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Thursday, Jul 02, 2020

Get Hue for Free

Hue is now available, as promised, as the new free release on the Epic Games Store. This will be yours to keep if you add it to your library by next Thursday. At that time its place will be taken by no fewer than three new giveaways, as the delayed free copy of The Escapists 2 will come along with their other two freebies, which will be Killing Floor 2 and Lifeless Planet. But for now, here's the hue and cry about Hue:
Hue is a vibrant, award-winning puzzle-adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background color. Includes full colorblind support, using symbols as a color aid.

Ubisoft CEO Promises Change

Change Starts Today on the Ubisoft Website shares an internal letter from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot outlining plans to alter the culture of the company, which has been a focal point of recent criticism of harassment in the games industry. A post just yesterday discussed Ubisoft's problems, and this new post discusses solutions:
The situations that some of you have experienced or witnessed are absolutely not acceptable. No one should ever feel harassed or disrespected at work, and the types of inappropriate behavior we have recently learned about cannot and will not be tolerated. To those of you who have spoken up or have supported colleagues, I want to be clear: you are heard, and you are helping drive necessary change within the company.

We have significant work to do to improve the ways in which we operate and collaborate, and I am personally committed to ensuring we make these fundamental changes. They need to be profound, and we need to implement them quickly at all levels of the organization.

Specifically, I have decided to revise the composition of the Editorial Department, transform our human resource processes, and improve the accountability of all managers on these subjects.
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Amazon Plans Fallout TV Series with Westworld Creators

A tweet from Amazon Studios offers a brief teaser video for a series being created for Amazon Prime Video based on the Fallout games. A post on the Bethesda Website has first details, saying the show's executive producers include Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, showrunners for HBO's Westworld series: "Fallout is from Amazon Studios and Kilter Films in association with Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks, with executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and Athena Wickham for Kilter Films, Todd Howard for Bethesda Game Studios, and James Altman for Bethesda Softworks." There's no word on when this will air, but they do say it is currently in production with a series commitment. Here's more:
"Fallout is one of the greatest game series of all time. Each chapter of this insanely imaginative story has cost us countless hours we could have spent with family and friends. So we're incredibly excited to partner with Todd Howard and the rest of the brilliant lunatics at Bethesda to bring this massive, subversive, and darkly funny universe to life with Amazon Studios,” said Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Kilter Films.

“Over the last decade, we looked at many ways to bring Fallout to the screen,” said Todd Howard, Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios. “But it was clear from the moment I first spoke with Jonah and Lisa a few years ago, that they and the team at Kilter were the ones to do it right. We’re enormous fans of their work and couldn’t be more excited to work with them and Amazon Studios.”
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Free Natural Selection 2 Map

Unknown Worlds now offers METRO, a new free map for Natural Selection 2 that they call their most ambitious yet. This is part of update 333 and they offer this post with patch notes that describe the map as well as other changes and tweaks to the multiplayer shooter. The new update is now live on Steam, where the game is also currently on sale for 80% off as part of the Summer Sale. Here's a METRO trailer and here are some details:
The team is excited to bring you our most ambitious map to date, METRO. This new and unique map truly brings us to the Human world and leaves behind the remote facilities of distant meteors and other planets. We owe a huge thank you to the many map testers and a very dedicated group of Community Developers including; Kash, Mephilles, pSyK, Shrimm, Loki, Zavaro, Paul Wolfe, Runestorm, Vlaad and Master G. They’ve all worked hard over the last few months (if not more) to take the inspiration from community map Jambi and re envision a whole new look and style for the NS2 universe. Be sure to enable the reflections graphics option in game to really see the map at its best.
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Hyper Scape Announced

Following their teasing, Ubisoft officially announces Hyper Scape, a 100-player battle royale shooter in a vertical, sci-fi, urban setting. Word is this is designed with support for streamers in mind, and watching a Hyper Scape stream on Twitch with drops enabled is the way to get invited to the Technical Test. Here is a page with a Twitch Drops FAQ and the list of all 10 million (or so) streamers currently playing the game. Word is: "Hyper Scape will first be available through a limited-time closed technical test on PC today through July 7. The three-player squad Crown Rush mode is available now, and the limited-time Dark Haze solo mode will be available later during the test. The test will also feature a free 10-tier battle pass, and all progress and items will carry over through future live phases and into the full launch." The official website should be live soon. In the meantime, here's an Official World Premiere Trailer, a First Look & Dev Diary Trailer, a Gameplay Overview Trailer, and the announcement:
Today, Ubisoft® announced Hyper Scape™, a free-to-play fast-paced urban battle royale first-person shooter. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Hyper Scape takes place in the distant future of 2054, where up to 100 Contenders descend upon the virtual city of Neo-Arcadia to engage in action-packed and fast-paced matches to be crowned champion. Starting today, Hyper Scape is available in a limited-time PC technical test in many territories across North America and Europe. Interested players can try out the game during the technical test by tuning into one of the content creators currently broadcasting Hyper Scape on Twitch [Link] with Twitch Drops enabled. Access will be limited, but additional drops will be made available throughout the technical test.

Hyper Scape was designed from the ground up as an intense, vertical and fast-paced battle royale experience. Three-player squads and solo players can dive into the futuristic virtual city of Neo- Arcadia to engage in dynamic firefights, quickly transitioning from narrow streets to open rooftops and deadly interiors.
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Hyper Scape Streams; Official Reveal Incoming

The Hyper Scape Twitter announces a stream to officially reveal Hyper Scape starts on Twitch in about an hour at 2:00 pm EDT. In the meantime they show off a livestream of someone playing the Technical Test. A search for Hyper Scape on Twitch reveals several streamers are already playing this test version of the battle royale game with drops enabled. Word on the Ubisoft channel is there are two ways to take part in the Technical Test, either by collecting one of these drops by viewing a stream or through the official website after the official announcement. They do warn this is limited to a few regions.

Fable Trademark Renewed

After downplaying the recent launch of a Placeholder Twitter for Fable, Microsoft has renewed the Fable Trademark. And while such renewals are often just to protect a company's intellectual property, Neowin notes an interesting detail. There is a section labeled "Current Use" which Microsoft has marked "No," but the following section for "Intent To Use," they answer "Yes."

Hellpoint This Month

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Cradle Games announce a release date for Hellpoint, saying their dark sci-fi RPG will arrive on Windows and consoles on July 30th. They celebrate the news with a new trailer highlighting the game's co-op support. They say pre-orders will commence today on Steam which will include a 20% discount. Here's a description that gets right to the hellpoint:
Hellpoint is set in the aftermath of a massive quantum cataclysm called the Merge. You wake up on board the Irid Novo space station, a beacon of galactic cooperation and scientific exploration gone horribly wrong. What happens next will be solely determined by your choices.

Key Features:

  • Souls-like gameplay in a unique setting: Explore the derelict space station of Irid Novo and face bizarre enemies with a tight and unforgiving combat system.
  • Occult space story: Blending science and fantasy, the intensely atmospheric dark sci-fi setting will keep you searching for answers.
  • Dynamic World: The Quantic System acts as a dungeon master, slightly transforming the game world every time you die and triggering events as the station revolves around the black hole.
  • Jump-in co-op and PvP multiplayer: Ask a friend to press Start to join a couch co-op session or call for assistance online. Hellpoint offers a full, uninterrupted co-op story with shared loot drops.

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Untimely Timelie Announcement

Urnique Studio shares a new Accolades Trailer for Timelie, their Windows and macOS puzzle game released on Steam about six weeks ago. This notes the game has met with terrific reviews which serves as an embarrassing reminder that we failed to mention the launch at the time, so this is our quite overdue post on the topic. On the bright side this allows us to highlight the macOS support added since the release and that the game is currently available for 15% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale. Here's the game's Launch Trailer and here's a description:
Every second matters in Timelie, a stealth puzzle game that puts the power of time in your very hands. Trapped in an abstract and surreal world, a girl and a mysterious cat must work together to escape their surroundings, pursued by a nameless enemy at every turn.

The Timeline ability gives players the power to control time just like a media player. Drag the Timeline left rewind time and undo your past mistakes. Drag it right to watch your future unfold and gain you valuable information to change your past.
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#Funtime This Month #releasedate

Developer OneGuyGames and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild announce #Funtime, saying this colorful bullet hell shooter will come to Steam and consoles on July 16th. There are some actual laughs to be had in the Announcement Trailer (#unexpected) and there are some actual details in their announcement:
The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild announces collaborative release with OneGuyGames publishing '#Funtime' a neon twin-stick action shooter to all available platforms. Bright lights and space fights! Blast your way through grids of multicolored madness while changing color to adapt to your environment and overcome the digital hordes. Persistent ship upgrades will keep you going further and longer into the great unknown.

OneGuyGames' singular employee Brandon Robinson describes #Funtime as "all about action. It's a high-score chasing twin-stick shooter with a color swapping mechanic thrown in to keep things fresh. Match the color of lasers or fire to avoid taking damage; color background tiles to destroy similarly colored enemies and receive triple the points. Take cover in safe zones of the same color. Each of these simple color interactions stack together to create a unique yet familiar arcade shooter experience."
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Libtard: The Satire Game Early Access

Early Access to Libtard: The Satire Game is now underway for Windows and macOS on Steam. The Teaser Trailer does not show much gameplay, but does seem to indicate this satirizes both sides of the political aisle, so it may not just be about a very stable genius pwning the libs. Here's word on this self-professed effort to Make America Game Again:
Libtard: The Satire Game is a spoof of the political picture in America. Follow the side-splitting stories of your favorite (and spiteful) political faces and charge into battle against the Libtards, Snowflakes and Fascists on a quest to obliviate all competition! Make America Game Again and get ready for some political fun! Currently scheduled for a full release in November featuring 8 storylines, the version available today has the first storyline included. The 8 stories planned are divided into 4 with emphasis on left-wing shenanigans and 4 on right-wing shenanigans. Each will include 3 acts and follow a new celebrity.

Libtard: The Satire Game is an action-packed title for real patriots just in time for the 4th of July Holiday celebration. Join the all-star cast of characters Donald Trump, Bernie, Hillary, Putin, Biden, Boris and Alex Jones through 120 fulfilled levels of political madness. Enjoy the compelling gameplay - witness the crazy stories and laugh-out-loud watching the cutscenes. A bonus is the world-famous impersonator John Di Domenico guest starring as the one and only Donald Trump. It’s pure genius!
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Microsoft Store Games Giveaway

A post on the forum outlines 32 games that are being offered for free on the Microsoft Store (thanks Ant). These are yours to keep if you pick them up before the offers expire. To be clear, there are no AAA titles on the list, but like the last MS store giveaway we mentioned most of them seem to carry ridiculous $80+ price tags when they aren't free.

Op Ed

  • - Sexism and harassment in the games industry isn't just about big names- the entire culture must change.
    "The accounts are often shocking, but for many working in games - particularly women and non-binary people - the revelations come as little surprise. Sexism and harassment is rife in the industry, and the cases being publicly discussed are merely the tip of the iceberg. I've been awed by the bravery of survivors who have named their high-profile abusers, risking online harassment, friendships, or their entire careers to do so. Removing powerful abusers remains essential in making the industry safer, and it's important that this vital work continues. There is a tendency, however, for the media to focus on big-name predators while failing to address the underlying culture that enables them. These incidents are not a rarity: they are endemic. Every young woman in games has a story."

Morning Mobilization

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Out of the Blue

Going off this morning for what's hopefully my penultimate dentist visit for my new implants. I'm going in for impressions, which should lead to me getting my permanent teeth within a couple of weeks. This is very exciting news for me, as I've been living with a removable temporary dealie for an extended period now, as the pandemic lockdown kicked off right as this process was supposed to begin. The temps are uncomfortable and ugly, and besides an aesthetic improvement I'm very much looking forward to being able to speak and eat normally once again.

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