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Saturday, Jun 15, 2019

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Beta Extended

The Fallout 76 Website has word from Bethesda that they are extending beta testing of Nuclear Winter, the new battle royale mode for Fallout 76. Here's word:
We’ve been blown away by the reactions and responses we’ve been seeing all week to Nuclear Winter. It has been so amazing to read all your experiences and see everything you’ve been sharing. There are so many incredible up-and-coming Overseers! Vault 51 is lucky.

With all the excitement and popularity, we wanted to let you know that the pre-beta sneak peek of Nuclear Winter will remain on and continue to receive updates, so keep sharing your feedback. There’s more to come! Thank you again for playing, sharing, and being the best community there is.

Overcooked! 2 Gets Free and Paid DLC

Developer Ghost Town Games and publisher Team17 now offer Night of the Hangry Horde on Steam, the first DLC for the Windows, Linux, and macOS editions of Overcooked! 2, their restaurant management game. This is available as an individual purchase, or as part of the game's season pass. There's more, as this is accompanied by the All at Sea Chef pack, free DLC which adds five new chefs to the game. The Night Of The Hangry Horde Launch Trailer has a look at what to expect, and the announcement has all the details:
Night of the Hangry Horde DLC
The Onion Kingdom is under attack once again, but this time the enemy have brought friends. The unbread have risen again and have turned their appetites to the Onion King’s castle! Platers must tackle this returning threat using all of their cooking know how.

Night of the Hangry Horde includes new tasty recipes, four extra chefs, twelve creepy new kitchens and eight all new horde wave levels. Night of the Hangry Horde is included within the Season Pass, or available separately for £7.99/8,99€/$9.99.

Key features:

  • Horde mode! Feed the enemies to keep them at bay and stop them from attacking the castle. These eight all new horde wave levels include the ability to repair the castle and unlock shortcut gates using the coins you earn. Watch out for the different enemy types: the unbread; the zombie apple, which is slow, causes huge damage and requires two meals to defeat; and the zombie chili pepper which has fast attacks and mobility!
  • New recipes! Prepare guillotine chopped soup, fruit pies and roast dinners. Roast dinners can be cooked quicker by adding more coal to the furnace
  • Four New chefs! New spooky chefs Ghost, Vampire and Werewolf plus Boxhead, a returning favourite from the original Overcooked!
  • New levels! Nine creepy new kitchens and three new hidden Kevin Kitchens

Season Pass
The Overcooked! 2 Season Pass will satisfy the hungriest of customers, giving players a saving on three extra portions of content. This includes Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde and a further DLC pack. The season pass is available digitally now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo SwitchTM and PC priced at £14.99/€16.99/$19.99.

All at Sea Chef Pack
It’s time for this ragtag group of salty sea chefs to join your crew! With this new team of savoury sailors on board, cooking in your kitchen will be plain sailing. Choose from the pirate chefs, mermaid chef, narwhale chef or shark chef.

Continue here to read the full story.

Op Ed

PC Gamer - Anthem feels hopeless.
"Though Anthem's problems at launch were significant, they also didn't feel impossible to rectify. The main campaign was a total bust, but Destiny proved that players are quick to forgive a bad campaign or patch when what follows is actually enjoyable. But aside from fixes to problems that should never have existed in the first place, like unbearably long load times or a game flow that forced you to spend so much wasted time walking the streets of the purgatory that is Fort Tarsis, BioWare hasn't delivered a single compelling reason to keep playing Anthem."

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Hardware Reviews

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  • GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming OC Graphics Card on AdoredTV.
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Out of the Blue

We're still working through trying to nail down the closing dates for selling the current BlueTower and purchasing the new one. It currently seems as this will happen during the last week of June, but it's still a little up in the air. It's been complicated to nail this down, which seems odd since the people buying our house are not selling one as part of the transaction, and the people from whom we are buying are not buying one either. Nevertheless this has all been like juggling cats. I can only imagine how hard it would be if it involved coordinating two additional deals.

R.I.P.: Franco Zeffirelli Dead: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Director Was 96.

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Satire: Blizzard Bringing Back Original ‘World Of Warcraft’ So Thousands Of Gamers Can Relive Most Depressing Era Of Their Lives.
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How Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ image went from underground album cover to a piece of cultural ubiquity.
Science: What's so bad about processed foods: Scientists offer clues. Thanks RedEye9.
No more dialysis, Scientists Have Developed A Bionic Kidney. Thanks Max.
What grip strength says about your health.
Media: StarCrafts S7 Ep0 'The Beginning of the End' (prelude).
Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back.
Flame That Freezes How A Fridge Works (1939).
Follow-up: Anti-vaxxers defeated- NY bans exemptions as doctors vote to step up fight.
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