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Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021

Battlefield 2042 Lead Leaves DICE

VGC reports that Fawzi Mesmar is departing DICE following the release of Battlefront 2042. Mesmar had served as head of design, overseeing design of Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V as well as the newest Battlefield game. "It was an absolute pleasure to serve on the best design teams in the galaxy," he told staff in an email. "The incredible design work that you do continues to inspire me every day. Thank you for putting some faith in me, I hope I didn’t disappoint." Battlefield 2042 has launched to negative reviews and promises of future patches with improvements. VGC notes that this departure has been planned for a while, saying it expects this won't disrupt these plans for the military shooter sequel.

Red Solstice 2: Survivors Demo

The Steam Listing for Red Solstice 2: Survivors now includes a playable demo for this real-time tactics sequel. This is a chance to check out the game, but those interested shouldn't dawdle, as this is only available for a limited time. This post has the details:
For a short time, you can get a glimpse of what's waiting for you over on Mars!
Play the opening missions of Red Solstice 2: Survivors to see of you are tough enough to take on the whole campaign!

The demo includes three single-player missions of the stunning real-time tactical battlefield game.
“The Awakening”, “Emergency Extraction” and “New War” as well as a portion of the Strategy Layer!

The demo will be available for a limited period of time, so armor up - it's time to take on the STROL infestation!

Steam Autumn Sale & Award Nominations

The Autumn 2021 Sale is now underway on Steam, offering discounts on loads of games between now and December 1st. This includes the chance to nominate games for The Steam Awards. This is includes word that voting on the awards will take place during the upcoming Winter sale. This post has the details:
The 2021 Steam Autumn Sale has begun, with great deals across the Steam catalog now through 10am Pacific on Wednesday, December 1st. Discover featured titles and franchises, personalized recommendations, plus browse thousands of discounted titles by top genres and themes when you shop the Autumn Sale now!

Steam Awards Nominations
Throughout the duration of the Autumn Sale, join us in our sixth annual Steam Awards by nominating your favorite new games of 2021 across 10 categories, and earn profile XP and badges when you do! Your nominations will help determine the finalists for each category. Voting will then take place during the Winter Sale. Select your nominations today!

Op Ed

  • Yahoo Finance - Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick needs to resign right now.
    "If the company wants to move past these controversies, it needs to make a dramatic move. If not, Activision Blizzard risks losing the very people who make its games so successful: its software developers, testers, and engineers."
  • Bobby Kotick Has A Long History As Activision's Despicable CEO.
    "Not only should Kotick resign, but he should have resigned years ago. The world has become so desensitized to the everyday evil being done in the name of capitalism that it takes something as heinous as ignoring the constant sexual assaults happening under your watch to remind everyone of the true costs of Activision’s success. Kotick is exploitation made flesh and for that he is handsomely rewarded, both with immense financial compensation and a seat at the table in so-called 'polite' society."

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: 1/64 Diecast Cars 80s Movie Style Crash Compilation. Thanks VideoSift via Ant.

Battlefield 2042 Roadmap

There's a new Battlefield Briefing about Battlefield 2042, though there's nothing brief about this lengthy post about the military shooter sequel. It outlines the road ahead for the game, describing gameplay changes that will make it suited for launch. Of course the launch happened already, but that's why the post is so large. Update #2 for the game is supposed to arrive tomorrow, a holiday release that suggests great confidence in the patch. A larger update #3 is promised for next month. The missive goes on to discuss problems being tracked with servers and both console and PC hardware. Other topics include gunplay & balance and custom Portal progression. Finally. there are details on what to expect from Updates #2 and #3. Here's what's up first:
On Thursday, we’re releasing Update #2. As shared last week via Battlefield Direct Communication on Twitter, we’re making the following changes:

  • Improved Soldier Revives, addressing ‘unable to revive when a Soldier dies close to an object, or wall’.
  • A respawn protection system that will help to prevent any extraneous issues that can leave a player in a downed state for too long, and force a manual respawn when required.
  • Re-enabling our UAV-1 Interaction in Battlefield Portal, available on our Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It was overpowered, and we’ve made adjustments to account for that.
  • Vehicle Balancing for the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird mentioned above.
  • Dispersion has been reduced for all weapons except Shotguns, which results in more consistent bullet spread during gameplay.

Continue here to read the full story.

Dragon Age Director Leaves BioWare

Kotaku reports that Matt Goldman and BioWare "have mutually agreed to part ways." Goldman was senior creative director of the Dragon Age series. The post shares an internal email from BioWare studio GM Gary McKay admitting this will have an effect on the ongoing development of Dragon Age 4, but that the company remains committed to eventually shipping a top quality game:
I hope you are well. I’m writing to inform you all that Matt Goldman is leaving BioWare. We have mutually agreed to part ways, and his last day is today.

We understand that Matt’s departure has an impact on you, as well as the game’s development. Rest assured our commitment to a high-quality Dragon Age game has not waivered, and we will not ship a game that is not up to BioWare’s standards.

We, including EA’s executive team, have absolute confidence in the leadership here at the studio and the people working on this game to carry forward our vision.

Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale

The Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale 2021 is now underway. Fortunately this is entirely digital, so there's no risk of being trampled while you hunt for bargains. Here's an overview on the sale:
Start off the holiday season with a bang and don't just skip the crowds, avoid them completely! Browse these amazing deals, many discounted for the first time and save up to 75% off. Offers end Nov 30.

DEEEER Simulator Officially Launches

Doe! DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game is out of early access and has officially launched on Steam. For those who played the Early Access edition, this post has details on what's new along with this trailer with a look at the game's insane gameplay. The launch comes with a first DLC release too, as The Final Evolution of DEEEER is now available. Here's word on the game:
Put simply, DEEEER Simulator is a “Slow-Life Town Destruction Game”. You can spend your days enjoying a nice, relaxed frolic here and there together with the other animals around town, or you can choose to relieve some stress and absolutely destroy the town and everything in it.
Continue here to read the full story.

Martha is Delayed

MARTHA! Publisher Wired Productions and developer LKA announce Martha is Dead is being delayed, and is now expected on Windows and consoles on February 24th. This psychological thriller was was announced with a 2020 release date before that was pushed back to this year. "Martha Is Dead has been a long journey for us, but we’re now nearing the point where the whole world will get to play it," says LKA's Luca Dalco. "This is an experience curated to be faithful and accurate to the era, from our authentic recreation of the Tuscan countryside through to the impact that WWII had on Italy. We can’t wait for people to experience the game for themselves" (but wait we will). Neither delay is specifically delayed, though last time there was a reference to "turning it up to 10," so maybe now the plan is to shoot for 11. Here's a new Release Date Trailer and part of the announcement:
Built in Unreal® Engine 4, Martha Is Dead combines real-world locations, working in links to historical events during the latter stages of World War II, superstition, folklore, and deep psychological distress. The game opens in the depths of the Italian countryside as Allied and Axis forces turn the nation into a pincered playground.

Martha Is Dead’s latest trailer teases Unreal’s revolutionary ‘Metahuman’ technology in an intimate and immersive showcase of the foreboding tension evident throughout the game. Meet the twins, Martha and Giulia, witness their special bond and get a glimpse of how dealing with the acute trauma of loss can affect a tortured mind.
Continue here to read the full story.

ITORAH Delayed

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Grimbart Tales reveal that ITORAH is delayed, and this "genre-blending" action/adventure will not arrive this year as planned. The game is now due in (northern) spring of 2022, but no reason for the setback is offered. A new Dev Commentary Trailer accompanies the announcement, which follows:
Today, the team at Grimbart Tales announced a spring 2022 launch window for the studio’s debut title ITORAH. This dazzling action-platformer features beautiful hand-drawn environments and themes heavily inspired by Mesoamerican culture and legends.

In the game, a curtain of evil in the form of a plague looms over the beautiful and once-thriving Nahucan. Alone, and seemingly the last human on Earth, the titular Itorah and her mouthy companion, a sentient battle-ax, are tasked with navigating the treacherous lands and defeating deadly foes to liberate Nahucan and its inhabitants. Today, the team brings us a new video, showing the adventurers that lie in wait in ITORAH.
Continue here to read the full story.

2021 Golden Joystick Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards. In particular let's note that the personal computer was declared the "best gaming hardware of all time." Here are the honorees:
The 2021 Golden Joystick Awards winners are:

  • Best Storytelling: Life is Strange: True Colors
  • Best Multiplayer Game: It Takes Two
  • Best Audio: Resident Evil: Village
  • Best Visual Design: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
  • Best Game Expansion: Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island
  • Mobile Game of the Year: League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Best Gaming Hardware: PlayStation 5
  • Best Indie Game: Death's Door
  • Studio of the Year: Capcom
  • Best Performer: Maggie Robertson (Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil: Village)
  • Breakthrough Award: Housemarque (critically chosen)
  • Best Game Community: Final Fantasy XIV
  • Still Playing Award: Final Fantasy XIV
  • PC Game of the Year: Hitman 3
  • Nintendo Game of the Year: Metroid Dread
  • Xbox Game of the Year: Psychonauts 2
  • PlayStation Game of the Year: Resident Evil: Village
  • Most Wanted Game: Elden Ring
  • Critics’ Choice Award: Deathloop (critically chosen)
  • Ultimate Game of the Year: Resident Evil: Village
  • Best Gaming Hardware of All Time: Personal Computer (PC)
  • Ultimate Game of All Time: Dark Souls

Out of the Blue

Well, it took a few days longer than anticipated, but the dam was breached on our pond yesterday, and the water levels are back to normal now. Presumably this means the beaver was a little tougher to trap than anticipated. This is probably to be expected when embarking on such a project during a full beaver moon. Here's hoping the beaver finds its new home equally appealing. I'm glad this worked out before it became a problem for the ducks. They feed on the plant life along the bottom of the pond, and I'm guessing the water being a couple of feet deeper didn't make things easy for them.

Obituary: Sarah Ross, ex-Zynga communications VP, passes away.
Obituary: Malikah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, has died, officials say.

Dammed Round-up
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