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Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022 Happy Australia Day, Mate

First Steam Decks Ship Next Month

Valve announces the first batch of Steam Decks will launch on February 25th. That is the date emails will be sent out to reservation holders in the order reservations were received. Word is if you receive one of these you will have three days to complete your purchase:
Hello, the day is almost here! On February 25th, we will be sending out the first batch of order emails to reservation holders. Customers will have 3 days (72 hours) from receipt of their order email to make their purchase, before their reservation is released to the next person in the queue. The first units will be on their way to customers starting the 28th, and we plan to release new order email batches on a weekly cadence.

In addition, we're sending out press units for full review shortly. Press review embargo on Steam Deck coverage will lift on February 25th, but keep an eye out for some preview coverage and impressions before that. In the meantime we're working to tie up the last few loose ends and polish some rough edges, and are excited to get these out to you at the end of next month!

Dread Hunger Released

Dread Hunger has officially launched on Steam following an Early Access run for this social deduction game. The setting is an 1848 Arctic expedition that's become a quest for survival. There are eight players staving off starvation, the elements, and various other threats, but two of them are thralls working against the interests of the party. The Launch Trailer sets the chilly scene. Here are some details:
It’s up to each player in Dread Hunger to bring life to their chosen character through voice chat while completing objectives. The six Explorers must work together to gather resources to power the steam-powered sailing ship towards its destination while contending with the harsh climate. Meanwhile, Thralls plot to poison food, massacre crewmembers, blow holes in the ship, and invoke dark magic to undermine the mission—all while pretending to be loyal Explorers. Starvation, wolves, cannibal attacks, and other gruesome fates abound, and any misplaced trust can quickly lead to a knife in the back. When food is sparse, fellow crewmates appear more and more appetizing.
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Top December Releases on Steam

If you missed out on any of last month's hot game releases on Steam, they are all rounded up on this page. It includes the ability to single out the top-sellers, the most-played free-to-play offerings, top DLC, Early Access, and more. An accompanying Steam Blog explains all the goings-on. Here's a bit:
Between the Steam Awards reveal and the culmination of the Steam Winter Sale, there was certainly no shortage of exciting moments to cap off the year. In much the same way that we welcomed the New Year and bid farewell to 2021, about half of the games on December's Top Release list either made their debuts into Early Access or graduated from it. The open-world RPG Sands of Salzaar and the cooperative shooter GTFO both launched out of Early Access after much development during 2021. And as if sensing an Early Access void in those genres, Wartales and Ready or Not launched into their own Early Access journeys for 2022. If one New Year transition wasn't exciting enough, we're already preparing for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration. Make sure to check back for a ferocious amount of discounts across the Steam catalog.

Legend of Keepers: Feed the Troll Released

Remember, never feed trolls. Unless you play Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager, the roguelite dungeon management game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. If that's the case, you may want to make an exception for Feed the Troll, new DLC now available on the Epic Games Store,, and Steam. Here's what happens if you pay the troll toll:
Feed the Troll DLC brings brand new content to the demonic dungeons HR experience including five challenging missions and artefacts, 10 slaughtering Spirit monsters, three carnage-inducing traps, the horrific Shaman master, and an exclusive in-game mechanics granting passive abilities to Spirit monsters as well as increasing damage inflicted by all mischievous minions.

Join the Dungeon Company as the new manager defending demons’ lairs from heinous human invaders. Place traps such as the razor-sharp Circular Saw or a Gruesome Surprise to lower enemies’ morale. Mix and match nefarious creatures to annihilate the threat from mortals and collect gold coins to train brave minions, hire allies, get new artefacts, and more.
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Gord Announced

Team17 announces it will publish Gord, a fantasy strategy game based on Slavic folklore promising "a mature and unforgiving strategy experience." This is in development at, a 24-person studio with veterans from CD Projekt RED, 11 bit studios, and Flying Wild Hog. Here's a Teaser Trailer and the game now has a Steam Listing. Here's some info on the game to stuff into your gourd:
In the world of Gord, players will lead the Tribe of the Dawn as they strive to establish new settlements and explore eerie forbidden lands while interacting with horrific creatures and deities inspired by Slavic folklore. Players will have to complete quests to grow the tribe’s settlements (known as ‘gords’) and fortify these from invaders while managing a populace whose personal stories, familial ties, and well-being, can have devastating impact on the survival of their communities.
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Frogs can regrow amputated limbs with new mix of drugs. Guilt-free frog's legs!

Crysis 4 Announced

Crytek tweets "a Crytek announcement," which seems like it's in its wheelhouse. The tweet includes a 45-second teaser video that shows off a little destruction that's reformed into an image of the numeral "4." This includes a tagline: "Join the journey. Become the hero." It's hard to mistake this for anything but a tease for Crysis 4. But there's no guesswork required, as this press release confirms the news. CEO Avni Yerli tells us this "truly next-gen shooter" is "still in early development." He also reassures Hunt: Showdown players they are not forgotten: "I also want to let Hunt: Showdown players know that we have some great things planned for you too, this year." Here are the scant details we have about Crysis 4 so far:
Right now the game is in the early stages of development so it will be a while yet, but we wanted to bring you the news at this time as we are so hyped for the future, and to let you know that we will be listening to our community.

Crytek has a proud history of working with our community to develop the games you want to play. Crysis is incredibly important to so many people – it’s beloved by gamers everywhere, and some of those working in the industry today are doing so because of the original game – so we want to make sure the next instalment in the franchise lives up to all of your expectations. Make sure to join our socials and get involved!
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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Rumor

Part of the Bloomberg report yesterday about future Call of Duty games still coming to PlayStation mentions plans for Call of Duty: Warzone 2, a new iteration of the free-to-play Call of Duty battle royale spinoff. Leakmaster General Tom Henderson chimes in with a tweet literally explaining that this literally means what it literally says. Literally:
Warzone 2 is literally that... Warzone 2.

Current gen and PC only... No past weapon integrations etc.

A completely new game for the better hardware.

Activision Blizzard Won't Voluntarily Recognize New Union

Activision Blizzard says it is not voluntarily recognizing the union that the Raven QA department recently voted to form. The vote ended a strike, as Raven said it expected good faith negotiations, which have subsequently failed. Saying "we deeply respect the rights of all employees to make their own decisions about whether or not to join a union," Activision Blizzard offers an official statement about why they are refusing to voluntarily recognize said union at this time. Here it is courtesy of Game Informer:

“At Activision Blizzard, we deeply respect the rights of all employees to make their own decisions about whether or not to join a union. We carefully reviewed and considered the CWA initial request last week and tried to find a mutually acceptable solution with the CWA that would have led to an expedited election process. Unfortunately, the parties could not reach an agreement.

We expect that the union will be moving forward with the filing of a petition to the NLRB for an election. If filed, the company will respond formally to that petition promptly. The most important thing to the company is that each eligible employee has the opportunity to have their voice heard and their individual vote counted, and we think all employees at Raven should have a say in this decision.
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Frost Giant Raises More Cash for Unreal Engine RTS

Frost Giant Studios announces it has raised USD$25 million to develop a new real-time strategy game using Epic's Unreal Engine. The developer, which previously raised capital in 2020 and last year is the brainchild of ex-Blizzard developers who worked on both StarCraft and Warcraft. IGN reports the new investment, saying it comes "from the likes of Korean publisher Kakao Games (PUBG), Riot Games (League of Legends), and more." There's also a conversation with CEO Tim Morten says the company will raise its headcount from 30 to 50. Here's part of Tim's explanation:
"This funding gives us the runway we need to ship the game we've envisioned," he explains. "As you know, creative vision isn’t always a straight line, so the ideas we have today may morph based on what we feel would make for the best player experience. For us, this funding is a testament that the appetite for RTS remains strong in the global gaming community, and we are encouraged to have leading companies like Kakao Games believe in what we’re building and supporting our journey."

GeForce RTX 3050 Reviews

Here are the first reviews of the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 "desperation edition" GPUs:


Out of the Blue

I got another installment in what's probably my favorite all-time unsolicited email, which is an invitation to join the Illuminati. I received a similar invite to help control the destiny of the world a couple of years ago, but something must have gone wrong getting me signed on. I'll be sure to maintain a more respectful tone this time, as there is a warning that this is serious business: "Note: that this email message was created solely for the purpose of our recruitment scheme which will end next month and this offer is for unique ones only, if you are not serious on joining the illuminati empire, then you are advise not to contact us at all. This is because disloyalty is highly not tolerated here in our organization."

Obituary: Peter Robbins, Voice of Charlie Brown, Dead at 65 from Suicide.

Illumnated Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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Thanks Max.



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