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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

Evil West Delayed

Focus Entertainment tweets news of a delay to the release of Evil West. The wild west action game was previously expected on September 20th, but that news was so June. Now we're told that in order to ensure the best possible experience, the game's release is being pushed back to November 22nd:
First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued support and patience for Evil West. We are overwhelmed by the incredible reception the game has gotten so far from our trailers and the demo some of you played at PAX EAST.

We are working our very best to achieve our vision of the Evil West, and to meet your expectations. Evil West releases on five platforms, including multiple generations of consoles. Giving our game more polish is crucial to provide our players with not only good but also lasting memories. That's something that we've always pursued.

To ensure that the game reaches its full potential, we have made the decision to delay the worldwide launch of Evil West to November 22, 2022.
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Overwatch 2 Cross-Progression Account Mergers

With Overwatch 2 on the way, Blizzard offers an Account merge FAQ to explain how players can merge multiple Overwatch accounts to carry over progression into Overwatch 2. Word is all players will need a account to play Overwatch 2 regardless of platform. For players on PC, progress will automatically carry over, but any console accounts will still need to be merged. Players only get one shot at this process, so care should be taken. Here's the overview:
With the launch of cross-progression, players can merge multiple Overwatch accounts to carry progression and in-game cosmetics into Overwatch 2 on a single profile. Starting August 16, every player with a linked console account will be prompted at login to identify, select, and confirm the accounts you want to merge. Once you approve, we will prepare your accounts to be merged during the release of Overwatch 2.

All players will need a account to play Overwatch 2 regardless of platform. Progress from linked console accounts will be stored on your account, which will share in-game cosmetics and progress across the linked accounts.

There will be one opportunity to merge console accounts, so make sure you double-check which accounts you are merging before you confirm!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Preorders Get Early Access

Activision announces an incentive to preorder Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Those willing to buy the military shooter sequel before the reviews come out will get to play it before the reviews come out with a week of early access. The news is covered in this post. Here are the details:
Anyone who preorders a digital edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will receive early Campaign access in addition to previously announced rewards. Preordering a digital copy will grant players up to a week to complete the incredible single-player Campaign before the full game launches on October 28.

Preorder Modern Warfare II to receive:

  • Up to one week early access to the full Modern Warfare II Campaign, starting October 20
  • Access to the full game on October 28
  • Open Beta Early Access
  • Final Judgement Bundle: Immediate access to the Legendary “Deathknell” Operator Skin and the Legendary “Bloodthirsty” Weapon Blueprint for use in Vanguard and Warzone

Across the Obelisk Official Launch

Paradox Interactive announces Across the Obelisk has graduated from Early Access, and is now officially available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on Steam. The full version of this deckbuilding RPG carries a 25% launch discount for the next week. A good look at the game's hand-drawn art and roguelite gameplay can be seen in the Release Trailer. Here's the pitch:
Across the Obelisk is a dynamic deckbuilding rogue-lite RPG from Dreamsite Games that challenges players to create a party from a diverse set of characters, engage in tactical card-based combat, and find a unique path across a world that changes in reaction to their decisions. Playable alone or with up to three friends, Across the Obelisk provides a different experience with each playthrough thanks to its branching world paths, highly customizable heroes, hundreds of different cards with variable upgrades, and much more. The game also offers a unique multiplayer experience, allowing each player to control a different hero and contribute to group decisions during the story.
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Roadwarden Next Month; Demo Released

The Steam Listing for Roadwarden now includes a playable demo for this text-based RPG from developer Moral Anxiety Studio and publisher Assemble Entertainment. This celebrates the announcement that September 8th is the game's official release date. The full version is coming to Windows, macOS, and Linux, but the demo does not include macOS support. A new Release Date Reveal Trailer shows off the game's retro pixel art. Here's what you need to know about this one:
Roadwarden merges elements of high fantasy and medieval adventure and is punctuated by a distinct isometric pixel art style. Combining mechanics borrowed from RPGs, visual novels, and interactive fiction, Roadwarden tells the tale of an explorer hired by a powerful merchant guild, tasked with journeying to a mysterious peninsula to spread the guild’s influence. With over 40 hours of gameplay, dialogue choices that branch into hundreds of thousands of text lines, and progressively upgradable character abilities, Roadwarden is a truly epic and unique adventure experience where no two playthroughs are alike.
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BATTALION 1944 Becomes F2P BATTALION: Legacy

The Steam Listing for BATTALION: Legacy announces the World War II MOBA formerly known as BATTALION 1944 is now free-to-play. This post from last week explains that this is the result of the end of the game's publishing agreement with Square Enix. This also means that the planned console versions are cancelled, and Kickstarter backers will receive refunds for that. Here's how the game has changed:
BATTALION: Legacy is the revisited and final version of Battalion 1944, released for free to all on August 16th 2022. We have taken the best aspects of Battalion 1944 and honed in on these to create a fluid bug free experience, featuring a working server browser, an added faction, new weapons, classic Search & Destroy game mode with all weapons available, complete UI rework and visual overhaul. Battalion: Legacy is the culmination of work consolidated into one old school experience for all to enjoy.

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Elvis died 45 years ago today. Here's one of his final performances and it's a stunner.

Obituary: R.I.P. Wolfgang Petersen. Love both Das Boot and The Perfect Storm. Thanks Ant.

Steam Guild Wars 2 Next Week

The Steam Listing for Guild Wars 2 now displays an August 23rd release date for ArenaNet's online RPG sequel. The news is illustrated by this new trailer. This date is just days short of the 10th anniversary of the game's launch. That surprisingly long gap was meant to be a bit shorter, but plans to bring it to Steam were put on indefinite hold almost two years ago. The game went free-to-play seven years ago, so it's not clear if a new distribution platform will significantly impact the player-base. But this post expresses hopes this will be the start of a new era:
We want to make the most of the Steam launch, so over the past few months we've been working on improvements to the new player experience. We've improved leveling pacing, updated default options and key binds to be more sensible, added multiple tiers of new achievements that guide players up through level 80, added a free trial for the raptor mount once players reach level 10 (which becomes a permanent unlock after purchasing an expansion), adjusted level-up rewards and Black Lion Instant Level 80 Tickets, updated early game content like world bosses with revised mechanics and tutorials, streamlined dungeon currencies and increased their rewards, made it easier to get into raid content, added accessibility options, improved the player experience in story instances, revamped fractal instabilities, improved raid and Strike Mission rewards and currencies, removed tedious mechanics like equipment repairing, fixed some long-standing content bugs, and implemented DirectX 11 to improve game performance. We also released the first three episodes of Living World Season 1, which gives new players a better understanding of the story as they head into later content. The fourth episode will drop on September 13.
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Regiments Marches Out

Regiments is now available on Steam, offering a real-time tactics game for Windows set during a heated up version of the Cold War. This puts the player on the battlefield engaging in conventional combat while presumably patiently waiting for the nukes that will make the conflict moot. A new Launch Trailer offers tanks for the memories. Here's more:
It's 1989 and the flames of a New War are flaring up. Thousands of square miles of German landscape will become a stage for sweeping battles between the best NATO and Warsaw Pact has to offer.

Lead your Regiment through the inferno of a wide-scale Cold War conflict in this new Real-Time Tactics game. Break through the lines, call in artillery and air support, maneuver, feign retreats, and stage mobile defenses. Do not relent.
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Rollerdrome Rolls Out

It may be 2022, but according to the Rollerdrome calendar it's 2030, as that's the setting of this third-person shooter that's now available for Steam and PlayStation. This comes from OlliOlli World developer Roll7, but is presumably not the same old grind. A new Cinematic Launch Trailer introduces this virtual sport, which plays out a little like a less peaceful version of Rollerball. Here's the pitch from the announcement:
Rollerdrome is a thrilling single-player shooter which brings together arena combat, fluid movement and technical tricks, to create “flow-state mayhem.” The game is set in 2030, in a world where the public are kept distracted from an increasingly sinister political movement by the violence and excess of a brutal new arena sport: Rollerdrome. Participants are chosen to compete in a series of gauntlets against the deadly House Players, combining eliminations with stylish tricks while completing numerous challenges as they try to survive.

Players step into the roller skates of Kara Hassan, a newcomer to the Rollerdrome tournament. As the mysteries of a corrupt tech giant unfold behind the scenes, Kara and the player will have to stay focused on their goal – climbing the ranks in hopes of becoming the next Rollerdrome champion.

Way of the Hunter Stalks Out

Grab your camo and douse yourself in deer pee, as that is the way of the hunter, and Way of the Hunter is now available for Windows and consoles. This offers an "ethical hunting experience" with single-player and co-op support. Here's a Release Trailer you can view from your hunting blind, and we've tracked down the following details:
This authentic hunting experience lets you explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe. Discover true-to-life animals in beautiful natural habitats and handle various detailed and highly realistic weapons. Face the challenges of ethical hunting, supported by a compelling story, or simply enjoy hunting the rich environments freely.
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Dakar Desert Rally in October

Time to start warming up your engine, as Saber Interactive announces a release date for Dakar Desert Rally, a game based on the famous rally race. The race no longer arrives at its titular destination of Dakar, Senegal, but on October 4th the game will arrive for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This is now available to preorder on the Official Website, which entitles the bold to an exclusive Audi RS Q e-tron, the first electric vehicle to win a desert rally. This bonus is highlighted in a new Pre-Order Trailer. Here's a bit on the game:
Dakar Desert Rally is the biggest and most epic off-road rally racing adventure ever developed. Dakar Desert Rally captures the genuine speed and excitement of Amaury Sport Organisation’s largest rally race on the planet, featuring a wide variety of licensed vehicles from the world’s top makers, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads and SSVs. The game offers unique challenges for off-road simulation diehards and casual racing fans alike. Compete in fierce online multiplayer races or navigate the vast wilds in single-player offline.
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Out of the Blue

Well the Better Call Saul finale didn't disappoint. I saw a quote from Vince Gilligan saying that both this and Breaking Bad were pieced together on the fly as they went along. This is pretty surprising considering how well planned both shows always seemed. Regardless of the process, both were masterpieces from beginning to end. I'm certainly willing to happily remain on Gilligan's Island to see what he comes up with next.

Gilligan's Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.


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