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Saturday, Aug 10, 2019


The U.K Intellectual Property Office now lists a trademark for TOTAL WAR SAGA: TROY which was filed by The Creative Assembly on July 23rd and approved on August 2nd (thanks Total Wareddit via There are no details, but this seems to be an indication that the ancient city and possibly the Trojan War will be the setting of the next Total War Saga game. Of course it could also be that there's a game in the works centered on Troy McClure, so we'll just have to wait for more news on this.

Epic on Fornite's Mechs

A Season X Competitive Launch Update from the Fortnite team discusses plans for the Fortnite Champion Series, which will get underway on August 17th. This discusses how this will work, and notes that this Fortnite competition will involve a whopping $10 million prize pool. They also note that the game's recently launched B.R.U.T.E. mechs will be part of the competition, despite how players are so unhappy with their impact on gameplay that #removethemech is a trending topic on Twitter (thanks Polygon). Epic does say they are making some changes to how the B.R.U.T.E.s work:
We’ve been monitoring the impact of the B.R.U.T.E. in gameplay and are investigating ways to enhance combat feedback when interacting with the vehicle. In v10.10, we will add a targeting laser that will show the direction the B.R.U.T.E. is aiming its rockets while they are being charged. This laser will have directional audio to help indicate when it’s being pointed at you, even if you’re behind a structure. We’ve also fixed a few mobility bugs that was allowing players to exploit its boost mechanic.

The B.R.U.T.E. remains within the core game modes (Solo, Duos, and Squads), select Limited Time Modes, and in competitive Arena and Tournament play. We’ll communicate any future iterations to the vehicle as we’re continuing to investigate a few more areas where we can improve combat interactions.

Digital DayZ Refused Classification Too

The story from earlier this week that DayZ was refused classification in Australia noted this only applied to the physical versions of the survival game. Apparently this has now changed, as PC Gamer quotes Bohemia Interactive explaining that the digital versions of the game are now no longer allowed to be sold down under either:
"We are aware of the Classification Board's intention to pull DayZ from the online sales," says Bohemia Interactive. "The game was just removed from the PlayStation and Xbox stores. The reason behind the rejection to classify the game is the specifics of drug use in the game."

Where things get weird is that DayZ doesn't have drug use aside from things like morphine, specifically used here for pain relief. Here's the extent of the game's 'drugs'. They're not recreational. Unfortunately, cannabis can be found in the game files, and while it's hasn't yet to be implemented and there's no indication it will be, it seems to have riled up the board.

Though cannabis has been decriminalised or is available for medical reasons in several parts of the world, it's still illegal in Australia. Hunting and killing people for their supplies is also illegal in Australia, though the board seems less concerned about that.

Bohemia Interactive isn't cutting its losses, however.

"The Australian player base is a big and very important part of our community. At the moment we are looking for the best solution to keep the game on the Australian market and pass the classification according to all regulations. We will do everything in our power to keep the game playable and available for Australian gamers."

Hardware Reviews

  • Cooler Master GS750 Gaming RGB Headset Stand on TweakTown.
  • HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps (White) on APH Networks.
  • HyperX Predator RGB 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ CL16 Quad-Channel RAM Kit on Nikk Tech.
  • Palit GeForce RTX 2080 Super White GameRock Premium Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.
  • Toshiba BG4 NVMe SSD on TweakTown.

Out of the Blue

We added a Blue's News Twitter Account almost 10 years ago, offering a simple feed of news stories posted here. This felt like a good idea at the time, but I've grown increasingly concerned that flooding followers with tweets that just contained headlines and links back to here was not what everyone was hoping to get. This is borne out by the large number of users who end up unfollowing shortly after following. So Frans and I did a little overdue brainstorming and came up with what we think is a better way to make use of Twitter. After today, rather than tweeting out one of those short tweets for almost every story, we will be notifying followers of fewer stories, concentrating of topics of greater interest. At least one story per update will still go up, though, even if it is not major, as this can serve notice that the news page is updated. These tweets will also now include as much of the story as fits within Twitter's structure to be more informative. Finally, the feature that intentionally spaced out multiple tweets by one minute each is no longer in place. This was well-intentioned, but probably ill-advised, as causes followers to get repeated notifications over the course of 10 or 15 minutes, which seems spammy. We feel these changes will make this more useful for everyone. We also hope this is not going to upset those who liked the way this worked before, so please feel free to offer feedback on the plan.

R.I.P.: Jeffrey Epstein dead after apparent suicide in New York jail.

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