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Sunday, Nov 29, 2020

HITMAN 3 Chongqing Reveal

A post from IO Interactive reveals Chongqing as the third location players will visit in HITMAN 3 when the new installment in the assassin-for-hire series arrives in January (thanks Dark Horizons via Ant). This includes a new trailer showing off the environment of this urban Chinese setting. Here's what they have to say about this:
The rainy, neon-lit streets of Chongqing are full of shops and food stands, all crammed into narrow alleys and passageways – with plenty of secrets hidden off the beaten path. This Chinese transportation hub is the perfect destination for us to showcase just some of the refinements and improvements coming to the technology that powers HITMAN 3.

HITMAN 3 is powered by IO Interactive’s proprietary Glacier engine and will look, sound and play better than ever with improvements to lighting, reflections, animation and AI. Chongqing also features full water effects with details such as rain drops hitting Agent 47 and his clothes getting wet, all adding to the immersion of experiencing HITMAN 3.

On next-gen consoles, HITMAN 3 will run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with HDR support. Our new ‘Under The Hood’ trailer also showcases smooth gameplay moments captured in Chongqing that show off the refinements to interaction animation and AI. In other locations, such as Dubai, Glacier’s crowd technology will allow up to 300 active NPC’s in a location at once.

HITMAN 3 players can import locations from the previous games in the trilogy and have more than 20+ locations under one roof. All of the improvements to rendering, animation and AI introduced with HITMAN 3 can be enjoyed across all three games, making HITMAN 3 the ultimate place to play the entire World of Assassination trilogy.
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Out of the Blue

The morning after Thanksgiving I found the pan of drippings from MrsBlue's turkey. Turns out she was contemplating a use for them even though she doesn't like gravy. Since I do, and there didn't actually seem to be any other use for them, I whipped up some gravy after the fact. This was after some quick research to determine there was almost no chance these had turned rancid in such a short time. The gravy was easy to make, and made leftover turkey that much more delightful. But the remains of our small bird are now done, and there is still an awful lot of gravy, so now I need to find some creative ways to use it. Or maybe I'll just give up on my waistline altogether and sit down for gravy shooters? Yum!

Obituary: Dave Prowse: Darth Vader actor dies aged 85. Thanks brother19 and RedEye9.

This Round-up is All Gravy
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