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Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020

Warcraft III: Reforged Released

Warcraft III: Reforged is now available in the Blizzard Shop, offering the eagerly anticipated updated version of Warcraft III, a real-time strategy classic. This offers the epic story, 60+ campaigns, and multiplayer action of the original, along with rebalanced gameplay. This is all enhanced by reimagined 4K visuals, which can be toggled off if you want more of the original experience. This post has the news and a new video showing off the updates. Here's more:
The cries of war echo upon the winds…

Warcraft III: Reforged—the re-creation of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne—is now available worldwide.

Experience over 60 single-player missions across Azeroth and beyond, command four powerful races from Warcraft lore, bask in the updated visuals and rebalanced real-time-strategy gameplay—and then dominate the online battlefields on!

Heroes arise to challenge fate…
If you haven’t done so already, you can get the standard edition of Warcraft III: Reforged digitally from the Blizzard Shop— The upgraded Spoils of War Edition also includes a host of extras as well as in-game bonuses for other Blizzard titles.

…and lead their brethren to battle
Whether you’re new to Warcraft III or real-time strategy games, need a quick lore recap, or simply want an inside look at the making of Warcraft III’s stunning revamped units, we’ve got you covered.

The world stands upon the brink of destruction... for the reign of chaos has come again. Rise, hero, and experience pivotal events in Azeroth’s history like never before. We’ll see you on the battlefield.
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Rockstar Celebrates GTA5 and RDR2 with Giveaway

Rockstar Games announces both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 have broken sales records. They say Grand Theft Auto V is the best-selling game of the past decade, while Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Best-Selling Game of the Past Four Years. To celebrate they are giving away some goodies to players of each game, including some virtual currency:
To celebrate these milestones, Rockstar Games will be offering huge bonuses to players in both games starting this week:

GTA Online will feature bonus cash of up to GTA$2,000,000 in its biggest cash giveaway yet. Starting on January 30, players can earn GTA$1,000,000 simply by playing before February 5 and will be able to earn another GTA$1,000,000 by playing between February 6 and February 12.

Red Dead Online players will receive a series of gifts including free access to select roles, special role item giveaways and more, including:

  • The Gunslinger’s Cache: Play between January 28 and February 3 to get a Free Schofield Revolver, a Reward for 1 Free Varmint Rifle and The Devastating Ammo Bundle
  • The Bounty Hunter’s Kit: Play between February 4 and February 10 to get a Reward for a Free Bounty Hunter license, 25 x Bolas, and a 25 x Tracking Arrows.

Phoenix Labs Goes to Sea

Sea announces the acquisition of Phoenix Labs by Garena the Singapore-based internet company's entertainment arm. Here's word on the new home of Phoenix Labs, developer of Dauntless:
Sea Limited (NYSE: SE) (“Sea” or the “Company”), a leading global consumer internet company, today announced that its digital entertainment arm, Garena, has acquired Phoenix Labs, an acclaimed independent games development company and the studio behind the popular cross-platform co-op action RPG, Dauntless. The teams intend to work together to continue building Phoenix Labs’ world-class development team, supporting the growth of Dauntless, and exploring new opportunities in global markets and on mobile. The transaction closed in recent days.
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The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Released

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is now officially available on and Steam, offering an action/horror game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This features a new protagonist, and publisher Headup and developer Devespresso reassure us that new players do not have to be familiar with the story from the original The Coma: Recut to enjoy the sequel. The game was previously in Early Access, but all game data is being reset, while Early Access customers are being rewarded with an artbook and the game's soundtrack. Here's the Launch Trailer, and here's word:
The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters continues the dark and sinister adventure from The Coma: Recut with players journeying beyond the deserted Sehwa High School and into the surrounding district. Featuring vibrant, hand-illustrated visuals by Minho Kim combined with a nightmare-fuelled story of a relentless slasher by T. L. Riven, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters precariously balances the urgency of exploration with the need for survival. Set in a distinctly Korean environment, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters explores universal themes of friendship, bullying and the pressure to achieve academically.
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Star Trek Online Launches Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek Online first launched back in February 2010, kicking off an MMORPG based on the cult sci-fi television and film series. Now to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, as well as the of the new Star Trek: Picard series, Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announce the launch of Star Trek: Legacy, offering new content from the rich history of the franchise. They get things started with two new featured episodes, starring Seven of Nine and Michael Burnham, voiced by Jeri Ryan and Sonequa Martin-Green, respectively. Here's a Launch Trailer, and here are more details:
Our 10th Anniversary is here, and the Legacy begins. Star Trek Online: Legacy is live right now! Cryptic Studios is over the moon to present our Tenth Anniversary Celebration to our fans on PC starting today, and on Xbox One and Playstation 4 March 3rd. We’re excited to share all of the content in Legacy with you, some of which you’ve known about, some of which is brand new.

First up, a brand new, two part episode, The Measure of Morality. This episode returns Captains to Excalbia, from the Original Series episode “The Savage Curtain.” The Excalbians have decided to put on another test of Good and Evil, and your characters will play a major part in it. But you won’t be alone. Returning to the game for the first time since Delta Rising, Jeri Ryan portrays a Seven of Nine that’s different from any we’ve seen before. And for the first time ever, Sonequa Martin-Green joins the cast to bring Michael Burnham to life! These episodes are a love letter to the past and future of Star Trek Online, and we think you’ll love this jaunt down memory lane.
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Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics Demo

A playable demo for Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a sample of this roguelike turn-based strategy game. This is also intended to help support the game's Indigogo campaign, which is expected to get underway next month. Here's a previously released trailer showing off the game, and here's some information:
The spaceship is disabled, the aliens have boarded and killed everyone in sight. Help isn’t coming, and it’s all on you to take up the roll of the hero, stop the aliens, and save the day. Only one problem; you aren’t a hero. You don’t have a badass suit of power armor, or a big gun, or even a crowbar. You are the ship’s IT guy -- and right now -- you’re locked in your office armed with nothing but a computer, 3D printer, and a hand full of janitor bots that you've hastily reprogrammed for combat. Your only hope of survival is to send your bots out to explore the ruined ship, find vital resources and upgrades, and build a force strong enough to take back control of the ship. Only then can you get the engines back online and warp to safety. Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics is a turn-based strategy roguelike about fighting off an army of aliens with jury rigged robots. If that idea appeals to you, you’re probably in the right place.
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Bonfire Demo

The Steam Listing for Bonfire now includes a playable demo for this turn-based tactical RPG for Windows and macOS that's expected in Early Access later this year. Developer/publisher MoaCube calls this a lengthy free preview of the game, and this post has the details, explaining its scope and their expectations: "We're interested in your feedback, so the demo is pretty sizeable and contains a significant chunk of the early parts of the game (around 10% of all the present content) without limiting any features. Save files are also going to be compatible with the release version, so you'll be able to pick up where you left off once it launches." You can get a look at the game in action in this trailer, and read on for more:
MoaCube is excited to announce a lengthy free preview of their newest release, Bonfire, launches today on Steam. Bonfire is a deeply tactical RPG with a rapid battle system and heroes that care a little too much. A game of plans that go sideways, crazy builds that somehow work, quick gameplay sessions, and a cute-sad story that binds it all together.

Hildie's world has collapsed. She and her group of heroic misfits journey through a desolate world that’s well past saving. Her quest to destroy the Faceless Overlord of the Mournfolk may be hopeless, but she's kinda into lost causes.

The gloomy world of Bonfire is procedurally generated. You'll travel to really gloomy places, expand your arsenal of tactical options, meet a cast of rather odd survivors, and struggle to survive yourself. The game is designed for endless play, but its story actually goes somewhere. And yes -- there's even an ending.
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Gordian Quest Announced

Gordian Quest is a roguelike deck builder expected to come to Early Access on Steam on March 27th. Publisher and co-developer Mixed Realms promise "a unique blend of tactical combat, strategic gameplay, and boisterous animated heroes," which they show off in this trailer. Here are the details on the game to help you decide if you will Gordian Quest or Gordian not:
In Gordian Quest players will traverse through a land fraught with evil and monsters to challenge a sinister curse that has befallen it. Assembling a team of heroes, players will lead their group through challenging missions while working to forge bonds between their characters. As players progress through their tumultuous journey they’ll be able to train their team and attempt to get them to work together. They will discover bonds among the heroes which will spawn access to combo abilities unique to these relationships.

As a strategic deck builder, players in Gordian Quest will be able to choose which attributes to assign to their heroes. Each hero in Gordian Quest possesses unique class skills and playstyles. Players will have to decide how they want to train and upgrade their heroes as well as which weaponry and armor to equip in order to take on the arduous tasks that lay ahead. Featuring procedurally generated maps and dungeons, players will have to strategically react to encounters, none of which will be the same as the last.
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Journey to the Savage Planet Begins

Publisher 505 Games and developer Typhoon Entertainment announce the journey begins today for Journey to the Savage Planet, as this comedic space exploration game is now available for Windows on the Epic Games Store. This is also now out digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with both consoles to get physical editions in supported territories on Friday. The Launch Trailer (sponsored by GROB!) introduces the game and its tongue-in-cheek tone, and the announcement has the details:
Journey to the Savage Planet is an upbeat first-person adventure and exploration game set in a bright and colorful alien world. As an employee of Kindred Aerospace, players are dropped onto the uncharted planet AR-Y 26, deep in a fictitious, far-away corner of the universe. Launched with high hopes but little equipment and no real plan (or even enough fuel to return home), players are invited to explore, catalog alien flora and fauna and determine if this strange planet is fit for human habitation. This humorous return to the Golden Age of sci-fi can be played as a single-player game or with 2-player online co-op.

“Journey to the Savage Planet is a AAA passion project handcrafted by our small team,” said Alex Hutchinson, creative director, Typhoon Studios. “It’s a game about exploration and capitalism and jokes about falling down, but it’s also a hearkening back to the games we played and loved as kids, when meandering and experimenting were rewarded more than getting straight from point A to B. We hope it makes you laugh, and we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

“Typhoon Studios and Journey to the Savage Planet are a perfect fit for 505’s portfolio of creative, innovative developers and games,” said Neil Ralley, president of 505 Games. “Following in the wake of last year’s successes with Remedy’s Control and Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained, and the partnership with Kojima Productions to bring Death Stranding to PC later this year, we’re thrilled to start off 2020 strong with the global launch of ‘Savage Planet’. We’ve loved this game since the first time we saw it, and we believe players will feel the same excitement we do as they embark on their interstellar adventures.”
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Kofi Quest- Alpha MOD Released

Kofi Quest- Alpha MOD is now available for Windows on Steam, offering "a not-so-serious adventure that brings together mechanics from Action RPG and RTS games." You can get a sense of what that means in the Launch Trailer. All you need to know about this can be found in this announcement on Steam:
After more than 4 years of work, finally, the first version of Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is available on Steam. We encourage you to try our humble game, that we’ve made with endless care and being a small team of five people.

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is a not-so-serious adventure that brings together mechanics from Action RPG and RTS games. You’ll control Kofi, a weak, lazy and unlucky video game character that will be followed by a group of interesting (and pathetic) characters aiding him to live a great adventure.

This project started back in 2015, and comes from the animated episodes of Kofi, which we started in 2014 and which you can watch on YouTube for free. If you’re interested in the world of Kofi, be advised that the events in the video game take place after the animated webseries.

What does this game offer?
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Red and Blue Announced

Red and Blue is a new digital board card in the works at startup Brilliant Games and Hex Entertainment, developer of Hex: Shards of Fate. This is planned as a multiplatform offering, which is expected to first launch in Q2 for mobile. Here are some details:
In Red and Blue, you play as one of the adventurers who, after a Rift to an unknown dimension opened in your world, decided to cross it looking for glory, power and knowledge -- but there are others like you, who will do whatever it takes to obliterate their competition… The core gameplay of Red and Blue will look familiar to TCG players: two heroes, facing each other in the battlefield with creatures, spells and magical artifacts. But Red and Blue brings new layers of strategic depth to the table thanks to its area-based gameplay.

Each players’ board is divided into three areas where troops can be positioned separately – in order to reach the hero, they will have to overcome their opponent’s defenses in the same area. Also, areas can be upgraded to become more powerful temples which will be able to sustain more troops, as well as mined with traps and empowered with special artifacts. Thus, careful positioning and clever use of traps, items and counterspells will be of vital importance, creating a never-seen-before gameplay experience for Red and Blue.
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Out of the Blue

I've been kind of miserable with a bit of a cold the past couple of days, and I'm still under the weather. I first started feeling it Sunday night, and right now I think I'm feeling better than I did yesterday, and I'm hopeful this means it's a brief one. But I tend to be an optimist, so we'll have to see. We ate at a neighbor's home on Sunday, and at first I suspected I got this from one of the kids there, but I realize it showed up too quickly for that to be the case. So I'm guessing it was from one of the twins when they dropped off Jedi the Jindo for the weekend. That's because you always have to blame children for being little virus incubators, right? Anyway, those little ones are the apples of my eye, so I can't hold it against them. But I sure do hate being sick.

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