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Wednesday, Feb 17, 2021 Rise of the Triad Full Release (1995)

Magic: Legends Open Beta Next Month

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announce that Magic: Legends will enter Open Beta on the Epic Games Store on March 23 to pave the way for the launch of this free-to-play Magic: The Gathering offshoot later this year. Here's a Beta Announcement Trailer and a new Equipment System video. Here's a bit on the game, the testing, and some special offers:
Soon there will be even more ways to explore the Multiverse. Today during the Epic Games Spring Showcase, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios revealed that Magic: Legends will launch Open Beta on the Epic Games Store on March 23. The free-to-play, persistent world, action RPG pays loving tribute to Wizards of the Coast’s celebrated strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering, and is scheduled to launch on PC and consoles in 2021. When Magic: Legends enters Open Beta at the end of March, players can take on the role of a Planeswalker by downloading the game on the Epic Games Store (which will connect to the same PC server as Arc Games users). Those who explore the Multiverse on Epic Games will also be able to claim the Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack for free through April 6 at 9am PT. This bundle unlocks a Moorland Ranger Costume, Moorland Ranger Werewolf Summon Skin and 2 drop boosts, which increase the drop rate of rewards for 30 minutes of play in either instanced or overworld content.
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Baldur's Gate 3 Adding Druids

Larian Studios reveals details about Nature's Power, an upcoming patch for Baldur's Gate 3, saying the fourth major update for the Early Access RPG sequel will contain more changes than the three the preceded it. This includes the addition of Druids to the game, which they show off in this trailer. Larian also announces they have further expanded: "Already situated in Belgium, Ireland, Russia, and Canada, the studio today formally announced expansion into England and Malaysia with its Guildford and Kuala Lumpur studios, respectively. This expansion is not only about increasing the number of developers working on the game, but also allowing development to follow the sun, with each studio acting as a mirror-image of one another, insofar as it’s possible." The new patch is coming soon, and they offer this outline of what it will include:
Along with Druids, Patch 4: Nature’s Power will bring a number of changes to the game, many of which have been requested by the community or influenced by community feedback, including (naturally) fixes, but also major overall improvements like:

  • Optional Loaded Dice: This optional change will help smooth out the extremes of the bell curve. It retains the core elements of RNG, ensuring a player can no longer be unlucky or super lucky with several dice rolls in a row. The system also runs in two parts: dice rolls in dialogue are different to those in combat, and this change only impacts the d20, not damage rolls.
  • Improved Cinematics: Narrative cinematics will be given a new lease on life thanks to major improvements in lighting and animation, resulting in some truly spectacular story sequences.
  • Speak With Dead Cinematic Functionality: Cinematics in special cases like Speak with Dead will get huge improvements, along with the ability to join conversations as an animal. The patch will also add improved animations with the Druids in the Grove as they cast spells and use their abilities.
  • Multiplayer: Those embarking on their adventure together with friends will be able to see other players’ equipment, spells, inventory and character sheets (as well as the ability to take and place items to and from). There is no lock function -- that will come in a future patch. As a result, your friends could, for example, steal your items. But don’t worry. They’re your friends. They wouldn’t do that to you, would they?
  • Quality of Life: A series of much-requested features will be implemented. Players will be able to target friends and enemies with spells and equipment by clicking on their portraits. As an alternative to clicking on a character in the world, players will also be able to easily select and attack whoever they want from the UI. We’ll also be adding a flee button for the errr… tacticians among us. And using torches will be easier thanks to the long-awaited addition of the torch button!

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Relic Space Announced

Developer Fourfold Games announces Relic Space, an open-world, turn-based RPG that will come to Early Access on Steam in Q3 of this year. The first release will be for Windows, but they expect to add Linux support at some point after that. This will feature physics-based ship-to-ship combat and movement and a post-apocalyptic story they say should appeal to fans of The Expanse. Here's the Reveal Trailer and here's more on this trip to the final frontier:
Taking place in the year 2612, Relic Space features more than 30 distinct regions that players can explore by customizing and upgrading their very own ships. Beyond grid-based, tactical turn-based combat familiar to roguelike fans, Relic Space also features a well-grounded narrative filled with multi-part missions and their accompanying narrative arcs, realistic damage (think BattleTech) and physics in space – along with status effects for individual items. Each weapon, engine or utility item can catch fire, leak power, and generally be buffed and debuffed. Equipment items also affect the ship in unique ways – including manual adjustments for heat and energy levels!

In the Relic Space backstory, the galaxy as we know it lies in ruins after a world-ending event known as the Fall. Players take on the role of the legendary Omega – the elite pilot wing of a community of survivors known as the Order. The only way to rebuild civilization is to acquire and research “relics” of the advanced technological past – now scattered among the broken remains of planets and structures that make up the Relic Belts.
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Knockout City Announced

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Velan Studios announce Knockout City, an upcoming team-based game based on dodgeball. This will come to PC and consoles on May 21 with a free trial and crossplay support, so you have a little time to brush up on the five "D"s of dodgeball. There will also be a closed beta test this weekend for players in Europe and North America, and the Knockout City Website has details on how to register for a chance to participate. Here's the Official Reveal Trailer and here's more on the game:
Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and Velan Studios unveiled Knockout City, an action-packed team-based multiplayer game that brings skill, depth and style to the game of dodgeball, and transforms it into dodgeBRAWL! In Knockout City, intense battles are a way of life and players will need to master the art of throwing, catching, passing and dodging in a joyful, yet highly competitive experience that will smack them in the face with surprises. Knockout City, the newest game under the EA Originals label, will be available on May 21, 2021 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via Origin™ and Steam, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility with graphical and performance enhancements. The game will also support cross-play and cross-progression across all systems.
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NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection Announced

KOEI TECMO announces the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection will come to Windows and consoles on June 10th. Here are details on the three games this anthology:
Today, KOEI TECMO America and famed developer Team NINJA revealed the long-awaited and highly-anticipated NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection for the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System (playable on PlayStation®5 via Backward Compatibility), the Xbox One consoles (playable on Xbox Series X|S via Backward Compatibility), and Windows PC via Steam®. The collection, slated to launch on June 10, 2021, will package the classic game NINJA GAIDEN Sigma alongside beloved titles NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge - with most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes in one thrilling collection.
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KOEI TECMO announces SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 is coming to Windows via Steam and to consoles this summer, offering a new installment in Omega Force's 1 vs. 1,000 action series. The video for this is a Nintendo Switch Trailer but it's mostly cinematics anyway. Here's the lowdown:
SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 marks a fresh, re-imagining of the franchise, including an all-new storyline, as well as revamped character designs and a stylish new visual presentation. A new beginning to the SAMURAI WARRIORS experience, the title launches gamers into the Sengoku period, shining the in-game spotlight on characters Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi. But what’s behind the electrifying SAMURAI skirmish? Find out during the monthly SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 livestream, beginning Feb. 25 JST, with regular updates leading up to the game’s launch this summer!
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Tales from the Borderlands Returns

Tales from the Borderlands is now once again available from the Epic Games Store and Steam, offering this narrative adventure from Telltale games that became unavailable after Telltale's demise. This is a repackaged version of the game that combines all five of its individual episodes in a single package. Here's a refresher:
The beloved, choice-driven narrative adventure through the Borderlands universe is back! Set between the events of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, Tales from the Borderlands follows two unreliable narrators on a quest borne of greed but destined for greatness. Your choices shape this tale to be uniquely yours, with plenty of unforeseen consequences ranging from hilarious to heart-wrenching.

Explore the deadly planet of Pandora as Rhys, a company man who aspires to replace the infamous Handsome Jack as the head of the Hyperion corporation, and Fiona, a clever con artist who can talk her way out of almost anything. When a shady deal goes awry, Rhys and Fiona must begrudgingly team up to get their due, running into vicious gangsters, cannibalistic bandits, and terrifying wildlife along the way. How will you choose to guide their actions on this wild ride to Pandoran glory?

Viola: The Heroine's Melody Released

Viola: The Heroine's Melody is now out of Early Access and has officially launched on Steam. In this musical platformer/RPG you play as a character named Viola who is magically trapped within her viola. The Release Trailer offers a look and listen at what this has to offer. Before we bow out, here is a description to tug at your heartstrings:
Viola: The Heroine's Melody is the musical platformer RPG! After failing at violin practice for the hundredth time, Viola gets trapped inside her instrument's fantastical world. She's joined by a set of strange, colorful friends, as she journeys through the lands of magic, monsters and music... Searching for her way back home.

Viola: The Heroine's Melody pulls inspiration from many classic JRPGs as well as modern indie takes on the genre. Turn-based battles, a ton of recruitable characters, and a personal story to sink your teeth into: Viola has all of this and more. However, Viola is not a passive RPG. Attacks require the player to time their button taps, and to unleash spells you'll have to follow a series of rhythm game-esque inputs.

On top of being an RPG, Viola: The Heroine's Melody is a side-scrolling platformer! With wall jumps and triple jumps, springs and cannons, you can explore each level and uncover every little secret. Find more potions, or gems to equip and customize each character's stats! And don't worry about random encounters: each monster is visible in the level. Don't feel like fighting? Just jump around and find another path!
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Battle of Polytopia Passes 13M Downloads

Developer Midjiwan announces that their 4X strategy game The Battle of Polytopia has been downloaded over 13 million times across The Battle of Polytopia on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play. This comes upon the release of a new Cymanti Tribe expansion, which is shown off in this trailer. Here's word on the game and the new add-on:
Featuring 4X gameplay, auto-generated maps, single-player functionality and online multiplayer for up to 15 players on PC and Mac, the title allows fans to command a global conquest as the leader of one of 16 unique Polytopian tribes.

The studio also shared that its long-awaited Cymanti Tribe expansion pack is now available across the aforementioned platforms. Inspired by real-world plants and insects, players are now able to unleash giant bugs and poisonous spores on their mission to become ruler of the world. The Cymanti Tribe is discounted 20 percent during its first week on Steam.
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Epic Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

Epic Games continues their legal crusade against Apple over App Store commissions. Reuters has Epic CEO Tim Sweeney's and Apple's statements on the development:
Epic Games founder and Chief Executive Tim Sweeney said Apple’s control of its platform had tilted the level playing field.

“The 30% they charge as their app tax, they can make it 50% or 90% or 100%. Under their theory of how these markets are structured, they have every right to do that,” he told reporters.

“Epic is not asking any court or regulator to change this 30% to some other number, only to restore competition on IOS,” he said, referring to Apple’s mobile operating system.

The company also accused Apple of barring rivals from launching their own gaming subscription service on its platform by preventing them from bundling several games together, even though its own Apple Arcade service does that.

Apple said its rules applied equally to all developers and that Epic had violated them.

“In ways a judge has described as deceptive and clandestine, Epic enabled a feature in its app, which was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines that apply equally to every developer and protect customers,” the company said in a statement.

“Their reckless behaviour made pawns of customers, and we look forward to making this clear to the European Commission,” it said.

Rumor: Next Call of Duty Set in WW2

A tweet from a user named Victor___Z says that the next Call of Duty game will be set during World War II, and suggests it's being developed by Sledghammer. This is just an unconfirmed rumor, but Charlie INTEL vouches for the poster's bona fides, saying: "However, the leak, Victor_Z has known to accurately leak information in gaming, including Call of Duty. He accurately stated that the Black Ops Cold War reveal trailer back in August would include a 10 second MP preview, amongst other information he has shared in the past."

Rumored BlizzCon Details

Another rumor on Twitter comes from a poster named Kaiser499. Again this is unverified, but again this comes from a source that's proven accurate in the past. DSOGaming says: "This leak comes straight from the person who has previously leaked Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2." This tweet has an outline of things Blizzard will cover during BlizzConline, which gets underway on Friday. The list includes a title for the Diablo II remake, new revelations for Diablo IV and Overwatch 2, and more:
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic
Diablo II Resurrected
Hearthstone Expansion
Diablo: Immortal Release Date
Mobile Announcement(s)? (Warcraft Pet Battle Game)
New Heroes, Maps, Lore Sneak Peek for Overwatch 2
New Class, Area Reveal for Diablo IV

#blizzconline #leaks

Haxity Goes Completely Free

Megapop announces that Haxity is now available for free on Steam offering all the content of this deck-building game without any costs or microtransactions. This is the result of their decision that it is no longer viable for them to support the game. Here's the unfortunate news:
While we have received lots of positive feedback on the game, with a range of voices calling it the best deck-builder they have ever played, we have sadly not succeeded in making ‘Haxity’ a commercial success. At least not yet.

Being an indie game developer is inherently about managing risks. It is difficult to make a commercially successful game, while penetrating the “jungle of attention”. We knew we were taking risks when we decided to make a new type of PvP card game. The deck-builder genre hadn’t even had its major breakthrough when we started developing Haxity. That kind of risk. We also knew we were taking a risk when we made the game a fair “premium” game, vs. making it all free. That our final year of development and hype stretch ended up in the middle of a global pandemic was an added ‘bonus’ to those risks.
Sadly, all these risks have reached their conclusion, for now. And it did not end up the way we have worked so hard for.
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Red Dead Online Adds Solo Missions

Rockstar Games announces the addition of new single-player missions for Red Dead Online, allowing the chance to adventure in the online version of Red Dead Redemption 2 without encountering the wild west of online players. This comes alongside additional new content and bonuses. The solo play is called "A New Source of Employment," which offers three missions each with three difficulty levels. They also say to keep an eye out for additional missions that will come down the road. Here's the overview:
Calling all outworkers and hired guns roaming the frontier in Red Dead Online: three new solo play missions are now available via telegram. Coming down the wire from a mysterious source known only as “J,” A New Source of Employment missions are for willing hands to complete dangerous tasks and assignments for monetary reward.

No Man's Sky Companions Update

The No Man's Sky Website announces the launch of a new free Companions update for Hello Games' space exploration game. Sean Murray explains: "Every planet you land on in No Man’s Sky is full of varied creatures, but as wild animals players often didn’t get to spend much time up close with them. Our creatures are weird, vibrant and surprising, and we wanted to give them a starring role in this update. With the COMPANIONS update, players can now tame, breed, train and even speak to the creatures they encounter." All the details are in the update 3.2 patch notes, and a look at the new feature can be seen in the Companions Trailer. Here's more:
Travellers are now able to adopt the creatures they encounter and form close bonds with them. They will travel side-by-side with you as you adventure through the universe both as a friend and as a valuable aide on your voyage. Train them to scan for resources, mark out hazards, provide light, hunt dangerous fauna, find settlements, excavate buried treasure or even mine for materials with their own shoulder-mounted mining lasers.

If properly nurtured, your companion will lay eggs which can be collected and incubated. Watch in wonder as the new-borns hatch and grow from babies to full-grown adults! Or use the Space Anomaly’s new Egg Sequencer to genetically modify your companion’s eggs into ever-wilder species.
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Trashed Early Access

Early Access on Steam is now underway for Trashed, an action/adventure from publisher Crescent Moon Games and developer Josh Presseisen. This is described as a pre alpha 0.1 release and it has no reviews yet, so it's too early to tell if Trashed will be trashed. Word is: "In Trashed, you can build structures for waste management from a top down perspective and protect them with various weapons that you can find or buy on the planet." Here's an Early Access Gameplay Trailer and here's the dirt:
Trashed features vehicles to traverse the surface of each planet faster, or to help you push trash into incinerators or recyclers, as you follow an evolving storyline.

Trashed is being released in Early Access including less than 25% of the final content. Core mechanics are still being finished and new content and art assets will be integrated as the development of the game progresses.
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Curse of the Dead Gods Next Week

Curse of the Dead Gods is nearing the end of its Early Access run on Steam, and is expected to be officially released on February 23rd for Windows and consoles. A new Gameplay Overview Trailer offers a look at this roguelike in action. Here's a bit on the game and how the final version will differ from the Early Access edition:
In Curse of the Dead Gods, you’ll venture deep into the dark halls of ancient temples filled with deadly horrors and divine riches. Grow your character through your runs, unlocking harder modes, additional boons, and a wealth of legendary weapons to defy the gods and take their powers. You’ll need sharp reflexes, careful thought, and an appetite for danger to survive these challenges.

The full version of Curse of the Dead Gods will bring to a conclusion a year of major content and technical updates driven by community feedback. The official release of the game -- debuting on consoles for the very first time -- will feature three full temples with their own unique enemies, bosses, traps, weapons, rewards and more, plus a final, climactic confrontation with Death itself.
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Phantasy Star Online 2 Launches on Epic Games Store with New Update

Phantasy Star Online 2 has made its debut on the Epic Games Store, offering another way to join in on the free-to-play online action/RPG. This comes along with a new content update that includes a collaboration with Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199. This update is also available for game on Steam. All the details on the update can be found on the official website. Here's a summary:
Today's launch includes all content through Episode 6 Chapter 6, Phantasy Star Online 2 (Global)'s first update of 2021, featuring the popular Luster Class.

Players across all consoles will receive a content update today that includes Special Breakthrough Training: EPISODE 6, highly requested New Rising Weapons Badge 5 Exchange Shop items, Quest Trigger Recommended Blocks, a new summoner pet, and new zig shop items.
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Out of the Blue

I'm feeling an overblown sense of accomplishment after repairing our kitchen faucet after it developed a drip from the handle. It is a Grohe fixture that's pretty nice so I did a little research and found that these problems are usually a failure of a cartridge inside the handle. I picked up a replacement and installed it. I made an error at first and it resumed dripping after I turned the water back on. This made me think I had bitten off more than I could chew. But I realized that the gasket that remained inside the faucet was supposed to come out with the old cartridge, and when I removed it, everything worked like a charm. I admire people who are handy, and I don't think I really qualify. But I can follow directions and turn a screwdriver and do things like build a PC or change a faucet cartridge. This allows me the brief illusion of handiness until it's shattered by seeing my neighbor doing something like cutting lengths of flooring or fixing the brakes on his car.

Handy Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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