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Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020

Get Child of Light for Free

Ubisoft is currently offering the Windows edition of Child of Light for free via Uplay. This is yours to keep as long as you grab your copy before 9:00 am EDT on Saturday, March 28th. Here's a trailer from back when this RPG first launched, and here's word on the giveaway from Ubisoft:
From March 24 at 6AM PT - March 28 at 6AM PT, Child of Light will be available for free to download and keep on PC via Uplay. Set in the fantastical, watercolored world of Lemuria, Child of Light stars Aurora, a princess on a quest to save her kingdom with the help of a mystical companion named Igniculus. Throughout her journey, Aurora will recruit a colorful cast of allies to join her in the fight, confront enemies in turn-based combat, upgrade her team's skills and gear to take on bigger challenges, and solve puzzles to progress through the world.
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Endless Legend Free Week

Endless Legend - Emperor Edition is free-to-play on Steam through March 30th, offering the chance to check out this fantasy-themed 4X strategy game for Windows and macOS. The game is also on sale for 75% off if you want to pick it up, and for those who do own it, Amplitude is offering the Guardians expansion pack for free through Games2Gether. There's more on the plan in this post:
With everything that’s happening in the world, we know many of you are working from home or are otherwise cooped up inside. Games are a great way to spend some time with your friends and stay in touch, so many of you have been asking us about our next game, Humankind. As much as we’d love to share that with you, it’s still a bit too early!

Instead, we’re giving you the next best thing: Endless Legend is free to play for a week!

If you are a fan of the Endless franchise, now is a great time to introduce your friends to the games and universe you love! If you’ve played Endless Space but never tried Endless Legend, now is your chance to visit Auriga! And if you are new to the Endless universe or just waiting for Humankind, now is your chance to dive into our previous terrain-based strategy game!
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Outer Wilds Joins Steam in June

Outer Wilds now has a Steam Listing, showing this open-world, outer space action/adventure will escape The Epic Games Store's gravity on June 18th. As for Fig backers, Mobius Digital promised they will receive keys for both the Epic Games Store and Steam. Here's a refresher on what to expect for those who've been holding out for this one:
Welcome to the Space Program!
You're the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space program searching for answers in a strange, constantly evolving solar system.

Mysteries of the Solar System...
What lurks in the heart of the ominous Dark Bramble? Who built the alien ruins on the Moon? Can the endless time loop be stopped? Answers await you in the most dangerous reaches of space.

A World That Changes Over Time
The planets of Outer Wilds are packed with hidden locations that change with the passage of time. Visit an underground city of before it's swallowed by sand, or explore the surface of a planet as it crumbles beneath your feet. Every secret is guarded by hazardous environments and natural catastrophes.
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Call of Duty Updates Delayed

Infinity Ward tweets that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone updates mentioned earlier is being delayed (thanks Charlie INTEL). Here's the deal:
Tonight’s scheduled title update is being delayed and is set to release in the coming days. This update includes our new Operator, Talon, new free modes, and our next free multiplayer map, Khandor Hideout. Please stay tuned for more details and updates on release timing!

AI War 2: The Spire Arises Rises

The spire has arisen with the release of The Spire Arises, the first expansion for AI War 2, Arcen's Windows, macOS, and Linux real-time grand strategy sequel. You can see this in action in this trailer and pick it up on Steam. The add-on comes with new items and two new major factions, and it is accompanied by changes to the base game. Word is: "AI War 2 grows even larger with this new massive expansion, bringing this plus the base game roughly on par with the amount of content in AI War Classic plus its first four expansions. But that downplays the fact that we’re really emphasizing quality over quantity, despite the sheer scope of things." The patch notes have all the brevity of a Russian novel, so this just represents a small portion of them:
In addition to some new capturables, turrets, and other ships that are available in any game once this expansion is installed, there are two major new factions. The Scourge is your greatest foe, the smartest and most dangerous sub-group of the AI. The Fallen Spire is your greatest ally, providing you with unprecedented firepower.

You can use both factions, either, or neither in your campaigns as you wish. Thanks to lobby customization options, you can even force the Scourge to be your ally against other foes, if you prefer.
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Anno 1800: The Seat of Power Released

The Seat of Power is now available for Anno 1800, offering the first DLC for Season 2 of the historical strategy game. In keeping with many of this evening's new add-ons, this also comes with improvements for the base game. This can be picked up through the Ubisoft Store or the Epic Games Store and you can read on for word on what this brings to the table:
Today, Ubisoft announced that Anno 1800™, the latest installment in the successful city-building and strategic franchise, is releasing the first DLC of the Season 2 Pass: Seat of Power, on Windows PC. In addition, all Anno 1800 players will benefit from a free update optimizing the influence system.

Seat of Power will allow players to construct a magnificent palace, establishing it as the heart of their industrial empire. The palace will have a profound impact on life in their capital. The building will house several departments giving access to passive bonuses and policies to boost the city’s economy. The palace consists of one main building and a variety of modules which players will be able to choose different styles for.

In addition, a free update for all Anno 1800 players releases today, which will impact the influence system. Three separate difficulty tiers will be added to the system, meaning players will now be able to choose the amount of influence they want to earn. The change is also possible for existing save games.
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Killing Floor 2 Gets New Map and Weapons

A new free Neon Nightmares update is now available on Steam for Killing Floor 2, kicking off a new event that adds new weapons and a new map to Tripwire Interactive's zed-infested first-person shooter for Windows. As noted here, they are also offering double XP for the next week along with a quadruple drop-rate and a half-off sale on select in-game items. This post has a new trailer along with all the details on the Neon Nightmares update. Here's a bit:
Neon Nightmares

  • Liven up the night and make it bright with the Neon Nightmares update! Check out our new Cyber Rave cosmetic lineup that will be sure to light up any Zed party you throw! Take a trip down the multiple levels of Biolapse and take advantage of its layouts and traps to give those pesky Zeds a run for their own dosh. Want to impress your friends by throwing them the best Zed-killing soiree? Horzine has just the thing for you! Try the new HRG Incendiary Rifle and Compound Bow. They’ll surely bring the heat and the freeze. Party long and hard on the killing floor!
  • Event Ends on 4 / 21 / 2020
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Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition Launches

The Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition is now available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and consoles, and the PC editions can be found on and Steam. This is a tactical roguelike RPG with card combat, and the addition of the game's two DLC packs along with the most recent updates are what make the new edition so darned definitive. There is also a new update for owners of the original game even if they don't own any DLC, and what this adds is also covered in the following details:
The Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition is now available on Steam! The Definitive version includes the base Deep Sky Derelicts game together with its two DLCs - New Prospects and Station Life - for the price of 24,99 USD / 24,99 EUR. Since its Early Access launch, the game has been expanded and enhanced with fresh content and multiple new features, which now creates a perfect moment to get the game in case you haven't done so already.

Also, for those of you who already own the game, the new update that came out today will enhance your DSD experience. Even if you don't own the DLCs, you will still get a number of base game features and elements updated, including:
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On Sale

Call of Duty: Warzone Adds New Operator, and Weapons

The Activision Blog offers a new Call of Duty Overview Video along with details on a new map coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and a new operator, and four new weapons coming today to Call of Duty: Warzone, their free-to-play battle royale shooter. Update: Clarified the map is actually for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (thanks Sepharo). Here's the rundown:
Experience a new battleground with Khandor Hideout. This medium-sized map in Urzikistan supports 6v6 play and has long sight lines and interior spaces to complement diverse combat ranges. The large centrally located warehouse is a hub of activity and haven for CQB players. Hunt down your enemies and be wary of marksmen firing down lanes in Khandor Hideout. This new map is available tomorrow, so ready up to jump in and play.

A new Operator joins the Coalition – Talon. Talon comes alongside his fierce dog Indiana that’s also ready for combat. Indiana's skills are on display in Talon’s Finishing Move, one of many items in Talon’s bundle. The bundle also includes two Legendary weapon blueprints and two tier skips! Visit the Store this week and get the Talon bundle, available tomorrow, to jump into a Multiplayer match or drop into Warzone with this new Operator.
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2 Adds Sam Fisher; Free Weekend Coming

Ubisoft announces the launch of Deep State, episode two of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, adding new missions and Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher to the tactical shooter. This trailer offers a look at the new episode for Season Pass holders. Here's the overview from the description: "Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2, titled Deep State, launches with a mysterious new adventure and new options that can fundamentally change how you play the game. New classes, the ability to play without gear score, and Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher have all arrived on the drone-infested Auroa archipelago, and we’re here to give you a look at just how deep this state goes." The Deep State Trailer explains more, and touts a free weekend for the game that kicks off on Thursday: "Fight alongside Sam Fisher in a new Splinter Cell adventure coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Play the first mission free and customize your gameplay with the new Ghost Experience - available March 24! Play FREE this weekend starting March 26." Deep State comes alongside a new version 2.0 title update for the base game with a bunch of changes and new features. These include what they call the Ghost Experience, which is further detailed here and the complete patch notes can be found in this post. Here's a bit:

  • Introducing the brand-new Ghost Experience! Pick one of our pre-selected settings or modify parameters to create the unique experience you want. Right when you boot up the game, you will be able to choose from two preset options or build your own combination:
    • Regular Experience: Play Ghost Recon Breakpoint the way it was released, with gear level and tiered loot.
    • Immersive Experience: A brand-new experience of the game that removes gear level and tiered loot entirely, and offers new tactical options.
    • Custom Experience: Choose your own selection of settings to create a personalized fit.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of community-requested settings, such as stamina management, health regen, new HUD settings, and more!

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Valve on Modding VR Out of Half-Life: Alyx

The big Half-Life interview on talks with game designer Robin Walker and level designer Corey Peters about Half-Life: Alyx and Valve in general. As the title of the piece indicates, this is a wide-ranging conversation. One topic of interest that comes up is a question about how they would feel if modders removed the VR requirement from the new game, which Robin interestingly says he would welcome:
I so want them to do that! I'm so excited to see that! There are a lot of people on the team who have asked this question many times. It's going to happen, and I can't wait. To some extent, everything we just described is about what does VR as a platform and experience bring to the table? And if that is not significant, then it's not interesting? We believe it's significant and interesting. And there's no better way than to play this game in non VR, I think, than to experience that. Of course, a bunch of people on the team probably will be super unhappy with me because they're worried about this. But we can't stop them. I think it would be a lot of work.

Bleeding Edge Drips Out

Bleeding Edge is now available for Windows on Steam, offering the new online brawler from Ninja Theory. Xbox Live's Major Nelson announces the Jeannie is out of the bottle, and that this is also now available for Windows 10 and Xbox One as an Xbox Play Anywhere release and for subscribers to their Xbox Game Pass for PC. These patch notes outline what's new in the launch version for those who participated in the game's technical alpha testing. Here's the Launch Trailer and here's a description of the game:
Grab your team and tear it up in Bleeding Edge, an electrifying online brawler where every fighter comes mechanically enhanced for mayhem!

Choose your fighter from a diverse cast of colourful characters from the edges of society: burn rubber as bold and beautiful Buttercup with her detachable saw blade arms, wreak havoc as Black-Metal rocker Niđhöggr with his electrifying guitar solos or slash up the streets as Daemon, New York’s most wanted assassin.
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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Adds Free Map

A new free update is now available on Steam for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, launching chapter three of Curse of Drachenfels. This includes three missions and a new map to Fatshark's first-person melee action game, which is currently on sale for 75% off. This post on Steam has a screenshot of the new map, along with complete patch notes on the update. Here's word:
You can now play the third and final Chapter of the Curse of Drachenfels, Enchanter’s Lair on PC. This update consists of three new missions in total, is part of Season 2 and is free for all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2. You can find more information about Season 2 here.

You’ve seen him before. Now go get him, heroes! You can read more about Nurgloth the Eternal here.

Patch Notes
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Save Your Nuts Next Month

Though it sounds like a counterpoint to Ow My Balls, Save Your Nuts will bring a "chaotic" arena party game when it officially launches out of Early Access for Windows on April 16th. In the meantime, the game's Steam Listing now includes an updated playable demo for you to sample saving your nuts right now. Here's word:
We have been working hard this year and we are happy to announce that we are going to leave early access to fully release Save Your Nuts on Steam and consoles on April 16th, 2020!

The update will feature:

  • A new intro cinematic explaining the context of this nutty competition
  • 2 new arenas with new gameplay styles (soccer and basketball)
  • 2 new bonus items available when digging on red crosses
  • Lots of bug fixes (especially for online multiplayer) and visual quality improvements

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Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is an action/adventure/RPG in the works at Render Cube to be published on Steam by Toplitz Productions. This was unveiled at last year's Gamescom and with it expected to be released into Early Access this year, they are now rolling out details. They recently released a new logo and some artwork as well as several videos: A Kick off Trailer, an Alpha Gameplay trailer on IGN, and a new First Look video. Here's word on the newest clip: "In today’s update video, you will get a peek behind the scenes as the game’s development team gives you a deeper look at what’s in store for players and how they’ve built the game’s immersive world. If that’s not enough, the video also features new gameplay footage — so you can get a look at the first steps you’ll take in-game as a commoner who is looking to make their mark in the world; from creating a home to building a homestead, and later, expanding into a thriving medieval town." Here's more on the game:
A mysterious land ruled by nobles and the clergy, where trade between the nations has introduced not only prosperity, but envy, greed, and distrust, awaits those who embark on their journey in Medieval Dynasty. Use the ever-changing landscape to turn your small plot of land into a home, a village, and a kingdom that will stand the test of time, as you and your descendants create a dynasty to rule for generations to come!

Begin with the simple life, by farming, hunting, and foraging, as you build a home for your family. Entice others to live near and work for you, build your home, a village, and ultimately a thriving city where your dynasty will reign for generations.

A massive medieval open 3D world awaits…grab your ax, hammer, or hunting bow –– and craft your legacy!
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Morning Crowdfunding

  • Arkade Blaster - The FPS Motion Controller - Indiegogo. "Players simply clip their iOS or Android phone into the Arkade Motion Blaster and connect to their favorite PC or mobile games for heart-pounding point-and-shoot gameplay in hundreds of games including nearly all of today’s top titles."

Out of the Blue

Amid the distressing general health news lately, we got upsetting specific news about one of our own here last night. Long-time forum participant Prez suffered a stroke he described as "a bad one," but beyond that we are still waiting to learn more. There are a lot of us keeping you in our thoughts right now Prez, and we are very hopeful you can make a swift and complete recovery.

Obituary: "Asterix" Writer Albert Uderzo Dies.

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