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Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020 World Nature Conservation Day

Grounded Early Access

Early Access to the Windows edition of Grounded is now underway on Steam, offering the first chance to play Obsidian Entertainment's new survival game. Here's the most recent trailer for the game from the recent Xbox Showcase Trailer. This shows off the concept familiar from Land of the Giants, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and Ant Man, depending on your era. Here's the description:
The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Explore, build and survive together in this first person, multiplayer, survival-adventure. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?

Explore this immersive and persistent world, where the insect life reacts to your actions.

Shelter and tools are critical to your survival. Build epic bases to protect you and your stuff from the insects and the elements. Craft weapons, tools, and armor, allowing you to better fight, explore and survive.

You can face the backyard alone or together, online, with up to three friends - the choice is yours.

Uncover the secrets lurking in the shadows of Grounded as you freely explore the backyard and progress through its mysterious story.
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Destroy All Humans! Released

Destroy All Humans! is now available for Windows and consoles, offering a modernized remake of this action/adventure game first released back in 2005. You can pick this up for PC on or Steam and you can also get a Steam key on Green Man Gaming for 14% off with the code NEW14 and Blue's News will receive a commission. If you are interested in one of the special editions with physical rewards you should go through the official website. Here's a Crypto-137 Edition Trailer and here's a DNA Collector's Edition Trailer showing those off. The release is accompanied by the return of the playable demo which is likewise available on and Steam. Here's the Release Trailer and here's more on the game:
The cult-classic returns! Terrorize the people of 1950s Earth in the role of the evil alien Crypto-137. Harvest DNA and bring down the US government in the remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure. Annihilate puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities. Reduce their cities to rubble with your flying Saucer! One giant step on mankind!
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Phantasy Star Online 2 on Steam Next Week

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting set to make its previously announced debut on Steam on August 5th. This comes just as Episode 4 launches in the free-to-play online RPG, and here's the Episode 4 Announcement Trailer with a look at what to expect from that. SEGA is also planning special rewards for those who play the game on Steam, and this post has more details on that along with a Steam Launch Rewards Trailer. Here's a bit on the plan:
The Phantasy Star Online 2 story continues in Episode 4 as players wake from a long sleep to find that there has been an internal invasion of fake ARKS members, mysterious enemies called Phantasms appear, and a new planet has been discovered in another dimension – Earth. ARKS will be able to unlock a new level cap and travel to new locations like Tokyo and Las Vegas in the pursuit of solving the mystery of the mysterious black shadow and purge the planet of the most powerful enemies encountered yet, including the mysterious organization called Mother Corps.

Phantasy Star Online 2 players are invited to join together online to explore numerous worlds with friends and experience PSO2's unparalleled action combat and character customization. Choosing from four unique races and nine classes, players can join forces with up to eleven other operatives at a time to experience unforgettable battles and boss fights.
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Travellers Rest Early Access

Travellers Rest is now available in Early Access for Windows on Steam, offering the chance to get in touch with your inner Jon Taffer and do a bar rescue on an inn that looks like it comes straight out of an old-school RPG. You can see this in action in the Updated Early Access Trailer. Here's a description:
Travellers Rest is a tavern management game where you can brew your own beer, run a farm, and build relationships. You are an innkeeper, on a journey to transform a run-down tavern into a bustling social space. Based in a cheerful fantasy setting, Travellers Rest is home to people to meet, places to explore, and lost magic. Along your journey you’ll discover new things to brew, farm, cook, and build to create your perfect fantasy tavern.
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On Sale

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Op Ed

  • Gamasutra - Op-Ed: Game development in a time of upheaval.
    "I believe that today there are few opportunities greater than delivering authenticity in our characters, which is an endeavor that has had special importance to me. As an Asian American who rarely saw characters who looked like me, I am keenly aware of the power of seeing yourself in the media you consume: an affirmational experience that for too many groups has been absent. Moving forward, my goal is to continue to tackle this issue, and find ways to continue to expand the viewpoints games can represent."

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Honest Trailers - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Thanks Ant.

Othercide Released

How long, how long will I slide? No longer, as you can now take it on the Othercide on Steam with the Windows release of this new turn-based tactics game from Lightbulb Crew. Here's the official Launch Trailer, and here's more on the game, which is also available for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4:
Lead your army of Daughters to battle with all the skill you can muster. Your prowess in combat will decide their fate, shape their abilities and personality. Make the toughest decision and sacrifice one to heal another - survivors will get stronger, ready to fight the next battle.

Combat is an intricate dance of spectacular actions and counters: plan ahead of time and set up impressive chains of abilities to outsmart the enemy. Fight in epic boss battles against the sources of Suffering - dread creatures pulled from the worst of Humanity’s crimes against itself.
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Maid of Sker Released

Maid of Sker is now available for Windows and consoles, with the PC edition available on Steam. This is a first-person survival/horror game set in a remote hotel "with a gory and macabre history from British folklore." Don't Overlook the Official Trailer and read on for more:
Steeped in rich Welsh folklore, Maid of Sker draws players back to 1898 to venture through the notoriously macabre Sker Hotel. With multiple ways for your stay at Sker Hotel to come to an end, use your time wisely as you navigate the halls and grounds, employing no-weapon survival tactics, and relying on your ability in keeping quiet to keep breathing.

Richard Pring, Game Director said, “we’re proud to announce that Sker Hotel is now open for reservations. We hope guests take in the sights and sounds, and sample the litany of delights we have on offer for them - they’re set to have an unforgettable experience!”
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Dr. Derk's Mutant Battlegrounds Early Access

Early Access to Dr. Derk's Mutant Battlegrounds is now available for Windows and macOS on Steam, offering a "wonky" new MOBA with stark untextured models. This features neural network training of characters based on the OpenAI that beat a team of professionals at Dota 2 a couple of years ago. Interestingly they are charging $4.99 for the game in a genre where all the major titles have long since gone free-to-play. Here's the Launch Trailer and here's more:
Dr. Derk’s Mutant Battlegrounds is an experiment in using deep neural networks in a game. As a player you train agents, “Derklings”, in a MOBA-style setting, and battle other players teams. The Derklings can be equipped with a number of upgrades, and the challenge is to figure out the best way to train and equip them to beat other teams.
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The Pegasus Expedition Announced

Developer Kalla Gameworks announces The Pegasus Expedition, a grand strategy game set in the 23rd century. This involves an inadvertent war set in space, where no one can hear you sing along with the car radio. Here's a Teaser Trailer with enough static images and exposition to make Ken Burns proud, and here's the pitch:
The Pegasus Expedition is a story-driven grand strategy game set two centuries into the future, in a key moment in humankind’s survival. Facing an overwhelming threat at home, humanity sends an expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy, with the goal of finding a refuge for the population of Earth, only to find themselves in the middle of an interstellar war they inadvertently started.

As you lead one of these fleets, your mission soon transitions from exploration to governance, conquest, and eventually a fight for survival. Players will experience a challenging story where nothing is self-evident, and every decision will have its consequences.
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The Long Gate Delayed

The Long Gate is playing the long game, as developer David Shaw announces a delay that pushes back its release to September 22nd. This first-person puzzle game was announced as coming this summer, so this is technically just a one-day setback to the first day of autumn. The macOS version will come later still, as only the Windows and Linux editions will be available at launch. Here's a refresher on the game:
Players are free to explore the mysterious caverns of The Long Gate on their own terms as almost all the puzzles can be completed in any order. The puzzles themselves also take a step away from the regular binary approach of a puzzle game as many of them offer multiple options for success.
The ancient and alluring caverns of The Long Gate are filled with remnants of mysterious machinery. Exploring the labyrinth of caverns and interacting with this cryptic machinery will prove vital to mastering the three types of circuit-based puzzles; digital, analog, and even quantum. To ensure the quantum puzzles accurately portray real quantum circuits, developer David Shaw has partnered with the quantum computing company D-Wave.
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For the People Early Access Delay

Early Access to For the People was planned to begin on Thursday, but this is being pushed back and now this will be released on Steam for the people on August 13th. The game's Russian publisher and developer say the extra time is to iron out some issues to ensure a quality release: "We are at the point where the game is already in the final stages of development and QA testing but still requires a bit more time to reach the required level of polish. As such, we made the decision to add a few more weeks to the schedule and ensure that you can enjoy the best possible version of For the People upon release. On behalf of the entire team, we apologize to all players who will now have to wait a little longer than expected." Here's a description of the game:
For the People is an acutely social visual novel set in an alternate history world plagued by totalitarianism and rampant bureaucracy, where you play the role of Francis River, the newly appointed mayor of the Iron-1 city, tasked with restoring public order and imposing the iron will of the party.
It falls to you to make difficult political decisions, maneuvering between the interests of your colleagues and the ordinary citizens, as well as participate in high profile investigations, while making sure to supply your city with everything it needs. There are no good and bad choices in your line of work, but everything you do will have consequences. Decide how you are going to approach every situation, take risks, write your own story, and watch your actions either make or break Iron-1!

Rising Star 2 Rises Next Month

Gilligames announces an August 12th release date for Rising Star 2, their upcoming rock star simulation that's a sequel to 2007's Shady O'Grady's Rising Star. They accompany the news with a recent video showing off customization options. The game is coming to Steam and their latest clip discusses Steam Achievements. Here's a bit on the game:
As a solo development project, the long-awaited sequel to ‘Shady O'Grady's™ Rising Star’ is a labor of love. As the rock equivalent of Football Manager, Rising Star 2 lets you customize your band, pick your set list, trash hotel rooms, rent your first digs, and secure a manager: it’s down to you to decide how your path to stardom plays out.
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Out of the Blue

We revived our Monday Night Mutant gaming group last night with an evening of Borderlands 3. Our game sessions have always been a little chaotic, and the wonky interface of the looter-shooter sequel added fuel to the anarchy. The game met with mixed reviews, but we had a lot of fun to start, so I'm looking forward to further adventures in the wasteland.

Skag-Infested Round-up
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