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Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020

More Cyberpunk 2077 Fallout

A post on Bloomberg says the troubled launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has cost the founders of CD PROJEKT more than $1 billion. Further fallout on the impact of bugs on the reception of the sci-fi RPG, Vice has an internal memo from GameStop informing stores to deny customers refunds for open copies of the game. Also, although CD PROJEKT recently suggested that console customers first seek refunds from their respective platforms, Tom's Hardware notes that they apparently never ran this past Sony, and they are now telling PlayStation customers they will be handling their cases directly. Finally, there's an editorial on VentureBeat calling out the developer for manipulating the review process, saying "CD Projekt Red risked the reputations of others to insulate Cyberpunk 2077."

DOOM Eternal Roadmap

The Bethesda Community Team posted an end of year letter on Reddit from id Software for the DOOM Eternal community (thanks Ant). This includes a thank you to the community for their support along with a general roadmap of what to expect next year. This includes, The Ancient Gods - Part Two, the second expansion the first-person shooter sequel, a new Invasion mode, as well as BATTLEMODE additions like new maps, playable demons, and a revamped competitive structure. Here's the letter:
Looking ahead to next year, we remain ambitious. Our second to DOOM Eternal expansion, The Ancient Gods - Part Two, will deliver an epic combination of the story we started way back with DOOM (2016), so we can't wait for you to experience all that we have packed into that. In addition to updates like full next-gen support, Switch campaign expansions and other general additions and improvements, our road map for next year also represents a commitment to providing more ways to enjoy DOOM Eternal with your friends. Work continues on our Invasion mode, as well as BATTLEMODE additions like new maps, playable demons and a revamped competitive structure. We've seen tremendous growth in our social communities this year like our official DOOM Discord channel, our community run Spicy Demons BATTLEMODE Discord channel and the Slayers Club. We are excited to support and grow these tremendous communities throughout 2021 with new social features, modes and content that can be enjoyed for many years ahead. If you're already part of these communities, thank you - you often feel like an extension of our team and we really appreciate all you bring to DOOM Eternal. If you're not but are looking for great information or similarly skilled players to compete with, please check out these awesome resources.
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Free Rewards Pack for Watch Dogs: Legion Players

UBISOFT'S HAPPY HOLIDAYS Day Three is now available. Today's free gift is a Legion Rewards Pack for Watch Dogs: Legion players on all platforms. This consists of a Power Suit outfit and a Ubisoft Mask to allow you to "play with style."

Tropico 6 Caribbean Skies Released

Caribbean Skies is now available, offering a new add-on for Tropico 6, the latest installment in the banana republic simulation. The Windows, macOS, and Linux edition can be found on Steam, while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are available on their respective stores. This comes with a Release Trailer featuring El Presidente (the other one) yelling at us. Here's a bit on what this has to offer:
The beloved dicta…uh, leader El Presidente sets out to conquer the Caribbean Skies! The biggest add-on for Tropico 6 to date takes the fun to new altitudes with - drones. Prepare to play a dedicated scenario-driven campaign with 5 new missions, each unlocking different play styles and features. Caribbean Skies takes you on a journey to save the world and with it, your dear Tropico. Throughout the expansion, meet new characters like eccentric scientists and a new antagonist, who means nothing but trouble for El Prez and his endeavors.

The skies above Tropico have never been busier. Put the teamsters to one side and use air delivery to take logistics to the next level. Make use of multiple buildings new to Caribbean Skies such as the Cargo Airport, which lets you transport and export goods between different islands of the Tropican archipelago via cargo planes. With the Drone Delivery Service, set up a drone delivery route between two buildings and use your buzzing new helpers to deliver goods. Meanwhile, the Drone Taxi offers Tropicans a new way to get around. Maintain absolute control and set up a Central Intelligence building to deploy Security Drones to ensure that no scheme goes unnoticed. Finally, the new Balloon Tours lets you provide hot air balloon rides to tourists. Make them happy by choosing scenic routes that show off the beauty of Tropico.
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Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife Announced

Fast Travel Games announces Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife, an upcoming virtual reality game based on World of Darkness' RPG Wraith: The Oblivion. This will be released early next year on Steam and the Oculus Store. They offer this video of Oculus Quest 2 footage and the following details:
Even the dead are terrified inside the Barclay Mansion. As a Wraith, unravel its secrets and hide from the sinister Spectres trailing your footsteps. Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife is a first person VR horror exploration game set in the World of Darkness universe.

  • Become a Wraith: As a spirit of the dead you can manipulate objects from a distance, change the environment around you or pass through solid walls. Your Wraith powers grow as you delve deeper into the Shadowlands, allowing you to reach new areas.
  • The Barclay Mansion: Set against a backdrop of modern Hollywood decadence and occult research, explore the massive Barclay Mansion to gradually reveal its terrifying history. You are not alone in there, so use both caution and stealth.
  • A World of Dark Secrets: Afterlife shares the same universe as Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, where monsters are real and live among us. For the first time in history, play a World of Darkness game from the Wraith’s perspective.

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Slide, Animal Race in February

French developer Oneiric Worlds announces that Slide, Animal Race will come to Windows, Linux and macOS on February 17, 2021. This is a delay, as the game was supposed to come by the end of this year, which we failed to previously note (almost missing the opportunity for an awesome pop culture reference). In the meantime, the game's Steam Listing includes a playable demo to check out. Here's a trailer and here's more on the game:
The game will offer 6 tracks, 6 animals and up to 8 players in split-screen. In these troubled times when it might be difficult to gather with friends, the game will also be playable remotely thanks to the "Remote Play Together" Steam functionality.

Slide, Animal Race was first developed as a mini-game for "A Thief's Melody", a cartoon 3D adventure/stealth game currently in development at the studio. It evolved so much that it reached a point where it became a full game by itself. Both games share the same world and the same contemplative atmosphere, as well as a focus on animals and nature.

Key features

  • Play up to 8 friends in split-screen
  • Play quick & fun races
  • Ride cute animals
  • Dive to avoid obstacles and gain boosts
  • Use bonuses & power-ups to outrun the horde
  • Find hidden shortcuts
  • Discover dreamy tracks
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: My holiday lights are not as impressive. Thanks Ant.

GOG.COM Winter Sale Includes Free Prison Architect

The Winter Sale is now underway on, offering discounts of up to 91% off on over 3300 games. This includes a giveaway, as you can pick up a free copy of Prison Architect over the next 72 hours, allowing you to fulfill your childhood dream of designing and running your own penitentiary. Specific sub-sales include The Witcher Universe Collection, the Paradox Interactive Essential Bundle, the Devolver Essential Bundle, the Mighty RPG Collection, the Good Old Games Collection, the Gifts to Share Together, and the Happy Family Collection. Here are more discounts:
Check out top-tier titles like:

  • Control Ultimate Edition (-50%)
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition (-60%)
  • Frostpunk (-60%)
  • Metro Exodus (-60%)
  • The Outer Worlds (-50%)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (-70%)

Take on the challenge of evergreen cult classics such as:

  • BioShock Infinite Complete Edition (-75%)
  • Diablo + Hellfire (-15%)
  • Freedom Fighters (-50%)
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete (-75%)
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! (-75%)
  • Life is Strange: Complete Season (-70%)

NVIDIA GeForce RTX: Game On Broadcast Next Month

NVIDIA announces GeForce RTX: Game On, a special event they will broadcast here on Jan. 12, 2021 at noon EST. They say this will feature an address by Jeff Fisher, GeForce senior vice president, and will "highlight the company’s latest innovations in gaming and graphics." Mark your calendars accordingly.

Ubisoft+ Arrives on Stadia

Ubisoft announces their Ubisoft+ service is now available through Google Stadia and that some specific Ubisoft games are now also available for standalone purchase through Google's streaming service. Here's the deal:
Ubisoft+, the subscription service that offers access to more than 100 Ubisoft games on PC, is now available on Stadia in a US beta, giving subscribers a new way to access and play select Ubisoft games at no additional cost. Titles including the premium editions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Watch Dogs: Legion are available with no Stadia Pro subscription required. To get started, subscribers in the US can head to their Google Stadia settings and select Ubisoft+ in the left side panel to link their Ubisoft+ and Stadia accounts. Players in the US can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ via to access the beta on Stadia.

What’s more, titles that support cross-progression, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising, let players pick up on Stadia where they left off on other platforms (and vice versa). The arrival of Ubisoft+ on Stadia coincides with the addition of three more Assassin’s Creed titles to the streaming service – Assassin’s Creed Origins, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and Assassin’s Creed Unity – all of which are available for standalone purchase as well as through Ubisoft+.

Veteran Mass Effect Developers Return for New Game

Game Informer has a roundup of information from some tweets from Michael Gamble listing some of the veteran Mass Effect developers participating in the creation of the new installment in the space opera series:
If some of these names don't sound familiar, here's a quick breakdown of who is who:

  • Derek Watts
    • Watts is the original Art Director for the Mass Effect series
  • Brenon Holmes
    • Holmes has worked on the entire Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age Inquisition and Origins, Andromeda, and more dating all the way back to Baldur's Gate II. He's a lifelong BioWare staple and intimately familiar with all of the evolutions this studio has undergone
  • Parish Ley
    • Ley was the cinematic direct for the Mass Effect trilogy and he is returning to BioWare and the series specifically to bring back his vision for the new game
    • Gamble also notes that he was the mastermind behind many key moments that Mass Effect fans love
  • Dusty Everman
    • Everman was a key person when it came to bringing the vision of the original Normandy to life in the first Mass Effect game
    • He left BioWare back in 2015, like Ley, but is returning to add his talents to the new Mass Effect game

Holmes and Watts never left the studio, though they did work on other franchises, but Everman and Ley are both returning to the BioWare fold for more Mass Effect goodness.

Conan Chop Chop Delayed Again

Funcom announces Conan Chop Chop is now expected early next year, a fourth delay, which seems ironic since the phrase chop chop means hurry. The hack-n-slash roguelite was originally announced for October 2019, the first delay pushed it to February 2020, the second was to Q2 2020, and the third was to late this year. They explain the extra time will allow them to double the number of "cute pigs" while avoiding any undesirable crunch for the development team. As for the new schedule, they say "this time we mean it for real." Here's the explanation:
After a series of brilliant ideas have been implemented and a new bunch of cute and deadly mobs and traps have found their way to Hyboria, the development is nearly complete. Conan Chop Chop will release in early 2021, bigger and better than originally intended.

"If we had launched this year, there’d be half the number of cute pigs in the game. And you can’t launch a Conan game without that” concludes Funcom’s Chief Creative Officer Joel Bylos. “And besides, the only crunch we want in our Conan game is the crunch of bones beneath our sandalled feet.”
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GOG.COM's Devotion to Devotion Wavers

Earlier today Red Candle Games tweeted that Devotion was coming to GOG.COM, a return for this Taiwanese horror game that was removed from Steam early last year amid outcry over its depiction of Chinese president Xi Jinping. That didn't last long, as GOG.COM now tweets that they've reconsidered:
Earlier today, it was announced that the game Devotion is coming to GOG. After receiving many messages from gamers, we have decided not to list the game in our store.

Redout: Space Assault Next Month

Italian Studio 34BigThings announces Redout: Space Assault will arrive on Steam and consoles on January 22nd, offering an arcade space shooter that's a prequel to Redout, their futuristic racing game. The Launch Trailer shows off some third-person flying and shooting. Here's what to expect:

  • Career Mode: Learn every skill you need to survive and triumph in the Redout universe.
  • Thriving Worlds: Experience exotic locations and epic battles beyond every frontier.
  • Deep Gameplay: Manifest your tactical superiority by putting your quick thinking, dexterity and adaptability to the test.
  • Bigger, Badder Weapons: A vast array of weapons is at your disposal, from Plasma Cannons and Shock Rays to Railguns, Air-to-Air Missiles, and Load-up Gatlings.
  • Customize Your Ride: Upgrade your spaceship to blast enemies by the dozens or single-handedly take on a Destroyer Warship! Drop and swap Cards to improve specific aspects of your ship and better fit your style.
  • Music for Your Ears: An entirely dynamic soundtrack that drops ever-sicker beats as the action heats up!

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Ho-Ho-Home Invasion Invades

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion is now available on Itch and Steam, offering a free "micro" game for Windows just in time for the holiday season. Developer Whitepot Studios is supporting the game by offering a non-content DLC scheme that allows players to pay what they want for the experience. This trailer shows off top-down stealth gameplay where you try to avoid detection while delivering presents, jokingly noting the game could have been called Santa Game Solid. Here's more:
In Ho-Ho-Home Invasion (very nearly titled Santa Game Solid), play as Santa preparing his stealth skills ahead of the big night (Christmas Eve), delivering presents under trees, filling stockings, and making a swift exit - without getting caught! Whitepot Studios is excited to announce this free festive stealth micro-game, created especially for the festive season.

This year, due to social distancing requirements, Santa can't undertake his normal training. Thankfully, his elves have crafted a fully automated Santa training area in a disused warehouse - with five bespoke "houses" for Santa to sneak his way through.
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Super Seducer 3: GOTY Edition Announced

RLR Training announces a Super Seducer 3: GOTY Edition will launch on February 12, 2021 on Steam, celebrating how this creep simulator has swept the game of the year awards from every major gaming publication (right?). Here's a game trailer that raises the question of whether hiring actresses to appear with you in FMV sequences qualifies as a seduction technique. Here's word:
There’s only one way to learn — fail miserably, and usually more than once. The Super Seducer series allows men and women to learn from the pros how to both succeed at seduction and make absolute fools of themselves, both of which are valuable pieces of knowledge to hang on to when navigating the confusing and often intimidating world of dating and relationships. Like its predecessors, Super Seducer 3 thrusts players into the fray, forcing them to either do “right” or “wrong” by their potential lover with the use of branching dialogue and action options — whether that be smooth and seductive or terribly awkward and cringe-inducing. With the ability to experience seduction tactics on both ends of the spectrum, players will learn how to either seal the deal or master the art of accepting painful rejection.
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Out of the Blue

We're bracing for a nor'easter in these parts that the forecasters are predicting will be pretty nasty. This may stretch 1000 miles, all the way from the Carolinas to New England. Some areas are expected to get as much as a couple of feet of snow, and it's possible New York City will get more snow in one day than it received all last winter. High winds are expected in this area, so the power company is warning that this may result in some electrical lines going down, so there's the possibility we'll end up blacked out along the way. But while weather forecasting has become far more accurate over the years, there are still a lot of variables involved, so we'll just have to wait and see how things work out when it hits this afternoon. Hopefully it will all work out well, but I'll try and post a warning if we do end up losing power. If you are in the path, please stay safe.

Stormy Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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