
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