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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 2 Testing This Week

Ubisoft unveils details about North Star, the second season of Year 6 for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, the latest installment in the tactical shooter series. This will add a new operator and a reworked version of the Favela map. This will go live on the test server on Tuesday, and this will involve vetting a couple of additional gameplay changes. Here's a North Star Reveal Trailer and a North Star Reveal Panel Trailer, and here are some further details:
In North Star, players will discover a brand-new Defender: Thunderbird. She can deploy a Kóna Healing Station, which heals any player – ally or enemy – close to this device, even if they are downed. The Kóna Station has a cooldown between each charge. Thunderbird is a low armor, high-speed operator, equipped with a SPEAR .308 or SPAS-15 as primary weapon, and BEARING 9 or Q-929 as a secondary weapon.

In addition, North Star introduces a reimagined Favela map with rooms, better map overview and improved navigation. These changes will improve readability, making sure players always know where they are and where they are going when playing on Favela.

On Test Servers, two new features will be tested: a revamped armor system and activities after death. Players’ armor will be converted to additional health so they have better visibility on their armor’s impact. Additionally, players will have new activities after death, with Attackers being able to control their own drones while some Defenders will be able to use their gadgets after their death (including Maestro, Echo or Mozzie). These changes will have a strong impact on gameplay and need to be tested to get players’ feedback. They will be available on the Test Server only and will not release on live servers at North Star launch.
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Saints Row: The Third Remastered Released

Saints Row: The Third Remastered is now available for Windows on Steam, ending one year of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. This is available with a 40% launch discount. There's also a 3rd Street Saints Bundle with additional content and a 78% discount that actually makes it $0.19 cheaper than the game alone. Here's Steam Launch Trailer and more:
Experience the ultimate in mayhem-inducing escapism, fully remastered, polished and ready for 2021. Overhauled by Sperasoft, take in the transformed city of Steelport, enhanced visual effects, lighting and re-built character, vehicle and weapon models.

Originally released ten years ago this edition boasts re-worked lighting, VFX, city activity & character models. With multiple interwoven storylines, the game takes a different route depending on decisions made; seasoned Saints players may even find their storyline takes on a new arc, resulting in never seen before missions. And if you have never played Saints Row before - it's your time now, lets get this started!

Saints Row: The Third Remastered includes all DLC, remastered of course, that came with the original release of the game, so players will get the full, enhanced, package.
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Out of the Blue

Well, I've complained enough about the New York Knickerbockers over the years that it's only fair that offer them a tip of the hat now that it's appropriate. They were one of the flagship NBA franchises in the early 70s, and were relevant through the late 90s as Patrick Ewing led them to a pair of appearances in the NBA Finals. Since the turn of the millennium, however, they've been generally disappointing, having won a single playoff series since their last finals appearance. But they finished in fourth place this season, and played very well throughout. Julius Randle has emerged as a genuine star and the Knicks had one of the best defenses in the league this season, finishing first overall in points allowed, field goals allowed, opponents' field goal percentage, and opponents' three-point percentage. Their first playoff game is tonight, and I'm looking forward to watching. I'm not expecting a championship out of the deal or anything like that, but it's very nice to have the team playing good ball again.

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