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Monday, May 20, 2019


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Collector’s Edition Announced

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Warhorse Studios announce the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Collector's Edition, an upcoming bundle of the medieval RPG and all its DLC as well as some physical rewards, a bundle targeted at those with a great love for the game who paradoxically do not own it yet. This is expected for release on June 25th, and here's word on what it will include, and no, there is no corresponding footnote for that asterisk:

Celebrating the million-selling medieval roleplaying Game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver proudly announce the Royal Collector’s Edition for PlayStation®4, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X as well as Windows PC. Fans will get the complete experience of what has been one of the critically most acclaimed games of the year 2018 as of 25 of June 2019. The Royal Collector’s Edition includes the base game in its enhanced version as well as all DLCs and additional exclusive content.

Content overview Royal Collector’s Edition:

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition*
  • Double-Sided Poster featuring “A Woman’s Lot”-Artwork and world map
  • 15cm tall Polyresin Figurine of Theresa, painted in silver and with an antique finish
  • Selection of the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack on Audio-CD
  • Deliverance - Making of Kingdom Come and Fechtbuch: The Real Swordfighting behind Kingdom Come on Blu-Ray
  • Decorative Metal-Pin with Kingdom Come: Deliverance Logo

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition includes all DLCs:

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Hell is Other Demons Released

Steam now offers Hell is Other Demons, an arcade, bullet hell shooter for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can check out some gameplay in this colorful trailer. Here's the elevator pitch:

Hell is Other Demons is an arcade shooter, driven by quick, creative gameplay that rewards fast decision-making and even faster reflexes. Jump into the hooves of a demon out to kill a bunch of other demons as you progress through an extensive campaign and dominate wonderfully over-the-top bosses. For fans of classic, high-score based arcade games, Arcade Mode offers unlimited, procedurally generated action and endless replayability. The game’s bold colors and chunky pixels are backed by a heavy synthwave soundtrack by Rémi Gallego, of The Algorithm, and retro sound effects by Magnus Pålsson, of the VVVVVV OST.

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Into the Black

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight Test Server Tomorrow

A new post on the Ubisoft Website has more on Year 4 Season 2 for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, including details on the two new operators coming to the tactical shooter, and the rework coming to the Kafe Dostoyevsky map. This trailer is included with a look at the gameplay and the new operators, offering a few tips to get players started with their new gadgets. We also have a separate press release about this saying a Windows test server will launch tomorrow for Operation Phantom Sight, offering the chance to help work out the bugs on all that's coming:

Today, Ubisoft announced the full details of the second season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege Year 4 content. Operation Phantom Sight introduces an all-new Attacker and a Defender, Nøkk and Warden respectively, as well as a major map rework of Kafe Dostoyevsky, the high-class locale situated at the heart of Moscow. Furthermore, in Year 4 Season 2, Rainbow Six Siege will introduce new changes to the recently implemented feature, Reverse Friendly Fire, as well as updates to the Rainbow Six Siege storefront and the Ranked playlist,

In this new season, Nøkk and Warden will redefine how intel is gathered as the newest additions to the Rainbow Six Siege Operator lineup. Armed with her FMG-9 and SIX12-SD, Nøkk uses her high-tech HEL Presence Reduction gadget to quietly navigate behind enemy lines, invisible to cameras and drones alike. In the meantime, Warden uses his Glance Smartglasses to enhance his vision, providing him with better visibility in smoke as well as immunity to flashes while remaining still. His M590A1 and MPX makes him a powerful anchor and entry denier in defense.

In addition to these two new Rainbow recruits, players will be able to explore the map rework of Kafe Dostoyevsky, which incorporates significant changes to the current map in order to open up and diversify gameplay: the first floor has been redesigned, new Bomb sites appeared on the second floor, alongside with many other updates improving replayability and gameplay opportunities. Other features that will be introduced in the upcoming season include further updates to Reverse Friendly Fire based on data and community feedback, a reworked Ranked playlist and a new in-game storefront.

The Test Server for Operation Phantom Sight will go live on May 21. The Test Server is an alternative version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, allowing players to test upcoming gameplay features that will make their way into the main game itself. Since this is a testing environment, a consistent gameplay experience is not guaranteed on the Test Server. Players are invited to submit the issues they encounter on the Test Server on the R6 Fix platform [link: here]. The Test Server is exclusive to Windows PC.

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F1 2019 Trailer

A new trailer for F1 2019 shows the eye of the tiger, as it is titled "Rise Up Against Your Rivals." The clip is featured in this blog post which includes a list of all the classic cars coming in the Formula One racing sequel. This promotes pre-purchases on Steam, offering the following overview of the project:

“Every year we make great strides so the game is as authentic and immersive as possible and we have surpassed expectations with the quality of the visuals in F1 2019,” said Lee Mather, F1 Game Director at Codemasters. “We also know from fan feedback the classic cars our community want to race and we hope the returning roster, alongside the new vehicles from the Legends and Anniversary editions, will give them the choices they crave.”

F1 2019 features all the official teams, drivers and all 21 circuits from the 2019 season. This year sees the inclusion of F2 with players being able to complete the 2018 FIA Formula 2 Championship™. The 2019 F2 Championship content will be made available as a free digital update during the season**. The F1 2019 Legends Edition is launched with three days early access on June 25th 2019 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam). The F1 2019 Anniversary edition is released on 28th June 2019.

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Out of the Blue

It was an interesting Game of Thrones finale... I feel like it's taking a while for me to digest it fully. I've seen reactions heaping both praise and criticism, and I guess it probably deserves some of each. But after lowered expectations over the past two seasons I did think it was much better executed than it could have been. I was quite worried it would be such a disappointment that it would feel like it ruined the whole run of the show, so I'm relieved that this was not my takeaway. It was a mixed bag, but I think overall I'm pretty satisfied. Am I wrong here? Was it as bad as some of the critics say?

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