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Saturday, Jun 04, 2022

Escape from Tarkov ARENA Announced

A new announcement teaser trailer unveils plans for Escape from Tarkov ARENA, a standalone first-person shooter spinoff of Escape from Tarkov. The video shows what you'd expect, fast-paced arena gameplay. Thank you to Wccftech for transcribing what the clip reveals about the project:
Escape from Tarkov Arena is a standalone game project - a session-based multiplayer first-person shooter for PC with all the known and beloved hardcore game mechanics of Escape from Tarkov. Players will take part in gladiatorial battles in various arenas of the city of Tarkov, organized by a mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host.

The game will feature various PvP and PvE game modes, ratings, weapon and gear unlocks and unique features for owners of the main Escape from Tarkov game, like the ability to play as your main profile character. For owners of the EoD pack, Arena will be available for free as DLC. For all other versions of EFT, the Arena will be paid and, also, you can purchase the Arena separately without buying the main game.
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Quake Remaster Inspires Hopes for an Unreal Remaster

A tweet from Stephen "Pripyat" Kick has word from the Nightdive Studios CEO that the success of Nightdive's Quake Remaster prompted some outreach from Cliff Bleszinski about whether the same sort of remake was possible for the original Unreal. The tweet logically suggests that whether something like this moves forward will depend on how much it interests Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. CliffyB's reply supports that supposition, saying: "Not saying anything for legal reasons." Here's the tweet from Kick that kicked off this discussion:
After our Quake Remaster @therealcliffyb reached out to @TimSweeneyEpic on our behalf hoping we could give Unreal the same treatment...and I guess if you want that leave a message to let Tim know

Source Engine Mod Changes

A SteamDB Tweet points the way to changes to the Steamworks Documentation that affect Source-engine modifications. Specifically, the article on Distributing Source Engine Games has changed. The good news is that commercial mods based on the Source Engine will no longer require a Havok license, since Microsoft has waived its licensing fee. The bad news is that Valve is no longer providing mod teams access to the Source Engine SDK, as it had previously done on occasion. Here's word:

  • Q: How can I get source code access from Valve?
  • A. We have in the past granted access to the source code of some of our games to a small number of modding teams who could demonstrate a need that could not be met by the SDK. We may do this again in the future under exceptional circumstances but because of the associated support burden and risk of leaks our default answer is to develop based on the SDK.

Endlanders - First Encounter Released

Endlanders - First Encounter is now available on Steam, offering a free Windows and Linux prototype of this real-time combat indie game in the works at Eteros Studios. This is to support the Kickstarter campaign for the full version, which is listed as "coming soon" on Steam (as long as you ignore the erroneous Feb 26, 2022 release date it also lists). Here's a Kickstarter Trailer with a look at some gameplay and throwback graphics. Read on for more:
Interactable in many ways, and holding many secrets, the game will test a player's perception. Small visual hints, conceptual hints that could be derived either from dialogue or sound, the player will need to be in-sync with the game's audiovisuals if they want to uncover everything.

Freedom is given to the player to experience however they want the game, if they want to combat and grind endlessly, they are free to do so. If they want to understand the game's universe and interact with it, they are also free to do so. Our game is designed around encouraging both, but without making discretions when it comes to play-style.
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Out of the Blue

So MrsBlue signed us up for a community supported agriculture (CSA) share at a local farm, and we went last night to pick up our first haul of produce. This included some interesting greens, so I will get to play "Chopped" and come up with recipes to use them up. We also got to pick a quart of strawberries with was fun and educational. But best of all for me were the critters, even though these were mainly sheep and barn swallows. One of the sheep was bleating like crazy, and I don't know if it was out of distress, anger, mating, or just self-expression. But the next time we go I'm going to ask if going over and visiting with them for a bit would be okay.

Down on the Farm Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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