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Monday, Jan 17, 2022

Activision Blizzard Firings

A report on the Wall Street Journal (may require registration or subscription) has the latest fallout from the sexual harassment scandal at Activision Blizzard that has inspired a couple of lawsuits and other issues for the gaming giant. The WSJ says that the company has received over 700 reports of workplace misconduct since July, a figure that Activision Blizzard challenges. It also says there have been firings and disciplinary actions that have not been announced. Reportedly Bobby Kotick wanted to suppress this news, apparently thinking that appearing to address the problem would be a bad look:
Activision Blizzard Inc. has fired or pushed out more than three dozen employees and disciplined about 40 others since July as part of efforts to address allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct at the videogame giant, according to people familiar with the situation.

A summary of those personnel actions was scheduled to be released by Activision before the winter holidays, but Chief Executive Bobby Kotick held it back, telling some people it could make the company’s workplace problems seem bigger than is already known, the people familiar with the situation said.

Shadow Warrior 3 in March?

In October Devolver Digital announced Shadow Warrior 3 was being delayed until early this year. Now a Pre-Order Bundle Listing for Xbox (thanks Reddit) includes a release date. It's unannounced and unconfirmed, but as of this writing the listing says to expect the next installment in the first-person shooter series on March 1st.


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Out of the Blue

Today is a holiday here in the US, as it's the celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I'm one of the many who share his dream of a better future, so I'm on board. The occasion should make it a little easier in the aftermath of this weekend's winter storms, as there will be fewer cars on the road. But it's not so bad in these parts. We were threatened with a "blanket of snow," but the single-digit cold snap broke when the snow started, and the snowfall turned to rain, so it's not nearly as treacherous as it could have been. We lost power for an instant, but it came back. It seems we are in luck, as the storm definitely left a lot of people on the East Coast without power. Hopefully everyone is safe and things will be back to normal soon.

Obituary: Fable art director Paul McLaughlin dies at 57.
Obituary: Shinji Mizushima, Known For His Baseball Manga, Dies At 82.
Obituary: Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta- Ousted Mali president dies aged 76.

Dreamy Round-up
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