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Monday, Jun 11, 2018


Star Control: Origins E3 Trailer

Stardock announces the release of the E3 trailer for Star Control: Origins, and also offers a release date, saying the sci-fi action/strategy game is due on September 20th. They also remind us that those who preorder get immediate access to the Fleet Battles beta: "Star Control: Origins will release on September 20th, 2018, and we can’t wait! Pre-order today so that you’re ready to go when the game launches! When you order, you’ll get immediate access to our Fleet Battles beta, where you can face off against other players in epic space combat." Here's the description of the clip:

You are the Captain of Earth's very first interstellar ship. Congratulations! There's just one tiny problem. It's barely worth mentioning but a powerful alien species known as the Scryve want to exterminate humanity. We need you to go out and find allies, upgrade your ship and save us!

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Satisfactory Announced

Coffee Stain Studios announces Satisfactory, an upcoming celebration of industry from the folks behind the surprise hit Goat Simulator. The Satisfactory Website is online with details, calling this "an FPS open-world factory building sim" for Windows, and they offer a chance at alpha access to those who sign up for their newsletter. Here's the E3 2018 reveal trailer and the game's Steam Page is online with details. Here's a bit:

Welcome to FICSIT Incorporated! A company specialised in the research, development and application of new technology and science, anything to find short-term solutions to long-term problems! As part of our brand-new Save The Day program, you’ll be sent to one of many alien planets in an effort to contribute to Project Assembly, a project I am legally bound to not tell you anything about for fear of our lives. And my job.

As an engineer and pioneer, you won’t only be constructing and automating the very factory that will contribute to Project Assembly, but also explore and exploit the planet and its inhabitants as you expand. Don’t worry, we’re super inclusive when it comes to alien lifeforms! We’ll even allow for pets, how cool is that!? Just don’t tell R&D.

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Steam China Announced

Valve and Perfect World announce a partnership for Steam China:

Perfect World Zhengqi (Shanghai) Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. and Perfect World Game Co., Ltd., two wholly owned subsidiaries of Perfect World Co., Ltd., and Valve Corporation announced an extension of their ongoing partnership to begin work on Steam China, which will provide Chinese gamers and developers with a new way to access Steam's expansive selection of games and entertainment. No release date for Steam China has been announced.

Steam China will extend the strategic cooperation between the two parties that began in 2012, when Perfect World's subsidiaries obtained the license to operate Valve's DOTA 2, and later Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), in China. Robert H. Xiao, CEO of Perfect World, said the company would introduce more games to China through Steam China, providing quality content and improving the experience for both gamers and developers.

Perfect World and Valve will collaborate closely on Steam China, actively promoting its launch, marketing, and game lineup. No changes are planned for Steam's existing worldwide operations and services as a result of this announcement.

Steam is one of the world's largest digital distribution platforms on PC, where players can purchase, download, discuss, upload, and share games and game-related content. Steam offers over 20,000 games created by game developers to millions of players worldwide, including over 3,000 VR titles using SteamVR technology.

Valve Corporation, founded in 1996, is a global leading game developer headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Its game titles include Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and more.

Perfect World is a leading game and movie company in China. Its overseas game revenues ranked first for several consecutive years. Popular games of Perfect World include Zhu Xian, Perfect World, Legend of Martial Arts, Swordsman Online, and Return of Condor Heroes.

The Crew 2 Open Beta Next Week

Ubisoft announces preloads are now underway for an open beta test of The Crew 2 that gets underway on June 21st. This will run for four days for all Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 gamers, with just a Ubisoft account as the prerequisite. The E3 trailer for the open world driving sequel celebrates the news of the beta, and they offer the following details:

One week after the end of the Closed Beta and one year following our official reveal at E3, we had the opportunity to come back on stage to celebrate the upcoming release of The Crew 2 with all you motorsport enthusiasts!

This time, our Brand Director Delphine Dosset had the great pleasure of unveiling the latest The Crew 2 trailer, as well yet another surprise for all those who have been supporting us and are eagerly waiting to take the wheel:

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Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle Announced

A Steam announcement from inXile Entertainment announces Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle, a celebration of three decades in the wasteland, saying this is currently in preproduction for release next year. The centerpiece of this bundle is a remastered version of the original Wasteland with new graphics they say will maintain the spirit of the pixel art that was state-of-the-art when the game was first released by EA and Interplay in 1988. You can purchase this right now, and receive the remastered Wasteland when it's released. Here's word on the contents:

inXile Entertainment is proud to announce the Wasteland 30th Anniversary Bundle, a celebration of the video game series which launched the post-apocalyptic genre in video gaming and inspired successors such as the Fallout series. The bundle includes items from across the history of the series, along with two new items - a musical track by Mark Morgan, which represents the first publicly available new content from 2019’s Wasteland 3, and a currently in pre-production 30th anniversary remaster of the original Wasteland by Krome Studios (currently partnered with inXile on a similar remaster of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy).

Items in the Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition Bundle include:

  • Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic
  • Wasteland - 30th Anniversary Edition remaster (due early 2019)
  • Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
  • Digital Extras:
    - Wasteland 3 Music Track "Frozen Waste"
    - Wasteland 2 Novella: All Bad Things
    - Wasteland 2 Novella: The Earth Transformed Ghost Book One
    - Wasteland 2 Novella: Death Machines Ghost Book Two
    - Wasteland 2 Concept Art Book
    - Wasteland 2 Choir Songs EP
    - Wasteland 2 Original Soundtrack

This bundle will contain all the items listed above and be sold for $44.99, launching at 10% discount in celebration of the game’s anniversary. When Wasteland - 30th Anniversary Edition is released, it will also be added to the libraries of customers who purchased the bundle at no additional cost.

The signature item of this bundle is Wasteland - 30th Anniversary Edition, a remastering of the first game that will feature updated graphics (which maintain the spirit of the original pixel art), run natively in current operating systems and at all current resolutions, and offer other quality of life features. This work is being done by Krome Studios, the team currently behind a similar remastering of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy.

The Wasteland - 30th Anniversary Edition remaster is currently in pre-production, with an expected completion date of early 2019. Anyone who purchases the bundle prior to then will receive the game at no additional cost upon release.

For Honor Marching Fire in October; Get Starter Version for Free

Ubisoft announces a Marching Fire update is coming to For Honor on October 16th, saying this will add a new Chinese faction, new heroes, and a new 4v4 multiplayer mode called Breach to the melee combat game. They also announce that the starter edition is completely free for the next week, so anyone who claims a copy by June 18th will get to keep it. If you take advantage of this, they just released a helpful article with tips for newbies. Here's a Marching Fire cinematic trailer, and here's more on the Chinese faction it will bring to the melee combat game this autumn:

A new faction of warriors is entering For Honor's fray this October, and they're bringing the biggest-ever For Honor update with them. The Marching Fire update arrives on October 16, introducing a new faction from China, the Wu Lin, who add four new Heroes to the current roster of 18. And that's only the beginning – Marching Fire also adds a new 4v4 multiplayer mode, Breach, which lets players take part in a full-on castle siege. A sizable raft of other improvements and additions are on the way as well, including graphical enhancements and a new mode featuring unlimited PvE content, which will be fully unveiled at a later date.

Leaving their homeland to escape a civil war, the new Heroes add Chinese-influenced weapons and fighting styles to the mix. The Tiandi, Jiang Jun, Nuxia, and Shaolin also come replete with individual names and backstories, establishing them as characters instead of just warrior archetypes. While they'll initially be exclusive to a paid bundle that will be detailed later, all four Wu Lin Heroes will be available for purchase with Steel, For Honor's in-game currency, once the exclusivity period is over. The paid bundle will also feature a new, unlimited PvE mode, which will be detailed at a later date.

The new multiplayer mode, Breach, will be free to all players at launch, and adds three new, Breach-exclusive maps. Pitting two teams of four against each other, the new mode simulates a full-blown castle siege, with the attacking team escorting a battering ram while the defenders try to destroy it and keep enemy attackers at bay. Also free are a host of new updates, including improvements to graphical textures, lighting, and sky gradients, as well as an updated matchmaking interface and a speech realization system to inject more personality into the Heroes.

Marching Fire launches October 16 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing players the biggest For Honor update since launch. If you'd like to get in on the action and get a few months of experience before it hits, the Starter Edition of For Honor is free on PC via Uplay from June 11 to June 18. Additionally, all other digital PC and console versions will be on sale for up to 75% off until June 17 (Xbox One), June 18 (PC), and June 19 (PS4).

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Metro Exodus In February

Deep Silver and 4A Games announce a February 22nd release date for Metro Exodus, the next installment in their post-apocalyptic shooter series. They accompany the news with the E3 trailer which shows off cinematics and gameplay in 4K resolution. Here's word:

Deep Silver and 4A Games are proud to announce that Metro Exodus, the third instalment in the critically acclaimed Metro series, will be released Feb. 22, 2019, on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation(r) 4 computer entertainment system, and PC.

Accompanying this news is the release of the epic trailer that premiered at the Xbox E3 Briefing. The gameplay footage was captured from a single massive sandbox survival area and follows Artyom and our band of Spartans as they smash into the Volga region during the post-apocalyptic Russian spring.

The new trailer illustrates the many new experiences and dangers that await. The Volga region of Russia encompasses the drainage basin of Europe's largest river and is packed with dangerous bandits, a fanatic religious cult, and a range of vicious mutants desperate to make Artyom their next meal.

4A Games have re-imagined the landscape of the eastern European plains in awe-inspiring detail, including the flooded remains of villages and factories where life was forever changed 25 years previously.

"4A are extremely proud to be showing 4K gameplay of one of our vast open levels exclusively on the world's biggest videogames stage," said Andriy Prokhorov, Creative Director and co-founder at 4A Games. "We can't wait to reveal more of Artyom's journey in the coming months."

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The Elder Scrolls VI Teaser

Here's the official E3 announcement teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI, the next installment in Bethesda's role-playing series. There's really nothing to see here yet. the clip shows a distant view of a beautiful vista, and here's all they have to say about this for the moment: "Currently in pre-production at Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed developers of Skyrim and Fallout 4. The highly-anticipated next chapter in the iconic The Elder Scrolls series." Continue here to read the full story.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailers

Square Enix offers a new trailer (NSFW) from Shadow of the Tomb Raider is called "One with the Jungle Gameplay Reveal." This starts off with a cinematic that must obviously conclude with Lara's demise, along with gameplay that must precede the tragedy (unless it turns out a seatbelt can protect you from a near terminal velocity crash). Word is: "Game Director Daniel Chayer-Bisson introduces an all-new gameplay clip that highlights how Lara will become one with the jungle to survive and stop a Maya apocalypse. Outgunned and outnumbered - Lara must use everything she's learned from the brutal environment against Trinity." For actual gameplay, you can look to NVIDIA who have some 4K footage of the game in action. Continue here to read the full story.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Details

Ubisoft announces Assassin's Creed Odyssey after teasing plans for a new installment that will take the action/stealth series to ancient Greece October 5th. Word is: "Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is an ambitious action role-playing game that places choice at the center of the experience. An all-new interactive dialogue system empowers players to forge their own path and impact the game’s world, characters and story to shape the future of Greece. Players will customize weapons and gear, master and equip new special abilities, and charge into massive battles between Sparta and Athens, pitting hundreds of soldiers against each other. The return of open-world naval combat allows players to seamlessly explore the open seas, customize their ship and recruit their own crew with unique perks. With the entire country of Greece to discover, from pristine beaches to vibrant cities, from the heights of snowy mountain peaks to the depths of the Aegean Sea, players will encounter Ancient Greece’s famous figures and myths as they live their own odyssey." The Ubisoft website also offers details, and a new trailer showing off the setting. Here's more:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey takes a bigger step back in time than any other game in the series, bringing players to Ancient Greece in the 5th century BCE, centuries before the founding of the Assassin's Brotherhood in Egypt. Launching October 5 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Odyssey casts players as one of two Spartan outcasts-turned-mercenaries – Alexios or Kassandra – free to forge their own destiny during the Peloponnesian War, thanks to a big emphasis on player choice.

Beginning with the decision of which character to play as, Assassin's Creed Odyssey gives players the ability to make story-altering choices by navigating interactive dialogue, making or rejecting alliances, and pursuing romance. Assisted by a mysterious First Civilization artifact, the Spear of Leonidas, you'll also be able to unlock new, seemingly supernatural abilities as you journey through Greece, hunting secretive enemies, meeting famous historical figures, encountering myths, and fighting in huge battles between Athens and Sparta.

Ancient Greece is a huge open world – nearly half of which is water – and features a strikingly diverse landscape of mountains, cities, forests, and beaches. With that in mind, Odyssey also brings back open-world naval gameplay, putting you at the helm of a trireme warship and setting you loose to hunt pirates and other threats with a steadfast crew of archers. You'll be able to not only customize your ship, but recruit unique crewmembers as well, persuading allies and enemies alike to add their perks and abilities to your roster. You'll also be able to dive under the waves at any time, discovering undersea ruins and battling sharks as you explore.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey also builds on Assassin's Creed Origins' approach to gear; not only will you continually find diverse new weapons to wield, but you'll now be able to find, equip, and customize new helmets, breastplates, belts, greaves, and bracers, with each changing your mercenary's appearance as well as their stats.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be available in standard, Deluxe, Gold, and Ultimate Editions. The Deluxe Edition adds gear packs and a naval pack, as well as XP and currency boosts, while the Gold Edition includes the Season Pass and grants early access to the game starting October 2. The Ultimate Edition, meanwhile, contains the Season Pass and the Deluxe Edition content, as well as early access beginning October 2. Additionally, players who preorder the game will get an additional mission, "The Blind King."

Assassin's Creed Odyssey arrives on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 5, and will feature enhancements for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Stay tuned for more on the game, and more news from E3 2018.

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Skull & Bones Trailer

The E3 2018 trailer for Skull & Bones is called "The Hunting Grounds" after a "PvPvE" mode in the upcoming piracy game. This article accompanies the clip, which as it introduces the base of operations for your seafaring and some of the options for crewing and equipping your ship. Here's a bit, including word on how to possibly play early by registering for the beta:

Skull & Bones is showing off a new PvPvE mode at E3 2018 called Hunting Grounds. Setting players loose in the open Indian Ocean, this new mode will let them hunt merchant ships, loot trade routes, and sink enemy vessels either as a lone wolf or part of a pirate gang. As you pillage and plunder your way towards fame and notoriety, you'll have to fend off the forces of powerful empires, fiendish rival pirates, and even the treacherous ocean itself. And in true pirate fashion, there's always the possibility of your pirate gang turning on you to take your riches. Skull & Bones will launch in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

On your journey through the Hunting Grounds, you'll need to gather intelligence and prepare your ship's crew and weapons before each hunt. Once you're out on the open waters, you'll have to decide what kind of pirate you'll be. Will you sail the oceans alone, loyal to no one but yourself? Will you maintain honor among thieves and hunt with friends? Or will you adopt a true pirate's life and betray your fellow players, making off with all of the loot yourself?

Hunting Grounds will be available alongside Disputed Waters, Skull & Bones' dedicated PvP multiplayer mode, which pits you and four other players against a rival pirate gang to fight over riches, sink opponents' ships, and make off with the treasure before the deadly pirate hunters arrive. Your pirate adventures in Skull & Bones will also include Deadly Encounters, which will be detailed at a later date.

On your journey to become a pirate king, you'll acquire unique and formidable warships – so whether you want a quick and agile vessel, or a towering battleship, you'll always have something in your arsenal to fit your play style. In addition to finding a vessel that suits you, you'll be able to customize your ship with different weapons and crewmates to further refine your experience. Pirates who want to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies at first sight can also customize nearly every visual aspect of their ship, including sails, figureheads, ship wheels, paint colors, and pirate captain.

Those eager to prove themselves on the high seas against other pirates can register now to join the beta prior to launch at Beta players will be able to play the game ahead of release, and provide feedback to the development team.

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The Division 2 Trailer and Details

This press release has the official announcement of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, saying this will be released worldwide on March 15, 2019 for PC and consoles. Also, a new post from Ubisoft discusses the shooter sequel's Washington D.C. setting, offering this trailer with gameplay. Word is this is actually a "one-to-one recreation" of the U.S. capital:

The Division 2 has been fully unveiled at E3 2018. Set in Washington D.C., the game takes place seven months after a deadly virus was released in New York City and the nation has become a shell of its former glory. While the virus has been contained, its effects are most evident in the devastated streets of the nation's capital where survivors cling to hope and struggle to rebuild. Enter The Division, a unit of civilian sleeper agents who now must work to stop enemy factions from completely taking over the city – and ultimately, the nation. As a universally-regarded seat of power, if D.C. falls, the nation falls. With civilians helpless and fearing for their lives, players will be the last line of defense in preventing the total collapse of society.

Set in a one-to-one recreation of Washington, D.C., The Division 2 has been shaped by all the lessons the development team learned from listening and collaborating with players since The Division's launch more than two years ago. As a result, the game has been developed with an endgame-first mentality. For players, this means that from day one, The Division 2's main campaign will naturally flow into a robust endgame with its own narrative thread and unique challenges.

Progress also continues long after Level 30. Once you reach the level cap, you'll be able to select a Specialization. Each Specialization, like sharpshooter, demolitionist, or survivalist, comes with its own progression path. These paths introduce new skill mods, talents, and tools, including brand new signature weapons. As you further customize your Agent, you'll also have access to a wealth of PvP experiences, including a fully revamped Dark Zone experience. Additionally, in a first for the franchise, eight-player raids will make their way to The Division 2. These challenging missions will test the skill, communication, and teamwork of even the most expert Agents.

While there will be tons of content available on day one, The Division 2 is committed to continually offering new content updates. Post-launch, the game will see the inclusion of a year's worth of story-driven missions, map expansions, and new modes for free.

For those who want even more content, an optional premium pass will give you access to one year of exclusive add-ons. The Division 2 will arrive in March 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC; keep your eyes open for more updates as E3 2018 continues.

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Transference Announced

Ubisoft introduces Transference at E3, a mind-bending game being developed in collaboration with SpectreVision, a film production company cofounded by Elijah Wood. This seems aimed at VR, but they say it will also be playable on a monitor when it's released this fall. Here's the E3 trailer and here's more:

When brilliant-but-troubled scientist Raymond Hayes experiments with brain data collected from himself and his family, their combined consciousness begins to form a dark and twisted digital simulation. In Transference, players will be enveloped in this mind-bending digital world and shift between the perspectives of Raymond, his wife Katherine, and their son Benjamin to recover the fragmented family memories and attempt to piece together their mystery. Transference combines live-action footage with environmental storytelling to unlock haunting emotions that lingers long after you put the controller down.

Developed by FunHouse, a division of Ubisoft Montreal, and SpectreVision, a film production company cofounded by Elijah Wood, Transference is a first-person exploration game that will have players search for clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the corrupted collective consciousness of the Hayes family through simulations of their home.

Transference will be available in full VR on PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. For those without VR, the game will be fully playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it launches this fall.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Seeks Content

Ubisoft announces a collaboration with HitRECord, founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to have artists to create content such as posters, radio ads, and music for Beyond Good and Evil 2. They accompany the news with the E3 2018 cinematic trailer for the upcoming space adventure sequel. Here's word on the content partnership and how to get involved if you're interested:

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has, from the start, been about collaboration. Since it was unveiled at E3 2017, the developers have involved the community in the creation process via the Space Monkey Program, using player feedback and ideas to shape the game's development. Now, Ubisoft is taking that process one step further by partnering with HitRECord – a collaborative creative platform founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt – and inviting artists to create content for the game, such as poster designs, radio ads, and music.

Open to artists of all skill levels and fields, the partnership encourages participants to work with others – including the developers of Beyond Good and Evil 2 themselves – and will offer creative briefings to guide the process. Artists will be able to link their HitRECord and Space Monkey Program accounts, and start submitting content with the tag "BGE2" for review by the development team. Creators can submit designs or music, and can build on pre-existing content in the site's archives. Creators will also be credited and paid for their contributions based on item type, scope of work, and intention for its use. If you've ever wanted to see your work appear in a major videogame, now's your chance to make it happen.

To contribute, head to HitRECord, and link your Space Monkey Program account at

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It Came from E3 2018, Part 1

On Sale

Evening Consolidation

Evening Metaverse

Evening Tech Bits

Evening Safety Dance

Evening Legal Briefs

etc., etc.

Into the Black

Link of the Day: Pilot steps onto a moving ship. Just another day at the office.

Devil May Cry 5 Announced

CapCom officially announces Devil May Cry 5, following the report last week that they had registered a new domain for the project. The post includes some artwork, an announcement trailer, and word this is expected for PC and consoles in spring 2019. It doesn't sound like this will have much of a presence at E3, as they say to stay tune for more details at Gamescom, which takes place in August. Here's word:

The time has come! Get ready for the craziest, most stylish action game experience yet:

Announcing Devil May Cry 5!

Time to Kick Some Demon Ass
Years have passed since the events of Devil May Cry 4, and a lot has happened. Young demon hunter Nero has lost his Devil Bringer demon arm… but hey! He’s now heading his own branch of the demon-hunting business Devil May Cry. To make up for that lost arm, and keep his style rankings up, he’s enlisted the help of expert craftswoman Nico, a brand new character in the series, to lend a hand and build different types of prosthetic arms that unlock new badass combat abilities and devastating powers.

The Demonic Invasion Begins
A new demonic invasion has begun with the seeds of a demon tree being sown in Red Grave City. Now fully equipped with his trusty Red Queen and Blue Rose, and a new arsenal of rad robot hands thanks to his partner Nico, Nero must rise up to this new impossible task. With such insane amount of energy and destruction emanating from this surprise invasion, the stage is now set for the latest chapter of the “Sons of Sparda” saga.

Utterly Insane Action
However, Nero is not alone in this fight. Our gameplay announcement trailer above focuses on Nero and his new set of tricks, but Devil May Cry 5 will feature 3 playable characters, with their own unique over-the-top playstyles and flair.

New Heights in Visual Fidelity
More details on characters and specific gameplay moves are still forthcoming—can Nero still MAX-Act rev the Red Queen?!—but rest assured the complete package will be delivered to you in true Devil May Cry form at a silky-smooth 60 frames-per-second and stunning visual fidelity, thanks to the power of our proprietary RE Engine.

Devil May Cry 5 marks the return of stylish action at its finest form. Renowned director Hideaki Itsuno has brought the band back together and they’re working tirelessly to deliver a new genre-defining entry to you in the spring of 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

We’ll be sharing more details on the game at Gamescom 2018, but in the meantime, you can start jamming out to Nero’s blood-pumping battle theme “Devil Trigger” by Ali Edwards on iTunes and Spotify!

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Announced

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be the next game from DARK SOULS developer FromSoftware. This announcement has details on this third-person action/adventure, saying it will come to Steam and consoles next year, and it includes this trailer with a look at the setting. The Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Website is online as home to this project, and the announcement fills in more details:

Your death won’t come easily. Enter the world of late 1500s Sengoku Japan; a brutal, bloody period of constant life-and-death conflict. As tensions rise, a compelling new story unfolds amongst the chaos. Introducing Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice, a dark and twisted new gameplay experience developed by the renowned team at FromSoftware and published* by Activision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI). Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is scheduled for release globally in early 2019 for the family of Xbox One devices from Microsoft, including the Xbox One X; PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro; and PC via Steam. Pre-orders are available now at select retailers for the suggested retail price of $59.99. View the official Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice trailer here.

Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a third-person, action-adventure game with RPG elements. The single-player game puts players in the protagonist role of a hard-hearted warrior whose mission is to rescue his master, a young lord, and exact revenge on his arch nemesis. As “Sekiro,” or the “one-armed wolf,” players will discover the many ways to strategically approach combat and engage enemies.

“Collaborating with Activision on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been a very exciting experience for us,” said Hidetaka Miyazaki, president and game director at FromSoftware. “With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice many FromSoftware team members, including myself, are thrilled to be exploring themes of Sengoku Japan and ninja for the first time. We can’t wait for everyone to discover what’s in store for the game.”

Fans of FromSoftware will find familiarity in the gritty gameplay found in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice where combat reigns supreme. Players will enjoy combining new features, such as vertical traversal, with visceral head-to-head battle to fulfill their destiny in a vast world filled with beautiful vistas, enormous castles, bizarre weaponry, and fearsome enemies.

“From Dark Souls to Bloodborne, FromSoftware has established a level of excellence that stands by itself in our industry, and we are incredibly honored to work with them in bringing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to fans worldwide,” said Steve Young, Chief Revenue Officer at Activision. “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will not only add a new and exciting genre to Activision’s portfolio, but will also give players an experience that’s unlike any other FromSoftware game to date.”

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JUMP FORCE Announced

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announces JUMP FORCE, a fighting game coming next year to Steam and consoles. Word is in this, "The Ultimate Heroes from Japanese Manga and Anime Join Forces to Save Earth." Here's the plan:

Leading developer and publisher of anime videogames, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., has announced JUMP FORCE for the Xbox One® video game system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and PC via STEAM®. The greatest heroes and villains from the 50-year history of Shueisha’s influential Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump® manga will battle against each other across iconic locations on Earth in this anime fighting game fan’s dream come true!

Featuring the world’s most popular and classic manga/anime franchises including DRAGON BALL Z®, ONE PIECE®, NARUTO®, and many others, players will be able to create their three-character manga/anime dream tag team and take them into battle in hyper-stylish arena brawls set against backdrops of famous landmarks around the world including New York City’s Times Square and the Matterhorn in the Alps. Utilizing Unreal Engine® 4, JUMP FORCE brings these titans of Japanese pop culture to life for the first time ever in stunning realistic detail.

The lines that separate our world from the JUMP world have been blurred, with evil forces spilling into the real world to rule over humanity. The greatest heroes known to manga/anime including Goku, Luffy, Naruto, as well as many others to be announced, must join together to triumph over the forces of evil seeping in from the JUMP world.

“With JUMP FORCE, we are thrilled to bring to life Shueisha’s deep catalogue of beloved franchises that has produced some of the most popular pop culture characters to ever come from Japan,” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “JUMP FORCE gives fans of manga and anime a dream opportunity to see their favorite heroes come to life in our world in a globetrotting adventure filled with explosive battles of epic proportions.”

JUMP FORCE will be available in 2019 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 system, and PC via STEAM.


The big pre-summer Summer Sale on enters its second week, offering more daily deals along with sale prices on more than 1000 games. They kick off week two with another giveaway, offering free copies of Ziggurat to all who are interested. Here's the latest on the sale and the free game:

Week Two of #SummerGaming opens with a ZIGGURAT giveaway – it's free to keep! The Painkiller-ish, Hexen-ish, frantic first-person shooter ticks all the boxes – that means magic, powerups, tons of weapons, badass bosses, carrots. All that in a rogue-lite package with more replayability than you can shake your wand at. The giveaway lasts 48 hours until June 13, 1 PM UTC.

Also new things are in store for #SummerGaming Week Two – E3 begins tomorrow, but CD PROJEKT RED already shared their new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, more information on the game will follow during the show, so it’s time to celebrate. And what better way to do that than with an up to -85% sale on The Witcher franchise; meanwhile we're in that grimy futuristic mood so we've prepared a collection of our favorite games inspired by everything cyberpunk, cheap in the #SummerGaming Sale!

There's still plenty of time to unlock a free copy of Sunless Sea (spend just 5$ in the sale) and RiME (pick up 20$ worth of games). GOG Connect is still dispensing DRM-free editions of games to thousands of Steam users. You can also DRM-free your games when you visit, log in to your Steam account, and claim a DRM-free edition of your every eligible game.

Finally, you can help us spread the word: we're looking for awesome and creative ways to put gaming in your summer – childhood photos, a video from yesterday, stories, and everything in between. Join us on Twitter now & starting on June 12 and share your #SummerGaming for numerous chances to win great games!

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

Here's the official E3 2018 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED's highly anticipated upcoming sci-fi RPG (thanks K). The clip offers a cinematic look at vision of the future this creates, and the kind of activities the game will support. The description has more:

Watch the E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 — the role-playing game of the dark future from CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a narrative-driven, open world RPG set in the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future — Night City. You play as V, a hired gun on the rise, who just got their first serious contract. In a world of cyberenhanced street warriors, tech-savvy netrunners and corporate life-hackers, today is your first step to becoming an urban legend.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the same universe as Mike Pondsmith's classic pen & paper RPG system, Cyberpunk 2020.

Find out more at:

Continue here to read the full story.

Dying Light 2 Announced

Techland announces Dying Light 2, an upcoming open-world sequel to their zombie survival game. This video shows off the environment, discussing how the setting has changed since the first game. Word is: "The fate of a decaying City is in your hands. Every choice matters. Discover the bold sequel to a best-selling open-world phenomenon." Those choices are highlighted in a gameplay walkthrough trailer. This clip shows off gameplay and discusses the far-reaching implications of the decisions you are faced with in the game, showing they can have significant ramifications on gameplay. The Dying Light Website is where to sign up to keep up with details on this. Continue here to read the full story.

Win10 Exclusive Gears of War 5 Announced

The Gears of War 5 E3 2018 Announce Trailer offers a first look at the next installment in the sci-fi broshooter series (though one of the bros is female this time). The clip includes cinematic looks to some extreme outdoor activities as well as story points and combat. Word is this will is coming in 2019, but only to Windows 10 and Xbox One. Here's word:

In Gears 5 as Kait, journey across the biggest, most beautiful Gears world ever created. Play solo or with a friend in local split-screen co-op, or online co-op and experience every mode in 4K Ultra HD resolution with stunning HDR at a smooth 60 frames per second. Coming in 2019.

Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Continue here to read the full story.

Just Cause 4 Announcement

E3 2018 trailer for Just Cause 4 offers a first look at the action game sequel that was accidentally revealed last week. The clip has cinematics and gameplay, but showing off lots of what makes this series what it is, including grappling hooks, wingsuits, parachutes, and wild stunts. The Just Cause Website is now accepting preorders, and says this is coming on December 4th. Here's more:

It's time to bring the thunder. Just Cause 4 by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix is coming to Xbox One December 4th 2018.

Set in the fictional South American World of Solis, Just Cause 4 takes the series incredible destruction and unique physics to a whole new level with the introduction of Extreme Weather. Rico Rodriquez returns with his trademark parachute, wingsuit and of course, grapple hook, which is now massively enhanced and fully customisable.

Continue here to read the full story.

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Announcement

Following the first revelation last week of plans for DEAD OR ALIVE 6, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo officially announce the fighting game sequel, saying it's expected early next year for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Website is online, and includes word that the game will be playable for the first time at EVO Showdown 2018 on August 4th along with this video from IGN livestreaming translated answers about gameplay. The video with the press release is the same one we saw already, but the announcement adds new details:

Team NINJA is proud to announce the triumphant return of the celebrated DEAD OR ALIVE fighting game franchise with DEAD OR ALIVE 6, currently in development for PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and digitally on Windows PC via Steam®. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the developer revealed that aspiring fighters will be able to experience the sixth DEAD OR ALIVE World Combat Championship in Early 2019; and every fight will be presented in amazing detail, allowing fans to discern intricate facial expressions unparalleled to those seen in previous entries in the series.

The DEAD OR ALIVE Tournament Executive Committee and hosts of DEAD OR ALIVE 6, DOATEC, already released the names of the first set of fighters involved in this instalment – including the owner of DOATEC, Helena Douglas. Other notable fighters include the eighteenth master of the Mugen Tenshin clan, Hayate, and past DEAD OR ALIVE (DOA) tournament winners; Kasumi of the Mugen Tenshin clan; the ultimate ninja, Ryu Hayabusa; the ever-entertaining host, Zack; and the most recent tournament winner, the scorching soul Jann Lee.

Two new locations have been scouted to host key matches in the sixth tournament: the remarkable DOA Colosseum, complete with three bold statues showcasing famous fighting stances, and The Throwdown, a gritty back street where raw unfiltered fighting can take place in its prime. Select locations, such as The Throwdown, allow the live audience to get even closer to the action than ever before – with some unruly fans breaking the rules and pushing fighters back into the centre of the ring. Combined with the fan-favorite ‘Mass Destruction’, where fighters can use the environment in their attacks, this tournament is set to be one of the most entertaining ever hosted by DOATEC.

To celebrate the sixth DEAD OR ALIVE World Combat Championship, Team NINJA & DOATEC have released a trailer showcasing footage from the preliminaries, alongside images of our returning competitors in and out of action.

Continue here to read the full story.

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Out of the Blue

Well, another E3 is in the books, and.... wait, what? The show hasn't actually event started yet. Well, wait what? I've already made repeated jokes about how all the announcements seem to precede the show in recent years? Fine, I'll just go back to my E3 drinking game. Battle royale mode? Time for another shot!

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Isle of Dogs 2 - directed by Michael Bay.
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Sunday, Jun 10, 2018

Starfield Announced

Bethesda officially announces Starfield with a teaser trailer that's mostly teaser. This shows a space station for this game rumored to be The Elder Scrolls in space. The clip teases, but there's nothing there yet, so all we have to go on for now is the two-sentence description: "Discover Starfield, the new space epic currently in development by Bethesda Game Studios. Starfield is the first new franchise in twenty-five years from the acclaimed developers of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series." Continue here to read the full story.

DOOM Eternal Announced

Bethesda's "BE3" pre-E3 show tonight included announcement DOOM Eternal, an upcoming sequel to DOOM (2016) in the works at id Software. They don't yet offer a release date, and it doesn't sound like we'll see that much of it during the show, as the official E3 teaser trailer is all cinematics, and it promises a livestream gameplay reveal on August 10th from QuakeCon. Here's more on the game from the description of the clip:

Announcing DOOM Eternal, the direct sequel to the award-winning and best-selling DOOM (2016). Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal brings the ultimate combination of speed and power with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.

As the DOOM Slayer, return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell. Set to an all-new pulse pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, fight across dimensions as you slay new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities.

Witness the worldwide unveiling of DOOM Eternal gameplay at QuakeCon 2018 in Dallas, Texas on August 10th! The reveal will be live for attendees and livestreamed for everyone.

Continue here to read the full story.

Wolfenstein Young Blood Announced

Also from Bethesda BE3 is the announcement of Wolfenstein Young Blood, a new co-op shooter that continues this series set in an alternate-history post World War II. The game is set in 1980 and features B.J. Blazkowicz's twin daughters. Here's the teaser trailer and here's word:

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a brand-new co-op game unveiled at the Bethesda BE3 Showcase 2018. The game takes place in 1980, 19 years after BJ Blazkowicz ignited the second American Revolution in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood introduces the next Blazkowicz generation to the fight against the Nazis. Play as one of BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph, as you search for your missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood will release in 2019.

Continue here to read the full story.

Fallout 76 Trailer

Bethesda offered the promised look at Fallout 76 tonight, providing the official E3 trailer along with this trailer promoting a Power Armor Edition of the game which includes various bonuses. They say this is a prequel to the prior games in the series, and is four times the size of Fallout 4. This will be released on November 14th, and word is, "Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Skyrim and Fallout 4, welcome you to Fallout 76, the online prequel where every surviving human is a real person. Work together, or not, to survive. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, you’ll experience the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe." Since that's pretty sparse, here's more on the special edition:

Take a piece of the Wasteland home with the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition.

In addition to the highly-anticipated game, the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition includes:

  • Full-Scale Wearable T-51 Power Armor Helmet with West Tek Canvas Carrying Bag:
    This wearable helmet faithfully replicates the in-game model and comes complete with voice modulator speaker, functioning LED head lamp, and custom V.A.T.S. sound feature.
  • Glow-in-the Dark World Terrain Map:
    This physical, fully-colorized 21”x 21” glow in the dark vintage map showcases the six distinct regions of West Virginia complete with irradiated landmarks, towns, and wildlife.
  • 24 Collectible Fallout Figurines:
    Crafted from in-game 3D models, these detailed miniatures bring Fallout 76’s Vault Dwellers, Power Armored Soldiers, Creatures, and more to life.
  • Tricentennial Edition Steelbook. Exclusive to the Power Armor Edition, this decorated metal case is the ultimate collectible celebrating America’s 300 years of freedom.
  • Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition Bonus In-Game Items: Celebrate 300 years of freedom with the all-new Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition, commemorating the opening of Vault 76. Be the talk of the town when you emerge from Vault 76 fully prepared and patriotically styled in the new American frontier!
  • Access to the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. (Break-It Early Test Application): Be one of the first to emerge into a new and untamed wasteland.

Continue here to read the full story.

Quake Champions Free Trial

Tonight id Software announces a return of the chance to play Quake Champions for free for the next week, celebrating new features they say will make the game easier to get into than ever. They say that those who get in on the free trial this week will be able to continue playing the game for free after the trial concludes. This trailer celebrates the news and includes the details:

QUAKE IS BACK! The original fast-paced multiplayer fragfest from id Software returns with Quake Champions, and for a limited time you can join the arena for FREE. Download Quake Champions on Steam or Launcher between June 10-17 and get instant Early Access. If you log in during this time, you can stay and continue to play even after the event is over!

Play solo, with friends, or against the all-new bots in classic modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Instagib; or put your skills to the ultimate test and compete in Ranked Duel and 2v2 modes!

Continue here to read the full story.

RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios offer the official E3 trailer for RAGE 2 with an extended look at gameplay from the upcoming first-person shooter sequel. The clip runs almost seven minutes, and in addition to showing off the post-apocalyptic shooter sequel, it unveils details about a collector's edition and concludes with a spring 2019 release window:

RAGE 2 kicked off the 2018 Bethesda BE3 Showcase with a brand-new, high-action gameplay feature to show off even more of the wild wasteland.

Launching in 2019, RAGE 2 combines id Software’s shooter pedigree and Avalanche Studios’ open world prowess to offer players the best of both worlds. As Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland, you’ll traverse diverse landscapes using an array of powerful weapons and unique Nanotrite abilities to defeat ferocious factions, massive mutants, and the oppressive rule of The Authority.

AND JUST ANNOUNCED… the RAGE 2 Collector’s Edition! The special CE includes the mountable head of Ruckus the Crusher. Voiced by singer-songwriter Andrew W.K., the loveable half-dead mutant will live on your wall, singing songs and telling tales of his life on the wasteland – you know, before his head was cut off. Visit now to pre-order!

Continue here to read the full story.

Prey: Mooncrash Released

The 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase also introduces Prey: Mooncrash, the new DLC for Prey that takes the shooter bang, zoom, to the moon! The twist here is that this is available completely free right now for owners of the game on all platforms. The E3 trailer for this is also the launch trailer, and it offers the details:

Announced at the 2018 Bethesda Showcase, watch the trailer for Prey: Mooncrash, the lunar DLC for Prey that’s available now!

In Prey: Mooncrash, fight overwhelming odds to escape the secret TranStar moon base where the enemies you encounter, the hazards you face, the goals you complete, and the loot you collect are different each time you play. With changing environments as dangerous as they are dynamic, multiple unlockable characters each with their own set of specialized and upgradable skills, and Typhon threats armed with a unique array of deadly characteristics, the Mooncrash campaign for Prey will offer a fun, infinitely replayable challenge to test even the most skilled players. For players new to Prey, there’s Prey: Digital Deluxe, which includes both Prey and Prey: Mooncrash.

In a free update to Prey, fans can now indulge in three different modes: Story Mode, for those looking to casually experience the game’s immersive narrative; Survival Mode, which will put your veteran cosmonaut to the test with hardcore hazards like oxygen levels and bleeding; and New Game +, which gives all players a whole new reason to return to Prey after they complete the game.

Prey: Mooncrash and Prey: Digital Deluxe are available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Continue here to read the full story.

Into the Black

Battlefield V Video

NVIDIA offers this video showing off gameplay from Battlefield V. Word is: "Battlefield V has been fully unveiled at EA Play 2018, and we’ve been able to capture exclusive direct-feed PC footage from the new Grand Operations mode. Watch now to see how Battlefield V looks on PC." According to the description, "Watch exclusive Battlefield V Grand Operations PC gameplay, captured on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti by the amazing Ms Vixen, battling across the Narvik map." Continue here to read the full story.

Anthem Videos

Here's a video of BioWare discussing gameplay in Anthem, giving an outline of the history of the game world in the co-op mech game. This includes artwork and actual gameplay footage along with the discussion of the new lore they are creating. Word is: "Anthem takes the stage at EA Play as host Andrea Rene welcomes BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and Lead Writer Cathleen Rootsaert to show off the new trailer and a look at some of the combat gameplay." Also, IGN offers this video showing off about four minutes of open-world exploration and gameplay. Continue here to read the full story.

Steam Top 10

According to Valve, the following are the bestselling titles on Steam for last week:

  2. Raft
  3. Vampyr
  4. Jurassic World Evolution
  5. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr
  6. Vampyr
  7. Tom Clancy’s The Division
  8. House Flipper
  9. Subnautica
  10. The Forest

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Out of the Blue

Well there's more E3 to be had before E3, as Bethesda plans a press conference tonight at 9:30 pm EDT, so we can probably expect details on Fallout 76 and Rage 2. Meanwhile we'll try not to rage too much at the fallout from this being scheduled during Westworld. We'll be able to watch on Twitch or YouTube when the time comes.

R.I.P.: Eunice Gayson Dies- The First “Bond Girl” Was 90. Thanks Neutronbeam.

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