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Tuesday, Jul 09, 2019


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Getting Free Week and Green Army Men Beach Party DLC

Tripwire Interactive announces the release of Green Army Men Beach Party, new DLC for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, their military shooter the announcement calls "gritty," which seems ironic given the nature of the DLC. They also announce the game will go free-to-play later today on Steam, and it is also currently on sale. You can grab an umbrella drink and head to the beach party in this trailer and read on for more details on this DLC, which began as a mod:

Tripwire Interactive, Antimatter Games, and the Green Army Men Team released Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Beach Party today, the latest DLC for the award-winning and critically acclaimed first-person shooter. Available now on Steam, players can look forward to taking part in the gritty and strategic 64-player matches Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is famous for with a twist in this brand-new DLC, filled with all the army-green plastic this summer can handle.

To celebrate the release of the new update Tripwire is kicking off a Free Week and sale on Steam that starts later today and runs until 10AM PDT on Tuesday July 16th – Don’t miss this opportunity to play for free and pick up the game at a low price!

After the success of the Christmas Green Army Men seasonal event, Tripwire Interactive, Antimatter Games, and the Green Army Men Mod team agreed to make the Green Army Men mod easily available to all Rising Storm 2: Vietnam players. The result is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Green Army Men Beach Party, a DLC add-on, completely complied and easily activated from within the main game.

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DayZ Battle Royale Alpha Signups

The Dayz Website is now accepting signups for Survivor Gamez, an upcoming battle royale mode coming to the survival shooter (thanks Rock Paper Shotgun). This requires ownership of a registered copy of DayZ for Windows and a "stable internet connection." Here's more:

Survivor GameZ is a battle royale survival game, which can be played solo or in duo co-op. Join the closed Alpha now!

The Survivor GameZ playground has three phases. Survivors will have to move to different zones while progressing through the phases. The first two phases have physical borders. If you wander outside of these borders into the unsafe zones, you will be punished via damage and, eventually, death.

Outbreak: Epidemic Breaks Out

Steam now offers Early Access to Outbreak: Epidemic, a new Windows and Linux free-to-play entry in the Outbreak series that offers four-player co-op action. Dead Drop Studios also offers Premium Content for the game with enhanced access to all the game's characters and additional difficulty modes. Last, but not least, there's also an Outbreak Ultimate Apocalypse with 14 items for the full Outbreak survival/horror experience. Here's the Early Access Trailer, and here is a full rundown:

The infection spreads like never before in Outbreak: Epidemic, the free-to-play co-op survival horror nightmare from Dead Drop Studios. Experience the nationwide epidemic as you and up to three friends lead Gwen, Renault, Kara and Tom through the undead apocalypse. Outbreak: Epidemic features the series classic tough-as-nails survival horror gameplay powered by the next-generation Outbreak engine. Experience the nightmare close up through over-the-shoulder claustrophobic gameplay as you blast and slash your way through the epidemic.

The free-to-play version allows you to play up to 4-player co-op (or solo) on any game mode or scenario across the Campaign, Onslaught and Experiments modes, so there's never a time where you can't group up and take on the undead. You'll have access to pick a single character, with some limited restrictions on progression and other systems. The free-to-play version also limits you to starting games on Easy or Normal difficulty (but you can join games on any difficulty). When you're ready to experience more of the nightmare, you can choose to buy an upgrade to unlock all the characters, their classes and the additional difficulty options.

The epidemic will begin as an Early Access experience where over time more content, including scenarios, game modes and more will become available. Any premium content will be offered at a discount during the Early Access phase. Your feedback will directly shape the game and your support will help it grow into the survival horror experience the world has been waiting for. You only have one life, can you survive the epidemic?

Key Features

  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Play together across Windows and SteamOS!
  • Co-op Survival Horror: Classic Mechanics. 4-player co-op.
  • Alone: Play solo even without an internet connection.
  • The Cloud: Dedicated low-latency servers ensure no connection issues.
  • OTS: Claustrophobic over-the-shoulder gameplay brings the nightmare alive.
  • Defense: Utilize numerous firearm and melee weapons against the undead.
  • Story Mode: Experience the epidemic first hand as you fight through the story.
  • Onslaught Mode: Take out hordes of the undead with limited supplies.
  • Experiments Mode: Bonus modes with a unique spin on survival horror.
  • Incapacitate: Knock down your foes and escape before they reanimate.
  • Explore: In Campaign Mode search areas, read logs, find keys and solve puzzles to survive.
  • Difficult: Play across multiple difficulty modes.
  • Big Screen: Customizable gamepad, mouse and keyboard controls.

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Vane This Month

Developer Friend & Foe announces plans to be the vane of your existence with the launch of a PC version of Vane on Steam on July 23rd. The game is already available for PlayStation 4, and this trailer shows off the Windows version while the announcement adds some details on both the game and its soundtrack:

Tokyo-based independent studio Friend & Foe is proud to announce that after more than four years in development it will finally be releasing its hallucinatory adventure Vane on July 23rd, 2019 on Steam for $19.99. Additionally, the soundtrack will be on sale on Steam and Bandcamp for $6.99.

Vane initially launched on PlayStation 4 this past January, where it was praised by outlets such as Eurogamer, Frieze, VG247 and The Verge for its awe-inspiring art direction, themes of human evolution, and evocative synthy soundtrack.

Set in a ruined desert, Vane is an exploratory journey, where players will transform between bird and child form to unravel the land’s mysteries and create a path forward through this expansive landscape filled with ominous caves, mysterious machinery and harrowing storms. As they roam this mythical wasteland, the world reacts to their passage, evolving and building into something altogether different.

Vane is the culmination of more than four years of development by the Tokyo-based expat studio Friend & Foe Games, a team with AAA experience spanning titles like The Last Guardian, Killzone, Battlefield 3, and Bionic Commando. Developed with the conviction that players should find their own path through the world, Vane is an enigmatic and unnerving game that aims to leave an impact. The result is a minimalistic, stark environment that encourages exploration just to the edge of getting lost, all set to an all-original brooding synth soundtrack.

This PC release of Vane includes all the updates added to the PS4 version, including more forgiving checkpointing, better performances, and numerous bug fixes.

“We’ve always known Vane was going to be something of a marmite game, as it emphasizes mood and atmosphere over more conventional gameplay mechanics,” said art director Rasmus Deguchi. “We know it’s not a game for everyone, and that’s okay. Those looking for something a little more experimental, a little more arthouse, will find that Vane is unlike anything they’ve played before. We think a good number of PC players seek something a little more ‘out there’, and we believe Vane will satisfy that curiosity.”

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Bake 'n Switch Early Access This Fall

Bake 'n Switch is a new multiplayer game coming to Early Access in autumn of this year on Steam, offering the chance to make some dough, or some bread, or something. A new Early Access Announcement Trailer shows off gameplay, and they've cooked up far more puns than we ever could in the half-baked announcement:

Streamline Media Group today announced that its new, original IP Bake ‘n Switch will hit Steam Early Access in Autumn 2019 with a full commercial launch planned for PC and porting to other platforms further down the development pipeline. Bake ‘n Switch is a couch co-op and PVP game where strange, adorable dough creatures must be sacrificed to the Guardians of Dough in order to appease their hunger, thus gaining their help in fighting the Scourge!

“Bake ‘n Switch is our third original IP and we’re proud of what the team has put together. It highlights the growing capability of Streamline’s continued expansion into video game development,” said Alexander L. Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Media Group. “From original game development, co-development, and art creation, Streamline continues to innovate and show the world what can be done in opportunity markets such as Southeast Asia.”

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Haven Trailer

Haven is a "relationship-based" RPG coming to Steam and consoles next year. To help inspire Haven mavens, developer The Game Bakers offer this blog post with a new Gameplay Trailer with a look at the game. Here's a what this is all about:

In Haven, you share the journey of two lovers escaped to a lost planet. You play as Yu and Kay, gliding over the grasslands of a shattered world, unraveling its mysteries looking for a way to stay together.

“Haven is a very accessible RPG, a relaxing game. It’s purposefully a very different experience from Furi.” writes Emeric Thoa, the game creative director. “But as with Furi, we tried to make a game that you have never experienced before. The story of a couple fighting for their freedom, an established relationship: what love looks like when you’ve moved past the early seduction phase, when you can be your true self with one another… I don’t think that’s been done much in video games.”

Haven is a story-rich adventure, with touching characters with whom you fall in love as you follow them through their challenges and everyday life. But it’s also a (J)RPG with an innovative combat system that lets you play the two characters at the same time, chaining actions using tactics and timing. “It’s a game with many inspirations, but to sum it up, Haven is kind of the lovechild of Journey meets Persona” explains Emeric Thoa in his blog post about the game experience and influences.

The light science fiction world of Haven is coming to life thanks to the dreamy art direction and an original electro soundtrack by Danger, with a range of tracks that will carry players from the energy of a sunny morning to the tension of a fight in the mountains at night.

Haven is a solo game at its core, but at any time, a second player can jump in locally. Players can then share a moment of exploration and progression together.

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Steam Summer Sale Concludes With Giveaway

Valve announces the conclusion of the Steam Grand Prix, saying that to cap off their Steam Summer Sale they will be giving away an additional 5000 games:

A valiant effort was made by all, with Team Corgi in 1st place, Team Tortoise in 2nd place and Team Hare placing in 3rd!



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Grand Prix. We realize that the race track had some unexpected turns – we tried to straighten them out when we could, and we’ll anticipate the curves better next time we invite you to the races.

As an extra gift for those that participated, we have randomly selected 5,000 users that contributed from any team in the Steam Grand Prix to receive the top game from their wishlist. Users that were randomly selected will receive their gift within 48 hours from the end of the Steam Grand Prix.

The Pit Stop remains open through the end of the sale, so be sure to exchange those tokens for the Summer Sale badge, profile backgrounds, and more before July 9th, 10 am PDT.

NVIDIA Releases SUPER RTX Cards and New Drivers

NVIDIA announces the availability of their new GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER and GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER graphics cards, saying these offer "best in class performance, plus ray tracing." They also announce the release of new GeForce Game Ready 431.36 WHQL drivers with day one support for the new cards, adding that these support new G-SYNC compatible displays and offer performance boosts for Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Metro Exodus, and Strange Brigade. A flood of reviews accompanies the releases, and here's a roundup:

  • ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super STRIX OC Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.
  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.
  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 FTW3 Ultra Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Gaming X Graphics Card on Guru3D.
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super Gaming X Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING X TRIO on TweakTown.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER: TITAN Xp Graphics Card on TweakTown.
  • Palit GeForce RTX 2060 Super JetStream Graphics Card on TechPowerUp.

Kingdom Under Fire II Coming West

Publisher Gameforge reveals they've acquired the western publishing rights to Kingdom Under Fire II, saying they will be bringing the Windows edition of Blueside's MMORPG/RTS game to North America and Europe later this year. This trailer celebrates the news with a look at gameplay showing off what they describe as "a game unrivaled in its epic scale." Here's the announcement:

Gameforge — the leading Western publisher of popular multiplayer online games, including AION, Elsword, Guardians of Ember, OGame, SoulWorker, and TERA — today announced that it has acquired the North American and European publishing rights to Kingdom Under Fire 2, the long-awaited and highly-anticipated massively multiplayer online action roleplaying game from South Korean developer Blueside. Kingdom Under Fire 2, the latest in the popular Kingdom Under Fire series, will finally be available to Western gamers later this year for Windows PC.

Originally announced in 2008, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is the latest and most ambitious entry in the award-winning Kingdom Under Fire series, combining massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) and real-time strategy (RTS) genres for a hybrid title unrivaled in its epic scale. Kingdom Under Fire 2 has received numerous accolades during its region-limited beta — including winning MMOGames’ “Most Innovative” award at Gamescom 2015 — and is the next installment in the Kingdom Under Fire series after the highly-rated 2004 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders. It remains one of the most fan-anticipated games throughout Western territories.

Continue here to read the full story.

Outbuddies This Year

Headup Games reveals Outbuddies is coming to Windows in late fall this year, calling the crowdfunded game Metroidvania with a chuckle about Kotaku's recent rant about the term. The game will come to Steam and will follow next year on consoles. Here's the Announcement Trailer and here's the announcement:

Your friendly neighborhood publisher Headup happily announces Outbuddies, a classic Metroidvania* exploration game including local co-op elements. After its Kickstarter campaign in 2017, German solo developer Julian Laufer created an intriguing adventure about the Old Gods, strange creatures and the remnants of a lost world. Headup is very happy to support Julian's efforts by publishing this wonderful old school game for PC and later on for consoles, too.

Players will experience real non-linear Metroidvania gameplay and uncover five distinct areas, all with remarkable puzzles, environmental hazards, epic boss encounters and captured Wozan to uncage. The helpful Buddy unit will procedurally map the area and function as a handy quality of life tool that can be controlled at will to manipulate your surroundings using various abilities like hacking, scanning, and telekinesis.

Outbuddies features a highly skill- and mechanics-based progression system, both in terms of combat and platforming abilities. Each of the game's four upgradable weapon systems is also an essential survival tool, that has to be chosen wisely in order to stand a chance against Bahlam's various traps and unforgiving foes. Bosses were designed to live up to genre highlights such as Dead Cells, Dark Souls and Hollow Knight and will require split-second reflexes and profound memorization of attack patterns to stand a chance.

The local co-op option invites a second player to explore and experience Outbuddies together by taking control over the invincible "Buddy" unit. Support each other on your journey home, solve puzzles and overcome Bahlam's hostile maze. This will also provide an opportunity for team-speedrunning as a very unique take on the scene.

Outbuddies will be available on Steam in late Q3 2019. The 2D platformer will follow to Nintendo Switch, "PS4" and Xbox One in 2020.

*(Yes Kotaku, we heard your thoughts about the established term "Metroidvania". We're using it anyway.) :)

Continue here to read the full story.

Neverwinter Uprising Rises Next Month

Perfect World Entertainment announces Uprising is coming on August 13th to Neverwinter, adding new a new race and additional content in the 17th module for the Windows edition of the free-to-play MMORPG. They also announce that that is when they will reveal when Uprising will rise on consoles. A trailer offers a look at what this will add, and here are the details:

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of live service games, and Cryptic Studios announced Neverwinter’s seventeenth module, Uprising, is coming to PC on August 13; the launch date for consoles will be announced at that time. The latest update for the free-to-play MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms introduces an all-new playable race of the Gith. These psionic warriors are seeking retribution against the Illithid, intruding on Halaster Blackcloak’s lair of Undermountain, which culminates in a 10-player Endgame Trial against the Mad Mage himself. This update also includes fresh PvP content, a renovated Protector’s Enclave, recrafted Early Game experience and much more.

The conflict between the Illithid and the Gith erupts within the caverns of Undermountain, offering players the unique opportunity to challenge Halaster Blackcloak in an endgame, 10-player trail when he emerges to deal with these threats to his realm. Adventurers’ extended stay in Undermountain was very prosperous for Protector’s Enclave, leading to renovations across the city. Users setting forth into Protector’s Enclave and beyond will also find an updated Early Game experience - with adjustments made to several zones and stories. Following the class optimizations in Undermountain, players can look forward to an all-new PvP map and gear to earn. Finally, a Fashion system overhaul will keep adventurers looking their best, and an additional ‘Tales of Old’ event will revive more dungeons from the past- giving players more dungeons than before - binding form and function.

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VG247 - Epic Games is so aggressive because it wants the PC games market to itself.
"So why is Epic so aggressive, even after taking into account the potential consequences for developers and crowdfunding platforms? Why is the focus on securing games instead of creating a better service than Steam? To understand that, let’s talk about diapers…"

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Out of the Blue

I mentioned the other day we were ending up paying someone to haul away an old refrigerator because it was not working well enough to qualify for free recycling through the power company. After it was all said and done, I think this may have turned out for the best. It seems pretty clear that this place was renovated after the fridge was moved downstairs, as even with its doors removed, it would not fit through the upstairs doorway. And it would not even fit out through the sliding patio doors downstairs until the doors from that were removed, which was a bit of a project in and of itself. I think we got extremely lucky when we found the guys to do this, as they dealt with all the obstacles very competently as they arose, and they were extra considerate and careful about not damaging anything along the way. Maybe everyone who has to deal with moving such cumbersome items has the same aplomb, but I am now extremely grateful we got this done the way we did. Of course we now no longer have an official Indiana Jones nuclear bomb shelter, but life is full of tradeoffs.

Chill Links: Thanks Ant.
Links: Great moments in PC gaming- When the gravity gun turns blue in Half-Life 2. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Stories: Dozens of arrests in Copenhagen for drunk scooter driving.
Bank Of Canada Asks "Star Trek" Fans To Stop Drawing Spock On Their $5 Bills. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Russian spy sub crew prevented nuclear accident at cost of their lives. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Science: Apollo 11 moon landing could have infected the Earth with lunar germs, say astronauts.
Space-based gravitational-wave detector may detect strange exoplanets.
That Big California Earthquake Left a Scar That's Visible From Space.
Media: Seeing a Black Hole with a Planet-Sized Telescope.
Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution.
Motorcyclist shows off until the moment he'd prefer nobody was watching.
Follow-ups: Antivaxxers turn to homeschooling to avoid protecting their kids’ health.
Boeing 737 Max: After crashes, first big order canceled.

Monday, Jul 08, 2019

Destiny 2 Ryzen 3700x Issues

A post to the Forums has word from a number of users who cannot run Destiny 2 on their brand-new Ryzen 3700x CPUs (thanks GameSpot). The original post says that upon attempting to launch the game will minimize and says it is running the game, but it never actually launches. Destiny 2 shows up in the Task Manager for a minute or two, and then disappears. Another thread on and a post on Reddit have similar stories, and all of them have posts from other users with similar problems. There are posts from Bungie support saying they are escalating their investigation into the problem.

Video: First 13 Minutes of Control

A post on IGN offers a video with the first 13 minutes of Control, Remedy's upcoming supernatural third-person action/adventure. This is the first entry in what they promise is a month-long look at the game. The clip includes the game's intro, and they note it includes some familiar voices from other Remedy projects: Courtney Hope (Beth Wilder in Quantum Break), James McCaffrey (the voice of Max Payne), and Matthew Porretta (the voice of Alan Wake). Continue here to read the full story.

Black Ops 4 Operation Apocalypse Z Trailer

Activision and Treyarch announce Operation Apocalypse Z will commence tomorrow in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for PS4, bringing an onslaught of zombies to the shooter sequel. This will presumably come to PC and Xbox One in a month, and in the meantime, a new trailer accompanies the news, as do these details: "Operation Apocalypse Z unleashes the hordes of undead in all game modes. Fans will find exciting new ways to play, including Multiplayer maps and modes that channel the Zombies legacy, a new Zombies experience, eerie changes throughout the Blackout map, and more new weapons for players to unlock and master." For more, there's a roadmap of what to expect on the Treyarch Website. Continue here to read the full story.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship Next Week

Publisher BIGBEN and developer N-Racing nail down July 18th as the release date for FIA European Truck Racing Championship, the official simulation of the European Truck Racing Championship. The news comes with a new Gameplay Trailer showing off some big rig racing. Here's word:

In the video you will be plunged right into the middle of a FIA ETRC race where 5-tonne trucks go head to head in four 45km races. In FIA European Truck Racing Championship, the simulation pushes the limits of what's possible, and everything has been designed to guarantee players all the thrills of racing in these spectacular races. With dynamic weather, different physics and inertia for each vehicle, and manual management of brakes and water cooling, everything has been included to ensure players experience the ultimate challenge.

In FIA European Truck Racing Championship, players can take the wheel of 45 official trucks from top manufacturers, including Volvo, MAN, Freightliner, Western Star and many others! They can test their driving skills on all 8 faithfully recreated circuits of the ETRC, as well as on iconic circuits such as Laguna Seca, the COTA and Fuji Speedway. All 20 teams and championship drivers are also included in the game.

With 5 single-player and 5 multiplayer modes, FIA European Truck Racing Championship is a realistic simulation and an exciting new option for fans of racing games.

Continue here to read the full story.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition in October; Digimon Survive Next Year

Polygon has a report from this past weekend's Anime Expo that the release of Digimon Survive is delayed to 2020. The survival/RPG was originally announced for release this year, but no reason for the setback is offered. On a related note, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition will combine Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker's Memory into a single package for Windows and Switch on October 18th. These combine role-playing, turn-based strategy, and digital collecting, promising engaging storylines along the way. The PC edition will be released through Steam, and this trailer shows off what to expect. Word is:

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition brings everything fans loved about Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory together in one game, giving fans the full Cyber Sleuth experience on both Switch and PCs via STEAM®! Test your sleuthing skills, solve digi-mysteries as a detective or a hacker, and collect over 300 Digimon in the immersive and vivid world of Digimon. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition will feature the classic turn-based battles and engaging storylines that fans loved, all in one package so no mystery is left unsolved.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition will be available for Nintendo Switch and PCs via STEAM on October 18, 2020.

Continue here to read the full story.

Jump Force Character Trailer

A new trailer from Jump Force shows off the next character pack jumping onto BANDAI NAMCO's action game. Part of the game's Character Pass, the new DLC will add Katsuki Bakugo. Word is: "Earth’s enemies will be blown away when Katsuki Bakugo joins the JUMP FORCE! This gifted U.A. student is thirsty for victory and ready to fight his way to the top. Get him with the Character Pass!" Continue here to read the full story.

It Came from E3 2019, Part 17

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G2A Solicits Paid Unattributed Editorial Support

Further follow-up to all the goings on surrounding game key reseller G2A can be found on Kotaku where there's a damning account of attempts to get publications to post a pre-written article from G2A on how "selling stolen keys on gaming marketplaces is pretty much impossible." This apparently included the offer to pay to have put it online, while asking that it be published "without being marked as sponsored or marked as associated with G2A." We have not received this here, but Kotaku says they have seen it, confirming the authenticity of this tweet reflecting its contents. G2A has disavowed the email on Twitter, saying it was sent by an "employee without authorization" who "will face strict consequences."

NASCAR Heat 4 in September

704Games announces NASCAR Heat 4, saying the new installment in their stockcar racing series will take the green flag for PC and consoles in September. This is now available for preorder on the NASCAR Heat Website where you can also register to stay up-to-date on the series. This teaser trailer offers a quick first look at what to expect, and the announcement has a bunch of details:

Today 704Games, NASCAR Team Properties’ exclusive console simulation-style video game licensee, announced that NASCAR Heat 4 will release in North America this September on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices – including the Xbox One X – and Windows PC. NASCAR Heat 4 is now available for pre-order at

NASCAR Heat 4 builds on its predecessor and sports a brand-new look and feel for race fans, complete with stunning visual and audio enhancements, an upgraded user interface and the introduction of new tire models for various track types, making for an even more realistic racing experience on 38 virtual tracks across the country.

“NASCAR Heat 4 will be the best NASCAR console game we’ve released to date,” said Colin Smith, President of 704Games. “Over the years, NASCAR video games have built a large and passionate fan base, and when developing this game we made sure many of their voices were heard. We have incorporated a number of features and improvements recommended by the NASCAR Heat community, and we look forward to delivering a better game to fans in September. And we’re thrilled to have two legends of the sport on the cover.”

The NASCAR Heat 4 cover was unveiled this past weekend at Daytona International Speedway ahead of the Coke Zero Sugar 400 and features Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart. Harvick joined Stewart-Haas racing in 2014, winning a Cup title in his first season with the team, and Stewart is one of just nine drivers to win three or more Cup titles.

The fourth installment of the NASCAR Heat franchise boasts a deeper career mode where players can operate and manage their own team and, for the first time, start in any of the four series included in the game. The career mode will again include the Xtreme Dirt Tour, which debuted in NASCAR Heat 3, and dirt racing enthusiast and cover star Tony Stewart will be the highest rated driver in the series with his own team, Smoke Racing. Players will have the chance to join his team and race in his No. 14 custom Late Model paint scheme as they progress.

Continue here to read the full story.

More G2A Follow-up

The recent post on the G2A Website has an update from the keyseller following user feedback to their original post and a petition asking G2A to Stop selling indie titles that was started by Mike Rose. This all began with comments from some developers saying they'd prefer to have their games pirated over being purchased from G2A, alleging that shady practices keep them from seeing any revenue from such sales. Now G2A attempts to clarify one of the points many have seized upon, and says they will come back "in a couple of days" with a solution:

We received lots of feedback – both positive and negative. Developers themselves have offered some ideas and suggestions regarding the ways we can solve the issues they have with our platform. We need some time to put it all together. We’ll get back to you in the next couple of days with a solution.

Of all the negative comments, the following sentence was the most common:
“G2A admits they’re the problem because if not them, someone else would do it anyways”

Some developers cannot accept the fact that people have full rights to re-sell the things they own. It’s a problem for those developers, but not for us or anyone else. And certainly not for gamers who have access to cheaper products, games included, thanks to marketplaces such as G2A.

What we are saying is: “It’s a good thing that people can re-sell keys and, with or without G2A, they will continue to do so.”

Subdivision Infinity DX Next Month

Publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Mistfly Games announce Subdivision Infinity DX is coming to PC and consoles on August 8th, bringing what they describe as a gorgeous and pulse-pounding sci-fi 3D space shooter. Here's a Steam Listing along with a trailer to help us judge that description for ourselves. Here are details on the game:

Engage in intense dogfights inspired by some of the greatest space shooters and stylish modern sims. Combat is fast-paced, featuring exciting showdowns with a wide variety of lightning-quick and heavily armored foes as well as challenging boss battles.

Explore the stunning beauty of the galaxy, rebuilt from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, and take on more than 40 missions. Guide Sgt. Jed Riddle, his drone ally AV-2, and the crew of Subdivision Infinity as they get to the bottom of the foul play involving the strange Element-122 and the mercenaries willing to kill for it.

Space is infinite and so are the opportunities in Subdivision Infinity DX: between missions take on bounties or mine asteroids for rare materials to create ever more powerful ships and become an unstoppable force among the stars.

“Whether you prefer to min max your ship, take down epic enemies or just explore the celestial beauty all around you while wreaking havoc among it, Subdivision Infinity DX has something for everyone” said Ben Lee, founder, Blowfish Studios. “This breathtaking space shooter looks and feels amazing and we’re honored to bring Mistfly’s vision to as many people as possible.”

Continue here to read the full story.

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 Lands on PCs This Week

A new Steam Listing for EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 reveals plans for a PC edition of the most recent installment in this third-person shooter series. The listing shows a July release date, and according to Gematsu this will be July 11th. This PC Announce Trailer offers a look at this port, and Steam has details and system requirements:

Stand and fight for humanity.
This arcade shooter takes place in the year 2022, as the Earth Defense Force fends off an all-out attack by unknown life forms. Become an EDF soldier, battle against endless hordes of immense enemies, and restore peace to the earth.

Make way for the series' first humanoid aliens.

Just what is this intelligent, extraterrestrial civilization that has attacked our own, known only as the Primers? Matching their intelligence, they bring the series' first humanoid alien foes. Battling against these intelligent foes will bring you to the depths of yet-unknown despair, and the heights of joy.
Face the enemy with wisdom and courage!

The most jam-packed entry yet, with online co-op play!

This entry has more missions and weapons than any before it. On top of that, all missions support online co-op of up to 4 players, as well as local split-screen. Control the 4 classes and play with EDF soldiers all over the world.

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New AMD Adrenalin Drivers Add Image Sharpening and Anti-Lag Tech

The AMD Website announces the release of a big mid-year update to their Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition video card drivers. These add various improvements along with support for their new 5700 series graphics cards. The Release Notes have all the details on everything that's changed, including the addition of AMD Radeon Image Sharpening, initially available for 5700 cards as well as AMD Radeon Anti-Lag with performance improvements for their entire line. Here's a Radeon Image Sharpening video explaining how this works "without big performance hits" and a Radeon Anti-Lag video calling this "the ultimate tool for professional gamers." Here are more details:

Improving Game Image Quality: AMD Radeon Image Sharpening
We all know how new and upcoming AAA titles can put a strain on graphics, especially those running at 4K resolutions and above. Gamers often reduce their resolution to improve the overall performance on some demanding titles. Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) is a new quality enhancement feature designed to provide gamers with stunning looking visuals even at those lower resolutions. This new technique, available initially on the new Radeon RX 5700 series graphics, takes an image and applies an intelligent algorithm to sharpen and upsample it, delivering a crisp image with virtually no performance penalty1. Gamers can now have the best of both worlds – amazing visuals they crave, and performance they need.

Improve Gaming Response Time: AMD Radeon Anti-Lag
In ideal conditions, when a gamer clicks on a key and the CPU registers the work, the GPU will render out the corresponding frame to the monitor at almost the exact same time. However, when the GPU is pushed to its limits, the CPU work gets queued up while it waits for the GPU to finish, which results in the gamer experiencing lag. We’ve developed Radeon Anti-Lag to better handle those requests coming in from the user so that they don’t get queued up as often waiting for the GPU to complete its task. The result is a 31% average reduction in click-to-response times2, vastly improving the fluidity of gaming in these types of GPU bound scenarios.

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Elite Dangerous Getting New Currency and Carriers

At their Lavecon gathering this weekend, Frontier Developments announced details about September and December updates coming to Elite Dangerous, their space exploration and combat game. The September update will bring a new "in ship" starter experience for new players, a new livery system, and a new virtual currency called Arx which can be earned in-game or purchased with cash. The December update will add a new Fleet Carrier system shown off in this teaser trailer. Details on both updates can be found in this post and more on the new currency system are in a new Arx FAQ. Here's word on the new starter experience:

A whole new starting experience right from the cockpit of a Commander's first ship. With clearer instructions and guidance during the beginning of Elite Dangerous, the new starting flow should provide a more engaging way to learn the basics on their way to becoming fully-fledged pilots.

At the start of the experience, commanders will be guided through essential pilot training by a flight instructor from the Pilots Federation. During this training, a number of lessons will be taught to commanders, from space flight to combat.

  • Basic flight controls and scanning.
  • Supercruise and navigation.
  • A combat exercise around a megaship.
  • Culminating with the final lesson: completing a first Hyperspace Jump and docking at a Starport.

All of the training will include VO across supported languages. Veteran Commanders out there who wish to experience the training will also be able to access it in the 'Training Section' via the right-hand panel of their cockpit.

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Gods Unchained Open Beta

The Gods Unchained Website now offers open beta testing of this blockchain-powered collectible card game. This announcement offers a previously released gameplay trailer and the details:

The game is free to play and comes with a starter deck for new players, with booster packs available for players who want to expand their collection. In its presale Gods Unchained has released a limited-edition Genesis Set which includes 380 unique cards. After the close of the balancing beta and launch of version 1 gameplay, the developers will discontinue production of Genesis Sets and start to issue a new season of cards. Ten percent of pack sales go directly to a prize pool for the first Gods Unchained World Championship. Currently, the tournament already has $430,000 allocated funds.

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Frontline Zed Announced

Solo developer Volcanic Games announces Frontline Zed, a zombie-infested tower defense game coming to Steam this summer. Here's a trailer and here are more details:

Frontline Zed challenges players with defending against a realistic 3D zombie onslaught by night, whilst managing their time repairing defenses, searching for weapons, and recruiting other survivors by day.

Between the looting, shooting, and surviving, the circumstances and story of the world will be revealed through the player's diary. At certain points in the game, the player will have important decisions to make - whether to help fellow survivors, or to push ahead at all costs.

Frontline Zed features unlimited zombie ragdolls, with up to 100 zombie corpses on screen. Players can collect 14 unique weapons, and will fight through 12 different American environments on their way towards rescue.

Frontline Zed was made by solo indie game developer Richard East, who smuggled his monitor and other development equipment from his homeland in Australia to Eastern Europe in order to make the game.

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Today is "National Video Game Day." Not to be confused with other dates designated "National Video Games Day," so maybe this one is dedicated to one game in particular. Of course to my way of thinking every day is video games day, much in the logic of this classic Peanuts cartoon. Time to pop some champagne.

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