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Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Cancelled Stadia Games

A story on VGC has more on the fallout of Google's decision to close its internal development studios, detailing game projects that were cancelled as a result. This relies on "people with knowledge of its plans," so this is not confirmed. That said, here's what it reports:
Google‘s Stadia team cancelled dozens of projects and third-party licensing deals as part of its shift away from video game production in recent months, people with knowledge of its plans told VGC.

The Google cloud gaming division cancelled a multiplayer game led by a former Assassin’s Creed creative, a sequel to Journey to the Savage Planet and backed out of proposals for Hideo Kojima (Death Stranding) and Yu Suzuki (Outrun) to create exclusive games for Stadia, the sources said.

Frogwares Decries New The Sinking City Listing

The odd saga of The Sinking City continues, as the Lovecraftian action/horror game now has a new listing on Steam. This lists Frogwares as the developer, but a tweet from Frogwares disowns it, saying they do not recommend its purchase (thanks Kxmode). The game first launched last June, but it was delisted a few months later due to a conflict between Frogwares and publisher Bigben/Nacon that resulted in a lawsuit. It seemed like the worst of this was over when the game returned last month, though this news came with the ominous warning that the case is still working its way through the French courts. Oddly, and probably relevant, the Steam Listing that reappeared last month no longer works, and is replaced by this one. This brings us back around to that new tweet from Frogwares, which promises more news on this soon:
Frogwares has not created the version of @thesinkingcity that is today on sale on @Steam. We do not recommend the purchase of this version. More news soon.

Saturday Crowdfunding

Out of the Blue

Fridays have become very stressful lately, as it becomes increasingly difficult to dodge spoilers for WandaVision. MrsBlue and I watch on Friday night, but so many sites obsess on it that scrolling through a news feed involves tons of articles on the latest developments by Friday morning. The good news is this will only be a problem for one more week before the series finale. Of course it's also the bad news that there's only a single episode remaining, since it's been an enjoyable and intriguing ride.

Spoiler-free Round-up
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