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Saturday, Aug 08, 2020

Braid, Anniversary Edition Next Year

The Braid Website announces plans for the Braid, Anniversary Edition, an updated version of Jonathan Blow's highly acclaimed puzzle platformer originally released in 2008. The goal is to release the Anniversary Edition in Q1 of next year for Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch. Here's an Announcement Trailer and here's a bit on the goals of the remake:
We just didn't think far enough ahead, I guess; before too long, 4k monitors became available, some folks are using 5k monitors, and 8k is on the horizon (though that seems pretty excessive to me, right now!) If you play original Braid on a 4k monitor, the result is blurry and unpleasant to look at. The original double-scale art that we had archived for Braid would still be blurry at 4k, and anyway it was never really meant to be seen at that level of detail.

So, if we want people with modern computers to be able to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played, how do we do that? Well, I guess the answer is for David to repaint the whole game at much higher levels of detail, so that is what we did. While we were at it, we could add extra animations and effects to make movement feel better; we could use more sophisticated brush-stroke effects to animate the foregrounds and backgrounds; we could go to some of the scenes that, in retrospect, could have used more attention in terms of visual concepts like unique landmarks, and build them out into what they deserved to be. Then we could upgrade the sound and music (the original sound effects were mostly bought by me for 99 cents each from a random sound-effects web site); Martin Stig Andersen (who worked on Control, Inside, Limbo, and other games with great audio) and Hans Christian Kock (who has done extensive film and TV work) have been handling this and the results are very moody. Don't worry though, the soundtrack is all the same music, though the guys have done some great mixes that really amplify the mood in the late-game.
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Aeon Must Die! Announcement Sparks Controversy

This Reveal Trailer offers a first look at Aeon Must Die!, a new beat-em-up game planned for release on Steam and consoles by the end of next year. As noted on USgamer, this has prompted accusations from those claiming to be part of the game's development of IP theft and "unbearable work conditions with endless crunch, harassment, abuse, corruption, and manipulation." This video has more on these claims. In response, a tweet from Focus Home Interactive has the following statement:
Focus Home Interactive has always praised and supported all our partner studios and the developers who compose the creative teams. We pride ourselves on treating our own employees and third party developers fairly and respectively and this will not change.

Focus home interactive was informed of serious allegations raised by some of the developers at Limestone who have worked on the creation of the video game a Aeon Must Die!.

These grievances are directed at Limestone, their direct employer.

As the publisher of this video game, Focus is carefully looking into these allegations and will draw the necessary conclusions if they are proved to be well-founded, and then take all appropriate measures.

No further comment will be shared until we have a clearer and complete view on this matter.
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Company of Crime Released

Company of Crime is now available for Windows and macOS on and Steam, offering a turn-based crime game set in the swinging 60s. This is shown off in the Launch Trailer and here's a bit of the description:
Company of Crime is a criminal empire-builder featuring tactical turn-based missions. It takes place in 1960s London, the cultural capital of the world and home to a plethora of subcultures and businesses. Your task is to build a company that will own the criminal underworld, or if you play as the chief inspector of Scotland Yard’s famous Flying Squad, tear it down piece by piece. In the process you will go to pubs, clubs, vets, tailors, harbors and many other locations as you expand your influence over the city. Your team consists of either gang members possessing the different skills required to pull off criminal tasks, or detectives that have mastered the art of investigation. The big question is ultimately this: who will take London?
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Out of the Blue

With things back to normal here at the Blue Tower, apparently we should consider ourselves lucky. According to the power company there are still customers in the dark, and the outage will extend into next week for some of them. It seems the tornado did more than knock down some trees into the overhead wires. Apparently a large number of poles themselves were broken or torn up, and replacing poles is a far more complicated task than repairing damaged wires. So it sucked being without power, but at this point we are also counting our blessings.

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