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Thursday, Nov 28, 2019

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Project Titan Launches

Project Titan is now underway in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, offering a multiplayer raid in the first-person shooter, which is a first for the series. They say this will be celebrated at about 3:00 pm EST today with an in-game volcano explosion. This post has all the details on the release, while this trailer offers a look. Here's more:
Today, Ubisoft announced that Project Titan, the first raid in the franchise’s history, is available today, free for all Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint players on the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Windows PC and UPLAY+, Ubisoft’s subscription service* starting November 28. Additionally, Project Titan will be available on Stadia, the new generation gaming platform from Google, later in 2019.

Project Titan introduces a four-player raid, which will test the teamwork and ability of the most experienced players as they take on the game’s toughest end-game challenge and face the most advanced Skell Technology drones, The Titans.

Project Titan takes place on Golem Island, an entirely new location off the coast of Auroa featuring unique environments full of sulfur, ashes and an active volcano. A faction of Wolves, called the Red Wolves, have taken over the island and refactored the AI to work on new lethal prototype drones. Ghosts will need to gather intel to find these drones and push their skills to the limit to take them down.
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No Man's Sky Synthesis Update Live

The No Man's Sky Website has details on the Synthesis update mentiond yesterday, saying this is now live in Hello Games' space exploration game. This updates the game to version 2.2, and these patch notes have all the specifics. Here's the overview:
It’s strange to think that it’s only been a few months since we released Beyond, our largest and most ambitious update for No Man’s Sky. That update now feels so integral that it’s hard to remember a time before you could experience the game in VR, milk an alien creature, or visit the Space Anomaly to group up with other explorers on multiplayer missions.

Since then, the pace hasn’t let up. While the team has continued to dream up content for the next steps of our ongoing journey, we’ve also listened to the voices in the community to help shape a more immediate update. We’ve taken your feedback, combined it with our own, and put together a set of polish and quality of life fixes that we are calling the Synthesis update.

Thanksgiving feels like the right time for this release. Thank you, everyone, for supporting this game that means so much to us. Your passion is an essential part of this journey.

Synthesis launches on all platforms today, free for all existing players. This update is intended to bring a number of meaningful improvements to the moment-to-moment experience of playing No Man’s Sky, and also to broaden the end-game possibilities for our most veteran players. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to bringing you more features and content for the game soon.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea Next Week

SCS Software announces that the new Road to the Black Sea expansion will arrive on December 5th in Euro Truck Simulator 2, adding new maps to the transportation simulation. Here's a new trailer with a look, and here's word on what to expect:
Road to the Black Sea will bring three new European regions to Euro Truck Simulator 2. Drivers will be able to expand their company and deliver to the countries of Romania, known for the forested region of Transylvania and the surrounding Carpathian Mountain range, Bulgaria with its diverse terrain and Black Sea coastline, and the Trakya region of Turkey which is the gateway to Europe's largest city, Istanbul.

From large cities to small humble villages in the countrysides, truckers will also be able to drive on roads which lead to scenic coastlines alongside the Black Sea. These regions also offer a large variety of industries for players to deliver to and from; including farms, logistics companies, mining and steel industries.

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Horizon Chase Turbo Gets Free Rookie DLC

New Rookie Series DLC is now available for free on Steam for Horizon Chase Turbo, the arcade racing game for Windows, Linux, and macOS. As shown in the Launch Trailer, this will help introduce new drivers to the game:
The new campaign is directed at young and inexperienced players, as it will teach the game basics in a welcoming environment, where they can evolve at their own pace. With no leaderboards, collectible coins nor fuel management, the DLC lets players focus on learning the main aspects of racing.


  • A brand new Rookie car
  • 24 selected races from the World Tour Mode (2 races per location)
  • 12 cars racing in each track with a less aggressive AI (World Tour has 20 cars in each race)
  • No leaderboards, collectible coins nor fuel management
  • Finishing a race in any position unlocks the next track
  • By finishing every race, the player gets a Golden Driver’s License
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A big Black Friday sale is now underway on, where they are offering up to 90% off on over 2000 DRM-free titles between now and December 3rd. Here's a rundown on some of the discounts:
Start this year’s holiday shopping season without leaving your home. The Black Friday Sale on GOG.COM starts with a surprise batch of Flash Deals and brings you over 2000 deals up to -90% for digital games free from the constraints of DRM.

Stay up to date with the latest hits and trends in indie gaming by grabbing some of the hottest recent releases on discount, including:

  • Disco Elysium (-20%)
  • Blasphemous (-20%)
  • Crying Suns (-20%)
  • Void Bastards (-20%)
  • Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (-20%)
  • Daymare: 1998 (-30%)
  • My Friend Pedro (-30%)
  • Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones (-15%)
  • Devil's Hunt (-50%)

Other notable deals include even more excellent games released this year, popular bestsellers, and fan-favorite classics, including:

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Out of the Blue

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating the occasion. As usual, I sincerely hope you have lots to be thankful for whether or not this is a holiday for you. I certainly have lots to appreciate, including the fact that you are reading these words and helping make this site what it is. On a related note, I am always immensely grateful to Frans for his tireless help in keeping things rolling here, but this year in particular Frans' and Kxmode's incredible efforts at implementing our ongoing responsive redesign deserve particular recognition. I cannot thank either of them enough. Their work continues, and Frans has been knocking himself out preparing a version 4.02 update that should roll out very soon with additional tweaks and improvements. So there. Thanks for your participation and thanks to Kxmode and Frans. I don't know what I'd do without all of you.

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