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Friday, May 29, 2020

Baldur's Gate 3 Details Coming Next Week

Larian Studios tweets a teaser video for Baldur's Gate 3, saying they will be revealing more of the RPG sequel throughout next month. This will kick off during the Guerrilla Collective showcase on June 6th:
Throughout June, we'll be revealing more about #BaldursGate3 starting June 6, on the #GuerrillaCollective Showcase. It's almost time to venture forth.

Factorio to End Early Access Early

Friday Facts #349 on the Factorio Blog has the 1.0 plan for Factorio, revealing Wube Software will officially launch their factory simulation on Friday, August 14th. (thanks Eurogamer). They previously planned to roll this out on September 25th, but the early end to Early Access is because with Cyberpunk 2077 delayed until September 17th, they are moving the game up around five weeks to avoid being overshadowed by CD Projekt RED's eagerly anticipated RPG. They say that besides some rapid progress they've made, this is also possible because of changes they've cut or postponed:
Descoped goal
When we announced the date (FFF-321), we had plans for many things to be in the final release. The main topics were the new campaign, fluid algorithm improvements, and the full GUI rewrite. Due to independent reasons, we have cancelled the new campaign (FFF-331), postponed the fluid improvements, and cut a lot of the aspects of the GUI rewrite (FFF-348).

Staying on schedule
Apart from descoping some features, the other work we've been doing has been progressing at a good pace. The 0.18 experimental release structure (FFF-314) is really helping to keep things on track. The original estimate was made with some concession for delays, that "things always take longer than expected". Well for the last 6 months, most things haven't been taking longer than expected, and we've been finishing topics quite effectively.

The sooner the better
The general feeling in the office is that the game is pretty much done, and that we want to get it released as soon as possible. The sooner we get some closure on version 1.0, the sooner we can start thinking about fun and exciting new things.

Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Duos

A tweet from Call of Duty has long-awaited news for Call of Duty: Warzone players. Along with an image, the one word tweet simply says "Duos." So the free battle royale shooter finally offers support for playing as two-player teams. In a follow-up tweet they humorously ask "Who are you carrying this weekend?" A post on the Activision Blog has more, including strategy tips. Here's the overview:
You can either bring a buddy into the Warzone, or squad up with a random player. Once your duo readies up, participates in the pre-game lobby, and drops into Verdansk safely, your mission is to outlast all the other rival pairs of Operators.

If your duo goes down, you can revive them before they bleed out and lose their loadout. Doing so will save them a trip to the Gulag, where they will fight in a 1v1 to earn their right back into the game.

If they die in the Gulag, or perish when they return from it, you can still buy them back at a Buy Station.
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Ikai Announced

Developer/publisher Endflame announces Ikai, a first-person psychological horror game set in feudal Japan that's coming to Steam next year. This trailer shows it off, though they warn that this is just a prototype, since the game is still in development. Here's word on what they are scaring up:
The story of Ikai revolves around the spirits of the past and the present of Naoko, the priestess of a temple. The thin limit between the world and the underworld had broken and you must seal it back.

Nothing bad will happen in Ikai if you do not disturb the devil. Experience the horror of old superstitions by the hand of Yokais –Japanese folklore monsters, ghosts and spirits– as you explore a haunted medieval shrine.
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Get Arma 3 Karts for Free

Arma 3 Karts is currently free on Steam, and this Windows racing game is yours to keep if you drive off with your copy this weekend. This is not a standalone item, however, as it requires ownership of Arma 3 to play. If that's enough incentive to purchase a copy of Bohemia Interactive's military combat game, it's currently on sale for 70% off. Here's word on Arma 3 Karts, which started life as an April Fool's gag:
Start your engines - this is Arma 3 Karts! When we unveiled our 2014 April Fools joke via the Splendid Split parody video, some of you were quite keen for us to release the go-karts package for real. And here it is, for everyone to try. Enjoy this little sidestep in our typically military sandbox!

Key Features

  • Kart - A 20hp 4-stroke engine go-kart with four unique liveries and one random color variant.
  • Racer - Matching race drivers wearing dedicated race helmets.
  • Marshal - A racetrack safety coordinator.
  • Starter Pistol - This special revolver is used to signal the start of races and fires signaling flares.
  • Race Objects - Various (plastic) barriers used to build racetracks.
  • Time Trials - A new form of singleplayer Challenges delivered in 5 Karts Check Point races against the clock.
  • Zeus Race & Modules - Special modules to build Check Point races, and pre-set races to jump straight into the multiplayer action.

Get Minion Masters - Charging Into Darkness for Free

Minion Masters - Charging Into Darkness is now available for free on Steam for Windows and macOS. This is yours to keep as long as you pick it up before June 3rd. Charging Into Darkness is DLC for deckbuilding game Minion Masters, but never fear, the base game is free-to-play. Here's what this contains:

The Charging Into Darkness Faction Box will provide you with all the Crystal Elf support you need to wage your own war against the undead! Containing +300% value of Crystal Elf cards, including the studious High-Mage Leiliel and 2 exclusive Crystal Elf cosmetics.


  • 3x High-mage Leiliel
  • 5x Leiliel's Vortex
  • 20x Border Patrol
  • 50x Crystal Construct
  • 50x Lone Scout
  • 5x Power Tokens
  • 1x Legendary Emote - Animated!
  • 1x Supreme Avatar

Dread X Collection Released

The Dread X Collection is now available on Steam, offering an anthology of 10 playable teasers inspired by Kojima's PT which were all developed in seven days. The collection costs all of USD$6.99 and two dollars of that will go to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Here's a roundup of all the content:

  • Airdorf - SUMMER NIGHT: From the creator of FAITH. Run around in your backyard picking toadstools and chasing monkeys in this LCD handheld game where nothing scary happens!
  • Oddbreeze Games - The Pay is Nice: From the creator of Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey. Discover what happens in an ultra secure facility, as you get ready for work and wander the dark halls of your office. Using old school fixed-camera perspective, they're watching your every moves.
  • Scythe Dev Team - Carthanc: From the people that brought you Northbury Grove: Entity, Walls Closing In, Happy's Humble Burger Barn, and the rest of the Scythe Saga Universe. Explore the ruins of an ancient society on a dead planet.
  • Strange Scaffold - Mr. Bucket Told Me To: From the creator of An Airport for Aliens Currently Run By Dogs and the writer of Hypnospace Outlaw. The abandoned tools of your existence come back to haunt you in a surreal and terrifying tropical survival adventure.
  • Torple Dook - Hand of Doom: From the co-creator of Earl's Day Off. Trapped in an arcane realm by the dark sorcery of the ubiquitous Master, can you learn the correct rituals and incantations needed to escape?
  • David Szymanski - The Pony Factory: From the creator of DUSK, Fingerbones, and The Moon Sliver. Winston thought he could use hell energy to create magical ponies. Winston was wrong.
  • Mahelyk - Outsiders: From the creator of SCP: Blackout. Enter a world of uncertainly as you discover the truth behind the house, and behind the Outsiders.
  • Lovely Hellplace - Shatter: From the creator of Dread Delusion. In the ruins of future Britain, new gods rule the wastes.
  • Snowrunner Productions - Rotgut: From the creator of Soda Drinker Pro. Crystal Tigers Presents: The Circle World Party!
  • Secret Cow Level - Don't Go Out: From the creator of Doomtrooper and one of the minds behind Fallout: New Vegas. Run. Hide. Sacrifice your friends. Survive the night.

COVID: The Outbreak Breaks Out

COVID: The Outbreak is now available on and Steam, offering a Windows real-time strategy game based on the ongoing pandemic. This is from Jujubee, developer of KURSK, which is based on the Russian Kursk submarine accident. To help head of criticism of the appearance of opportunism they are pledging 20% of net sales through the end of June to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and other charitable foundations fighting the consequences of COVID-19. Here's a video and here's a bit:
As the leader of the Global Health Organization (GHO) your task is to contain the spread of a coronavirus and save humanity before it is too late.

In addition to crisis management, the game provides the players with information on how to behave in the event of an epidemic, what actions to take, and how to protect themselves and their loved ones in the most effective way. The game is based on the data published by WHO and on the information acquired from experts and consultants.

Through your actions, you will be able to see how difficult it is to manage during a crisis, what impact various decisions can have on an effective fight against a global epidemic, which can be caused by listening to charlatans or the lack of appropriate medical equipment.
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The Witcher Bewitches More Than 50M

CD Projekt RED tweets that The Witcher franchise has surpassed an impressive sales milestone (thanks Game Informer). Word is more than 50 million customers have tossed a coin to your Witcher:
Over 50 million adventurers joined Geralt on his journey from Kaer Morhen to Vizima, through Flotsam and Vergen, Velen and Novigrad to Skellige Isles and Toussaint, and many, many more places, time and time again…

Thank you and may we meet on the path again! ⚔️

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Awakes from Early Access

Early Access is over for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, and the tower defense action/RPG has now officially launched on Steam. The Official Steam Release Trailer shows off some gameplay and this post outlines new content that's part of the release. Here's the announcement:
Fight to defend Etheria either solo or as a squad of up to four Defenders in online matches. Celebrate victory with hard-earned loot after clearing waves of enemies. Equip new weapons and armor while enlisting the help of pets to gain an edge before testing the team’s might in encounters with imposing bosses, such as the fiery and fearsome Ancient Dragon.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened launches into version 1.0 with six difficulty modes crafted for Defenders of all experience levels, including Massacre mode, a new challenge with unique enemies to overcome. Experiment with varied game types like Pure Strategy and Mixed modes, each of which has specific rules to remix the core gameplay to test even hardened veterans, and tackle Challenge Maps, which raise the bar while sweetening the pot with greater rewards.
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OUTRIDERS Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video introduces the First City environment from OUTRIDERS, People Can Fly's upcoming co-op first person shooter. The 4K trailer is part of Episode 1 of the OUTRIDERS Broadcast, debuting a monthly show that will run until the game is released for this year's holidays. Word is: "Watch the inaugural Outriders #Broadcast, titled “Built for the Core” and see brand new, in-depth gameplay playthrough from an unseen area of the game, deepdives into gameplay features, QA with the team and a spotlight on one of Outriders four character classes – The Trickster." Here's more on the videos and the game:
Seen through the lens of drop-in co-op, the First City gameplay reveals never-before-seen Pyromancer powers, brand-new, hyper-evolved creatures, information on the OUTRIDERS World Tier system, a look at an immersive new environment and more.

Set in an all-new, dark sci-fi world, OUTRIDERS is a true genre hybrid that combines the depth and story of an RPG and the intensity of third-person shooter combat with awe-inspiring powers. Deep character progression and itemization allow for a wide variety of creative class builds, and evolve People Can Fly’s trademark over-the-top, skill-based gameplay to create a brutal RPG-shooter experience.
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Warhammer: Chaosbane Gets Free Tower of Chaos Update

A new Tower of Chaos update is now live on Steam for Warhammer: Chaosbane, adding an infinite tower game mode to the Windows version of this fantasy action adventure. The game is also currently on sale for 60% off as part of the Skulls for the Skull Throne 4 Sale. Here are the Tower of Chaos Patch Notes and here's a Tower of Chaos Trailer. Here's an overview of the new patch:
We hope you're ready to take on the challenge offered by the Tower of Chaos, the newest game mode in Warhammer: Chaosbane. The premise is simple, the higher you climb, the better the reward, and tougher the challenge. If you fail, then you'll be walking away with nothing but a bruised ego. The tower is accessible after you've cleared the Act 2.

There's a lot of other things included in this patch, changes to Boss Rush and Relic Hunt, a new currency called Morrisleb coins, balance tweaks, and much more. So make sure you read on for the full patch notes.
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Spacebase Startopia in October; Closed Beta for Preorders Today

Kalypso Media announces an October 23rd official release date for Spacebase Startopia, their upcoming construction management sim set in space, where no one can hear you talk smack about the Cardassians. Those who preorder the game will not have to wait that long for a first taste, however, as a closed beta begins today for customers who pre-purchase through the Kalypso Store. There are a choice of two versions, a standard edition of the base game and beta access, and an Expanded Edition which includes in-game items and a digital soundtrack. A new video shows off gameplay and answers seven stellar questions about the project. Here's word on the game:
In Spacebase Startopia, players will carve out their own little space in the universe, ready to become a galactic utopia – if your management skills are up to the task. With three different game modes and a vast amount of management decisions to be made under the watchful eye of the VAL, the station’s sardonic AI, there’s plenty of in-depth gameplay waiting for new and seasoned players alike. But beware of invading Space Pirates, who will do their best to ruin your carefully laid plans!

Spacebase Startopia offers a constant stream of challenging and addictive objectives to be completed, served up with the distinctive humour and sharp writing that developer Realmforge Studios is known for. Just ask VAL if you don’t believe us! But, uh – ask nicely.
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Green Man Gaming Celebrates 10th Birthday with New Community Site

A new Green Man Gaming Community Platform is now online, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the digital game retailer with an effort to "improve interaction and enhance the user experience." Here's an outline of what's new and different:
New features of the improved platform include:

  • Clean User Interface
    A new design with menus and features designed to be more intuitive - users can now view the latest blog content in the community home page, making it easier to keep up to date with all GMG content in one place.
  • Fully Customisable Homepage
    Users are now able to tailor their experience to their personal preferences through carefully curated sub-forums, subscribing to content that they are interested in. Custom backgrounds are also available based on the games the user owns.
  • Keep Up with Conversations
    Members can easily track all the conversations they are involved in with the new ‘My Activity’ view.
  • No More Spoilers
    A new spoiler tag system has been implemented so users can freely talk about that crazy ending without ruining anything for others.
  • Search Functionality
    A new keyword search that allows users to instantly find all the conversations on a specific game or topic easily

Hunter's Arena: Legends Early Access in July

Developer Mantisco announces a July 15th Early Access date for Hunter's Arena: Legends, their MOBA/RPG. Word is: "The regular edition of the game will include 12 playable characters, 3 limited-edition cosmetic skins and 5 dance emotes. Final pricing will be announced soon." They also say several public stress tests will take place between now and then, and those who want to participate should sign up for free on this page. Here's more on the game and the success it has already met with in Asia:
Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Hunter’s Arena: Legends represents a unique blend of elements, borrowing elements from MMO dungeons and raids, abilities and progression systems from the MOBA genre and the complex combat mechanics of fighting games. All of these aspects are combined in a massive PvE/PvP hybrid Battle Royale scenario, set in a gorgeous world of traditional eastern martial arts fantasy.

In Hunter’s Arena: Legends, players must formulate strategies while thinking on their feet in four different playmodes, including Battle Royale for solo players and teams of three, 1-on-1 Tag Matches and a brand new four-player Free For All mode launching later in Early Access.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends has been a hit with players in Korea, Taiwan and Japan during its previous closed betas. Over 20,000 Twitch viewers have tuned in to watch the action. With this coming Early Access release, Mantisco aims to make a splash worldwide.

CAMEO: CCTV Detective Spied

Tommy, how's the Peeping? Well it just got a little better with the release of CAMEO: CCTV Detective on Steam. This Windows game allows you to get in touch with your inner voyeur as well as your inner detective, tasking you to solve crimes remotely through the use of closed-circuit video footage. This Reveal Trailer shows examples of what to expect with nary a zoom and enhance moment to be found. Read on to survey some details of this celebration of the surveillance state:
A typical assignment in CAMEO starts with you on foot, you must head to crime scenes to find the cameras to use in the investigations, along with clues that may help identify the culprit. Once these have been found it is off to the Police Station to scour through the footage. Objectives are given to our player through emails, these emails will give you extra information on what may have happened at a crime scene, along with what to look for in the CCTV footage. These can range from finding a Vehicle License Plate number to identifying where a suspect disappeared to.

The Computer that acts as the main hub for our crime solving detective is filled with other software to keep you amused too, including a fully working Internet Brower (that is bookmarked to a website called ‘Detective Dating’), and everchanging mini games to play.
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Retrograde Arena Early Access

Early Access to Retrograde Arena is now available on Steam, offering an online twin-stick shooter with retro vector graphics. The Early Access Trailer takes a look at this in action, and the description explains how this is a visit to bullet hell where the bullets don't kill, the walls do:
Today, Freemergency Studio and Another Indie are pleased to announce that Retrograde Arena, an evolved stylish physics-based twin-stick shooter, is launching today for PC! Retrograde, weapons don't kill, but the environment does! Awarded with the Rising Star (most anticipated game to be released by a new game studio) and Best Innovation Awards in the Southeast Asia Game Awards 2019, Retrograde Arena completely reimagines the twin-stick formula with dynamic movement enhanced by weapon recoil.

Guns aren’t just for attack, they are for speed, dodging, sharp corners, and brutal counter-attacks. Weapon recoil, bouncing beams, and environmental (deadly hazards) awareness make Retrograde Arena an entirely new kind of competitive multiplayer experience. Dripping with gorgeous neon and thrumming with powerful synth-wave tunes, Retrograde Arena also captures 80’s vibes and puts players in various battles for dominance!
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Op Ed

  • PC Gamer - The Assassin's Creed series has failed its best idea.
    "In other words, if they were a goodie, they were in league with the Assassins, and if they were a baddie, they were backed by the Templars. Except not only are real people never actually straightforward goodies or baddies, this categorisation is made regardless of how their political beliefs might actually have aligned with either secret society. Surely more interesting—and accurate—tales would come out of looking at which historical figures fought for order and peace through strong rule, and which favoured individual freedom and responsibility, regardless of where they fall on a hazy moral spectrum? Wouldn't the Assassin-Templar war be far more compelling if it stuck to a foundation beyond 'stealthy murderers are good, kings and businessmen are evil'?"

Out of the Blue

Just caught wind of The GAMES made of CARDBOARD YouTube Channel where the creator is working on a video of Final DOOM using miniature sets and characters made from cardboard. He did a live stream of some shooting this morning, so hopefully we'll see this soonish. Here are some of the making of clips to show off what he's up to: DOOM made of CARDBOARD - All my props, DOOM levels made of CARDBOARD - Part 5, and Final DOOM!

Obituary: R.I.P. Anthony James.

Cardboard Links
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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