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Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

Monstrum 2 Next Month

Junkfish announces a September 6th release date for Monstrum 2, saying at that point the survival/horror sequel will have officially survived Early Access on Steam. The Launch Trailer offers a look at the horrors that await one in this game. Here's word on the game's asymmetrical multiplayer:
Monstrum 2 is an asymmetric PvP game for those looking to take survival horror to the next level. Pit yourself against a terrifying monster as a team of up to 4 human prisoners, locked in a tactical struggle to escape a decrepit sea fortress, or play as one of the many horrifying monstrosities hunting them down.

Use your wits and cunning to navigate a complex, procedurally generated metal labyrinth that changes layout, puzzles, items, and obstacles with each playthrough, keeping each match dynamic for humans and monsters alike.
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Out of the Blue

'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Spinoff in the Works With 'Cobra Kai' Team. Okay, that is about the best possible premise for a new take on the movie I could imagine. Except, of course, a biopic of Abe Froman. After all, who doesn't want to know more about the Sausage King of Chicago?

Round-up's Day Off
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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