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Saturday, Sep 28, 2019 National Voter Registration Day (USA)

Epic Games Store September Update Plans

Epic Games offers a September Feature Update for the Epic Games Store outlining the next steps for the Epic Games Store. These include new library view options, improved patch sizes, the addition of playtime tracking, support for bundles, and more. They also look beyond these immediate plans to outline other upcoming features such as a new storefront, an in-game overlay, and more. Here's more on that:
NEW Storefront
A new store and browsing experience, including curated collections. You'll be able to see what games are trending, filter by genre, and more, so that you can find games you'll love faster and easier than before.

Epic Games Overlay - Checkout
We're creating an in-game overlay. It'll be a while before it's fully realized but our thoughts here are centered around giving you ways to interact with your Epic Games store (e.g. library, social, etc.) while in-game.

Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape Early Access

Steam News announces that Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape has escaped Early Access and is now officially available for Windows. This comes with a 34% launch discount and an additional limited time offer: For the next week, purchasers will receive a second copy of the game to give away as they see fit. Here's word on this zombie-infested, multiplayer action game:
Welcome to Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape! We've played a lot of Zombie Escape-style mods, and wanted to make something standalone, and on a large scale. Up to 20 players spawn in a large world. One of them gets randomly infected, and has to spread the infection turning everyone into zombies. The human players desperately try to escape on a train through an onslaught of what seems like endless zombie hordes.

  • First standalone ‘Zombie Mod’ on a massive scale
  • Unique co-op experience with ad-hoc teams, vehicles, a large open world, and a train
  • Distinctive art style & game atmosphere

We brought the unique ZOMBIE MOD experience into a standalone game
Imagine CS zombie mod infused with the DNA of a large-scale open world shooter, set in a post-soviet ghost town. And trains. We like trains.

Playing as a Human

  • Loot: Find gear in abandoned houses
  • Cooperate: Work with teammates to survive
  • Fight: Kill zombies with anything you have

Playing as a Zombie

  • Resurrect: Respawn instantly at the location of your choosing
  • Hunt: Find the humans hiding around the map
  • Annihilate: Infect everyone!

Infinity: Battlescape Early Access

Early Access to Infinity: Battlescape is now available on Steam (thanks DSOGaming), four years after the Kickstarter for this multiplayer space combat simulation, and 15 years after it was originally conceived. The Official Steam Trailer offers a look at gameplay, and here's word on the game:
Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space-combat game taking place across a massive, true-to-scale procedurally generated star system that is 100% seamless (no loading screens). Multiple corporate factions are fighting for control of a solar system in a war involving hundreds of players, potentially more than a thousand per-server ( without instancing ), that can last from hours to days. Coordinate with other players to destroy enemy infrastructure around strategic locations, referred to as Battlescape's, across a wide range of gorgeous environments including barren moons, gas giants, volcanic planets, asteroid rings, and more.

Participate in space and planetary battles of massive proportions like those seen in movies such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Serenity. It's not unusual in Battlescape to hop from battle to battle, some of them involving hundreds of ships. Climb the competitive ladder, gain ranks, and complete side missions to support the war effort in your own way.

Earn credits to upgrade and customize your ships, mount better weapons and equipment to give yourself an edge over your opponents.
Continue here to read the full story.

Hardware Reviews

  • KFA2 GeForce RTX 2070 Super EX Gamer Black Graphics Card on Guru3D.
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Z Graphics Card: Quietest RTX 2070 on TweakTown.
  • Philips UpBeat SHB2505 Wireless Earbuds on LanOC Reviews.
  • SK Hynix Gold S31 SATA 1TB SSD on Christ Centered Gamer.
  • Synology DiskStation DS1019+ 5-Bay NAS Server on Big Bruin.


Out of the Blue

I've been wondering when to expect my friends the ducks to start migrating south after a summer spent on the pond near the BlueTower. For most of them the answer appears to be now. Until now, every day the group that came over to our patio for a little oatmeal treat numbered as many as 25, and rarely dipped below the core group of 13 of them. Today, however, there were but four of them, three males and a female. I remember being told that not all ducks actually migrate, but a little digging on the Internet suggests that they do, so it sounds like these four will be leaving before long too. I'll miss them, but am certainly happy that they won't have to suffer a harsh northeastern winter. I hope I am correct in imagining some of them will return to the same spot next year. I guess this means the swans will be leaving soon... their offspring gets whiter all the time, so I assume he's molting his baby feathers to make the long flight.

Obituary: Joe Wilson, skeptic on Iraq War intelligence, dies at age 69.

Ducky Links: Thanks Ant.
Play: Blue.
Links: Reclaiming Sci-Fi’s Lost History. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Aging Tom Cruise No Longer Able To Climb Outer Wall Of Skyscraper Without Taking Break Halfway Through.
Stories: Boyfriend of Atlanta woman who didn't realize she'd been shot in the head for a month sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Science: Some tea bags may shed billions of microplastics per cup. Yum! Thanks Max.
Earliest cluster of forming galaxies discovered 13 billion light-years away. Thanks Acleacius.
Genetics might explain why this man’s limbs had to be amputated after his dog licked him. Thanks Max.
Images: Can you spot the leopard in this photo? Nope.
Media: Switching from grenade to weapon.
True Facts: The Ogre Faced Spider.
M4 Sherman - The Workhorse of D-Day.
Auctions: How Monty Python's Holy Hand Grenade Ended Up for Auction.
The Funnies: Feds Say Boeing 737s Need to Be Better Designed for Humans.
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