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Monday, May 03, 2021 National Taco Day (USA) - World Press Freedom Day

Watch Dogs: Legion New DLC and Title Update Tomorrow

Ubisoft announces new DLC and a title update are coming tomorrow for Watch Dogs: Legion. The DLC, which is part of the Season Pass, adds Mina Sidhu and a new mission called Swipe Right, in which DedSec investigates a conspiracy to sell off Egyptian antiquities to fund extremists. Here's a trailer and an overview:
Watch Dogs: Legion players are about to get a flood of new content tomorrow, May 4, including a new paid DLC character and mission, along with a free update that adds new recruit types, Online missions, and more. Leading the charge is Mina Sidhu, a test subject who joins DedSec with the ability to mind-control enemies or disrupt them with a Mental Blast, and who recharges her powers with takedowns. Mina is available to Season Pass owners and Ubisoft+ subscribers along with a new mission, Swipe Right, in which DedSec investigates a conspiracy to sell off Egyptian antiquities to fund extremists.

Title Update 4.0 is free to all Watch Dogs: Legion players, and adds a plethora of new stuff to the single-player campaign and Online mode. For starters, you’ll be able to recruit two new operative types, the DJ and the First Responder, who come with unique perks, abilities, and weapons. Players can now customize an operative’s hair and tattoos as well as their clothing, and all potential recruits you see on the streets of London might now potentially carry one of five new Twists:
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Rainbow Six Siege Apocalypse Tomorrow

Ubisoft also announces Apocalypse, a new limited-time event that begins tomorrow in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1. This will conclude on May 18 after a two week run. As the title of the event suggests, Apocalypse introduces a post-apocalyptic version of Outback, "where players will have to fight for their clan, hope and freedom to revitalize life." Here's a trailer, and here's the book of Revelation:
In the world of Apocalypse, humanity’s dependence on nuclear energy ultimately led to the fall of civilization and the emergence of two clans, The Keepers and The Warband. These warriors and scavengers seek the last plant on Earth, which holds the power to re-grow life on Earth.

The new game mode, Canister, will have players fight as The Keepers (Defenders) or The Warband (Attackers) for the last remaining plant on Earth. Defenders can move the canister containing the plant around the map, while the Attackers can activate specific scanner rooms to detect defenders as they roam through the rooms . The main objective of the Attacking side is to defuse the canister transporting the plant. On the Defending side, Operators must protect the canister until time runs out to win. Last but not least option to secure the win is to get rid of the opposing team entirely. Who will hold the key to humanity’s new future?
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EVE Online Foundation Quadrant Tomorrow

Another in-game event launching tomorrow is Foundation, the second quadrant of 2021 for EVE Online, CCP's MMORPG set is space, where no one can hear you yada, yada, yada. This will also lead to 12 days of in-game events that get underway on Wednesday for Capsuleer Day, celebrating the game's 18th anniversary. All the details are outlined in this article. Here's an overview:
Over the course of the Foundation Quadrant, New Eden’s four Empires will be brought into the spotlight across four video featurettes, celebrating the unique identities that define and connect them. Throughout the Quadrant, each Empire will take center stage with themed events and activities in which players can participate.

“The Empires of EVE Online have evolved since the game’s launch in 2003. Each one has its own strengths and identities that our players have come to appreciate over the years,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “As EVE turns 18, we want to give these empires the limelight they deserve.”

In observance of EVE Online’s 18th anniversary, the Capsuleer Day event commences on May 6, offering 12 days of in-game events for players. Beyond the Capsuleer Day event, players can expect a series of in-game activities, limited-time challenges, art updates, rewards, daily gifts, and plenty more throughout the Foundation Quadrant.

Epic v. Apple Trial Begins Today

The battle between Epic and Apple over Apple's app store commissions and market hegemony takes a new turn as the Epic v. Apple court case gets underway today. The Washington Post (may require registration or subscription) attempts to summarize all that's involved here. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney tweets his Braveheart battle cry for the occasion:
Epic is a company built on the aspiration of serving a new generation of developers and customers as openly and supportively as Apple did in the era when they invented personal computers. As we go into court tomorrow, it is for those original digital freedoms that we fight.

Blizzard Opposing Fox's Diablo TM

Speaking of court cases, A Notice of Opposition filed by Blizzard Entertainment contests an effort by Fox to register a trademark for Diablo, a name for which Blizzard owns three trademarks (thanks PCGamesN). The new trademark, apparently for pet-related products, would be based on a dog named Diablo from an animated sitcom called HouseBroken. The show is set to premiere at the end of this month. As Blizzard's complaint notes, this certainly gives them a claim to prior use:
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (“Blizzard” or “Opposer”), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Delaware with a principal place of business at 1 Blizzard Way, Irvine, CA 96218, will be damaged by registration of the mark DIABLO shown in Application Serial Nos. 90/007447 and 90/007509 (“the Applications”), and hereby opposes the registration of each.

The grounds for opposition are as follows:

1. Opposer, through its predecessors, affiliates, licensees, business units and itself, has used the mark DIABLO to identify and distinguish in commerce interactive video games and computer game software and related peripheral and consumer goods and services throughout the United States and internationally. Opposer has used the mark DIABLO in interstate commerce on or in connection with the aforementioned goods/services since at least as early as November 12, 1996.

A Way to be Dead Beta Signups

Crania Games offers a first Cinematic Gameplay Teaser from A Way to be Dead, the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. This comes along with the announcement that a closed beta test is getting underway. There's an Application Form for those interested in taking part in the testing. Here's some test prep:
If you and your friends are interested in a chance to help us test and improve our game and get an opportunity to get your name listed in the in-game credits, please fill the form through the below address and apply now!

Limited amount of applications will be accepted, so make sure you apply while closed beta slots last. Selected applicants will be notified via e-mail, along with a Steam key that will give immediate access to play A Way to be Dead. The testers will be able to give direct feedback to our team through a form and on our official Discord server.
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