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Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

Anno 2070 Multiplayer Reprieve Possible

An update on the Anno Union Website follows up on the recent news of Ubisoft's plans to end online support for a bunch of games (thanks PC Gamer). Anno 2070 was one of the games in the crosshairs, but this newer post says that efforts are being made to save multiplayer support for the futuristic strategy game from the chopping block. This makes no promises, so it's still possible the game will lose online functionality on September 1st as previously announced. But they say to expect updates between now and then on the possibility of a reprieve:
Today we are informing you that Ubisoft has decided to decommission online services for some older games on September 1st, including Anno 2070. You can find the full list of all impacted games here. And, as you know, Anno 2070 has several features tied to its online services.

That said, after an initial investigation, we have decided to dedicate some of our development resources to work on upgrading Anno 2070’s aged online services infrastructure to a new system, so that these features can continue to be used past the mentioned date. However, we cannot yet guarantee that we’ll be able to successfully upgrade/replace the old services as we’d like to.

Please note that until September 1st, the current online services will still be fully available. We will provide more detailed updates on the future of Anno 2070 in the coming weeks and months.

Rockstar Remakes Follow-up

Kotaku follows up on yesterday's rumor that remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption were under consideration at one point, but the projects are not moving forward at this time. Kotaku's Zack Zwiezen states this tracks, saying "I can confirm that Tez’s tweet is accurate and lines up with what I’ve been told." The article also supports the most obvious theory about this, saying the savage reception to the release of the remastered GTA classics scared Rockstar away from the prospect. Kotaku has not received a confirmation, but offers a rumor that the rumored cancellation of the rumored remakes may just be a postponement:
However, while the current plan is to get Grand Theft Auto 6 finished and out the door, I’m told a Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV remaster aren’t entirely “out of scope” and could still happen in the future, after GTA 6 ships.

Dune: Spice Wars New Faction Details

Funcom announces plans to spice up Dune: Spice Wars with a new faction. This was promised in the Early Access Roadmap for the arid strategy game, and will arrive after the promised multiplayer update. Here's word on the new house that will be in the house later this summer:
The Houses on Dune have become unruly, so the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV is bringing his feared Sardaukar to remind them of his dominion. While he holds a lot of power, he must also preserve certain essential relationships, most crucially with the Spacing Guild.

Playing as House Corrino, players will experience a very different kind of economy to balance. Tip the scales of spice in your favor by receiving spice taxes or bribes from other factions while paying the Spacing Guild’s fees to maintain interstellar travel at affordable rates and hold the empire together.
Continue here to read the full story.

Skull and Bones Gameplay Reveal Thursday

It seems all the recent rumors swirling about Skull and Bones are about to be settled. Ubisoft tweets its plans for a worldwide gameplay reveal for the seafaring action/adventure on Thursday at 2:00 pm EDT. You'll be able to watch the festivities live on YouTube or Twitch. Here's a teaser and here's word:
Tune-in for a #UbiForward spotlight on #SkullAndBones and catch the worldwide gameplay reveal!

July 7 at 11AM PT / 8PM CEST
Continue here to read the full story.

Battlefield Single-Player Plans

A job listing for a Design Director at Battlefield Seattle Studio suggest plans for a single-player campaign for the Battlefield series (thanks Battlefield Bulletin via VGC). The military shooter series is always centered around multiplayer, but the listing clearly covers a single-player component:
Your job is to embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single player campaign. You will build the studio's design team and culture and build an amazing campaign from concept through release. You are also responsible for leading iteration of the product design based on feedback from peers, company partners, and team members while holding to the core vision.

League of Legends Currency Price Increases

Riot announces that due to inflation, it is inflating the cost of spacebux in League of Legends. Starting next month it will cost you more to be able to play less of the MOBA:
Starting on Aug 19 Pacific Time, RP and TFT Coin prices will increase in most Riot regions to account for worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across our products, and other associated cost increases. (Tencent regions will account for these factors in other ways due to price structure differences; Garena regions will not have price updates at this time.) While our annual price reviews often lead to changes in only a handful of regions, this year's analysis identified economic shifts on a global scale, hence the worldwide impact.

Before the price increase, we're giving double "bonus RP" and "bonus TFT coins" on all RP and TFT Coin purchases to every region from Jul 14 - Jul 31 Pacific Time. After the bonus promotion ends, RP bundles will go back to normal until Aug 19 as mentioned above.

Out of the Blue

This weekend's veggies from our community supported agriculture box included another pick you own component. This time we were offered up to two quarts of cherries. This was scary for two reasons. One, the cherry orchard was described as a longer walk, so it included the chance to be driven out there. Second, we had trouble managing to gather a half-pint of peas recently, so we imagined it was possible it would take all day to gather a half-gallon of cherries. And since it was over 90°F, that didn't hold a lot of appeal. It turned out there was nothing to fear. The ride worked out, though it was a bit bumpy (we were being towed by a tractor). But even better was how easy our labor was. It turns out that besides meaning selectively parsing facts, cherry picking is surprisingly easy. Ripe fruit abounded, and we were able to take our full share from one tree. Easy peasy, and quite rewarding, as cherries are delicious.

Cherry on Top Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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