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Sunday, Feb 04, 2018


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Rumor

A tweet from Marcus Sellars offers an unconfirmed rumor that the next Call of Duty game will be Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which will be set in the modern era. Marcus is a reviewer/editor for Nintendo websites, and MP1ST credits him for previously for correctly providing scoops on both Dark Souls and Labo coming to the Nintendo Switch. He does not, however, offer any indication of where his rumor originates. Here's word:

COD 2018 is Black Ops 4 and is coming to PS4/Xbox/PC/Switch. It is set in the modern times and is boots on the ground. The Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble and motion controls. The Switch version is also being ported by a company which is familar with COD games.

Elite Dangerous Expedition Plans

Frontier announces they are accepting signups for Distant Worlds II, a daring Elite Dangerous expedition to form a fleet to boldly go where no one has gone before (thanks K). This will get underway late this year, but they registration is underway already to accommodate scouting missions and other preparations. Here's the general idea:

Distant Worlds II will be a journey to the far outer rim and back, with the outbound journey culminating at Beagle Point. We also plan to organize the return trip, and this will be a more indirect route home taking participants through some seldom travelled regions in an attempt to retrace the USS Voyager's journey home from the delta quadrant.

The overall journey (there and back) will cover at least 200,000 light years. The map below should be considered as a rough approximation of the intended routes for the time being as the full itineraries and schedules, including waypoint locations, for both "Outbound" and "The Journey Home" will be posted later this year with a more detailed route map.

Worlds at War Trailer

A new trailer shows off gameplay from Worlds at War, a virtual reality combat game coming to Early Access on Steam later this month. Here's a description of the game:

Worlds At War thrusts the player into the aftermath of an alien invasion. A small multi-national ragtag group of surviving fighter pilots and crew man a small carrier-group, roaming the oceans and trying to survive against all odds.

The game features diverse fully pilotable aircraft, helicopters and boats, and players must learn to master them in order to defend the carrier-group from a relentless onslaught of alien attack-waves in a unique combination of some of mankinds best military equipment facing off with alien space-ships.

Continue here to read the full story.

Steam Top 10 9

We're used to the Steam top 10 sometimes including fewer than 10 titles due to how multiple SKUs and regional differences occasionally cause the same game to be listed more than once. This week, however, some sort of mishap seems to have eliminated the entry for number nine altogether. Or perhaps its just a closely held secret. In any event, here are the nine bestsellers Valve reports for last week on Steam:

  2. DRAGON BALL FighterZ
  3. Subnautica
  5. BATTALION 1944
  6. Slay the Spire
  7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  9. Grand Theft Auto V

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Out of the Blue

Public service announcement: It's Super Bowl Sunday. Just wanted to make sure the word got out, since there's a concerted effort to keep it secret. I kid, of course, the hype for this is crazy, as usual. Anyone who follows football closely surely understands how rivalries and history create strong prejudices about other teams. Therefore, it should probably be no surprise that as a Giants fan I have no one to pull for in this contest. In fact, a joke emerged about this conflict during the run up to this that totally makes sense: The question of whether you are rooting for the Patriots, the Eagles, or the Asteroid. I guess I'm willing to live with one of those teams winning over the destruction of the Earth, but it's a pretty close call. Of course there are plenty of fans of each team to make up for us grouches, so good luck to those with more positive rooting interests.

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