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Friday, Aug 05, 2022 International Beer Day

Call of Duty: Warzone Dog Skin Plagiarism Follow-up

Here's a follow-up to the recent report alleging that a new Loyal Samoyed skin Activision planned to sell in Call of Duty: Warzone was plagiarized. References to the skin disappeared after the discovery, suggesting the accusations have merit. Now a tweet from CharlieIntel shares a statement from Activision confirming the removal. There's a suggestion that the plagiarism accusation has merit, but it's vague, as it seems apparent there is a hope this story will just go away:
Statement from Activision spokesperson: "We have the utmost respect for creativity and content creation. We love the Loyal Samoyed, but regrettably we erred in our process and have removed this imagery from the game. We apologize for the misstep."

The Forest Cathedral Announced

Publisher Witethorn Games and developer Brian Wilson (no relation) announce The Forest Cathedral, a psychological thriller coming to OC and Xbox this (northern) autumn. The twist here is a creative blend of 3D exploration and 2D platforming. Okay, there's another twist, as the game is based on the real-life research of Rachel Carson into the dangers of DDT that lead to her groundbreaking book Silent Spring. This is not your typical video game fare, but this Teaser Trailer helps understand what to expect. Here's the Steam Listing and here's the pitch:
Developed by Brian Wilson, The Forest Cathedral is a unique interpretation of the events surrounding real-life scientist Rachel Carson’s investigation of the harmful pesticide known as DDT. Set in an expansive and vibrantly rendered forest on a remote island, players will take on the role of Rachel, who has assumed a field research biologist position. While completing her weekly tasks she quickly realizes things aren’t as they seem. Players will slowly uncover the horrific effects of the pesticide using advanced environmental technology to complete puzzles that weave together 3D exploration and 2D platforming. What secrets will Rachel discover on this island? Many will try to silence her, but somehow, the truth must come out.
Continue here to read the full story.

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Archer - Season 13 Official Trailer.

Recipe for Disaster Released

Recipe for Disaster is now fully baked, and is out of the Early Access oven on Steam. This casual management sim from developer Dapper Penguin Studios and publisher Kasedo Games puts you in charge of a busy professional kitchen. In contrast to the many similar games this also includes some of the challenges that pop up in a restaurant besides remembering recipes and getting dishes out on time. You can see some of these titular disasters strike in the 1.0 Release Trailer. Here's more:
Serving up a new challenge to fans of the restaurant tycoon genre and sitting at very positive on Steam (just like a Michelin Star), Recipe for Disaster explores the complex social relationships between staff and customers, as well as the disastrous and humorous consequences of poor management in the food-service industry.

Whether in the single player campaign or freeplay mode, personality clashes and skill gaps within your staff can easily disrupt service, whilst the volatile attitudes and tastes of customers may prove to be the barrier that separates players from those all important positive review scores.
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Lost Light Early Access

NetEase Games now offers Early Access to Lost Light on Steam, which is a free-to-play MMO survival shooter for Windows and mobile. The description doesn't mention Chornobyl/Chernobyl specifically, but indicates the game is set in the ever-more crowded exclusion zone. Here's word:
Factories, harbors, forests...... these once familiar sights have been desecrated by the wrath of the apocalypse. Never neglect small details on the battlefield or there will be fatal consequences. You must know your weapons and know your equipment, explore every corner of the battlefield, learn to effectively deal with hunger and pain, and make tactical plans...... Complete survivors' commissions, scavenge for supplies, and hone your skills to survive the exclusion zone.

Authentic Firearm Customization
From structures to textures, the firearms in the game are meticulously recreated to provide players with the most realistic firearms experience. Each firearm supports up to 12 modifiable parts and hundreds of components to choose from. It's time to optimize your loadout from hundreds of possibilities. Of course, the system will also provide several recommended loadouts for Quick Equip.

The Dark Heart of Balor Early Access

Prepare to enter The Dark Heart of Balor, as Early Access to this dark fantasy hack-and-slash platformer is now underway on Steam. Take a look at this trailer for a look at gameplay, and read on for more of what this game holds in its dark heart:
Archdemon Balor has unleashed Hell on the human realm, allowing man's world to be flooded by hordes of demons and monsters set on destroying everything in their path. You must protect those who are still alive and ultimately destroy Balor to close the Gate. Your quest will take you across a deadly continent of dark crypts, demon-infested wilds, and demonic rifts in the fabric of the world itself. Watch out for traps, prepare for ambushes, and try your best to outsmart puzzles on your way to end Balor's reign of terror. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders.
Continue here to read the full story.

Morning Multiplex

Official trailer.

Out of the Blue

Happy International Beer day! I put away a fair bit of oat soda in my younger days, but it's been a long time since it was my beverage of choice. I do still enjoy a cold one on a hot day, though. But I don't have what would be considered good taste in beer, as I am not really big on the hoppiness favored by connoisseurs. My tastes run to old man beer, basic classic American lager. But I can't even qualify as a proper hipster, as I can't stand PBR for its decided lack of a clean finish. My beer of choice is Schaefer, which remains delightfully crisp and bitter despite changing hands and reformulations. That makes it a good thing that this is not my passion, because it is one of the hardest beers to actually find on the shelves.

Sudsy Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

Breakfast Link

Thanks Acleacius.



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