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Saturday, Mar 26, 2022

Amazon Games VP Departs

Mike Frazzini is leaving Amazon after 18 years at the company, 13 of them in games. Bloomberg's report (may require registration or subscription) calls him the head of Amazon Game Studios, while his LinkedIn Profile calls him VP, Amazon Games. Confirming the news, he's posted a farewell message on his profile:
Yesterday, we announced internally that I will be leaving Amazon. After almost 13 years in games, and almost 18 years at the company, my last day will be 4/29. It’s always been in my head to take time off in the middle of my career to spend time with family (before kids are off to college), and to pursue some personal interests while my knees and back are still (relatively) healthy. I have no idea where things will lead from here (maybe even back to Amazon someday) - but I’m excited for the adventure.

And while there’s never really a perfect time to step away from a great role, now is a good time. We’ve launched two top 10 games in the past six months, and have a growing portfolio of promising new games in the pipeline. Prime Gaming is on a strong trajectory, providing more and more great content to players worldwide who are members of Amazon Prime. And we have some newer initiatives that are gaining real traction. Plus importantly, each of these teams are led by excellent leaders. The future is very bright for Amazon Games.
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