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Sunday, Jun 20, 2021 Father's Day

New WB IP Revealed

New job listings from Warner Brothers interactive entertainment suggests that developer is working on an unannounced upcoming game. PCGamesN notes listings for a 3C Game Designer and a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer at WB Games Montréal are where these beans are spilled. The former mentions a "third-person open world action game," while the latter makes reference to "a new IP, AAA title." The Montréal studio has primarily developed DC Comics titles, leading to speculation that this might be for a new Superman game.

EA Motive Revival Reveal Next Month?

A new Jeff Grubb's Game Mess Video offers some final E3 thoughts on the show from the GamesBeat reporter. As noted on VGC, this includes a tease that Electronic Arts will reveal an "established IP" revival at the next EA Play showcase on July 22nd:
Grubb previously stated that EA’s Motive studio was working on “an established IP” revival. “I think you’ll be happy,” he said. On Tuesday, he teased: “we’re going to see it… if we’re not dead first”.

Electronic Arts’ Motive underwent a rebrand following the release of Star Wars: Squadrons last year, which was its first fully-developed title since the company was formed in 2015. It previously collaborated on DICE’s Battlefront 2.
Continue here to read the full story.

PC Abandoned Plans?

A tweet from BLUE BOX Game Studios on Twitter includes a strong hint that PC gamers will be getting a version of Abandoned before too long (thanks DSOGaming). Here's what this says about the PlayStation-exclusive survival/shooter:
The PC community shall rejoice.

Steam Next Fest Demos, Part 5

  • CrateTastrophe (Windows). "A super fast paced, clock ticking down, puzzle solving FPS shooter with hundreds of levels and an endless challenge mode."
  • Horns of Justice (No Platforms Specified). "Play the brutal ball sport where death is the only referee."

Sunday Interviews

Out of the Blue

Well, happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. And just to emphasize the importance of fatherhood, the occasion falls on the longest day of the year. Well, that's not actually true. Today will be 24 hours just like yesterday and tomorrow. But it is the summer solstice, so we will get a few more moments of daylight today than any other day this year. This also means today is the first day of summer. The weather around here is certainly living up to that, and I hope it's equally lovely wherever you are. So there it is. Happy Father's Day. Happy summer. And if your dad's around, don't forget to give him a call. Enjoy!

Obituary: Joe and Jill Biden Mourn the Passing of Champ the Dog, a Good Boy.

Paternal Round-up
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