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Sunday, Jan 03, 2021

Snow Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the flier is so delightful. A new Let It Snow Trailer shows off new weather effects coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator (thanks ResetEra). The caption says this introduces "real-time snow" to the flight sim, but while it features snow on the terrain, it does not show any actual snowfall. Continue here to read the full story.

Back 4 Blood Trailer

A new Our Vision Trailer from Back 4 Blood features thoughts from the development team at Turtle Rock Studios about their upcoming zombie game. The clip shows off more gameplay reminiscent of their original Left 4 Dead. Word is: "Back 4 Blood is the rollercoaster we can get on right now. See inside the minds of the creators and Developers of our next AAA title, Back 4 Blood."

Out of the Blue

I'm looking forward to the final day of regular season tackle football games. I wasn't optimistic that they would actually be able to complete the season amid the pandemic, but in the end they will, though there were certainly a lot of difficulties along the way. Interestingly, having no audience for most games hasn't changed the game as much as one would expect when watching on TV. Between the fake crowd noise they pipe-in and the fact that you only see the stands during field goals and extra points, watching from home seems almost normal. I also did not come into the season with a lot of optimism that the Giants would be contenders, but there is a path to the playoffs for them today, though that is as much due to the trainwreck of the NFC East as anything, but there it is.

Obituary: NBA news: Paul Westphal dies after battle with brain cancer.
Obituary: Denver Broncos Hall of Fame RB Floyd Little dies at 78.

Kick-off Round-up
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