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Sunday, Jun 16, 2019

Shenmue III to "Assess" EGS Exclusivity

Kickstarter update from Ys Net, Epic Games and Deep Silver follows up to the recent news that Shenmue III will be a one-year exclusive on the Epic Games Store (thanks Eurogamer). This caused considerable backlash fuelled by previous indications there will be a Steam version of the action/adventure sequel. In a post made during E3 they acknowledge the outcry and while they don't actually say anything will change, they do say they would "assess the situation" once they were back from the show:
We want to make sure that the Backers are aware that we are listening to their concerns. We kindly ask all our fans to have some patience, we are currently at E3 demoing the game and need to get back to our respective offices to assess the situation and together find a way forward to justify the trust you placed in us.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Free Content Roadmap

A post on Steam has a roadmap of free content coming this year to Insurgency: Sandstorm, the tactical first-person shooter (thanks PC Gamer). The post is extremely long as it covers a lot of bases, describing plans for the level editor & mod tools, two new maps, night versions of maps, new weapons & upgrades, a hardcore ruleset for all game modes, PvP frontline & co-op outpost game modes, and new character customization. Here's the overview:
Hey everyone, my name is Michael Tsarouhas. I am the lead game designer on Insurgency: Sandstorm. Todayís Community Update is about our new free content roadmap for 2019, which you can see above. While we have other things we hope to accomplish as well during this time frame, we wanted to take some time to share some of the highlights which we are confident we can deliver. Weíll go into detail section by section below. First though, itís important to note that the order in which this content will come is still TBD. Some stuff will come a little at a time across multiple updates (new weapons and cosmetics) and others later on pending how well they do in playtesting (Frontline and Outpost game modes). Itís possible that some content may need to get pushed back, but we want you to know that these are our goals, and regardless of when these things come we can assure you that all of it is confirmed and in the pipeline. Furthermore, it is free to all players who own the game on PC.

Please bear in mind also that this is only our current plan for PC content for 2019, not Xbox One or PS4. However, we can say we intend to put at least some of this content on consoles as well. Whether or not we can put content such as a level editor, specific game modes, and modding tools on consoles is as of now uncertain, but other content such as weapons and maps are more likely. Itís all something we are going to seriously look into, but we arenít comfortable committing to at this time. Remember also that this is all just 2019 too. There will be more free content coming in 2020. So without further ado, letís get into the nitty gritty.

Steam Top 10

Valve's new list of the bestselling titles on Steam for last week parties like it's 2077:

  1. Cyberpunk 2077
  2. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition
  6. Hell Let Loose
  8. DARK SOULS III - The Fire Fades Edition
  9. Grand Theft Auto V
  10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Sixģ Siege - Year 4 Pass

Hardware Reviews

  • Lenovo Flex 6-14IBK (Kaby Lake-R) Laptop on TweakTown.

Out of the Blue

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Here's hoping you got breakfast (or something) in bed to commemorate the occasion. And happy birthday to my better half, as it's MrsBlue's birthday today, as well. She turned 23, but I keep assuring her she doesn't look a day over 21. Who doesn't appreciate the gifts of discretion and flattery?

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