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Sunday, Jun 07, 2020

Condors Vs Ocelots Demo

Condors Vs Ocelots is a strategy RPG from Titanomachy Studios coming to Steam Early Access this month. This was the subject of a successful crowdfunding campaign, and there's a playable demo on That listing includes a Steam Early Access trailer and word that they are shooting for a full release this autumn. Here's more:
In Condors Vs Ocelots, you will play a soldier in one of the factions that have been at war with each other for hundreds of years. The Ocelots, or the Condors. Build up your army and utilize incredible abilities which are subject to alterations thanks to the unique "mutagens" and end this war once and for all. Climb the ranks of your army to access more powerful abilities as well as increase your army's might.


  • Completely customizable main character
  • Over 50 unique abilities
  • Over 50 Mutagens to create endless changes to the abilities
  • 2 unique campaigns
  • 11 differnet types of weapons, all with their own unique range and scaling.

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Dauntless Call of the Void Update This Week

Phoenix Labs announces the Call of the Void content update is coming on June 11th for Dauntless, their free-to-play co-op action/RPG. This will come to the Windows edition on the Epic Games Store and to the console versions, and includes full cross-platform support. The Launch Trailer shows off what they call the biggest content update of the year, and the announcement has details on what that means:
“Call of the Void” offers players a new Escalation, Dauntless’ gauntlet-style challenge. Umbral Escalation brings players deep into the heart of a mysterious new island chain where Behemoths have become imbued with the dark umbral element and strengthened with all-new special attacks and combat patterns. Umbral Escalation culminates in a face-off against the new Behemoth Thrax, a serpentine creature that uses umbral portals to disorient Slayers and attack from unexpected angles. Defeating a Thrax grants Slayers schematics for powerful legendary weapons. Each legendary Thrax weapon includes two prismatic cell slots, the ability to “bond” the weapon to another umbral weapon, and a legendary ability that allows Slayers to use Thrax’s portal ability to devastating effect. Umbral Escalation can be accessed from the Hunt screen, alongside the preceding Blaze and Shock Escalations.
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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - Missions and Monsters Expansion This Month

Publisher 1C Entertainment and developer 6 Eyes Studio announce a new Missions and Monsters expansion will come on June 23rd for Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, their turn-based tactical RPG. Word is: "This expansion will bring enriched gameplay by adding plethora of new content and deepening base game mechanics. Prepare for recruitable monsters that you can customize, new classes, equipment, locations, missions and much more!" Here's a trailer with a look, and here's a synopsis on what this will bring to the Windows and console editions of the game:
Missions and Monsters is the first expansion to Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark and brings several new additions to enrich the gameplay. You'll now be able to recruit powerful monsters from across the land of Teora, customize them with their own classes, and send them into battle alongside the rest of your forces. As your army grows, you'll get to dispatch your troops on missions of their own to gather precious resources, earn special rewards, unlock new locations and classes, and, ultimately, keep the land a safer place! Face new challenges that will test your tactical mettle as you embark on larger-scale battles against the deadliest monsters the land has ever seen!
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Skater XL Full Release Delayed

A post on Steam announces a delay for Skater XL's departure from Early Access. Easy Day Studios originally planned for an official release of their "ultimate skateboarding game" on July 7th (thanks Gematsu), but now this is being pushed back to July 28th. Word is they will continue to grind away on the game between now and then:
Despite our best efforts, and due in part to things out of our control, we will be moving the launch of Skater XL 1.0 on Steam, as well as the physical and digital launch on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, to July 28th. We will also be announcing a new launch date for Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to finalize the game.

Not to worry - between now and July 28th, we will be showing more unreleased content and features that will be available at launch of 1.0, continuing to polish the content and features, and make Skater XL the game that you all deserve at launch.
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Steam Top 10

Here's the new list of last week's bestselling titles on Steam:

  1. Sea of Thieves
  2. Command & Conquer Remastered Collection
  3. Valve Index VR Kit
  5. Need for Speed Heat
  6. Resident Evil 3
  7. Gunfire Reborn
  8. Monster Train
  9. Deep Rock Galactic
  10. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Out of the Blue

Based on a suggestion in the forums, I've begun adding a note to links in the bulleted lists that lead to videos. This actually started a while ago after I first saw the request, but I didn't mention this at the time. Hopefully this will make things work better for everyone. Most such links within stories here are already clearly noted as videos or trailers, so that shouldn't need anything more. I'm also not doing this in the multiplex listings, as those links are almost always videos.

Obituary: Former NFL receiver Reche Caldwell killed in Florida.

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