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Sunday, Apr 04, 2021

Outriders Rides Again

A couple of tweets from People Can Fly suggest that server stability is improving in Outriders, and that players are able to enter the action/RPG and play. Word is: "Our servers are continuing to improve as the team is working hard to stabilize them in the longterm." This Reddit thread continues to document known issues and workarounds. The most recent tweet shows the Polish developer has not lost its sense of humor over the struggles:
Happy Sunday everyone!

We are here. We are watching.

(The Servers. Not you. That would be creepy af.)

Workaround Allows Xbox Game Streaming on Windows

Ars Technica has details on a method for getting Xbox Game Streaming working on Windows 10. This will allow PC gamers to use this cloud streaming service to play over 200 games for $15 a month. This is based on a discovery from YouTube channel Cloud Gaming Xtreme to find a developer app on the Microsoft Store. It all sounds pretty sketchy, but not illegal. Ars says they tested it and found it to work on several machines, although they disavow any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

Out of the Blue

Today is Easter Sunday, and Passover ends at Sundown, so happy holidays to all who are celebrating either or both. I had the thought of making a dinner appropriate to the occasions, something elaborate like a roast or a brisket. But MrsBlue was so enamored of the salmon I recently grilled that it became the basis for a different plan. I picked up a salmon filet and a moderately sized steak, and will grill up a surf and turf. That's pretty basic, so for the elaborate part I'll be making risotto, something I've been eager to try my hand at. This will be world's collide preparations involving both the kitchen stove and Manstovia, but hopefully I can coordinate it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Easter Egg Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

Brunch Links

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