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Sunday, Jun 12, 2022 Superman Day

Starfield Gameplay Reveal

The climax of the Bethesda Xbox showcase was the unveiling of an Gameplay Reveal Trailer for Starfield. This extended look at the upcoming space game includes Todd Howard's explanations of what to expect. The Bethesda Website has a recap of what we learned today. Here's a bit:
25 years in the making, Starfield introduces an entirely new frontier to explore—space. In 2330, you join Constellation, the last group of space explorers seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy. Venture through the stars and get to know a memorable cast of characters on a quest to answer humanity’s greatest question—what is out there?

True to Bethesda Game Studios’ immersive RPG DNA, customization is key in Starfield. A look at the character creation menu shows off the depth of choice you have when customizing your hero. Who you will be and who you will become is up to you.

Stake your claim among the stars by building outposts on discovered planets to conduct research and gather resources. Resources that can be used to upgrade your gear, modify your weapons and ensure you’re ready to take on any danger you might encounter.
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Minecraft Legends Announced

Xbox Wire announces Minecraft Legends, an action/strategy Minecraft spinoff coming from Blackbird Interactive next year. We have an Announce Trailer with a cinematic first look that concludes saying this will come to PC and Xbox next year. In the meantime, the Minecraft Legends Website is live as a home to the project. Here are the first details:
In Minecraft Legends, players will discover a gentle land, both familiar and mysterious, full of lush biomes and rich resources. But this beautiful land is on the brink of terrible change – the piglin invasion has begun and threatens to corrupt the Overworld. It´s up to the player to make unexpected friends (including some classic mobs you’ll recognize from Minecraft) to form valuable alliances and lead the way into strategic battles against the fierce invaders from the Nether.

The game will have a very exciting campaign that will introduce many surprises for both new and seasoned Minecraft player alike. And for those looking to play with friends, there will be online campaign co-op and competitive multiplayer which we’re looking forward to sharing more on later this year.
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Pentiment Announced

Obsidian Entertainment announces Pentiment, a narrative adventure set in the 16th-century Germany coming to PC and Xbox in November. There's an Official Announce Trailer showing this has a distinctively old-school approach. Here's the Pentiment sentiment:
In Pentiment, you play Andreas Maler, a journeyman artist working in the bygone scriptorium of Kiersau Abbey during a time of great social unrest. While finishing his masterpiece, Andreas inadvertently becomes entangled in a series of murders that take place over 25 years. Peasants, thieves, craftsmen, monks, nuns, nobles, and even saints must be investigated and interrogated to expose the truth.

It will be up to players to decide Andreas’ choices, from his educational background and lifestyle to how he investigates the murders. One day he may be digging up a dead monk in the abbey cemetery, the next might be spent eavesdropping on peasant gossip at the ladies’ spinning bee. Every decision and accusation he makes carries consequences that will impact the tightly-knit Alpine community for generations to come.
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Ara: History Untold Announced

Xbox Game Studios and Oxide Games announce Ara: History Untold, a turn-based strategy game coming to Windows PC. This does not yet carry a release date, but the official website allows you to join the Insider Program which will give you a leg up on testing, beginning with a Technical Alpha this summer. Here's a bit about the game that suggests Microsoft is unwilling or unable to invoke the Oxide team's Civilization pedigree by name:
Ara: History Untold, built by a team that includes many of the leads behind one of the most popular historical grand strategy games of all time, invites players to build and lead a nation throughout global history as they explore new lands, develop arts and culture, conduct diplomacy, and go head-to-head with rivals to prove they are the greatest leader ever known.

Players will become the architect of a dynamic, living world fully rendered and brought to life through the power of Oxide’s proprietary Nitrous Engine, where their play style and decisions will shape the world they create, the lives of their people, and their legacy as a leader.
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As Dusk Falls Dawns Next Month

Studio Interior/Night announces As Dusk Falls, an original interactive drama that will dawn on July 19th for PC and Xbox. The Official Launch Date Announce Trailer celebrates the news. Here's a bit:
This cinematic story is brought to life by the performance of actors that are digitally rendered into a beautiful art style, creating a unique experience that plays like a motion graphic novel.

In As Dusk Falls you’ll have agency over the lives of relatable, far from perfect human beings, inviting you to empathize with their real-life struggles and aspirations. Starting in 1998 with a robbery-gone-wrong in small town Arizona, the choices you make have a powerful impact on the characters’ lives in this decades-spanning story told across two intense books.
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Free-to-Play Overwatch 2 in October

Blizzard announces Overwatch 2 will launch as a free-to-play game on October 4th. The news is accompanied by details about Junker Queen, a new hero that will join the battle at that time. There will be a live reveal event on YouTube on June 16th if you want to head over now and start spamming the chat. In the meantime, here's a Free to Play Trailer and more on launch plans for the multiplayer first-person shooter sequel:
At launch, players will have an opportunity to get their hands on the newest tank hero to join the roster, the ruthless Australian-born ruler of Junkertown: the Junker Queen. More details on the Junker Queen, Overwatch 2’s live service model and seasonal content plan, and the upcoming phase of the game’s closed beta testing will be shared during the Overwatch 2 Reveal Event livestream on or this Thursday, June 16, at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

The Junker Queen is the second new hero revealed for Overwatch 2, and the franchise’s 34th hero overall, following Sojourn—a high-mobility and railgun-wielding former Overwatch captain with cybernetic capabilities. New and iconic international locations will also arrive in-game at launch, from the snowy New Queen Street in Toronto to the bustle of Midtown Manhattan. Overwatch 2 additionally introduces the new Push game mode, a symmetrical map type where teams battle to take control and advance a centrally-located robot deeper into enemy territory than the opposing team.
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Diablo IV Beta Pre-Registration

The Diablo IV Website now allows you to "pre-register" for beta testing of Diablo IV (thanks Wowhead). This is more of a newsletter signup for now, as word is: "Sign up now for a chance to be included in future beta tests, and to get the latest information about Diablo IV." There's a note that this opts you in to receive news and special offers from Blizzard.

Redfall Gameplay Reveal

There are new details on Redfall on Xbox Wire, including today's new Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer for the Arkane Austin's upcoming co-op first-person shooter. The vampire-infested game launches next year, and today's showcase revealed more about what to expect. Here's a bit:
Redfall has everything you could want from a cooperative, story-driven FPS experience, plus everything Arkane fans have come to expect from the studio. An open world packed with mystery, a diverse roster of heroes to choose from, strategic combat that will keep you on your toes, painstakingly crafted environments, a rich narrative driving you through the world, a wide array of weapons… and vampires. A lot of vampires. Sneaky vampires that grab you and separate you from your team. Hulking vampires capable of tearing you and your team to pieces. Godlike vampires powerful enough to eclipse the sun. Arkane vampires.

You got a small glimpse of what Redfall has to offer in the gameplay reveal, but here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Redfall with some extra details from the team at Arkane Austin.
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New Forza Motorsport Details

Xbox Wire outlines some of the technical enhancements coming in the next Forza Motorsport revealed at today's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. This has been rebuilt from the ground up, inspiring the claim that it will be the "most technically advanced racing game ever made" when it launches in spring 2023. Here's a new Official Trailer, a new Official Gameplay Demo, and more:
Fundamental to Forza Motorsport is our fully dynamic time of day system, which brings tracks to life in stunning detail and like weather, it will be available on every track. Changes in time of day alter ambient temperatures, which, in turn, impacts the track surface temperatures. These track temperature changes will affect the grip of your car, as does rubbering in and weather. These new simulation details add further depth, drama, and dynamics to the racing experience.

We’ve completely overhauled the core driving experience to take advantage of the power of the Xbox Series consoles. This includes a 48 times improvement in the fidelity of our physics simulation. Based on your feedback, we’ve introduced new features like tire and fuel management, multiple tire compounds, and new in-depth car building to create the ultimate racing playset. This is all brought to life at the trackside pits, where advanced materials and shaders paired with ray tracing bring out incredible detail in the gold heat wrap, anodized aluminum, and carbon fiber. Ray tracing especially shines on engine bays with their complex self-reflection.
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Deadly Premonition 2 Released

Rising Star and Toybox announce the surprise release of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise for Windows. This was said to not be coming to PC, but it is now available on Steam. Here's a whacked-out Steam Release Trailer, and here's word on how this return to the "cult classic" is both a prequel and a sequel:
Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise is both a sequel and a prequel to the beloved Deadly Premonition, following Agent Davis and Agent Jones as they begin a new investigation into the Le Carré serial murders. Set in present-day Boston, the game’s unique storytelling will see you travel back in time to the town of Le Carré via the memories of a former FBI agent. These flashbacks will allow you to step into the shoes of Special Agent York to unravel an intriguing and disturbing mystery.

The new PC version of Deadly Premonition 2 brings with it a number of technical improvements. Players can explore Boston and Le Carré in higher resolution, undertake their investigations with more fluidity thanks to reduced loading times and enjoy improved performance overall.
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Get ARK: Survival Evolved for Free

Steam is now offering a 100% discount on ARK: Survival Evolved, so this Windows, macOS, and Linux game dinosaur-infested RPG is yours to keep if you snag it over the coming week. Just remember, life finds a way. Here's a refresher:
As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame & breed the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape!

Beyond Sunset Demo

Meta Corp announces Beyond Sunset, a retro FPS that embraces the "boomer shooter" label. Here's a gameplay trailer to show off its throwback bona fides. But there's a chance to experience this firsthand, as there's a playable Windows and macOS demo on Steam. Here's more on the full game, which is expected this summer:
You awake from cryostasis with memories lost in the confusing fog of hypersleep. Immediately you begin to manifest powerful abilities. Lightning-fast reactions. Innate combat skills. Near-supernatural agility.

Your talents are quickly recognized. A mysterious woman named Yuri offers you a deal. In exchange for getting your memories back, you need to utilise your powers to become a street samurai in the crime-ridden, plague-stricken Sunset City.
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Alaskan Truck Simulator Demo

Steam now offers a playable demo for Alaskan Truck Simulator, an upcoming transport sim from PlayWay that seems to disregard SCS Software's established foothold on the "Location Truck Simulator" market. The full game is due later this year. This post has details and a Demo Trailer. Word is this includes a survival component:
Alaskan Truck Simulator is a unique game taking place in the ruthless environment of Alaska. It blends the well-known simulator classics with elements of the survival genre. Buckle up, we are about to set off on the proper adventure!

What comes to your mind when you think of Alaska? Most likely it’s towering mountains and harsh winters. Alaska is a unique place to explore. And how to do it better than to drive a truck across the entire state? Experience the unpredictability of the changing seasons and find out how it affects the condition of your truck and you as a trucker.
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Still More Demos

With gaming show season in full effect, a demo flood watch is underway. We may need to seek higher ground:

  • Anvil Saga on Steam. Windows. "Anvil Saga is a management sim with RPG elements where you take control of a blacksmith shop amidst the Hundred Years' War. Each decision you make impacts the story and gameplay."
  • We Who Are About To Die on Steam. Windows. "Fight your way through spectacles and arenas from lowly slave to Grand Champion. Or... die trying. In this unforgiving Roguelite you will face your enemies in gladiatorial combat, using a unique physics based combat system. To those who are about to die, I salute you!"

On Sale

Out of the Blue

R.I.P. Rangers. They didn't win another game after I praised them, so I'll accept any blame you want to heap on me for putting the maloik on them. And, of course, congratulations to the Lightning. Speaking of heaps, the Bethesda Games Show is underway, so there may be more news from that.

Obituary: Billy Kametz Dies- Popular Video Game And Anime Voice Actor Was 35.

Heaping Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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