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Monday, Jun 14, 2021 Flag Day (USA)

Resident Evil Re:Verse Next Month; Resident Evil Village DLC Confirmed

Capcom's E3 presentation included a release window for Resident Evil Re:Verse, saying the Resident Evil Village multiplayer mode will arrive in July. There was also a confirmation of plans for DLC for Resident Evil Village, though this certainly doesn't involve any over-promising at this point. As noted on VG247:
“By popular demand, development has just started on additional DLC for Resident Evil Village,” said a note during the presentation. “More info later.”

Halo Infinite's Permanent Battle Passes

There's a Multiplayer Reveal on the Halo Website for Halo Infinite, the next installment in the first-person shooter series. This includes a great deal of information for what's described as "quintessential Halo." This includes a Multiplayer Reveal Trailer to illustrate the news. There's also a Multiplayer Overview Trailer with more. In this, 343 Industries explains the game's Battle Pass system involves permanent passes that will not expire:
The Halo Battle Pass will never be taken away from you. What I mean by that is, once you buy it, it is yours and does not expire. In future seasons, you can purchase old battle passes as well as the current pass, and choose which Battle Pass to put your progression towards.
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Back 4 Blood Players Will Share Party Leader's Content

A post on the Back 4 Blood Website discusses multiplayer support in Turtle Rock's upcoming spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series. In a move designed to keep the community together and keep PvP from being pay-to-win, players will have access to any additional content owned by the party leader. Brace yourself, there's some shouting involved:
No separation. No exclusion. No split.

Now, you might be thinking, “It’s cool you aren’t splitting the community, Turtle Rock, but if you’re selling content drops, how will PvP not be pay-to-win?”

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions in September

Survious announces a September 3rd release date for Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, the upcoming movie tie-in/arcade boxing game. This is the first conventional PC and console release in the series, as its predecessor Creed: Rise to Glory was for VR only. This will come to Windows via Steam, Xbox One, and Switch, and preorders are now underway. Here's an Announcement Trailer and here's more:
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions brings the gripping intensity of Creed boxing to console and PC platforms for the first time ever. Featuring a unique roster of characters, such as titular lead Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Ivan and Viktor Drago, Clubber Lang and more, players will square up against the best fighters in the world in a heart-pounding arcade mode, where they can experience new stories and unlock key rewards. Players can challenge friends and family in local competitive multiplayer, and flex their boxing moves in intense, head-to-head matches.

Players will also have the chance to practice sparring moves in classic Creed and Rocky training montages and take on world-class opponents across a variety of thrilling locations, as they follow each character’s individual story. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions features intuitive, pick-up-and-play controls and robust hard-hitting boxing mechanics which are easy to learn and hard to master, providing everyone a fighting chance at being crowned the ultimate winner.
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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2 Begins

Ubisoft announces that North Star is now underway in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, kicking off Year 6 Season 2 in the tactical shooter. The addition of DLSS support was mentioned earlier, but this also includes new content and gameplay elements. Some of this is shown off in a new North Star Story Trailer and a new North Star Battle Pass Trailer. Here are some details:
In North Star, players will discover a brand-new Defender: Thunderbird. She can deploy a Kóna Healing Station, which heals any player – ally or enemy – close to this device, even if they are downed. The Kóna Station has a cooldown between each charge. Thunderbird is a low armor, high-speed operator, equipped with a SPEAR .308 or SPAS-15 as primary weapon, and BEARING 9 or Q-929 as a secondary weapon.

North Star introduces a reimagined Favela map with better map overview and improved navigation. These changes will improve readability, making sure players always know where they are and where they are going when playing on Favela.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Four Thursday

Season four for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone gets underway on Thursday, adding new weapons, maps, and points of interest to CoD's multiplayer and battle royale modes. There's a pretty dense information drop on the Call of Duty Blog with all the details. Impressively, someone managed to condense all that into the following concise summary:
Season Four of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone kicks off on June 17 and includes four multiplayer maps, three new Operators, five new weapons, new Points of Interest in Verdansk and a new quest for Outbreak that sets the stage for the next free Zombies map during the season.

The Forgotten City Next Month

Those who remember The Forgotten City will be pleased to know this murder mystery game will arrive on Steam and consoles on July 28th. This is a ground up remake to a popular mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also called The Forgotten City. Here's a new Release Date Trailer and some forget-me-nots:
The Forgotten City is a narrative-driven murder mystery game of exploration and deduction, and a re-imagining of the critically acclaimed mod that won a national Writers’ Guild award and racked up over 3 million downloads.

Trapped in a secret underground city during the Roman Empire, twenty-three lost souls cling to life. In this precarious utopia, if one person breaks the mysterious Golden Rule, everyone dies. Players must relive the city's final moments in an endless loop, changing the course of the day with each secret they uncover. Combat is an option, but violence will only get them so far. Only by cleverly exploiting the time loop and making difficult moral choices can they hope to unravel this murderous riddle.
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Lumberhill Released

Lumberhill is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a new action/RPG from publisher All in! Games and developers 2BIGo and ARP Games. There are also plans to release this for Switch by the end of this year. This puts the player in the role of a lumberjack, presumably to sleep all night and work all day. Here's the Official Release Trailer for the game, which carries a 10% launch discount for the next week. The full description follows:
It’s hard to fulfill your lumberjack duties when nature is determined to kick your butt—but it sure is fun! Coax cute little piglets in Hawaii, steal eggs from pterodactyls when you time travel to Dino World, and herd pandas in Asia, solo or with friends. Put your teamwork skills to the test with up to four players in local or online multiplayer. Feeling mischievous? Switch to PvP and chase your friends across the map (and off it!) as a ram or a furious hog to keep them from completing tasks. Through it all, collect an array of fun skins and go about creating the craziest screenshot you can capture.

“We’re happy to add a new party game to our portfolio, especially at a time when games help people stay connected despite the pandemic,” says Piotr Żygadło, CEO at All in! Games. “Lumberhill supports online multiplayer - it's a great opportunity to play with people around the globe. We’ve already tested the potential of the party co-op genre with Tools Up!, which continues to be very popular, and we think Lumberhill is sure to make a great addition to the genre.”
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Sonic Colors: Ultimate This Fall

We missed it at first but SEGA's announcement of Sonic Colors: Ultimate includes word that this Sonic Colors upgrade will come to PC via the Epic Games Store when it's released this (northern) fall. Word is: "Sonic Colors: Ultimate brings a fresh hue to the celebrated game with stunning visuals, additional features, a new mode, and improved gameplay enhancements, providing players the ultimate Sonic experience." A new trailer offers a look at everybody's favorite hedgehog (apologies to Ron Jeremy) in action. Here's more:
Join Sonic in the high-speed adventure of a lifetime! The evil Dr. Eggman has built a gigantic interstellar amusement park bursting with incredible rides and colorful attractions but he is powering it with a captured alien race called “Wisps.” Use Sonic’s lightning speed to free the Wisps and learn the secrets of their amazing powers as you explore six unique colorful worlds, each filled with dangerous enemies and hurdles to overcome. Sonic will be tested on this exciting journey to free the Wisps, whose mystical powers can be harnessed to grant special abilities - and with their help, and yours, it is a test he'll pass with flying Colors! Now with stunning upscaled visuals, additional features, a new game mode, and enhanced gameplay - it is the Ultimate Sonic Colors experience.
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Evening Patches

Orcs Must Die! 3 on Steam Next Month; Play Orcs Must Die! 2 for Free

Robot Entertainment announces Orcs Must Die! 3 will come to PC and consoles on July 23rd, following a little over a year of Google Stadia exclusivity. A new Announce Trailer accompanies the news. The Windows edition is coming to Steam, and to celebrate the news, you play Orcs Must Die! 2 for free on Steam over the coming week. Here's a refresher on Orcs Must Die! 3:
The award-winning Orcs Must Die! series is back and better than ever with Orcs Must Die! 3, featuring all new War Scenarios and War Machines which add massive scale to battlefields that deliver on an epic orc-slaying power fantasy. Either solo or via online co-op with a friend, players must defend their rift using a variety of weapons and traps against hundreds of orcs simultaneously. Players can also test their resolve with the brand new and ever-evolving Scramble Mode that pits players against orcs in a series of five escalating challenges where both sides receive random modifiers after each battle. Plenty of new and returning fan favorite heroes, weapons and traps await players seeking to unleash orc-devastating mayhem.
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Get Hellpoint for Free

The Summer Sale at continues, and some additional titles are now on sale. There's also another giveaway, as we can get Hellpoint with a 100% discount. This sci-fi RPG for Windows, macOS, and Linux is yours to keep as long as you lay claim to it by Wednesday. Here's the point of Hellpoint:
Hellpoint is a dark and challenging action RPG set in a heavily atmospheric sci-fi universe where the line between science and occultism is blurred.

Once a pinnacle of human achievement, the Irid Novo space station has fallen. Its ruins are now overrun by cruel interdimensional entities acting as puppets of the malevolent Cosmic Gods.

You have been created by the Author, organically printed on Irid Novo and sent on a mission to find out the unholy series of events that led to the catastrophic incident known as the Merge.

World War Z: Aftermath Announced

Saber Interactive announces World War Z: Aftermath, another co-op shooter inspired by the zombie movie coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one later this year. And while this will be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility, a native version for those systems will also follow next year. Word is the original World War Z game recently celebrated its 15 millionth player, and owners of that game will receive a loyalty discount on the new one. The follow up promises 4K|60 fps gameplay, a new melee combat system, a new first-person mode, full crossplay on PC and consoles, and more. The Reveal Trailer offers a look. Here are more details:
Powered by the next generation of Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine™, World War Z: Aftermath turns the tide of our fight for survival back against the undead. Join up to three friends or play on your own with AI teammates against hordes of ravenous zombies in intense story episodes across new zombie-ravaged locations around the world: Rome, Vatican City and Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula.
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Amazon Prime Day Features Luna Free Trial

With Prime Day(s) coming next Monday and Tuesday, Amazon announces the event will include a seven-day free trial of Amazon Luna for all prime members. After a week, this will revert to a $5.99/month Early Access price, but you can cancel at any time. Here's word on this chance to sample the streaming game service:
Get priority access to Luna and play free for 7 days
For a limited time, Prime members can access games on Amazon Luna without requesting an invite for early access. Start a Luna+ 7-day free trial to play action, adventure, platformer, indie, shooter, RPG, racing, and classic games – and we’re always adding more.

Chivalry 2 will Double in Size for Free

Though Chivalry 2 is out in the wild now following last week's release of the medieval combat sequel. But developer Torn Banner Studios is not done with the base version of the game yet. Word is there are plans to add additional content for free which will eventually double the size of the game. Here's a bit on a new Developer Diary #3 Video explaining these plans:
Join Torn Banner Studios CEO and Chivalry 2 Creative Director Steve Piggott along with development leads for an exciting look at in-progress post-launch content first revealed on the PC Gaming Show 2021. Take a tour through the brand-new Team Objective map Galencourt, complete with lavish high medieval times architecture and destroyable ships – and enjoy highlights of what’s to come with new weapons, a new fighting style with mounted horse combat, and more.
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Rainbow Six Siege Gets DLSS Support

NVIDIA announces a new patch is now available to enable NVIDIA DLSS in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Here's a comparison video showing the visual and performance improvements this brings. Here's the news and a quick DLSS primer:
Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular competitive shooters around, with over 70 million players. In March, we reduced system latency in Rainbow Six Siege with NVIDIA Reflex, and now we’re accelerating performance by up to 50% at 4K, enabling all GeForce RTX GPUs to game at 100+ FPS at 4K with the launch of NVIDIA DLSS. Available as part of the new North Star update, Rainbow Six Siege players with GeForce RTX graphics cards and laptops can enable DLSS with just a few clicks in Options --> Graphics, instantly enhancing their experience.

If you’re unfamiliar with NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), it’s a groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX GPUs. In Rainbow Six Siege, it gives you even faster performance, and the headroom to turn up detail levels and rendering resolutions:
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Hell Let Loose Leaves Early Access Next Month

Team17 announces Hell Let Loose will officially unleash hell for Windows on July 27th. That is where the World War II first-person shooter will officially launch on Steam, where it's been undergoing basic training in Early Access. Word is console editions will follow at some point thereafter. A new Announcement Trailer lets loose a look at gameplay. Here are a hell of a lot of details:
Set during World War II, in addition to the nine key Western Front battles available right now in Early Access (including the D-Day beach landings at Utah and Omaha, Carentan, and Foy) Hell Let Loose’s release onto PC next month will introduce Russian forces and two new large urban maps set in the Eastern Front: Kursk and Stalingrad.

Hell Let Loose delivers an authentic reenactment of the large-scale chaos of war, where individuals are cogs working together to turn the tide of battle. As the fight unfolds, the two sides work to secure crucial supply chains for resources, capture sectors across the map that influences the outcome of the fight, sweep across battlefields in armoured tanks, or disable defenses with artillery bombardment. Strategic gameplay and communication is critical to winning a battle; both sides are split into 10 squads of five players, each squad led by an officer who reports to a single commander who ultimately develops the path to victory – or takes responsibility for bloody defeat.
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Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life This Month

RARE announces a new update titled A Pirates Life is coming on June 22nd to Sea of Thieves, the open-world pirate adventure. This involves what seems like an inevitable crossover, as it adds Disney's Captain Jack Sparrow. This crossover is shown off in this Announcement Trailer, where the Pirates of the Caribbean character is seen to bear less off a resemblance to Johnny Depp (and Keith Richards) than we recall. Here's more on the plan:
Split across five incredible Tall Tales packed with secrets and side-quests, Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life sees Captain Jack Sparrow sailing in from beyond the horizon to sweep players into an epic new adventure! Free Jack from his prison and witness the power of the world’s greatest Pirate Treasure, which he just so happens to have stolen, before joining him on an unforgettable quest to stop dark forces from dominating this pirate paradise. This lovingly crafted story will be available to play alone or with a crew, and will be a free update for all players with the arrival of Sea of Thieves: Season Three on June 22.
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Dolmen Next Year

Prime Matter and Massive Work Studio announce a partnership to launch Dolmen for PC and consoles in 2022. Dolmen is a third-person action game set in a horror/sci-fi universe that got its start through a 2018 crowdfunding campaign. A new Announcement Trailer offers a look at the game's colorful, but creep environments. Here's word:
Dolmen takes place in a sci-fi universe where humanity has colonized several star systems using space travel technology and genetic manipulation to adapt to the conditions. The Revion system is distant from the main inhabited area of the galaxy but drew the attention of Zoan Corp. for emitting radiation different from other systems, suggesting the existence of other universes. Mysteriously, there is only one planet in this system, which was named Revion Prime.

Before the discovery of the Revion system there was no evidence for the existence of other dimensions. The scientific and military interest behind this discovery could destabilize the existing political balance but, more than that, research on Revion Prime also revealed the existence of an alien species called Vahani - whose role appears to be roaming the universes helping other species to evolve. Their interests are obscure, and it remains to be seen if the creation of xeno-species could have had any influence from them. The player will need to discover the secrets of Revion Prime and the Dolmen crystals to find out.
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Mechajammer Demo

Mechajammer is a tactical turn-based RPG set in a grim cyberpunk future in the works at developer Whalenought Studios and publisher Modern Wolf. The Reveal Trailer shows off the game's retro look inspired by 80s sci-fi/action movies. This is said to be "coming soon," but there's already a playable demo to sample on Steam. Here's word:
Mechajammer is a CRPG with strong tabletop roots but with a precise, peculiar take on the genre. The foundation of the game is an immersive sim (like an isometric Deus Ex) on which the players will freely choose how to face different tactical situations. Stealth is always an option, as party-based combat is.

The combat system sports a powerful twist as turns take place simultaneously and allow for interrupts, quick reactions, and, in general, an experience that feels like real-time but with the rules of turn-based combat systems.
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Firegirl Announced

Publisher Thunderful and developer Dejima Games announce Firegirl, a roguelite action/platformer coming this Fall to PC via Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch. This involves heroically fighting fires and rescuing victims single-handedly while the other firefighters all polish the engine, or something. You can see Firegirl in action in the Reveal Trailer and here are some hot details:
In Firegirl you take on the role of a young fire rescue officer breathing new life into her rundown local fire station. Armed with your trusty axe and high-pressure fire hose that doubles as a jetpack, you’ll respond to emergency calls across a procedurally generated city.

When Firegirl arrives on the scene, she has 3 minutes to save all civilians caught in the blaze! Feats of bravery and other gameplay features can be leveraged to extend your rescue time, ensuring you complete your mission. Uncover the truth of why these fires have engulfed the city, in a mystery that goes all the way to the top!
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Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View Announced

Publisher Sold Out announces Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View, a new "observational thriller" in development at White Paper Games. This is coming to PC and consoles this (northern) autumn. Here's an Announcement Trailer and a description:
Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View is a gripping observational thriller set in 1950s England. When 8-year-old Charlotte May is reported missing from Dahlia View, retired detective Robert Conway searches for the truth behind her disappearance, observing his neighbors from his apartment window and questioning their behavior. As suspicions escalate, Conway launches his own investigation into Charlotte May’s disappearance, following leads, uncovering new evidence and piecing the case together on an unpredictable path to the truth.
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Intruder in Antiquonia Announced

Aruma Studios announces Intruder in Antiquonia, a point-and-click adventure coming to Windows, macOS, and Linux next year. This will mark the first commercial title for this husband-and-wife development team. There's no trailer yet, but the official website provides some screenshots. Like so many proper adventure games, this involves a case of amnesia:
The story unfolds in present times. Sarah, the protagonist, is found lying on the road that leads to the town of Antiquonia. She is found by Karim, the ambulance driver in town. Together with the police officer and the convent gardener, Karim will help Sarah as she navigates both her lost memories and Antiquonia.

Antiquonia is fairly unique and heavily inspired by the region of Galicia, Spain, where both developers grew up. Galicia has many beautiful towns full of soul and a long history, and the developers worked hard to capture that in the visuals of the game.

As Sarah digs deeper into her memories, she discovers that she can hack computers and gadgets. That skill would be a complete game-changer in most places, but Antiquonia is a bit special when it comes to technology, so it won’t be so easy.

Out of the Blue

Well, the virtual E3 made for a busy weekend. As Frans notes, we set a record for number of stories posted here on a Sunday by a decent margin. But the way the show broke out in segments felt easier than usual to keep up with. The festivities spill over into today and tomorrow. But with most of the major sessions done, it's hard to know whether to expect many more announcements. As usual, we'll have to take it as it comes. Either way, lots more game presentations are coming this summer. Next up is the Steam Next Fest on Wednesday.

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