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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 Details

Ubisoft unveils plans for Operation Vector Glare, a second season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7. This will come to the tactical shooter on June 7th bringing a new Belgian Operator, a new Team Deathmatch map, Phase 1 of the new Reputation System (including Privacy Mode), a narrative change, and more. The Reveal Panel Video gives you a chance to get all the details on this firsthand. This includes word that the planned Singapore map is being pushed out from Season 3 to Season 4. Here's a summary:
Operation Vector Glare puts strategy at the forefront with new Attacker Sens, a brilliant tactician from Belgium with military experience and training in psychology. Their R.O.U. Projector System gadget deploys a wheel that travels in a straight line to leave behind small projectors and self-destructs after a set amount of time. The projectors construct a wall of light that blocks players’ line of sight, so making a versatile approach fits right into Sens’ wheelhouse. They are a low speed, high health Operator, carrying a new weapon, the POF-9 or a 417 as a primary weapon and an SDP 9MM or a GONNE-6 as a secondary weapon.

Alongside Sens, an exclusive new map for Team Deathmatch mode arrives at season launch. Set in Greece, Close Quarter is the first dedicated Team Deathmatch map that focuses on movement rather than defense setups. With a circular flow and a good mix of different lines of sight, this facility will be a unique experience for players to try.
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Steam Top 10

Here's Valve's accounting of the ten bestselling games on Steam for last week, by revenue. With two successful hardware offerings in the mix, and one game covering two SKUs, this is actually seven games this time around:

  1. V Rising.
  2. Steam Deck.
  3. Arma Reforger.
  5. V Rising - Founder's Pack- Eldest Bloodline.
  6. Valve Index VR Kit.
  7. The Forest.
  8. Save 84% on FIFA 22.
  9. Save 84% on Titanfall 2.
  10. Save 10% on Old World.

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Sunday Patches

Unofficial games, patches, and mods.

Out of the Blue

The results of some further tweaking by Frans are now live here. There are a couple of changes to the User Profile page for registered users. It has been cleaned up for better readability, and for supporters who signed on with a lump payment, it now shows when your pledge expires, which will end your ad-free support. Additionally, the brainstorming I mentioned last week is complete, and Frans has cooked up a kill switch for the advertising here. Our provider does an excellent job of making sure the ads here are not doing anything sketchy, but a recent takeover ad illustrated the wisdom of being able to quickly just kill the entire ad stack if it ever causes any problems. Thanks to our intrepid Chief Engineer, we now have complete control over this, which just seems prudent.

Intrepid Round-up
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