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Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021 World AIDS Day

Titanfall Delisted

Respawn tweets the announcement that Titanfall is no longer available for sale and will be removed from subscription services in March. This culminates a long-running stretch of online attacks and a confusing grassroots Save Titanfall campaign. This first installment in the multiplayer first-person shooter series first launched in 2014, but its seven-plus year run is not entirely over, as servers remain online for those who already own a copy. Here's the news, with more obsessing on DNA:
We've made the decision to discontinue new sales of the original Titanfall game starting today and we'll be removing the game from subscription services on March 1 2022. We will, however, be keeping servers live for the dedicated fan base still playing and those who own the game and are looking to drop into a match.

Rest assured, Titanfall is core to Respawn's DNA and this incredible universe will continue. Today in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, and in the future. This franchise is a north star for the caliber of experiences we will continue to create here at Respawn.
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Battlefield 2042 Patch Tomorrow

DICE announces plans to release another patch for Battlefield 2042 tomorrow with a new round of fixes for the military first-person shooter. As explained in a post on the Battlefield Blog: "This means you can expect a large amount of fixes, balance changes and quality of life enhancements to come your way. And lastly, as we’ve kicked off the Preseason there are some new things to look forward to as well!" Word is new weekly missions will begin next week and a new game mode is coming to Portal. Here's word on all the gameplay changes:
Throughout several areas of the game we’ve introduced improvements to make your experience while interacting within maps feel smoother.

This includes over 150 individual fixes, small changes, and improvements across all of our Maps where we noticed they were detracting from gameplay, such as spawning, visual glitching or collision issues. Audio, rendering and interaction improvements and fixes for weapons, vehicles and Specialists are also included.

Wartales Early Access

Listen up, as Shiro Games has a tale to tell about the launch of Wartales, which is now available for Windows in Early Access on Steam. The new game from the developer of Northgard is an open-world RPG where you lead a group of sellswords on a quest for fame, fortune, and more fortune. You can get a look at this in the Early Access Release Trailer. Here's more on the game and what to expect from Early Access:
Wartales is an open-world tactical RPG where the player leads a group of sellswords to accomplish goals, amass fortune and embark upon dangerous and thrilling enterprises, shaping their gaming experience as they go. As the group evolves, they will be able to explore the remains of the Edoran Empire, ravaged by the Great Plague and much more.

Players will journey through a gigantic open-world, with the options of building and developing their camps, crafting weapons, supporting mercenaries and fighting in an innovative turn-based combat system.
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Twin Mirror Released

DONTNOD Entertainment has launched Twin Mirror, hoping to thrill us with a psychological thriller for Windows. This is available with a 50% launch discount on Steam. There is also a playable demo, which is provided with a couple of twists. It will only be available for a limited time, but if you download it, you'll be able to continue to play it even after it's been removed from the store. And any progress from the demo will continue on into the full game if you decide to purchase it. The following reflects more of what to expect from gameplay that includes Green Goblin-style mirror conversations:
Forced to face himself and the townsfolk, ex-investigative journalist Sam struggles to balance the scales of reconciliation and his life-changing investigation. He must decide how much he’s willing to risk to uncover the mysteries of his hometown.

Sam has a Mind Palace, an expansive and unique part of his mind where he can revisit his past, relive old memories, and reconstruct events to gather clues and predict the story’s key turning points. His analytical and logical mind can often lead to awkward interactions and unintentional hurt.

This is where Sam’s Double comes in: it is the more social and empathetic side of himself that only he can see. This ally guides Sam through social interactions and helps him navigate a society that sometimes rejects singularity. Through these human qualities, the Double can offer Sam an alternative when he needs to make important decisions.

A Total War Saga: TROY Rhesus & Memnon This Month

SEGA and Creative Assembly announce the Rhesus & Memnon faction pack is coming to A Total War Saga: TROY on December 14th. This will add another pair of heroes from the Iliad into the game. These are Memnon, King of Aethiopia back when it was fighting to be earlier in the encyclopedia and Rhesus, The Thracian King famed for playing the Thrace card. Word is: "These formidable characters welcome in unique campaign mechanics, devastating hero and unit abilities, as well as two brand-new army rosters consisting of 49 diverse troop choices." Here's an Announce Trailer and an elevator pitch:
The city of Troy is falling. Its soldiers grow weary. But hope arrives with a new dawn: King Rhesus with his fierce Thracian tribes and Aethiopian warrior-king Memnon! Unleash their forces in this Epic Hero Pack and defeat the Achaeans once and for all!
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu.

ActiBlizz Activist Resigns

A tweet from Jessica Gonzalez announces her resignation from Blizzard Entertainment (thanks Eurogamer). She has been involved in pushing for the removal of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick over the ongoing sexual harassment scandal that's engulfed the company (her username includes the #FireBobbyKotick hashtag). This sentiment is apparently viral, as there's also a group pushing for Kotick's removal from Coke's Board. Jessica says she is leaving game development entirely, and takes a parting shot on the way out:
Don't forget what so many passionate developers worked hard towards and continued to work towards in my absence. Let your passion and the passion of those around you drive the spark that ignites meaningful change. I believe in the good people in this company and can't wait to see where you all can take it.

To @bkotick: Your inaction and refusal to take accountability is driving out great talent and the products will suffer until you are removed from your position as CEO. This may seem harsh, but you had years to fix the culture and look at where the community currently stands.
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Ghostrunner Project_Hel Announced

Publisher 505 Games and developers One More Level, All In! Games, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks announce Project_Hel. This expansion for Ghostrunner will add a character and other new content to the cyberpunk action game on January 27, 2022. Those who can't wait until then can register here to try and secure a spot in the beta. What's more, all Ghostrunner players will receive a free cosmetic Holiday pack. Here's a Teaser Trailer, and here's more on the new expansion:
Initially planned as a smaller DLC, Project_Hel has grown into a full-blown Ghostrunner experience. Take control of Hel, one of the original games’ bosses, as she descends Dharma Tower on a bloody quest of her own. Designed to appeal to new players and veterans, she’s more combat-oriented and can survive an additional attack compared to the Ghostrunner.

Run on walls, soar through neon cityscapes, and slice through six levels while mastering Hel’s powers through her own ability progression system. Battle new enemies and bosses to the beat of six fresh tracks courtesy of electronic musician Daniel Deluxe. Anyone who wants to play sooner than January can sign up for the private beta launching later this year. Those selected to participate will be included in Project_Hel’s credits.
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New GeForce Drivers

NVIDIA announces the release of new version 497.09 WHQL-certified GeForce reference drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards running under Windows. These are to add support for the upcoming launches of ICARUS, Chorus, and Halo Infinite. Here's the overview:
Our latest GeForce Game Ready driver ensures the definitive gaming experience in ICARUS, RocketWerkz’s new survival game that is enhanced with NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) and NVIDIA DLSS.

Also included is support for the upcoming launch of both Chorus and Halo Infinite.

And finally, we’ve got support for 6 new G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors, and 5 new GeForce Experience Optimal Playable Setting profiles.

Silent Night - A Christmas Delivery Arrives

With the holiday season in full force, French indie developer Oneiric Worlds has released Silent Night - A Christmas Delivery on Itch and Steam, offering a Windows game described as "cute and chill." There's a free playable demo to allow you to decide in advance if this is worth your five bucks. Here's a Release Trailer and more:
The game is endless and allows the player to discover thousands of islands with lit houses waiting for presents. Each delivery earns points and chaining them rises a combo multiplier. The best score comes as a nice balance between making many deliveries and grouping them in packs. Plus you can perform nice tricks to unlock bonus points which are also influenced by combo multipliers.
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Morning Multiplex

↑ Official trailers. ↓ Content creator videos.

Morning Tech Bits

Out of the Blue

We've hit the last page on the 2021 calendar, so happy December! MrsBlue and I have an adventure today, as we're going to attempt to get COVID-19 booster shots. We originally got the Janssen (J&J) shot. At the time this was said to be "one and done," but this has since been deemed inadequate. Even though it's changing teams, the data we've seen suggest the Moderna shot is our best bet, so we're shooting for that one. All the news these days is about Omicron, and how new boosters may be required for that. This makes it seem like we're chasing a moving target, but as I've said in the past, MrsBlue's asthma is a significant comorbidity, and we're doing our best to err on the side of caution when possible. The whole scheduling and confirming our appointments was a little vague, so we'll see if it works out today, and regroup if it doesn't. Call it a shot in the dark.

Boosted Round-up
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