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Saturday, Jun 12, 2021 Superman Day

Godfall Fire & Darkness Expansion Announced

Gearbox Software announces Fire & Darkness, a new expansion coming on August 10th to Godfall for PC and consoles. This will come along with a free update called "Lightbringer" for the base version of the loot-filled action/RPG. Here's a Fire & Darkness/Lightbringer Update Trailer and the Godfall Website is updated to reflect the news. Details on the new add-on are still pretty scant:
Fire & Darkness and Lightbringer take the game to a whole new level with the introduction of the Fire Realm – the largest realm to date, new story missions and cutscenes, endgame matchmaking beta, new endgame activities, a new mode, and nearly 100 new loot and cosmetic items.
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Splitgate Getting Crossplay

1047 Games announces crossplay support is coming to Splitgate, the free-to-play arena FPS that uses portals to add new dimensions to gameplay. The update will come to the game formerly known as Splitgate: Arena Warfare on July 27th after an open beta the first week in July. It will bring a new look, new maps, and more, as shown off in a new Announce Trailer and a new Gameplay Reveal. Here's more:
Splitgate combines fast-paced multiplayer sci-fi shooter elements with player-controlled portals. It has been lauded by critics and fans alike for adding an entirely new dimension to the FPS genre. Splitgate has enjoyed a loyal and steadfast following of players, and with recently secured funding, the studio has substantially increased the production pipeline of in-game content, while adding several talented new team members to its roster of developers, and driving new players to the game via an aggressive new marketing campaign.

Along with grindable challenges, leaderboards, and over a dozen casual and competitive game modes, Splitgate launches with more than 20 maps, each with its own unique setting and play style. The maps include a research facility inside an active volcano, an underwater luxury hotel, an alien crash site, a futuristic treehouse, an abandoned mine, and much more. Each map has its own look and feel and plays differently, rewarding players for adapting their tactics in the fast-paced, portal-filled combat that only Splitgate offers.
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Disciples: Liberation Closed Beta Next Week

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Frima Studio offer a Gameplay Reveal Trailer for Disciples: Liberation, the dark fantasy, strategy/RPG coming to PC and consoles in Q4. The video is narrated by Frima Studio Creative Director Jordane Thiboust, and shows off early gameplay, including combat, factions, biomes, and enemies. Pre-purchases of the game are now underway on the Kalypso Store, the Epic Games Store, or Steam. Finally, a closed beta will get underway on June 17th. Sign up here if you want to be considered, though be aware it's only open to 1000 testers. Word is:
Apply now for your chance to take part in the Disciples: Liberation Closed Beta - available June 17th through July 11th, 2021.

If you’ve already checked out the game via the Closed Alpha earlier this year, no need to apply – you're already in!

The Beta will be available in English, German or French (audio and subtitles) as well as Spanish, Russian and Simplified Chinese (subtitles only).
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Wizard with a Gun Announced

Wizard with a Gun is a co-op, sandbox survival game coming next year from publisher Devolver Digital and developer Galvanic Games. Both the title and what's shown in the Reveal Trailer suggest this may draw a little inspiration from Wizards, an animated film from 1977 by Ralph Bakshi, but there's no mention of this. Here's the elevator pitch:
Wizard with a Gun is an online cooperative sandbox survival game set in a magical wilderness wrought with dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries. Embark on a journey alone or with friends to collect, craft, and outfit your wizard however you see fit as you explore the unknown. Carefully design weapons, bullets, and furnishings for your tower home but try not to burn it all down as the magic you wield escalates beyond your control...
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Inscryption Announced

Inscryption is an interesting sounding blend of escape-room puzzles, psychological/horror, and deckbuilding roguelike gameplay. It's in the works at Daniel Mullins Games for release this year. It is currently undergoing beta testing, and there's a button on the Steam Listing to request an invitation. Here's the Reveal Trailer and more:
From the creator of Pony Island and The Hex comes the latest mind melting, self-destructing love letter to video games. Inscryption is an inky black card-based odyssey that blends the deckbuilding roguelike, escape-room style puzzles, and psychological horror into a blood-laced smoothie. Darker still are the secrets inscrybed upon the cards...

In Inscryption you will...

  • Acquire a deck of woodland creature cards by draft, surgery, and self mutilation
  • Unlock the secrets lurking behind the walls of Leshy's cabin
  • Embark on an unexpected and deeply disturbing odyssey
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Trek to Yomi Announced

Publisher Devolver Digital and developers Leonard Menchiari & Flying Wild Hog unveil Trek to Yomi. In this you play as young swordsman protecting his town. The game is coming in 2022 to on Steam, and this trailer shows why the Devolver calls this a "cinematic tour-de-force." Here's more:
As a vow to his dying Master, the young swordsman Hiroki is sworn to protect his town and the people he loves against all threats. Faced with tragedy and bound to duty, the lone samurai must voyage beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward.
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Devolver MaxPass+

Devolver Digital announces Devolver MaxPass+, a new free subscription plan that "ushers In new era of monetization as a service." This once again shows one would be hard-pressed to find a gaming company having more fun with the way game business is conducted than Devolver. Here's a MaxPass+ Video Showcase, and here's some hardcore mockery:
Devolver Digital Inc., unsanctioned publisher of weapons-grade video games, continued to revolutionize the video games industry with its latest online auto sensory extravaganza earlier today. The over-enthusiastic label revealed Devolver MaxPass+, a completely free subscription service that offers the entire Devolver Digital catalog - including all future titles - as exclusive, premium purchases.

Devolver MaxPass+ is a groundbreaking new way to keep consumers paying for content under the warm blanket of a subscription service. A no-cost subscription service for top tier consumers that unlocks access to dozens, possibly hundreds of dozens of premium purchases available only to the most important users.
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Rainbow Six Extraction in September

In its promised Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction reveal today, Ubisoft announced the game formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released on September 16th. This promises "a brand-new tactical co-op experience" for PC via Epic Games Store and consoles. Without further ado, here's a Cinematic Reveal Trailer and the announcement:
Three years ago, in the quaint town of Truth and Consequences, a meteor crashed down on a New Mexico community, releasing an unknown parasite. A handful of operators from Rainbow Six Siege seemingly contained the initial outbreak – until the Chimera parasite reappeared in multiple sites across the U.S., deadlier than ever. To take on this threat, the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team (REACT), a highly specialized and outfitted organization was formed by Eliza “Ash” Cohen, Dr. Elena “Mira” Álvarez, and Jordan “Thermite” Trace.

In Extraction, players will join the REACT Team and assemble a one to three-player squad of well-known and beloved operators from Rainbow Six Siege to confront mysterious alien creatures known as the Archæans. After completing each objective, players must make a difficult choice: extract and collect their rewards or push deeper to face tougher enemies and earn greater rewards in a chaotic and intense experience. This gamble could mean temporarily losing one of their operators who are caught Missing in Action (MIA) within the containment zone. To recover an MIA operator, players must squad up and risk it all in a rescue mission.
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New Assassin's Creed Valhalla Content Plans

Ubisoft unveils plans for a second season of content for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, a first for the Assassin's Creed series. Details are not being offered just yet, but there's plenty still to do before we're at that point. Here's an outline of all that will come between now and Season Two:
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s second expansion, The Siege of Paris, will release later this summer. Set in Francia, this new adventure will set Eivor on a dangerous path full of gripping questlines across the French countryside, towards one of the most infamous conquest battles in Viking history. Players will get their hands on new weapons, abilities, gear and skills, to take on new enemy types. The Siege of Paris will also mark the return of the Black Box Infiltration missions, where players will have full liberty in choosing the best way to eliminate a designated target. The Siege of Paris will be available for all Season Pass** owners or as a separate purchase for $29.99 by all owners of the main game.
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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Trailer

A new first look trailer takes a look at Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the upcoming action/adventure based on the sci-fi movie and its 32 planned sequels. Here's more on the game, which is expected next year:
Built using the latest iteration of the Snowdrop engine, and developed exclusively for the new generation of consoles and PC, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora brings to life the alluring world of Pandora with all of its beauty and danger in an immersive, open world experience.

In this new, standalone story, play as a Na’vi and embark on a journey across the Western Frontier, a never-before-seen part of Pandora. Explore a living and reactive world inhabited by unique creatures and new characters, and push back the formidable RDA forces that threaten it.
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Rocksmith+ Announced

Ubisoft today made the expected announcement of Rocksmith+, a new installment in the guitar instruction series. This will come to Windows PCs this (northern) summer, for consoles in autumn, and for mobile "at a later date." Those interested in jamming in the PC closed beta should sign up on this page. Here are some additional notes:
Compatible with acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, Rocksmith+ will start with thousands of songs and grow to millions more in the future, within genres spanning from rock, classic, indie, alternative, hip-hop, pop, metal, country, Latin, R&B, and more. At launch, Rocksmith+ will have a variety of authentic arrangements that represent songs the way the artists originally played them, and all songs in the library will be playable with chord charts for players to hum and strum to.

Users can take advantage of an entire suite of new and improved practice tools including Riff Repeater, wherein they can directly practice specific riffs in their favorite songs; and Adaptive Difficulty, wherein Rocksmith+ dynamically adjusts to a guitar player’s skill level while they play. These tools are designed to give guitar players control over their learning journey. Rocksmith+ will be available for $14.99 for a 1-month subscription, $39.99 for a 3-month subscription, and $99.99 for a 12-month subscription.

Riders Republic in September

Ubisoft announces that Riders Republic is coming on September 2nd, offering a multiplayer outdoor sports playground for Windows and consoles. This was originally planned for release earlier this year before suffering a delay. There are plans for beta tests before the game's official launch, so register here if you are interested in being part of those. Here's a bit on the game:
Developed by Ubisoft Annecy, Riders Republic invites players to jump into a lively social playground where they can experience the thrill of outdoor sports in an open and densely populated world. Players will roam freely with their friends in a huge and vibrant open world where they can compete and nail crazy moves through an exciting range of sports such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuiting and rocket wingsuiting. Whether players want to catch some major air with friends or ride solo to dominate the mountains and canyons, there are plenty of exhilarating moments and activities to be discovered.
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Villainous Far Cry 6 Season Pass Confirmed

A new Meet the Villain Cinematic further introduces Antón Castillo, the villain of Far Cry 6 being portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito. If you find yourself relating to Antón, you'll be pleased at the plans Ubisoft confirmed for post-release content. The Season Pass for the first-person shooter sequel lets you play as villains of the series: Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3, Pagan Min from Far Cry 4, and Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5. Here's a Become The Villain Season Pass Trailer. Continue here to read the full story.

The Crew 2 Car Deal Celebrates 30M Crewmembers

Amid the third anniversary of the driving game, Ubisoft announces Season 3 of The Crew 2 will begin on July 7th. There's also a milestone to commemorate, as that more than 30 million players have now played The Crew franchise. The celebration includes the chance for all players to buy a slick new Corvette for some in-game chump change:
Since 2014, more than 30 million players have joined The Crew franchise. To celebrate this milestone with the community, players will have the opportunity to acquire the Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray 2020 for only one Crew Credit, available until June 30. In addition, as part of the celebration of the third anniversary, a special Live Summit will be organized from June 23 to June 29.

Trackmania Adds Two Free Modes

Ubisoft announces the addition of two free game modes to Trackmania, the racing game remake of Trackmania Nations. The game's free Starter Access tier now includes ranked matchmaking along with an all-new Royale mode. Here is the royale decree:
Royal mode is an exhilarating and fun new 60-player game mode where players can team up with two friends to compete against other teams in a pool of 20 randomized challenging maps including one new map every day. In Royal mode, players must channel their wacky nature to overcome courses filled with animated obstacles and wild water features leading to treacherous twists and turns. Starting with 20 teams, four teams are eliminated each round until a champion team emerges. Each game will last a maximum of 15 minutes across the five rounds for the best teams.

The new Royal mode will allow players to engage in a daily competitive feature called Super Royal, where players will have the opportunity to race amongst the best players and become the Super Royal team champion.
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Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Next Month

Ubisoft announces Bloodline will bleed out onto Watch Dogs: Legion for PC and consoles on July 6th. This is just a little late, as it was recently promised for release late this month. The DLC puts you back in the role of Aiden Pearce, protagonist of the original Watch Dogs. This Bloodline DLC Announce Trailer shows off the standalone prequel storyline. Here's more:
In Bloodline, players will follow Aiden as he accepts a routine fixer job in London to reconnect with his nephew Jackson following the events of Watch Dogs. Aiden’s mission is to infiltrate a high-tech laboratory from Broca Tech to steal a mysterious and valuable piece of technology, but his mission is compromised when Wrench escapes with the device. With his fixer contract now gone sideways, Aiden is caught in a deadly crossfire. With no real allies against a corporate giant, and with Wrench one step ahead of him, Aiden must team up with his estranged nephew Jackson, and rely on his grit and experience. With Wrench’s unpredictable behavior, things are bound to get chaotic.
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2076 Midway Multiverse VR Demo

A playable demo is now available for 2076 Midway Multiverse is coming to SteamVR and Oculus Quest this year and PSVR in 2022. This is a virtual reality homage to the classic side-scrolling shooter genre. This can be seen in action in this new trailer. There's also now a playable demo on Steam, which requires a VR headset. Here's the recruiting pitch:
Paying homage to classic side-scrolling shooters, “2076: Midway Multiverse” offers the ultimate space combat simulation experience. Take command of your starship and fight waves of enemies that will -literally- attack you from every possible angle. Get the most out of your Virtual Reality device and explore the remotest sites of the multiverse as you try to free the galaxy from the tyranny of the Nazi Galactic Empire.
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Core Keeper Announced

Publisher Sold Out and developer Pugstorm announce Core Keeper. This mining sandbox/adventure is coming to Steam Early Access later this year. Word is: "Mine relics and resources to build your base, craft new equipment, survive, and power up the Core." The Announcement Trailer justifies calling this "Stardew Valley but underground." There's also an this video with alpha gameplay footage accompanied by developer commentary. Here's more on what to expect:

  • Mine resources - Explore a vast underground cave of endless resources. Mine resources, discover hidden crystals, fossils & trinkets and survive a procedurally generated underground world.
  • Power up the Core - Build workbenches and generators to craft new equipment and technology, create your base, and power up your Core.
  • Craft items & equipment - Customize your explorer and craft new items, armor and equipment to venture further into the cave.
  • Grow crops - Plant seeds and nurture crops to grow food or combine ingredients in the cooking pot to discover tasty new recipes with powerful buffs.
  • Discover an ancient world - Explore living biomes and fight cavernous creatures in a simulated underground ecosystem.
  • 1-8 player sandbox - Work together to fight, farm, craft and survive in a 1-8 player adventure.
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Moo Lander Announced

The Sixth Hammer announces Moo Lander an upcoming side-scrolling 2D action/adventure for Windows. It will feature puzzles, combat, and, of course, cattle. A full release is expected on Steam next spring. That's a long way off, but don't have a cow, as there's a demo to sample right now. Here's an E3 2021 Trailer that won't get past your eyes without a look at gameplay. Here's the skinny on the demo:
In the demo you will be able to play through a 15 minutes "showreel" singleplayer campaign filled with enemies, ancient mighty cows and unlockable abilities.
Try the Mooltiplayer - there are PvE and PvP modes and you can choose to play as a Mighty Ancient Cow with all the cool abilities that these majestic creatures possess!
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Saturday Interviews

Out of the Blue

Welcome to E3 2021, as despite all the activity that's lead to this point, the show begins today. There's already been some action, but it's still morning on the west coast, so there should be a lot more to come. Today's festivities include the Ubisoft Forward presentation that gets underway in about an hour. Update: Closer to two hours. It's hard to say how many revelations are yet to come, but it's safe to presume it will not be a typical quiet Saturday.

Festive Round-up
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