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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Avalanche's Cancelled Iron Man Game

Amid rumors of an Iron Man game in the works at Electronic Arts, a video excerpt from a MinnMax video interview with Christofer Sundberg formerly of Avalanche Studios reveals details about an Iron Man game that was in the works at Avalanche for two years before it was cancelled. VGC has the relevant quotes where Sundberg explains the cancellation was due to "company politics." It sounds like the pressures of the project were akin to trying to build a functional suit of armor in a cave in Afghanistan:
Disney and Marvel reportedly wanted Avalanche to staff up rapidly in order to complete the game more quickly than originally planned, but Sundberg said agreeing to do so would have “broken the studio completely”.

“It was, I was a mess by the end,” he said. “It was like, shortening development time, increasing budget, we would have to hire 70 or 80 people to the team that I would have had the responsibility to find a new project for.

“But the development time was shortened down so much so it was impossible to do. It would have broken the studio completely if we had agreed to that.”
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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed in October

During a livestream on Twitch today, developer IllFonic announced October 18th as the release date for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. The Windows edition is up for preorder on the Epic Games Store, which includes advance access to Slimer, Ghostbusters gear and gadgets, and some cosmetics. There's a press release on Gematsu with details on plans to unleash the asymmetrical multiplayer game, but not before showing it off further at gamescom:
Form a team with up to three other Ghostbusters to track down Ghosts haunting a number of locales. Sniff out paranormal activity with the P.K.E. Meter and charge it to unleash a short-range pulse disabling Ghost movement. Unveil hidden rifts acting as the Ghost’s spawn points and teleportation portals, and destroy them. Use the powerful Particle Throwers to capture the Ghost, deploy a trap, and wrangle them into it before they escape!

Meanwhile, the Ghost works alone, roaming around stages like the Museum, an abandoned Prison, and other spooky locations, including a new one to be revealed at Gamescom. Frighten civilians to scare them away. Possess objects to raise the overall Global Haunt percentage, to regain ghost power, or just cause mass hysteria. Use slime to temporarily stun Ghostbusters. Move the rifts to keep them guessing, summon minions to make an escape, and show the Ghostbusters they should be afraid of this Ghost!
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Rift Sweepers Next Month

JOFSOFT announces Rift Sweepers will come to Early Access via Steam in March 2023. This is a squad-based third-person shooter where the player travels interdimensional rifts with guns blazing with up to three teammates. The Early Access Release Date Trailer shows off gameplay and Unreal Engine 4 graphics. This all seems pretty serious until you get to the point in the announcement about restoring health using pizza, fighting in the sewers, and other unusual elements that don't even have anything to do with ninja turtles. Here's word:
Collect pizza boxes falling from the sky to replenish energy and ammunition. Pass around the pie to your fellow Rift Sweepers to keep their heads in the game. Acquire licenses from the Rift Sweeper Headquarters (RSHQ) to upgrade your arsenal and eviscerate vicious bosses that lie at the end of each mission. Ride a time-traveling train and survive four treacherous missions on the subway, the sewers, a cyber restaurant, and an ancient sorcerer’s tomb. Divide and conquer wisely to complete missions and save reality… or succumb to a dragon’s flames, a clown’s insanity, or a goat wizard’s strange dark magic.

Chill at a bar sitting at the intersection of dimensionality in your downtime. In this lobby, players can select and upgrade their characters, choose a mission, socialize with friends, or buy drinks that confer increased HP, attack power, stamina recovery and more from a friendly female bartender. Being a Rift Sweeper has its perks!
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Catizens Early Access

Catizens is now available in Early Access for Windows and macOS on Steam, offering a colony management simulation with a decidedly feline flair. A new Early Access Launch Trailer can help decide if this is the cat's meow or just a catastrophe. This post covers the launch and lays out plans for the game, including an Early Access roadmap. Here's more on this chance to herd cats:
Your main job in Catizens is to build your town around the personality traits of its inhabitants. Just like in real life, cats require personal attention and special treatment. Combinations of different personality traits and moods affect their proficiency and obedience. Catizens form relationships with each other and will occasionally issue personal requests, so you will need to learn what makes each cat happy in order to stay on their good side.
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Little League World Series Baseball 2022 Released

With the actual Little League World Series getting underway today, Little League World Series Baseball 2022 is now available for Windows on Steam and for consoles, offering a game based on the games. Here's the Official Launch Trailer, and here's more:
Get in the game and become a Little League Baseball World Series CHAMP! Choose your team and showcase your skills as you compete through the bracket to see if you have what it takes to be named the Little League Baseball World Series Champion. Or, jump right into the action in an instant with Quick Play mode. Play with your friends for exciting local multiplayer tournament action for up to four players. Customize the rules, select your stadiums and teams, and see who wins it all!
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: What you need to remember (or know) before watching House of the Dragon. The correct answer is "how Game of Thrones" ended.

Gone Gold - Gotham Knights

Showing off its bilingual acumen, WB Games Montréal tweets that Gotham Knights is officially gold. Word is the superhero game is on track to arrive in October. Pardon our French:

Toute l'équipe de Gotham Knights est fière de vous annoncer que nous sommes officiellement GOLD!

On se retrouve en Octobre!

The whole Gotham Knights team is proud to announce that we're officially GOLD!
See you in October!

Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary Edition Next Month

Toxic Games announces a release date for Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary Edition, the recently announced puzzle game revival. This is set to launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on Sept 14th, barely squeezing through the summer release window originally announced for the game. The versions for PlayStation and Switch will miss the launch, and are promised "shortly after." The news is accompanied by a new Comparison Trailer showing off how the Anniversary Edition compares with the original. Here's more on that:
Aptly dubbed Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary, Toxic Games’ latest will bring refined visuals and, in some places, completely redesigned and revised sections to all of the content that launched in both the original release, and 2014’s Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut - which itself added a completely new story by award-winning writer Rob Yescombe.

Indeed, the brand new comparison trailer perfectly showcases the visual differences between the original release and Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary, though the game will also include completely new content, including an entirely brand new chapter called Sector 8, featuring an additional 4-6 hours of gameplay unlocked after the main campaign has been completed.
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Destiny 2 Showcase Next Week

Bungie announces it will present a DESTINY 2 SHOWCASE on August 23rd at Noon EDT. This will unveil the next expansion for the free-to-play shooter, details on Season 18, Arc 3.0, and more. This will stream on Twitch, and will offer multilingual support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Here's a teaser trailer and here are more details:
On Tuesday, August 23, Bungie will stream its Destiny 2 Showcase and unveil the next expansion in the Light and Darkness saga: Lightfall. Details on Season 18, the Arc 3.0 subclass update, and more will also be revealed. In anticipation of the Showcase, Bungie have released a trailer teasing what’s to come.

The Destiny 2 Showcase pre-show will begin at 8 AM PT on Tuesday, August 23, while the main show will start at 9 AM PT. Stay tuned after the Showcase for a live post-show discussion with Bungie developers and more.
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Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties Reveal Next Week

Techland announces plans to unveil Bloody Ties, the delayed story DLC for Dying Light 2. The news includes a Teaser Trailer to raise anticipation of a more complete reveal at gamescom next week. Here's the plan:
It's time to unveil Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties—the first DLC coming to the City.

What dangers await? How can you beat them? What will you get in return? One thing is certain… it will be brutal!

Click here to check out the teaser of the upcoming DLC. But this is just an appetizer for Carnage Hall's true horrors. Prepare for an even bigger rush of adrenaline and excitement when Techland uncovers more during gamescom Opening Night Live on August 23. See you there!
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Chasm: The Rift Revival Announced

Publisher SNEG announces a revival of Chasm: The Rift, a first-person shooter originally released by Ukrainian developer Action Forms in 1997. An enhanced version of the game is expected by the end of this year, offering visual enhancements, audio improvements, and full controller support. Here's the Official Announcement Trailer and here's more:
In Chasm: The Rift, players take on the role of a soldier in a special commando unit who defends planet Earth from “Timestrikers”, monstrous mutants invading Earth throughout history, and also destroy time channels to finally rid Earth of their threat. One against the horde, players will rely solely on their reflexes and the many weapons at their disposal to find their way through labyrinthine levels populated by fearsome creatures.

Along with a heart-pounding adventure through the Corridors of Time and the satisfaction of ripping limbs from hideous monsters with the iconic BladeGun, and an innovative weather system, the player will now be able to enjoy this late 90’s FPS classic with the comfort of modern PCs via Steam and GOG, now with full 4K support, improved sound design, achievements, and localised into twelve languages.
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Out of the Blue

Diablo 2 player completes pacifist Hell run previously only theorized to be possible. I've never tried that, but recalling the game, that's really pretty boggling. I'd say impossible, but the story proves otherwise. Something about going through hell in a handbasket. It's always fun to see the unusual ways gamers come up with to enjoy the hobby.

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