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Saturday, Dec 07, 2019

Miscreated and Havocado Free Weekends

Two more games are free to play this weekend on Steam (thanks SteamDB via Ant). One is Miscreated, a multiplayer survival game for Windows and the other is Havocado: Ragdoll Fighter, an Early Access fighting game for Windows and macOS. Here are details on each game:
Miscreated is an online multiplayer hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. After The Final War, humanity was brought to its knees and the remaining survivors cling to the remains of this unforgiving world ravaged by a mutated plague which was Miscreated in the fallout. You must survive against horrific mutants, hostile animals, other desperate survivors and even the elements.

Havocado is ragdoll physics based fighting, with guns, crazy vehicles, weird creatures and more, where mistakes have real consequences. Will you beat the other fighters and become the next champion?

Black Mesa Complete Beta

The complete beta for Black Mesa is now available for Windows and Linux on Steam, offering the first chance to play through the entire campaign in this remake of the original Half-Life (thanks RedEye9). This post has instructions on how owners can opt in to the beta along with beta patch notes. This also includes a list of known issues that explain where this currently stands:
Overall Difficulty. We suspect some parts might be too hard or too easy. We’ll be watching play throughs and taking feedback to find these issues and fix them.

Performance. We have improved performance across the game, and targeted specific areas to increase the frame rate on all machines. Even with these fixes, there are still some areas we want to improve. For now, don't be afraid to lower your settings if you are getting low frames.

Factory Breaks. We are guessing players will be able to find creative ways to break the factory maps. We don’t expect any of them to be full blockers, but we are anxious to see what players can do to these complex setups, and how we can mitigate issues.

A Plague Tale Sequel Rumor

A sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence is in the works for a release in 2022, according to an unconfirmed report on French website XboxSquad. They say this was ratted out by the head of publisher Focus Home Interactive, but we're still going to have to file this as a rumor for now based on the official statement on the subject from Focus on Eurogamer:
Focus Home Interactive and Asobo are very proud of the critical and public reception of A Plague Tale: Innocence, and the sales. We're delighted to have received a solid number of awards and nominations, including for Best Narrative at the Game Awards next week. We want to pursue our efforts to make sure the game gets even more attention from players and we will thus keep promoting that title as it deserves.

Of course, we announced last year we are partnering with Asobo for a future project but never confirmed if it was a sequel to A Plague Tale or not - and will give more details on that title when the right time comes.

Tank Maniacs Rolls Out

Tank Maniacs is now available on Steam, offering a Windows, Linux, and macOS armored combat game. This is played from a side-scrolling 2D perspective reminiscent of the Worms series, as shown in the Launch Trailer. Here's the pitch:
Developed by Hungarian studio Gamelab, Tank Maniacs perfects 4-player local multiplayer (and online multiplayer through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature) with 11 different tanks and characters, 8 distinct maps, and 4 insane PvP modes. But the fun doesn’t end there: Taking things to a whole new level, the game’s official Twitch extension allows the audience to influence the streamer’s game. The full version of Tank Maniacs also introduces some standout game modes: “Gameshow” (Twitch extras without the chat voting), and “Symmetric Showdown” (every player switches to the same tank periodically to ensure a fair playing field).
Continue here to read the full story.

Interrogation: You will be deceived Released

Interrogation: You will be deceived is now available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on, Humble Store, and Steam. This is a noir adventure that takes you down the rabbit hole of a conspiracy while tackling some weighty social issues. Here's the Release Trailer, and here are some details:
Winner of multiple Dev.Play awards and a Casual Connect Indie Prize finalist, Interrogation is a visually striking noir thriller that holds its audience captive. You must step into the gumshoes of a detective leading a squad that’s been tasked with thwarting the plans of a shadowy and powerful terrorist group known as the Liberation Front. With the clock ticking you’ll need to use the game’s realistic conversational system to interrogate and emotionally manipulate suspects, unmask the perpetrators and avert disaster.

Seeking to address socio-political issues such as radicalisation, police brutality and the power balance between the people and the authorities, Interrogation: You will be deceived makes the player question their own beliefs and position as they are questioning their suspects in this race against time. With consequences for every decision and multiple possible endings to the investigation, it’s up to the player to find their own answers - by whatever means they deem necessary.

Interrogation has players solving complex conversational puzzles and managing their investigation team. Every squad member has their own set of skills and players must learn how to utilise these to best effect if they hope to stop The Liberation Front’s next attack successfully. With the limited budget at their disposal and the next attack drawing ever nearer, players will have to make some hard choices to save the city.
Continue here to read the full story.

Out of the Blue

Today is the 78th anniversary of December 7, 1941, "a date which [sic] will live in infamy." It's probably no longer as infamous as all that, but it's still one of the more famous dates in United States history, and it's hard to overstate the historical significance of the attack that finally drew the U.S. into World War II.

Obituary: Ron Leibman, Tony Winner for ‘Angels,’ Is Dead at 82. Thanks Neutronbeam.

Infamous Links: Thanks Ant.
Science: Ultrasound treatment ‘eliminates’ prostate cancer, study finds. Thanks Max.
Media: Before the game properly loads - Weapon Spawn.
The World’s Worst Translator.
Climbing 700 m above the Abyss: Stairway to Heaven Austria.
Follow-up: Peloton Wife returns in ad for Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin.
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