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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Standalone Red Dead Online Next Week

Rockstar Games announces that a standalone edition of Red Dead Online will be released on December 1st, allowing players who do not own the full version of Red Dead Redemption 2 to play the multiplayer version of the wild west shooter. This will be on sale for USD$4.99, 75% off, until February 15, 2021. Next week they will also release an update to expand the role of bounty hunters in the game, accompanied by a new 100 Rank Outlaw Pass. To celebrate, all bounty hunter missions will offer double XP all this week. Here are some details:
Forge your own path across any of five unique Specialist Roles. These include apprehending everyone from low-level criminals to notorious gangs as a Bounty Hunter, learning the secrets of the animal kingdom as a Naturalist or hunting wildlife as a means for source materials as a Trader, searching for exotic treasures as a Collector, to even running your own underground Moonshine distillery.

Help the widow Jessica LeClerk and her right-hand man, Horley gain revenge upon the men who killed her husband in A Land of Opportunities, a series of story-based cooperative missions for two to four players.
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Nuketown Drops on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Activision announces that the Nuketown '84 map is now available, as promised, in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This post has all the details on the return of the classic map with its updated (retro) aesthetic. Slip on your lead-lined undies and read on for a bit:
Nuketown ’84 is a fast and frenetic 6v6 map set in a nuclear testing ground modeled on an idyllic American neighborhood.

Although the layout may look familiar to fans of the original Black Ops iteration of Nuketown, this particular location in the Nevada desert has been designated “Site B.” In 1954, Site B was primed for “the big test,” but a last-minute government budget decision decommissioned the site. For 30 years, this Nuketown remained dormant… until in 1984, a group of social misfits travelling through no man’s land discovered the site and made it their home. Decorating the site with graffiti and various junk collected in their travels, they turned this quaint cul-de-sac into a personal desert refuge from a world filled with wars, anxiety, and “The Man.”
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Steam October Top Sellers

A new post from Valve highlights the top-selling titles on Steam for the month of October. This page has links to the top 20 for the month and here's a bit of the write-up:
October culminated with Steam's annual Halloween sale, so it's no surprise that the Top Releases of the month include a number of horror games that really resonated with players. In Silence provides a unique twist on the survival-horror multiplayer experience, while Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope and Amnesia: Rebirth take players on fresh new narratives that are sure to deliver plenty of chills. Not every player has the fortitude to jump straight into a horror game, so thankfully October saw a wide variety of other genres and themes to go for. From the immersive and epic RPG experiences in Baldur's Gate 3 and The Outer Worlds to the action-packed multiplayer hits of STAR WARS™: Squadrons & FIFA 21, October's list features plenty of choices for every type of player.

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update

Xbox Wire announces the new World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for the flying game on all platforms. Here are the details on the new content and how to access it:
World Update II: USA features an improved digital elevation model with resolution up to one meter, new aerial textures that significantly improve the appearance in several states across the country, and four new hand-crafted airports (Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Friday Harbor, and New York Stewart). We’ve also made visual improvements to 48 other airports and added 50 new high-fidelity points of interest across the country to make your state-side journey stunning in every way.

And that’s not all – this update also includes exhilarating new activities on each coast. Enjoy a Discovery Flight through some of the most iconic locations on the eastern seaboard, and then jet out west for an epic new Bush Trip across the Alaskan wilderness.

Once you download the latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, be sure to head to the in-sim Marketplace to claim World Update II: USA and partake in the majesty on display in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is now available, as promised, on, offering another way to get the Windows edition of Guerrilla Games' action/RPG that was originally released for PlayStation 4. Here's all of what makes this edition so darned complete:
Horizon Zero Dawn™ is a multi-award-winning action role-playing game – and this Complete Edition for PC includes the huge expansion The Frozen Wilds, featuring new lands, skills, weapons and Machines.


  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • The Frozen Wilds expansion
  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow
  • Carja Trader Pack
  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow
  • Banuk Traveller Pack
  • Nora Keeper Pack
  • Digital art book

RAM Pressure Early Access

Early Access to RAM Pressure is now underway on Steam, offering a free-to-play single-player and multiplayer game for Windows that's described as both a third-person shooter and a turn-based strategy game. The previously released official trailer introduces the concept, which is inspired by the XCOM series. Here's part of the description:
Tactical story-driven online multiplayer game combining the turn-based combat of X-COM with a deep, well-grounded sci-fi setting. Experience intense tactical online multiplayer action and explore a deep plot and unique storyline built on both single-player and multiplayer missions.

In the near future, Earth is hit by an unusual meteorite swarm: the remains of alien fleets decimated by an ancient galactic war. To avoid widespread panic, world governments hide the truth from the population by sending elite mercenary squads to crash sites – gaining access to the alien technology before anyone else can do the same.
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Gatherings & Competitions

Football Manager 2021 and Demo Released

Football Manager 2021 is now available for Windows and macOS, offering the latest installment in this sports management series. The PC editions are on the Epic Games Store and Steam, and there's also a playable demo if you want to kick this around (thanks Frans). Here's a rundown on the game:
The manager is the beating heart of every football club. In Football Manager 2021 dynamic, true-to-life management experiences and next-level detail renews that focus on you like never before, equipping you with all the tools to achieve elite status.

With more than 50 nations and 2,500 clubs at every level of the football pyramid to choose from, the possibilities are endless. It’s over to you, boss.
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Fortnite Subscriptions Launch Next Week

Epic Games announces a Fortnite Crew that launches next week in Fortnite, confirming recent indications that a subscription plan was being considered for the battle royale/survival game. They call this "the ultimate Fortnite offer," which will provide various perks and bonuses in exchange for USD$11.99/month. The Announce Trailer and these details fill in what to expect:
Beginning December 2 with the arrival of Chapter 2 - Season 5, we’re launching Fortnite Crew, the ultimate subscription offer for getting can’t-miss Fortnite content!

Joining the Fortnite Crew gets members everything below for only $11.99 each month:

  • Battle Pass Included for the full Season - As a member of the Fortnite Crew, you’ll always have access to the current season’s Battle Pass!
  • 1,000 V-Bucks Each Month - Fortnite Crew members will receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month. Spend it on your favorite Item Shop content!
  • Get A New Monthly Crew Pack! - Get an exclusive Fortnite Crew Pack, an always-new Outfit Bundle that only Fortnite Crew members get.

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New Star Citizen Studio

Turbulent announces they are opening a new studio in Montréal to create star systems to populate the universe of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium's upcoming crowdfunded space game. This follows a minority investment from Cloud Imperium to get things off the ground. Here's more on the 10 year (and counting) mission to boldly go where no game has gone before:
Turbulent will open a Montreal game studio focused on building star systems for Cloud Imperium Game’s sci-fi Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game of unprecedented scale and uncompromising vision: Star Citizen. The studio will be directed by Benoit Beausejour (CTO and co-founder) and industry veterans Guillaume Voghel (Producer), Pierre-Luc Boulais (Art Director) and Louis Rousseau (Lead Game Designer).

The goal is to build a fully-fledged independent studio, with its own unique Montréal culture. This studio will contribute to the larger, global development pipeline of Star Citizen, which is currently distributed across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

This newly formed team in Turbulent has already added staff and continues to grow as it creates content in lockstep with Star Citizen’s senior development leadership, including Chief Development Officer Erin Roberts and Game Director Todd Papy. The remit of the Turbulent Star Citizen team is to develop new tools to enhance and expand the existing pipeline, create new locations and features and also build entire new star systems for Star Citizen, which will make their way into the Star Citizen universe on an ongoing basis. Over the next three years, Turbulent and CIG have plans to grow the studio to 100 developers.

Rune II Lawsuit Analysis

To help understand the $100 million lawsuit Ragnarok Game filed against Human Head Studio, Bethesda Softworks, and ZeniMax over Rune II, PC Gamer spoke with lawyer Kellen Voyer, who is not involved with the case (thanks Neutronbeam). They asked Kellen to explain how this could be worth $100 million and the likelihood the plaintiffs will prevail. Here's what he said:
"When the defendants have deep pockets, it makes complete sense to seek a large amount as damages," Voyer wrote in an email. "The fact that they are seeking damages of $100 million is just an ask—real payout depends on the jury finding in their favour and agreeing with the damage amount sought. Plus, any damage award that large would likely be challenged on appeal. Many cases ultimately don’t go to trial so seeking a large amount for damages provides a good starting point for a settlement, which would most likely be a smaller amount.

"The claim that Rune 2 was a 'threat to Skyrim franchise' adds to the claim's narrative by providing an underlying motive for all the other alleged conduct. Why go through the alleged plotting and planning, prior to release, and the very real risk of a lawsuit (as seen here) just to acquire a development team unless there’s a material benefit to Bethesda, beyond just the team? Most defunct studios are not of significant value to justify structuring the purchase in a way so as to risk an expensive lawsuit, regardless of the merits of that suit. Ultimately, it's this alleged motive that the claim uses to explain this conduct."

Chronos: Before the Ashes Next Week

Gunfire Games' Chronos: Before the Ashes is expected one week from today on December 1st, with the PC edition of the action/RPG coming to Steam. This is a reworked version of Chronos, a virtual reality game released in 2016, and it will serve as a prequel to last year's Remnant: From the Ashes. THQ Nordic offers a new Explanation Trailer to help understand what to expect. Here's word:
Chronos: Before the Ashes is coming December 1st. But what is the Action RPG all about? Check out the new explanation trailer, which gives you all the details about the prequel to the 2019 smash hit Remnant: From the Ashes. You will face the mysteries, challenges, and dangers of the Labyrinth - and only careful study of your enemies' behavior will help you overcome them. But don’t be afraid, in Chronos: Before the Ashes, death is not the end, but an integral part of your hero's story.
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Out of the Blue

New York is one of the states affected by yesterday's report that Comcast's planned 1.2TB monthly data cap. What's weird is they've been pitching me a cheap upgrade to gigabit internet. Or maybe it's not weird, just a trap (apologies to Admiral Ackbar). I don't know offhand what my other provider choices are, but this will inspire me to investigate them. Comcastic.

Obituary: David Dinkins, Former New York City Mayor, Dies Just Weeks After His Wife.

Trippy Round-up
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