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Monday, Jul 18, 2022

Steam VR Festival Begins

The promised Steam VR Fest is now underway, highlighting a wide variety of virtual reality titles on the store. The festival runs until next Monday, so you virtually have a week to get in on the action, which includes demos and discounts. This trailer takes a look, and the description is a good summary of what to expect:
July 18th - July 25th, Steam VR Fest is a celebration of games that drop players face-first into their favorite worlds. With thousands of VR titles on Steam, we're excited to host this event celebrating the world of virtual reality.
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Animal Shelter Puppies & Kittens DLC Next Week

One of the things that make animal shelters so vital is how there are always more puppies and kittens in need of good homes. To that end, Games Incubator announces July 25th is when to expect the launch of new Puppies & Kittens DLC on Steam, adding new content to Animal Shelter for Windows. Here's a new Release Date Trailer if you can stand a cuteness overload. Read on for some details:
In this DLC you will take after little puppies and kittens. It is a very important task. Your job is to find them a new home to make them belong to a loving family! In the DLC there will be new functions to make the gameplay more interesting.

Open up your imagination with new buildings and decorations - the ground of your animal shelter will grow. Some of the new mechanics add it to Puppies & Kittens will be toppling, escaping during the caressing, aggressive biting and more other new animations of the animals will aim your heart with all the sweetness they have.
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Untamed Isles Announced

Phat Loot Studios announces Untamed Isles, a new monster collecting game in the vein of Pokémon, TemTem, and Digimon. This is expected to arrive later this year on Steam. The gimmick here is the vast number of creatures to hunt thanks to a "unique" feature called "limb-swapping." Here's a Teaser Trailer with a look, and here's word on the game's variety of targets:
Untamed Islesis breaking the rules in the monster-taming genre, launching with over one million visually and tactically unique monsters. Unlike other monster-catching games, there are only ten different base species of tames living in the Isles at launch. Each base tame’s head, front legs, back legs, torso, and tail, may be randomly mixed to create a variety of combinations. Every tame also has one of 15 mood types affecting the tame’s coloring and combat style.

New tames added to the game will further increase the combinations, creating an evolving world and expanding the player experience. Additionally, players can encounter extremely rare Gemborne and Alpha variations of tames.
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Into the Black

Obituary: Claes Oldenburg Dies at 93; Pop Artist Made the Everyday Monumental (may require registration or subscription).

Scathe Demo

A playable demo for Scathe is now available for Windows on Steam, celebrating the game's participation in the BiliBili Game Charging Festival in China. This was also temporarily available as past of a Steam Next Fest. The full version of this first-person shooter is set to roll out on August 31st for PC and early next year on consoles. Developer Damage State also offers a Video Devlog #2 teaching you how the game will let you "crush your foes with dark magic" and showing off a lot of gameplay along the way. This includes the game's clear DOOM and Quake influences, putting this firmly in the "boomer shooter" camp. Here's a bit:
Scathe is an adrenaline-fueled, classic FPS with big guns and even bigger demons. You play as Scathe, Enforcer of the legions of Hell, forged from the earth by the Divine Creator themself. And you, like your fallen kin before you, must prove your worth by navigating a deviously crafted maze, entangled with demonic evil at every twist and turn. So, grab your Hellhammer, lock’n’load, and get ready to unleash your almighty fury!

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Out of the Blue

So today I can declare myself officially over my recent malady. I took my temperature this morning and it was perfectly normal. The weird thing is that the reading was 98.0°F, because as I mentioned, our in-ear thermometer tends to be off by a half-degree or so. This hasn't really come up since we've owned it, but I'm now looking at replacing it with a model that's a little bit more, what's the word? Oh yeah, accurate.

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