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Friday, May 13, 2022

Elden Ring Runs Rings Around CoD

A series of tweets from Mat Piscatella relates a bunch of reporting from the NPD Group on game sales, noting that: "April 2022 consumer spending across video game hardware, content and accessories declined 8% when compared to a year ago, to $4.3 billion. Hardware gains were unable to offset declines in content and accessories spending." One particularly interesting tidbit is this tweet noting that besides being the bestselling game of the year so far, Elden Ring has sold more units over the last 12 months than Call of Duty: Vanguard:
US NPD PREMIUM GAMES - Elden Ring was the 2nd best-selling title of April 2022. Elden Ring remains the best-selling game of 2022 year-to-date and has surpassed Call of Duty: Vanguard to become the best-selling premium game of the trailing 12-month period ending April 2022.

Path of Exile Sentinel Expansion Launches

The new Sentinel expansion is now available for the Windows and macOS edition of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games' action/RPG. The free expansion will come to the console versions of the free-to-play game on May 18th. Here's the Sentinel Official Trailer, and the description of the clip covers the news concisely:
In Path of Exile: Sentinel, ancient constructs have been unearthed across Wraeclast. You will harness the power of these Sentinels to control your level of risk and reward on the battlefield.

Our May expansion contains the Sentinel challenge league, 20 Atlas keystone passives, seven uber boss fights, new pinnacle unique items, revamped monster modifiers, game controller support, new quality of life features, a revamped challenge system and much more.
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Video Game Auction Lawsuit

VGC reports that a class action suit filed this week in the Central District of California against video game grading service Wata. This is on behalf of a class, which VGC estimates could exceed 10,000, who paid Wata for video game grading and encapsulation. Wata was named in two reports last year alleging serious conflicts of interest. This new lawsuit follows the same theme, accusing Wata of manipulating the market for vintage games, as well as advertising unrealistic turnaround times for its grading services. Here's the most serious part:
It’s alleged that Wata president and CEO Deniz Kahn had been working with Heritage Auctions co-founder Jim Halperin to manipulate the market through press releases and interviews claiming the value of retro games would continue to rise.

Crucially, Heritage Auctions’ Halperin was also listed as an advisor on the Wata site, but this conflict of interest was never disclosed. In a statement issued to VGC last summer, the company said it “strongly refutes any allegation that it or its officers are involved in shill bidding, ‘market manipulation’ or any similarly illegal or unethical practices.”

Court documents claim that before Wata’s inception, the highest price ever paid for a video game was a copy of Super Mario Bros, which sold on eBay for a little over $30,000 in July 2017.

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: "Married...With Children" Gets Animated.

Obituary: R.I.P. Fred Ward.

Evil Dead: The Game Released

Come get some! Evil Dead: The Game is now available for Windows and consoles, offering a new PVP/PVE multiplayer game based on the Evil Dead movies and TV show. PC gamers can find this on the Epic Games Store, where there's the option of buying a Deluxe Edition as well as a cosmetics add-on and a Season Pass. Saber Interactive offers a Launch Trailer featuring a Method Man soundtrack, gameplay, and lots of the humor for which the series is known. Here are some groovy details:
Inspired by the iconic horror, humor and action of the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game brings the series’ biggest characters together in a pulse-pounding battle with the forces of darkness. Work as a team of four survivors to kick Deadite butt and banish the vile Kandarian Demon. Or become the Demon yourself, using its powers of possession to stop the good guys dead and swallow their souls!

Evil Dead: The Game delivers the ultimate Evil Dead action experience. Choose your squad with fan-favorite characters from every era of the franchise, including Ash, Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, Annie Knowby, Scotty and Lord Arthur. Battle with more than 25 hard-hitting weapons, like the good ol’ chainsaw and boomstick, and level up a variety of character classes with their own unique abilities to survive the night in multiplayer and bonus single-player missions.
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Farming Simulator 19 Ambassador Edition Next Month

GIANTS Software announces Farming Simulator 19 Ambassador Edition will be released for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on June 21st. This sounds like an agriculture/diplomacy mash-up, but it's actually a new bundle combining the base game and all its post-release content. So what's with the title? Here's word:
It's an extensive version of Farming Simulator 19, containing both expansions and six DLCs in addition to the main game for a low price, making it the perfect entry to the series. It's also a steal for everyone wanting to own the game and all its content extensions.

That's why we call it the Ambassador Edition - it's basically an envoy for the profession of farming in the form of a packed video game. Hint: it's a perfect gift, if you want to share your love for farming with others.

Out of the Blue

Happy Friday the 13th! It's a beautiful day in these parts, so it's hard to think of the date as a harbinger of bad luck. I mean it's not like I'm going to go around breaking mirrors or walking under any ladders, but I feel like as long as I don't tempt fate I should be okay. And maybe even if I do. I'm a guy who used to own a black cat, so I've been known to push the superstition envelope. Maybe that's why I've never won the lottery? Well, along with not playing of course. Anyway, be careful out there. Just in case.

Obituary: UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed dies aged 73.

Precautionary Round-up
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