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Monday, Apr 05, 2021 Happy First Contact Day (UFP)

More on Summer Game Fest 2021

Following a recent tweet saying the Summer Game Fest will return in June comes a few more details on the plan in an announcement from Geoff Keighley:
It’s true: This June, Summer Game Fest returns.

We’re excited to share that this year’s Summer Game Fest will feature a condensed set of events from all the video game industry’s leading platforms and publishers.

Expect a spectacular line up of new game announcements, surprises, and events including the Day of the Devs showcase with iam8bit and Double Fine.

Stay tuned for more details. And check the website for updates.

Viking Vengeance This Week

Since Vikings are the new zombies, Lowpoly Interactive announces Viking Vengeance will launch on Steam on April 8th, offering an action/RPG in a Viking mythological setting. The Launch Trailer shows off the game, and the description has a Hel of a lot of details:
Viking Vengeance is a God-Worshiping Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler ARPG set in a historical fiction world.
You play as a Templar with pagan origins who rediscovers his roots and learns to wield the powers of the Norse Gods in his quest to change the destiny of his people and stop Ragnarok.

Worship Gods
Pray and bring sacrifices to Gods to Unlock Alternate Fighting Styles and blessings. Each God is unique and will come with its own set of powers and abilities. You can unlock their power by filling up your devotion bar. The more you worship them, the faster your avatar forms will levelup, but neglecting one might anger him.
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Nigate Tale Early Access Next Week

Publisher 2P Games and developer Hermit Games reveal announce Nigate Tale will enter Early Access on Steam one week from today on April 12th. This rogue-like dungeon crawler is inspired by Isekai anime, and you can see its nonstop action in this previously released Gameplay Trailer. So sit right back and hear a Nigate Tale:
Nigate Tile is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with unique low-poly and 2D anime art. Fight your way out of a mysterious enchanted castle, searching for materials and loot to buy and craft new equipment, leveling up your character to get new combat skills and befriending cute monster girls capable of boosting you with astonishing magical powers!

In Nigate Tale you play as Roy, a crafty young engineer and adventurer. One day, you were flying in your airplane when a strange cloud sucked you into a strange, unknown world. You crashed in the sewers of a castle, inhabited by strange magical creatures. You have to explore every corner of this ever-changing castle to find all the missing parts… and piece together the secret story of this place, unveiling the thousands-years-old mystery that trapped it out of time and space.
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: "Discovery" S4, "Lower Decks" S2 Trailers.

ACE COMBAT 7 – Experimental Aircraft DLC Announced

BANDAI NAMCO announces new Experimental Aircraft DLC is coming to ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN, offering the chance to be a test pilot with the pack's titular experimental aircraft. This includes three plans, new skins, and new emblems. The Announcement Trailer offers a look and the brief announcement adds in some details:
The sheer variety of playable aircraft has always been a cornerstone feature of the ACE COMBAT franchise and ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN continues that tradition. This latest incoming delivery of cutting-edge combat aircraft will arrive in spring 2021 and will feature “Experimental Aircraft,” including:

  1. F-15 S/MTD (The Boeing Company)
  2. F-16XL (Lockheed Martin Corporation)
  3. FB-22 Strike Raptor (Lockheed Martin Corporation)

All three experimental aircraft feature enhanced performance and attack capabilities. In addition to these three aircraft, new skins and emblems of enemy pilots and rival units from storied ACE COMBAT chapters of the past will be included with this latest “Experimental Aircraft Series” DLC package.

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Wardens Rising Announced

Big Moxi Games announces Wardens Rising, an action hero shooter/base defense mashup that carries a TBA release date on Steam. Here's a trailer showing that blend of genres in action, and here's an explanation:
Upcoming PC/console genre-bending game Wardens Rising, aims to combine fast-paced action and MOBA-style base defense into one uniquely thrilling and often intense, PvE coop action hero shooter package. Currently in development at up-and-coming studio Big Moxi Games, Wardens Rising is fresh take on multiple genres that delivers a novel experience you will have to check out for yourself.

In Wardens Rising you will play as heroes in an elite fighting force assembled to save humanity from massive invasions by interdimensional enemies. An action-packed coop PvE MOBA-like experience of sorts, Wardens Rising gameplay is a mix of action hero shooter and base defense, where player heroes must protect energy cores across the realm from 100’s enemies in a single battle by using their special abilities, building and upgrading defense towers, and deploying tactical items on-the-fly. Between invasions heroes can upgrade their abilities and stats as well as unlock and upgrade new content to equip in their technology loadout. The isometric perspective helps you see what’s happening in battle with the invading enemy forces as well as to plan the best location to build defense towers and deploy tactical items like traps, walls, healing, teleporters and more!
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Project Lilith Announced

Project Lilith is a revenge story action/RPG in the works at Soro Games to be published by PlayWay (even though it's not a Simulator game). It has a TBA release date on Steam, and you can take a look at gameplay in the Official Announcement Trailer.
Relive the Story
Journey through lands infested with demons and hell spawns, relive the story engulfed with pain and vengeance. Get ready to claim you revenge!

Arm Yourself
Gather different kinds of weaponry. Mix and match equipment to find your own style. Grab Sword and a Shield or go full blast dual wielding enormous swords. Select from wide range of different weapons and slay your enemies!

Fight Your Way Out
Never seen before action combat system. Be ferocious, be ruthless, on top of that be stylish. Fight your way to vengeance with style! Use different combos, keep in mind that different weapons behave differently, block, counter and use you FINISHER moves to kill off enemies !
Continue here to read the full story.

Biphase Released

Indie publisher Seasun Games now offers Biphase, a 2D platformer intended to help people understand bipolar disorder, as today is World Bipolar Day. This is available for free with no in-game purchases for Windows on Steam as well as for iOS and Android.
Biphase is a 2D platform jumping game with exploration and puzzles as its core. In the game, the user plays the role of someone who has bipolar disorder, trying to discover and break through the self in an abstract red and black world.

Each level within the transforming world's controllable platforms and near-around-corner exit are excellently-conceived, and challenge players' intelligence and patience. Use the left slider to move horizontally, and tap to jump and trigger mechanisms.

Developed by a group of students, Biphase is part of a charity programme that aims to show the life dilemmas of some patients with bipolar disorder and to comprehend the patients who suffer this illness.

UK Top 10

Here's the top 10 from GfK Entertainment's all formats chart of the top 10 bestselling games in the UK for the week ending April 3rd:

# Title Publisher Last
1 FIFA 21 Electronic Arts 8
2 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo 3
3 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Nintendo 4
4 Monster Hunter Rise CapCom 1
5 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo 7
6 Outriders Square Enix Europe
7 Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo 16
8 Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo 2
9 Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ubisoft 14
10 Minecraft Nintendo 6

Out of the Blue

Dinner last night turned out perfectly, thanks to differing perspectives. MrsBlue thought the shell steak was a little tough (I didn't agree), so I got most of that. I thought the salmon was a little fishy, so she got most of that. And we both thought the risotto came out great. It turned out to be a lot easier to make than I imagined, but I was still very proud of myself to have nailed it on my first try.

Ricey Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.



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