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Monday, Jan 10, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Gets New Creative Director

A core team update from Ubisoft announces a change at the top of the Rainbow Six Siege team (thanks PCGamesN). This includes a message from Leroy Athanassoff, who explains he is being replaced as the game's Creative Director. He's staying with Ubisoft, and says he "won't be going too far." This raises the possibility he's been extracted to help with Rainbow Six Extraction, with that game due in 10 days, but nothing to that effect has been announced. There's also this message from new Rainbow Six Siege creative director Alexander Karpazis, who expresses enthusiasm for the future of the tactical shooter:
My journey with Siege started all the way back when the project was in its Alpha. I joined some friends and competed in Siege's first internal tournament where we made it to the finals. Even in the early stages of the game I knew there was something special about Siege, but at the time I had no idea how profound of an impact it would have on my life. Fast-forward to the present: I’ve spent the last four years working with an incredible team of people, on one of the most successful competitive shooters in the world. The next step of that journey starts today, and I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Siege.

I’m truly thankful for Leroy’s mentorship over the years. He’s taught me what exemplary leadership, creativity, and passion look like in the position of Creative Director. Leroy’s hard work will be visible in future seasons as the team and I prepare for one of the most ambitious years in Siege’s history. I’m extremely humbled by the team’s trust in me, and I hope to earn the trust of the community in my new role as well.

Lust from Beyond: M Edition Demo

Movie Games announces Lust from Beyond: M Edition will be released a month from today on February 10th, offering a less lusty version of this Windows horror game. The original AO-rated game no longer seems to be listed, and there is no word on an upgrade path for owners to get the M Edition (Update: The AO version is still available on Steam, you just need to be logged in to see it, thanks NotOneOfUs). There is a chance to check it out via a playable demo on and Steam. Here's a Date Reveal + Demo Trailer and here's word on how the M Edition tones things down a bit:
The original Lust from Beyond is an Adult Only experience. The M Edition is the same game tastefully tailored for a wider audience. M stands for the new Mature rating, but also for the many motifs of the Lust universe. The omnipresent Mystery, the iconic Masks, and overwhelming Madness.

The M Edition contains the following changes from the Adult Only edition:

  • Nudity has been covered by outfits appropriate to the themes and setting.
  • Some scenes have been rearranged to keep their meaning but reduce the explicit factor.
  • Some animations, scene framing and models have been changed to meet the Mature rating requirements.

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Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Announced

This announcement on Steam officially announces Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, a new installment in the rapid-fire Serious Sam series of first-person shooters. This will be a standalone expansion to Serious Sam 4, so the original game will not be required. Devolver Digital teased this news last week, and as that tease stated, the game will arrive this month. Specifically on January 25th. This Reveal Trailer lives up to its name with a gameplay reveal. Here's more mayhem, which started as a project from a mod team:

Independent developer Timelock Studio and Serious Sam 4 developer Croteam have teamed up to unload standalone expansion Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem into the ongoing adventures of ‘Serious’ Sam Stone. The cold winds of chaos blow onto Steam later this month when Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem launches on Jan. 25.

Make your way through the vast Russian landscapes in five massive new missions set along Arctic coastlines, desolate forests, abandoned villages and a chilling ghost town. A new set of dangerous foes and bosses join the Horde including some of the most advanced and intimidating creatures the hallowed FPS series has ever seen. Lock and load new weapons like the experimental crossbow or jump into vehicles from snowmobiles to towering mechs.

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem took an unusual path, starting as an ambitious project from longtime Serious Sam community modding team Timelock Studio. It quickly evolved into a standalone expansion under the guidance of Croteam.
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Rogue Command Announced

Developer/publisher feneq announces Rogue Command, a real-time strategy game coming to Early Access for Windows on Steam in Q3 of this year. This is described as a "love letter" to classic RTS, deckbuilding, and roguelike games, but it will also come to macOS and consoles when it graduates from Early Access next year. The Reveal Trailer offers a first look, and the announcement has more details:
Command the adorably dangerous Engineer, an A.I. with recently gained sentience who decided working endlessly isn’t a way to live for the next millennia. The Engineer is going rogue and will put it all on the line to push back the interstellar planet core mining corporation coming for his solar system and his day off.

Lead this robotic uprising against the Planetary Core Extractor Company (PCX) by building a base from scratch in procedurally generated battlefields across a star system with 16 distinct planet biomes. Explore through the fog of war, harvest resources to construct foundries, and assemble an insurmountable army.
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Take-Two Takes Zynga

Bazinga! Take-Two Interactive announces it is acquiring Zynga, saying it is paying about $12.7 billion for the studio. This is about a decade out from the heyday of FarmVille, but the company has pivoted to mobile development since then. Most of the article discusses share prices and other financial considerations. Despite the large price paid, word is Take-Two is "still looking" for additional acquisition targets. Here's a bit on the gaming implications of the news:
While FarmVille is Zynga’s most well-known game, it has published several other notable titles including CSR Racing, Empires & Puzzles and Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, which is based on Warner Bros.′ Harry Potter franchise.

Take Two, which is known for Grand Theft Auto and other blockbuster console and PC franchises, is hoping to tap into the continued growth of mobile gaming, which accounts for more than half of the entire video game industry.

Autobahn Police Simulator 3 Demo

The Steam Listing for Autobahn Police Simulator 3 once again offers a playable demo of this simulation of policing one of the world's fastest roadways. The demo was previously temporarily available for the last week in 2021, and this release is time-limited as well, running until next Sunday. Here's word:
The demo version puts the police officers of the German Highway Police in a delicate situation: A herd of cows has broken through a fence and is now blocking the Autobahn! Already an accident happened: The first driver to notice the animals has crashed. Now the police have arrived to secure the scene, talk to the persons involved in the accident and – find a way to get the cows out of the way so the traffic can flow again.

Outerverse Early Access

Outerverse is now available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Steam, offering an open-world Windows game similar to Minecraft in space with an increased emphasis on building automated machines. This can be seen in action in the Release Date Announcement Trailer. Here's more:
Chart a course across a multitude of cube-shaped planets throughout outer space awaiting an explorer to quell galactic giants and restore order. Collect nearly 100 different crafting materials to build efficient and automated bases over six randomly generated planet types, and expand your cosmic reach. Flex planning and project-management skills with more than nine million combinations of schematics and tools capable of creating contraptions like farms, factories, weapons, and teleporters.

After six sinister cubic colossi culled the majority of intelligent life, survival for those remaining is not guaranteed. Discover over 60 quests across three story acts called Ages; each concluding with world-altering cosmic events. Soar through the main questline, turn the terrible titans into stardust, develop bigger and better inventions, and go where no cubi-naut has gone before outside the visible universe… the Outerverse!
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Espresso Tycoon Playtesting

A playtest is underway for Espresso Tycoon, an upcoming coffee mogul game in the works at DreamWay Games. Selling coffee is a way of printing money, but presumably this will brew up some challenges along the way. Sign up on Steam if you want to give this a shot. Here's a bit on the game:
Espresso Tycoon – the future of tycoon games is here! The sound of the coffee machine, the unique aroma of coffee grounds... in your own café! Jump into a world full of hardcore management, picky customers, and fierce competition! Build your coffee business from a small place into a whole empire!

Morning Multiplex

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Out of the Blue

The NFL regular season concluded yesterday. There were some bizarre outcomes and extreme upsets yesterday to cap an unpredictable season. Hats off to Vikesman for winning our Pigskin Pick'em Pool, managing to go 179-76 for the season. He and second-place finisher WarPig even managed to rack up 12 winners amid the chaos yesterday. They were the only two pickers in double digits, demonstrating the skill that landed them at the top of the pile. I ended up 10th for the season myself, and as always, vow to do better next time (apologies to Tony Kornheiser). Speaking of doing better, the season may be done for the also-rans, but the postseason still looms for the playoff teams, so we'll dust off the playoff pool for next week. The season is also over for my Giants, who were "barely rans" this season. There is talk of the team moving on from GM Dave Gettleman and keeping head coach Joe Judge. I never favored this plan, believing the GM should hire his own coach. But I have now also lost faith in Judge anyway. Running a QB sneak in the second quarter deep in your territory on third-and-long is the cowardly call of the year. The Giants finished with fewer than 100 net yards passing each of the past two weeks, lost their final six games in a row by double digits (a first in the team's almost 100 year history), and scored two touchdowns over their final four games. The good news is the team has two top 10 picks next year. The rest is bad news. The roster is thin and the salary cap is a mess. This is a team in desperate need of a fresh start. Here's hoping ownership has come around to this thinking.

Obituary: Bob Saget, comedian and 'Full House' star, dead at 65.
Obituary: Woodstock Impresario Michael Lang Dead at 77.

End of Season Round-up
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Sunday, Jan 09, 2022

Steam Passes 28M CCUs

The Steam Game and Player Statistics Page shows Valve's online service passed a new concurrent user milestone in the wee hours this morning (thanks SteamDB). Just a week after setting the previous record at just under 28 million simultaneous users, Steam has now passed that milestone. At around 6:20 am EST today, Steam reports a total of 28,230,661 users were on at the same time.

500 Hours of Dying Light 2

In a tweet, Techland explains just how much content is being crammed into Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Word is it will take 500 hours to complete every quest and side-quest in the action/RPG sequel: "To fully complete Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you'll need at least 500 hours—almost as long as it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid!" This recalls the famous song lyric: "I would walk 500 hours and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked from Warsaw to Madrid and back." On the off chance that there are heathens out there who do not view this as positive news, a follow-up tweet explains you do not actually have to spend almost three full weeks in the game if you're not a completionist. A later tweet expands on that explanation:
500 hours is related to maxing out the game - finishing all the quests, endings, and exploring every part of the world, but a regular player should finish the story + side quests and do quite a lot of exploring in less than 100 hours, so don't worry!

Sunday Multiplex

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Out of the Blue

We are temporarily stranded in the Blue Tower due to the weather. We're not snowed in, we're iced in. Freezing rain started overnight, and while it continues to come down wet, it's forming ice on the ground. There are a few cars going by, but you have to be extra daring (and maybe a few other adjectives) to risk the roads as they ice up. Luckily there's nothing we need that badly, so we'll just wait this out. And we have week 18 football and swans walking around on the frozen pond to watch, so we have no shortage of entertainment to distract us.

Icy Round-up
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