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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Conan Unconquered Released

Publisher Funcom and developer Petroglyph announce that Conan Unconquered is now available, offering a real-time strategy game where you can crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women. You can pick this up through the official website or Steam. Here's the launch trailer, and here's word:
“Not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood”. Let their thirst henceforth be quenched, as publisher Funcom and the developers at Petroglyph announce that Conan Unconquered today released on PC. Conan Unconquered is a real-time strategy game that combines resource management, war strategy and pure savagery to create the ultimate RTS experience.

“No game we have created has ever challenged the player’s skill to a higher level,” warns Executive Producer Ted Morris at Petroglyph.

Such a warning from the development team with games like Command & Conquer, Dune II and Star Wars: Empire at War on their resumé, should not be taken lightly. However, the gaming veterans promise a silver lining. At least the first few waves you face won’t be all that bad.

Conan Unconquered takes you to the world created by fantasy author Robert E. Howard during the early 1930s, and the subsequent comics and cult classic movies from the 1980s. You are tasked with defending a city against the terrible legions of the cruel sorcerer Thugra Khotan, Conan’s nemesis in the short story Black Colossus (1933). You must manage your resources wisely, create dwellings and research facilities, and set up fortifications as best you can. You must direct your army to fend off every wave of attack, all the while using your hero to explore, gather resources, find invaluable artifacts and gain experience.

The game can be played solo, in co-op multiplayer or you can compete against other players in challenge mode. In co-op mode players will share resources and most of the buildings and fortifications, but they will face tougher foes than they would have in a single-player game. The challenge comes in trying to coordinate between one another.

The map and attacking waves are generated at random every time, but in challenge mode you get to challenge your friends to beat you on the exact same map and with the exact same enemies as you just faced. Each challenge even comes with its own leaderboard.
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Assetto Corsa Competizione Races Out of Early Access

Steam now offers the official release of version 1.0 of Assetto Corsa Competizione for Windows, marking the racing game's emergence from its Early Access run. This post has a launch trailer, a version 1.0.0 changelog, and the following details on the game:
The wait is finally over! After many months in Early Access, Assetto Corsa Competizione, the Official Blancpain GT Series game, launches today on Steam:

Featuring 51 teams, 280 selectable drivers and 14 manufacturers, Assetto Corsa Competizione allows sim racers to experience the real atmosphere of the FIA GT3 homologated championship.

Developed using Unreal Engine 4 to ensure a visual treat, Assetto Corsa Competizione sets a new standard in driving realism and immersion, including the introduction of variable weather conditions and night races to influence challenge and racing strategies.

Virtual drivers will experience a simulation of the Blancpain GT Series by taking the wheel of one of the game’s featured luxury motorcars including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, or choose from a number of other prestigious GT racing cars, all replicated with an outstanding level of detail.

“Never take anything for granted, even if you have the Assetto Corsa experience behind you! Assetto Corsa Competizione has been completely rebuilt from scratch, not only to best harness and adapt to the Unreal Engine 4 capabilities, but also to define a new standard in terms of realism and car handling. The opportunity of working with SRO GT Series has allowed us to furtherly extend our know-how and our specialization in responding to players’ needs, as well as those of real drivers. Reaching the finish line was not easy, but it certainly was exciting and satisfying, also thanks to the support of our incredible community, which once again understood and grasped the spirit and value of the Early Access program at its best. But our challenge is yet to be finished: even after the release of version 1.0, we will continue to work on expanding and improving Assetto Corsa Competizione to the best of our abilities” – Marco Massarutto, Co-founder and Brand & Product Manager of Kunos Simulazioni.

Got any questions? Hopefully our FAQ guide has got you covered!

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The Video Game Machine Alpha Begins

The promised alpha test for The Video Game Machine is now underway, offering the chance to try your hand at Stardock's sandbox game development platform. To participate one must join (buy) into the Founder's Program on The Video Game Machine website. To start with, this supports the creation of two types of games, platformers and adventures. Word is:
The Founder's Program allows players the opportunity to provide feedback and opinions on various stages of the game's development. The Video Game Machine has been designed to be easy enough that anyone can create their own games while still having enough power that savvy gamers can create truly unique games with it. Alpha and beta testing will allow developers to make sure that everyone is having a good time and that the process for creating is as intuitive as intended.

Starbase Destruction Trailer

A new trailer for Starbase is now available, hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of this science fiction MMOG. This first feature video is a detailed look at the destructible elements in the game, which turn out to be just about everything. Here's word:
The announcement trailer showcased numerous scenes where ships and structures take damage and become voxelized or fractured, and we've said that the environment and everything is fully destructible... but how does that actually work? This is a question for our first feature video.
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Worlds Adrift Set Adrift

The Worlds Adrift website has word from Bossa Studios that they are pulling the plug on Worlds Adrift, describing their community-centric MMOG as a risk they took that failed. They say "the game is just no longer commercially viable," but before it closes down for good they will give every player all the available cosmetic items for free, and they will be hosting an "end of the world event," saying they will announce details about this soon. They are also promising their founders a couple of free games as a thank you for the support. Here's word:
Bossa Studios will be continuing as a developer and publisher of games, but Worlds Adrift is coming to a close. To provide a special experience in the game’s final months, all the cosmetic items in the in-game shop will be given out to every player. Additionally, Worlds Adrift Founder Captains will receive a free copy of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread as a thanks for joining this journey, and to give a glimpse into the kinds of experiences we’re looking to create going forward. Founder Captains’ names will also be immortalised on the game’s website, which will remain live as a tribute to the world we’ve built together.

Worlds Adrift will not be sailing quietly into the night. We will host an End of the World event which will be live streamed on Twitch and will feature an AMA with the team. The exact date and details of this event will be announced here and on our other community channels (Twitter,Facebook, Steam Forum and Discord) soon.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Malkavian Clan Trailer

Another new trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 offers another clan introduction for the upcoming RPG sequel, showing off the Malkavian clan. Here's the description of the cinematic clip:
Malkavians have been traditionally ostracized by the Seattle Kindred. While a few managed to claim territory in less desirable districts, very few have ever managed to rise to the levels of the other clans. Because of this, there is a persistent bias against the Malkavian clan that still exists into modern nights.
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Total War: Three Kingdoms Sells 1M

Creative Assembly announces they've sold a million copies of Total War: Three Kingdoms in the week since the release of the new installment in their strategy series. They say this makes it a record-breaker for the genre on Steam and the fastest selling title in the series to date:
Total War: Three Kingdoms just became the fastest-selling title in Creative Assembly's acclaimed strategy franchise, topping one million copies sold in its first week. This incredible milestone comes on the heels of a record-breaking release that smashed concurrent player numbers for any strategy title on Steam, making it the platform's biggest launch of 2019 to date.

"We knew we had something special with Three Kingdoms but the response from players, old and new, has exceeded all expectations," said Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer. "We're seeing a lot of 'best Total War ever' comments out there. We're very proud."

Total War: Three Kingdoms immerses players in the rich tapestry of Ancient China as powerful warlords, bandits, and diplomats vie for the title of Emperor. The game has been celebrated for its revolutionary new diplomacy and social systems, bringing new depth and emergent storytelling to Total War in a way players haven't seen before.

This marks the first time Total War has travelled to China, breathing life into the lush landscapes, vibrant art, and dynamic sounds of 190CE. With separate game modes dedicated to the historical records of the era and the romantic legends that have captivated audiences for centuries, Total War: Three Kingdoms is a best-in-class recreation of one of the most compelling periods of global history.

Red Faction Evolution Revealed?

A list of games supported by NVIDIA Ansel on the GeForce website contained a listing for Red Faction Evolution, according to PC Gamer, where they have a screen capture showing the entry before it was removed. With E3 2019 kicking off in a couple of weeks, it seems logical to expect this to be announced at the show, but for now, all we can do is speculate. The most recent entry in this shooter series was Red Faction: Armageddon in 2011, though last year saw the release of Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition, an updated version of the previous installment. The Red Faction franchise belongs to Nordic Games under the label THQ Nordic), as they picked it up in 2013 as part of the THQ fire sale.


Iceberg Interactive announces TRANSIENT, a cyberpunk adventure inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft coming to PC and consoles next year. Here's a teaser trailer to fuel your interest and your nightmares, and here's what they have to say about this for now:
In a distant, post-apocalyptic future, what remains of the population of mankind lives in an enclosed citadel called Domed City Providence, created to survive the harsh outside environment. In this, mankind's final refuge, Randolph Carter, a member of a notorious hacker-for-hire group called ODIN, accidentally stumbles across the terrifying truth, a truth that might tear apart his own sanity and lead him to question his very existence.

Key Features

  • H.P. Lovecraft meets Cyberpunk. Delve deep into an obscure dystopian world and hold firm to your consciousness while you explore enigmatic networks where change is permanent but reality is only temporary.
  • To find out what is going on, traverse between real and artificially created worlds
  • Ominous but lush graphics created with Unreal Engine 4
  • Secrets and Easter eggs
  • A haunting and atmospheric soundtrack.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, TRANSIENT aims to deliver cutting-edge visuals for a more immersive storytelling and gaming experience.

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Steel Division 2 Closed Beta Access with Preorders

Eugen Systems announces Steel Division 2 is now in closed beta testing, and this should continue right up until the official launch of the RTS sequel on June 20th. The test will be run though Steam and is open to those who pre-purchase the game, with this post filling in all you need to know about that. Pre-purchasing comes with additional perks, which are detailed below:
Independent developer and publisher Eugen Systems announced today the launch of the biggest closed beta yet for Steel Division 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed real-time strategy title Steel Division: Normandy 44. Starting today and scheduled to remain open and playable until the final game launches on June 20, 2019 (June 18, 2019 for players who pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game), the Steel Division 2 closed beta on Steam will offer players the most in-depth look at the title to-date.

As part of their extensive pre-order bonus offerings, the pre-order beta will feature 18 Divisions, and more than 600 units, giving players access to every unit and division that will come with the game when it launches.

Additionally, players of the pre-order will received two exclusive Divisions. These two Divisions are the Skijäger-Division, a heavily mechanized elite infantry division. It features the famous Sturmpanzer KV-2® heavy tank and the Panzerjäger Gazelle Exclusive Units. The next is the 3rd Guards Tank Corps, a fantastic Armored Division featuring the state-of-the-art 85mm AA/AT guns, as well as the very last of the IS-2 family, the IS-2 obr.44.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Delivers New DLC and Bundle

Warhorse Studios announces their deliverance of A Woman's Lot, new DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, their action/RPG. This comes alongside a new Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition which bundles the game along with all its DLC, including the new release. This trailer shows off A Woman's Lot, and here is more on the new releases:
Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver are releasing the last and long-awaited DLC A Woman’s Lot for the million-selling medieval roleplaying Game Kingdom Come: Deliverance digitally on Windows PC. The DLC will also be part of the new Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition, releasing digitally on Windows PC today as well.

In A Woman's Lot you play as Theresa accompanied by her loyal dog Tinker in a standalone questline. You will experience the ordinary life in Skalitz and later witness fateful events of Sigismund's raid from a completely different perspective. A Woman's Lot provides the last puzzle of the Skalitz story, as you find out what happened just before Henry was found unconscious.
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Hammerting Announced

Warpzone Studios announces Hammerting, a dwarf mining colony sim for PC. This is the first game from this studio founded by industry veterans from Paradox Interactive, Avalanche Studios, Rockstar North, Arrowhead Game Studios, and Fatshark. There's a cinematic look at the game in the announcement trailer and it also now has a listing on Steam which calls the game's planned release date "soon-ish." Here are the details:
Warpzone Studios, founded by industry veterans, proudly announces their first game: Hammerting. Hammerting is a dwarven mining colony sim for PC. The lush, vivid visuals make you go “Hot damn!”, and its dwarves yell “Damn, hot!” as they delve fervently into the mountain’s fiery depths. War rages on the surface. Only by supplying legendary items, crafted using the most blistering magma, can triumph be ensured.

Manage a clan of colorful dwarves, establish an epic mining operation, craft legendary swords and delve deep for greater glory, vast riches... and untold danger!

Crafting for Victory

  • You may find yourself having to craft oodles of silver swords against an oncoming vampire army, or a single Legendary Diamond-Encrusted Gold Crown of Divine Ruling +3 for an Elf princess’s coronation.
  • As your dwarves increase in skill and your base expands, build conveyor belts and elevators to free them from manual labor.

A Living Cave

  • Vastly different biomes with distinct looks, creatures, plants, locations and events.
  • Explore huge maps, farm and harvest plants, attack or use indigenous creatures to your advantage.


  • The dwarves are always going down, down, down to find the most powerful materials and the rarest treasures.
  • Figuring out the fastest and safest route down - and up again - is a chief concern, but you’ll have plenty of unique dwarven mechanisms to help you do so.
  • Features liquid and physics mechanics for brewing beer, tossing torches down shafts to light up the unknown, and much more.

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Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection Released

The Kalypso Shop now offers Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection a bundle of the World War II RTS sequel and all its available post-release content. Though this is fulfilled through Steam, sales are exclusive to their shop for now, this will eventually be offered through other storefronts. Here's word on what they are calling the strategy bundle of the year:
Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and developers Kite Games are thrilled to announce the release of Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection – a brand-new, value-packed release of the publisher’s World War II strategy title. Launching exclusively for PC, Linux and Mac on the Kalypso Shop (general release for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One to follow in late summer 2019), Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection bundles the hit strategy game with all five DLC expansions: Battle of Kursk, Road to Dunkirk, Finland – Winter Storm, Africa – Desert Storm and The Pacific War.

This new edition provides unbeatable value for money with over 45 missions spread across 11 campaigns, more than 20 historic commanders offering various perks and abilities for your forces, and more than 200 different units to command as you battle on all sides of the historic conflict, along with a selection of competitive multiplayer modes. The new release also comes complete with all of the free updates, additions and improvements made since the original release.

This is Sudden Strike at its very best, and for a limited time will be available exclusively on the Kalypso Shop, before becoming available for digital and retail stores for all platforms in late summer 2019.

Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection offers fans the ultimate World War II strategy experience, containing the main Sudden Strike 4 game plus all five previously released DLCs: Battle of Kursk, Road to Dunkirk, Finland – Winter Storm, Africa – Desert War and The Pacific War.

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