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Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018

Fallout 76 Update Plans

Bethesda offers a lengthy post on Reddit apologizing for a lack of communication while responding to the rampant criticism of Fallout 76 from dissatisfied owners of their RPG prequel. They offer specifics on two updates coming to the game soon, with the first expected one week from today and the second expected one week after that. Beyond this general outline, they also promise full release notes for the first patch later this week. There is now a similar post the Fallout 76 Website that's substantially the same, though the tone is far less conciliatory. Here's the Reddit version:
We know you’re frustrated and angry at the state of things right now, whether it’s the issues you’re running into in the game, or the lack of communication about fixes, updates, or news. To be clear, this account is run by us, Bethesda Game Studios community team. Yesterday we posted to let you know that we’re still here gathering your feedback and, more importantly, working to get info from the team we can share. We didn’t want you to think the silence meant nothing was happening. We're sorry and understand this was not the right approach, and we’ll work to make a better bridge between you and the dev team at BGS.

We’re posting an article today that has further information about the upcoming updates that were mentioned a few weeks ago. In addition, we’re aiming to get you the patch notes for these updates quicker and will have them available for December 4th’s update later this week. Probably Thursday or Friday. We’d like to make these articles weekly to make sure you know what the studio is working on as it relates to issues you may be experiencing, quality of life requests you have, or new features they’re excited to share.

Please take a look at the below to see what we’re posting today on, and as always, let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback. This article covers high-level issues being worked on as the patch notes will go at length into what’s being fixed with each update.
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Darksiders III Released

Darksiders III is now available, and this hack-n-slash action/adventure sequel can be found on and Steam as well as outlets found on the Darksiders Website. A post on Steam has a new release trailer and this announcement:
After more than six years, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games today announced the release of Darksiders III! Hack-n-slash action-adventure fans around the world can now experience the highly anticipated story of the third horsemen of the apocalypse – Fury! Darksiders III is now available:

“The launch of Darksiders III marks the triumphant return of a classic action-adventure franchise – it has been a true labor of love for the teams at THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games,” said Reinhard Pollice, Darksiders Executive Producer and Business and Product Development Director, THQ Nordic.

"Our team has spent over a decade bringing the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to life, and we still feel like we're just getting started," said David Adams, Darksiders Co-Creator and President, Gunfire Games. "Darksiders III has been so much fun to make, and we sincerely hope our fans love it as much as we do."
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Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows Open Beta

Steam now offers the promised open beta for Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows, an upcoming standalone RPG for Windows in the Ancient Frontier setting. This offers a portion of the game and will be available for free until December 6th. Here's word on the game:
Steel Shadows is a standalone RPG set in the epic universe of Ancient Frontier. You do NOT need to own or have played Ancient Frontier to enjoy this content. Take command of a rag tag band of pirates and outlaws as you fight your way across the Frontier for treasure and glory. Delve into our latest turn based tactical RPG.

You play as Rogan Harker, a recently freed convict. He travels to the Frontier to find old friends and start a new life. But the overpowering Federation still controls most of the Frontier, and the new and budding Alliance is no fan of outlaws. Hated and feared, the pirate life is one of constant danger. Friends and allies are hard to find and harder still to keep. Beset on all sides can Rogan find fame and fortune with his fledgling pirate fleet?

  • A full campaign with over 20 story missions
  • Over 50 procedurally generated side missions
  • Dynamic initiative-based turn-based combat
  • Purchase, outfit and control the unique Pirate faction ships
  • Hire and assign crew members that gain experience and power along with your ships
  • Hidden unique mercenaries and ships to add to your fleet
  • Experience over 50 random events
  • Customize your play style by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree
  • Large, detailed space maps to fight across
  • Three different strategic resources to manage
  • Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control
  • Includes both free DLCs; Ancient Frontier - The Crew and Ancient Frontier - Quests and Events

BATTLETECH: Flashpoint Released

Paradox Interactive now offers BATTLETECH: Flashpoint, the first expansion for BATTLETECH, Harebrained Schemes' turn-based mech combat game. They say this is available from Steam,, Paradox Plaza, "and other digital retailers," and it is part of the game's season pass which will also include two other upcoming expansions. There is also a new patch for the base game, updating it to version 1.3 with more new content, as outlined in this post. Here's a launch trailer, and here's the announcement:
Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes today announced that BATTLETECH’s much-anticipated first expansion, BATTLETECH: Flashpoint, is available now for $19.99 MSRP on Steam, GOG, Paradox Plaza and other digital retailers.

BATTLETECH's first-ever expansion adds new gameplay, depth, and over 30 hours of new content to the mercenary experience. Introducing Flashpoints: high-stakes, branching short stories that link together mercenary missions, crew conversations, special events, critical choices, and rare bonus rewards to take BATTLETECH's endgame and Career-Mode gameplay to the next level.

Flashpoints embroil players in the feuds and machinations of the various Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, and are designed to keep even the most hardened mercenary commanders on their toes. In addition to narrative twists and turns, some Flashpoint stories include consecutive deployments in which players can’t repair or heal between missions, while others feature infiltration contracts that restrict the tonnage of deployable BattleMechs.

Beyond adding over 30 hours of exciting Flashpoints to BATTLETECH, this expansion comes complete with three new ‘Mechs (including the highly anticipated Hatchetman), a challenging new mission type, and a new tropical biome for the biggest and most challenging BATTLETECH experience yet.
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Destiny 2: Forsaken Season Details

Bungie offers a new video they call a ViDoc to lay out "The Road Ahead" for Destiny 2: Forsaken, discussing seasonal rewards and challenges for their first-person shooter sequel. Here's word on how every time you think you're out, they'll drag you back in:
With the beginning of the Season of the Forge, developers from Bungie are going on the record about all the new challenges, rewards, and special events that await your Guardian for the rest of the year and beyond. Each Season will unfold with new reasons to play and new ways to upgrade your character. For the most hardcore players in our community, the Annual Pass will deliver new ways to make the game of Destiny a hobby that sends you back to the stars week after week.
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Stellaris: Megacorp Features Trailer

A new video for Stellaris: Megacorp offers a breakdown on the new features we can expect in the upcoming business-oriented expansion for Stellaris when it is released for the 4X space strategy game next week. To make things easy, they also shoot along a six-shooter's worth of bullets on the topic:
Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that share your core values, has today shared a feature breakdown trailer for MegaCorp, the economy-focused expansion for its sci-fi strategy game, Stellaris. Launching December 6th, MegaCorp has players taking the helm of a powerful corporate empire set on expanding operations across the stars.

Players who are sure they have leadership potential can pre-order today here:

Find everything you need to kickstart your own Megacorporation in the feature breakdown trailer.

Alongside a host of free updates coming to Stellaris, the new MegaCorp expansion will include:

  • Corporate Culture: Chief Executive Officers of a MegaCorp can conduct business on a galaxy-wide scale with a host of new civics. By building Branch Offices on planets within empires they have trade agreements with, the MegaCorp can add a portion of the planet’s Trade Value to their own network. Using the new Corporate Authority government type, construct an economic powerhouse and dominate galactic trade - for a brighter future.
  • City World: With Ecumenopolis, players can increase the population density of core worlds to truly epic proportions, eventually creating a planet-spanning megacity.
  • Caravaneer Fleets: Keep an eye out for the Caravaneers, nomadic interstellar wheelers-and-dealers who stay aloof from galactic politics, and always have a bargain up their sleeve. Expect surprises when these master traders wander through your space or when you visit their home systems.
  • More Megastructures: Budget has been approved for your own glorious Matter Decompressor, Mega-Art Installation or Strategic Coordination Center to acquire new scaling capabilities for your megalopolis.
  • Galactic Slave Market: Buy and sell labor on an industrial scale, set them free or keep them as livestock. The choice is yours!
  • VIP Status Comes with its Perks: Keep your economy competitive in a cutthroat galaxy with additional Ascension perks.

For more information about Stellaris, visit

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Strange Brigade: The Thrice Damned 3: Great Pyramid of Bes Released

Steam now offers The Thrice Damned 3: Great Pyramid of Bes, new DLC for Strange Brigade, Rebellions Windows co-op action/adventure. This concludes The Thrice Damned 3 trilogy with a pyramid scheme, and also comes along with new free content for the base game. You want more? There's also a new MAHARANI HUNTRESS CHARACTER EXPANSION PACK. Word is: "Shutter-happy snappers can delight in PHOTO MODE, while challenge-craving champions can test their skill with the new difficulty level EXTREME MODE. Both are FREE and available right now, as are the Score Attack levels 'Great Pyramid II' and 'Afterlife II' and the new Horde map 'Void.'" Here are the details:
A perilous pyramid full of terrifying traps? A troublesome teleportation to the afterlife? This sounds like a job for... the STRANGE BRIGADE!

The thrilling conclusion to the Brigade's downloadable developments is here! Campaign mission THRICE DAMNED III: GREAT PYRAMID OF BES is available now via the Season Pass or to buy separately. And, as revealed in today's new trailer, an old foe is back to terrorize once more - or should we say, thrice more!

Luckily the Brigade have another new hero in their employ. Introducing tracker extraordinaire Anjali Khan! Secretly a ruler of a prosperous Indian state, Anjali has vowed revenge against the curse that took her family. To help her do just that, she's brought the Brigade some devilishly destructive new gear...
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Fallout 76 Legal Fallout?

A post on Eurogamer attempts to sort through a tangle of information about Fallout 76 and the possibility of getting a refund amid complaints about a buggy launch for the RPG prequel. They note some claims of successful refunds are counterbalanced by complaints that refunds were denied for users who already downloaded the game, which seems like a legal Catch-22 for those who say the game is unplayable. They note that Washington D.C.-based legal firm Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is soliciting complaints, suggesting they may want to take Bethesda to court over this. Here's their statement:
Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating Bethesda Game Studios for releasing a heavily-glitched game, Fallout 76, and refusing to issue refunds for PC purchasers of the game who found it to be unplayable because of its technical problems. While minor bugs and glitches are expected with the release of most new games, Fallout 76 launched with a 56GB patch that has proven to be but a starting point for the game’s problems. Gamers who have tried to receive a refund because of the game’s myriad glitches have been unable to do so since they downloaded the game, leaving them to deal with an unplayable experience until patches bring it back to a playable state.

Artifact Comic

With Artifact due to launch tomorrow, the Artifact Website now offers Prelude, the first in a series of comics to build the lore for the Dota 2-related virtual card game. This comes along with details on a new version of the game that's now available to beta testers, and they say that the game is now available for preload. Here's word on the new comic and plans to release a second issue alongside the game tomorrow in a post from last night:
Artifact is coming to Steam in just two days! In the meantime, we're happy to launch the first in a new series of Artifact comics, called Prelude. Artifact is more than just a Dota card game — it is a shared universe with a storyline that will deepen the history, expand the world, and change the fates of the heroes of both games.

We'll also be releasing a second comic called Call to Arms on launch day, which sets the stage for a series of events that will transform the world of Dota forever. Don't forget to come back and check it out.

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame Announced

WBIE, TT Games, The LEGO Group, and probably others announce The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame, an upcoming tie-in with the upcoming movie sequel that's all about the tie-ins. This page is home to the project, which is due on February 26th, a couple of weeks after the debut of the movie. Here's word:
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group today announced The LEGO® Movie 2 Videogame, inspired by the much-anticipated sequel The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part from Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Animation Group. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame will be available for Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, and PC in 2019 alongside the film and a collection of The LEGO Movie 2 building sets.

Based on events from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, alien invaders have left Bricksburg in ruins! It is now up to Emmet, Lucy and a host of heroic characters to go beyond their world and save their friends from the strange inhabitants of the Systar System.

“Packed with fan-favorite and exciting new characters, mysterious locations and action from both the sequel and the original blockbuster The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is a wild adventure for kids to explore,” said Arthur Parsons, Head of Design, TT Games Studios. “Players must scour the stars for rare items, materials and tools to complete their collections and help their journey across the LEGO universe, experiencing a wide array of amazing environments, wacky vehicles and incredible creatures along the way.”

“The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is a one-of-a-kind experience full of fantastic characters and open-world adventures with a strong emphasis on creative solutions to puzzles and building within the film’s universe,” said Sean William McEvoy, VP Digital Games & Apps, The LEGO Group. “LEGO fans of all ages will have fun rebuilding their own world using tools to create roads, change the landscape and build structures to unlock more rewards and missions.”

Starsiege Tribes Turns 20 This Week

Here's a reminder that the 20th anniversary of Starsiege Tribes is Friday, and that fans of the class-based shooter are planning a reunion event/tournament to celebrate the milestone. Here's the post we made about this in July: With the 20th anniversary of the launch of Starsiege Tribes coming up on November 30th, the small, but still active community for Dynamix's cult-classic shooter is gearing up to celebrate. They are planning an anniversary reunion event and tournament to run that weekend, hoping to inspire participation from other fans of the game and anyone else who's interested. This is unofficial, as they have the blessings of rights-holder Hi-Rez, but the developer is declining to participate otherwise to avoid creating the impression that they may be working on a new game in the series, since that is not the case. The Tribes community has set up this website as a way for new and returning players to get started playing, and the site offers this page to explain their anniversary event and to accept signups from those who wish to participate. They also point the way to the Tribes Talk Discord server as another resource. Here's a bit on the plan:
Tribes will be hitting the big 2-0 on November 30th, 2018 and we are planning to put together a 20th Anniversary Weekend and LT tournament to celebrate. The plan is to have a reunion weekend/event for everyone to get their nostalgia on and play some old school Tribes. Additionally, as we still have a small but dedicated community of LT players, we are planning to organize an LT tournament.

The goal is to get in touch with old veterans and new players alike to get as big of a turnout as possible for the anniversary weekend event and LT tournament. Currently, as far as organized events go, we are only planning for an LT tournament but if there is enough interest it would be awesome if we could get some 10v10 Base pickup games or an arena/duel tournament as well. If you are interested please register using either the 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend link or the LT tournament link. If you are signing up for the LT tournament no need to sign up for the event link. Please share this with anyone you think would be interested!

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